[Toyotomi Hideyoshi's quote walk] Learn from the genius of how to interact with people

born as a child of a poor commonerHideyoshi Toyotomi。Hideyoshi's childhood was a series of hardships, such as being bullied by his father-in-law who remarried his mother after losing his father.

However, he made use of his own brain and friendliness to get ahead of the world, and finally achieved the unification of the world.

The strategy of Hideyoshi and the famous quotes left by Hideyoshi will be a great hint for modern people who are troubled by the way they interact with people and those who want to succeed at work.

A Collection of Sayings and Sayings of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who is also familiar with modern business

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Quotes つ How to fight to win

★If you think you lose, you lose, if you think you win, you win.If you want to be the opposite, you should tell people that you will win.
★It is always better to come forward.And even at the time of the war, it is ahead.

It seems that he had told himself that way, but as a leader and general, it is an important attitude.

in fact、Honnoji IncidentIn the later Battle(the Battle of Yamazaki), the Toyotomi armyMitsuhide AkechiIt was a landslide victory, though it was far fewer than the other armies.

In about a day, he was probably exhausted as he rushed from Chugoku region to Kinki region, but the strong and clear words and strategy of General Hideyoshi greatly increased the morale of the army.

Famous Quotes by Hideyoshi Toyotomi➁Bullish words

⭐How muchKenshinorShingenBut even a great commander, I do not have an enemy. I'm glad they died early.If I were alive, I would have always been my subordinate.

It is a bullish quote that seems to be Hideyoshi who was without an enemy where he headed.

It was not just a word of pride, it was a pep talk to myself that would be bearish, it was also a word of momentum.

How to protect the country

の Know that the master is impossible.

He preached that what stands on top is something that says unreasonable hardship out of a sense of responsibility to protect the military and the country.It is convincing because it was Hideyoshi who served Oda Nobunaga, who was intimidating and strict.

How to make a dream come true

っ The bigger the dream, the better, but I'm telling you that it's within reach

One meaning is that the big dream you are talking about is soon within reach, and it will be an energy to move the army.

The other is that by accumulating small achievements in the short term, you can realize a big dream.

It can be said that it is a famous quote that came out of the way of Hideyoshi's promotion itself.By realizing small goals, human beings become easy to move, and by steadily accumulating achievements, big dreams will eventually come true.

The Best Words of Hideyoshi Toyotomi え Devise your thoughts

い The wisdom that comes out from listening to people's opinions is not real wisdom.

Of course, it is also important to listen to people's opinions.However, it is shown that it is important to think carefully about yourself before leaving it to the person from the beginning.

Famous Quotes of Hideyoshi Toyotomi ⑥ Perspective to the outside

け Open the shoji.it's wide out there.

I was taught that you should not just be confined to your own world, but touch the outside world and broaden your horizons.

It is also a quote that leads to the importance of having a big view of the whole with eagle-like eyes.

Best Quotes of Hideyoshi Toyotomi ⑦ Treatment to the loser

⭐I put it in the side, and the terrible guy spurts in the distance
⭐You must not murder the person whom you surrendered to.

The words below are considered to be the words that I said to Nobunaga. It is important to prepare an escape for an enemy and appears as a result that it gets the hearts of the people after all. It is words like Hideyoshi.

Way of the wise remark ⑧ progress of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

⭐You should not begin to think of everything utterly.

If it remains in only the thought to the past though it is good, it can never advance to look back on a past.

It is aged evidence mentally to indulge in only a past memory and then is disqualified as a leader.

I change it into wisdom with a lesson from the past, and it is important to advance consistently to open up the future.

Wise remark ⑨ brave general and able general of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

⭐A brave general or an able general does not have Prince Nobunaga

Hideyoshi is the one paragraph that described Nobunaga as it from a point of view of the virtue to be the military commander that the person who the person who is afraid of by a person can snuggle up to the heart of the person who is not a good military commander, and is loved is good.

For the wise remark ⑩ world of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

⭐If the world becomes peaceful, I spend plenty money

It will be the words that left from the real intention of Hideyoshi who hoped that a citizen of country can live peacefully from the heart.

I make use of wise remark ⑪ 金 of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

⭐It virtually pushes a good talented person into the jail to store up property
⭐I get old in this way, and treasures meeting next るをほどこさざれば, one-bowl meal くずれとやらんに are reasons to encounter

I spend the money, and value appears.

In addition, it is said, "it is more difficult what you spend the money for than saving it". Hideyoshi acquired the importance of making use of money by experience sufficiently and would be as joy in the world being energized by spending money.

