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  • [The words and wording exuding vigor] The energy charges to create a beautiful life!!

    【TOS】➊I believe that fate can be changed, that if you make an effort, you will have a way.

    ➋The way of thinking when adversity becomes.

    ❸Protect the kingdom of your heart. And let's think that life is a journey, and man is a traveler.

    ❹Let's decide that we can do it and say positive words.

    The ultimate way to cheer up. 

  • How to make a diamond life over the failure.

    List of works

    Failure teaches success

    ➁When I was troubled with my subordinates, part-time jobs and junior instruction

    3. Try to change jobs

    Departure from appreciation

  • How to change your life

    Table of contentsPowerful power to change your lifeSeven ways & words

    Chance in this hand. Don't miss chance!

    Let's blow up the depression

    Deepen gratitude, feel happiness and give love. Column

    Taste the happiness of effort. Column

    Believe me! Column

    Believe your luck!

    Impossible power "power of prayer, power of prayer" column

    By changing the way of thinking and attitude, I will change my life.

  • What is the number of roses to add? What color means?

    【TOS】➊Proposal words (English and Japanese) [straight expression]➋[Oath of Eternal Love]❸【Fashionable words】❹【Romantic & Unique Phrases】

    ❺Proposal words (English and Japanese) [Learn with movie lines]

    ❻Red roses to accompany the proposal*108 meanings/list of roses and flower words

    ❼Proposal: Know the meaning of the color of the rose flower and pass it on!

  • [The Word of Love and Human Love] Heart is bright, brilliant, introduction & love, 55.

    [table of contents] ●Wise remark opening "the love nothing" of a wise remark, the love of the love
    ●The wise remark United States Russia France U.K., the Roman Empire Germany India Netherlands, Japan, Canada of a wise remark, the love of the love
  • [Word of love (English Surang, Japanese)] Special issue-Shining love, more beautiful!!

    【table of contents】➊Love word opening message

    ➋Love Word English-Japanese Short Texts «Basic Hen»

    ❸«Love's Confession · Suitable Words of Love Hen»

    ❹«Happiness of love»

    ❺«Eternal love, gratitude»

    ❻What is the word expression of the love of the world?

    ❼Love Word Never Ending Message

  • [Thank you words / quotes (English & Japanese)] Thank you will cause a miracle in your life! -Example sentences from daily conversation to business.

    【TOS】➊Thank you message 7

    ➋Thanks for the secret power of thank you

    ❸Thank you for your words of thanks [expressions of the countries of the world]

    ❹【Thank you and adage (English & Japanese)】Best 15

    ❺(with example sentences) A collection of thank you words (other than thank you), English expressions, sentence expressions that can be used in daily conversation, telephone, e-mail, SNS, business