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  • [The words and wording exuding vigor] The energy charges to create a beautiful life!!

    【TOS】➊I believe that fate can be changed, that if you make an effort, you will have a way.

    ➋The way of thinking when adversity becomes.

    ❸Protect the kingdom of your heart. And let's think that life is a journey, and man is a traveler.

    ❹Let's decide that we can do it and say positive words.

    The ultimate way to cheer up. 

  • How to make a diamond life over the failure.

    List of works

    Failure teaches success

    ➁When I was troubled with my subordinates, part-time jobs and junior instruction

    3. Try to change jobs

    Departure from appreciation

  • [Life Changing] Select Quotes & 7 Powerful Ways

    【Table of Contents】[Life Changing] Select Quotes & 7 Powerful Ways

    ➊How to change your life & quotes - Take a chance on this. Don't let the opportunity pass you by! ~. 
    ➋ How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Let's Blow Away the Depression 
    ❸How to change your life & quotes - Deepen your appreciation, feel happiness, give love.
    ❹How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Striving is the path to happiness. Also, there is happiness in striving itself.
    ❺How to change your life & quotes - Believe in your potential!
    ❻How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Believe in Strong Luck! ~
    ❼How to Change Your Life & Quotes - The Power of Prayer and the Power of Remembrance - Making the Impossible Possible

    ●(Summary) Changing your way of thinking and attitude will change your life.
    ●(Practice) Carve into your mind powerful words that will change your life.
  • What is the number of roses to add? What color means?

    【TOS】➊Proposal words (English and Japanese) [straight expression]➋[Oath of Eternal Love]❸【Fashionable words】❹【Romantic & Unique Phrases】

    ❺Proposal words (English and Japanese) [Learn with movie lines]

    ❻Red roses to accompany the proposal*108 meanings/list of roses and flower words

    ❼Proposal: Know the meaning of the color of the rose flower and pass it on!

  • [The Word of Love and Human Love] Heart is bright, brilliant, introduction & love, 55.

    [table of contents] ●Wise remark opening "the love nothing" of a wise remark, the love of the love
    ●The wise remark United States Russia France U.K., the Roman Empire Germany India Netherlands, Japan, Canada of a wise remark, the love of the love
  • [Word of love (English, Japanese)] Let love shine, higher and more beautiful!

    【table of contents】➊Love word opening message

    ➋Love Word English-Japanese Short Texts «Basic Hen»

    ❸«Love's Confession · Suitable Words of Love Hen»

    ❹«Happiness of love»

    ❺«Eternal love, gratitude»

    ❻What is the word expression of the love of the world?

    ❼Love Word Never Ending Message

  • [Thank you words / quotes (English & Japanese)] Thank you will cause a miracle in your life!

    【TOS】➊Thank you message 7

    ➋Thanks for the secret power of thank you

    ❸Thank you for your words of thanks [expressions of the countries of the world]

    ❹【Thank you and adage (English & Japanese)】Best 15

    ❺(with example sentences) A collection of thank you words (other than thank you), English expressions, sentence expressions that can be used in daily conversation, telephone, e-mail, SNS, business