Haiku of the wise remark ⑫ last of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

⭐To pass through dew and dew and 消 where it is bound; a wrinkle is a dream within a dream in body kana Naniwa (Naniwa)

When dreamlike, one's life もはかないものだ which served as success in life in the haiku that Hideyoshi left last, the event in Naniwa look back toward one's life.

Naniwa here will be a meaning called the world.

Breeding of Hideyoshi Toyotomi as the rear of the wise remark

It is well known that Hideyoshi Toyotomi achieved world unification. However, we had various events in the life of Hideyoshi as well as it.

It is difficult to talk about all of them, so we will pick up the most important events and introduce hideyoshi's life.

Hideyoshi's childhood

Hideyoshi was born between his father, Yaemon Kinoe, who is oda Nobuhide's foot light and peasant, and his mother, Naka.

At that time, it was named Hiyoshi Maru. Hideyoshi7My father died at the age of 18, and my mother remarried soon after.

However, he was abused by his father-in-law,Koyoji TempleI will be driven to.

Hideyoshi10At the age of 18, he began to aspire to become a samurai,15At the age of 10Matsushita Kabei's Net in ShizuokaIt will be a sandals turn.

・ Run up the road of the rise

17As a sandal track at the age of 10Nobunaga OdaI began to serve.

24Nagato Asano at the age of 18You're an adopted daughter.And married at the end of a big love affair.

afterwards29At the age of 10Sumimata CastleBuild a36At the age of 18, he participated in the Asai attack and had his own castle, and ran up the path of his future.

40At the age of 18, he was selected as commander-in-chief to capture the Chinese region, and he established the Chinese region.

・ To unify the world of long-lasting wishes

45Oda Nobunaga was a vassal at the age of 18.Mitsuhide AkechiYou will be attacked by and you will be killed.

Hideyoshi with Mitsuhide AkechiBattle of Yamazakinobunaga's fight.

After that賤 won the Battle of Mt. Yingagatake against Katsuya Shibata and built Osaka Castle.

Hideyoshi, who had no enemies on his way, flattened one after another from the Chinese region to the Kanto and Tohoku regions,53At the age of 18, we finally realize the unification of the world.

In private,53Tsurumatsu was born at the age of 18.2He died at the age of 18 and adopted his nephew Hidemi.

・ Hideyoshi's later years

55with the age of 1060When I was 10 years old2I've been there twice.Troops from Koreadid not work, and the power was weakened.

55Hideyo was born at the age of 18, but that causes Hidetoshi to become a doubting demon.

Hideyoshi became suspected of conspiracy in Hidetsumi, and he ordered Hidetsumi to cut his stomach and killed his wife and children.

Because the disease that had been suffering for a long time became heavy afterwards,61When I was 10 years oldFushimi Castleended his life.

Episodes of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Nobunaga's sandals were warmed with nostalgia on a cold day, an episode that is too famous. However, there are various other episodes in Hideyoshi.

I will introduce the achievements that Hideyoshi left behind.

・ Gentle to the wife

Hideyoshi is said to be a woman lover anyway, but it is said that he treated his wife's cat kindly and carefully.

Hideyoshi must not have been smart because he was respected by everyone for his important work, such as acting on behalf of the lord of the castle and entering the arbitration of the trouble.

・ Actually, there were six fingers! ?

Hideyoshi's fingers are actually6It is said that there was a book. After unifying the world, it seems to have concealed it so as not to be known to the surroundings.

I think I didn't want to show my weaknesses to the people around me because I was at the top.

・ The character is different in the first half and the second half of life

Because he was a farmer, he was close to people's feelings until he unified the world, and he had the idea of winning battles with his brains. 

・ Win without fighting

Hideyoshi's motto is to win without fighting by brain battle.

Typical is the battle of Komaki and Nagakutae.

It is said that Hideyoshi won as a result when he fought against Ieyasu Tokugawa and Nobunaga's second son, Nobuo, in a stalemate, saying to Nobuo, "I'll give you half of the territory of Iga and Ise."

・ Win a wacky strategy

At the time of the battle of Between Takamatsu Castle, we won by the strategy of water attack.

The river was stopped and it swept away to Takamatsu Castle at once, and the castle was isolated. Soldiers could not go outside or enter, so the lord eventually surrendered.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi's famous saying is a message to modern leaders

Toyotomi Hideyoshi became oda Nobunaga's vassal from a farmer and raised his hand one after another.

It is said that the country achieved unification with the strategy of winning without fighting without shedding blood as much as possible while being strange.

It is said that he was like an evil spirit before his death, but after unifying the world, he may have been desperate to withstand the pressure of the people of the world.

However, Hideyoshi's sayings and sayings are still handed down and are useful to many business people.

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