[Life Changing] Select Quotes & 7 Powerful Ways

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➊How to change your life & quotes - Take a chance on this. Don't let the opportunity pass you by! ~. 
➋ How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Let's Blow Away the Depression 
❸How to change your life & quotes - Deepen your appreciation, feel happiness, give love.
❹How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Striving is the path to happiness. Also, there is happiness in striving itself.
❺How to change your life & quotes - Believe in your potential!
❻How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Believe in Strong Luck! ~
❼How to Change Your Life & Quotes - The Power of Prayer and the Power of Remembrance - Making the Impossible Possible

●(Summary) Changing your way of thinking and attitude will change your life.
●(Practice) Carve into your mind powerful words that will change your life.

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In this article, I would like to share with you seven powerful ways to change your life based on quotes from great people.

When you come across a quote from a great person that gives you a hint of life development or a quote that you find very beautiful, savor it deeply in your mind and memorize the words themselves.

By making the wavelength of your mind wonderful, good fortune will be attracted to you. As you do this, you will gradually see your life change. This feeling will give you confidence and create a golden path to the future.

➊How to change your life & quotes - Take a chance on this. Don't let the opportunity pass you by! ~. 

⭐Grasp Fortune by the forelock. (Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci)


⭐Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.(Napoleon Hill)


(source  e.g. quotation 出典はThe Think and Grow Rich Action PackNapoleon Hill 著/『思考は現実化する』ナポレオン著・田中孝顕訳」より)

When Napoleon Hill was a fledgling journalist, he visited steel magnate Andrew Carnegie to write an article on the laws of success. However, Carnegie proposed that he interview 500 people he expected to be successful and study their success philosophies thoroughly for 20 years without compensation.

Since it was such a proposal, everyone who had ever visited Carnegie had left at once. This was the beginning of "Thoughts Become Reality," which later became the source of the success philosophy and was read explosively all over the world.

Let's take a look at some quotes from "Thoughts Become Reality.

⭐Start where you stand, and work whatever tools. you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.


 ⭐Who said to you  “You couldn’t be able to do such thing.” ? 
Does the person say that big success was put back so that he has the qualification to fix your limit?


 (source e.g. quotation 出典はThe Think and Grow Rich Action PackNapoleon Hill 著/『思考は現実化する』ナポレオンヒル著・田中孝顕訳」より) 

➋ How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Let's Blow Away the Depression 

⭐I have only one thing to say to those who are depressed. Look far away.(Alain


(source e.g. quotation 日本語は「幸福論」 著:アラン/訳:神谷幹夫/岩波書店・英文はアウトライン。『Alain on happiness Paperback』 UNKNO参照)

Alain is a pseudonym and his real name is Emile-Auguste Chartier (French: Émile-Auguste Chartier, French philosopher, critic, and moralist).

Incidentally, there are many kinds of "happiness theories" written about how to live life happily in the world, but historically, the three major happiness theories are Hilty's "Theory of Happiness" (1891), Alain's "Theory of Happiness" (1925), and Russell's "Theory of Happiness" (1930). 

⭐No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.(Elenor Roosevelt, American author, wife of U.S. President F. D. Roosevelt)


(source e.g. quotation 英文はEleanor Rooseveltペーパーバック – 2020/3/1  Independently published出版刊より。日本語は英文内容の概要)

⭐It's not that making mistakes is bad. What is wrong is to lose the flexibility and strength of the heart, which, like the sunflower, is constantly growing toward the sun, no matter how dark the place.(Lucius Annaeus Seneca Ancient Roman statesman, thinker, and poet)


here are just two simple ways to blow away the blues.

I hope you will find them helpful.

1)Make an effort to smile for at least five minutes a day.

One of the characteristics of people in a depressed mood is that they have a "grumpy face" all year round. 24 hours a day, what do you look like? What kind of face do you spend most of your time with? If you are in a bad mood for a long time, you will develop "bad mood wrinkles" on your face.

So, first of all, make an effort to smile, even if it's just for five minutes a day. It is said that people who have forgotten how to smile have hardened cheek muscles and cannot smile anymore.

However, in order to change your life, it is essential to smile first. To do this, you can try massaging your cheeks. Then, continue your efforts to make a smiling face. After a month or so of this, you will notice that you have changed a lot.

2) Take five minutes out of your day to dream about the future!

Another characteristic of people in a depressed mood is that they spend an overwhelming amount of time thinking about their regrets about the past and present situations, and very little time thinking about their hopes for the future.

This may be unavoidable, but in order to blow away your depressive mood and change your life, you need to make an effort to make time for longing for the future.

It can be as little as five minutes a day; just five minutes a day is all it takes to let go of the past and the present, to draw a picture of hope for the future, and to imprint it in your mind.

Dream like a young person. No matter how old you are, be someone who yearns for the future. Strengthen the power of "good luck" with strong and powerful thoughts to make your dreams come true. Take time to be alone, preferably when bathing or before going to bed.

⭐As much as possible change an emphasis to a necessary thing because it isn’t caused trouble by a trifle.
In other words, it’s to make a pleasant viewpoint for mind newly.
It isn’t necessary to worry about it and it isn’t supposed to be upset by the trifle which may be forgot.(Dale Breckenridge Carnegie)


(source e.g. quotation デール・カーネギー『道は開ける』参照/or和訳は『偉人たちの名言集 海外&日本セット』著者: 浜本哲治 ゴマブックス刊より) 

❸How to change your life & quotes - Deepen your appreciation, feel happiness, give love.

【Deepening Gratitude】

⭐I experienced a war and acquired toughness which isn’t discounted to adversity.A war has finished and has returned, but I’m thankful, it was felt carefully.And food, freedom, health and a household held a deep thankful sense in the life of the person above all.

戦争を経験して、逆境に負けない強靭さが身につきました。また、戦争が終わって戻ってきたもののありがたみをつくづく感じました。食料、自由、健康、家庭、そして何より人の命に、深い感謝の念を抱いたのです。 (イギリスの女優 オードリー・ヘップバーン)

 (source e.g. quotation ヤフーニュース・エンタメ5/2,20:09・Brainy Quote・心の常備薬サイトより)

⭐The tendency to "seldom think of what we have but always of what we lack" is the greatest tragedy on earth.

・この世で、いったい全体 「『自分に備わっているものをほとんど顧みず、いつも欠けているものについて考える』という傾向こそ、この世で最も深刻な悲劇である」 (デール・カーネギー)

(source e.g. quotation デールカーネギー『道は開ける』より)

Discover and "appreciate" what you are blessed with!

When people are struggling with something, they will think, "If only I could get rid of this problem, I would be happy. For example, a person with multiple debts would be happy if he could pay off even one of those companies, and he would feel very refreshed and happy if he could pay off all of those debts.

However, even if that person has money, he or she may not be able to understand the "suffering" of those who are constantly sick and feel insecure about their future. A person who is often sick will feel the greatest happiness if he or she becomes even slightly healthy.

However, even those who are envied for their wealth and health can never be happy if there are always family conflicts and disputes within the family.

It is natural to think, "If only this problem would go away. But instead of focusing on the problem 24 hours a day, let's discover what we are blessed with and give thanks for it, even if it's only for a moment, in a different category than the current suffering.

I am not healthy, but I have property. No wealth, but a happy family. I have relationship problems, but I am fairly healthy. I don't have all of those things, but people say you have cute dimples, etc.

If you can be even a little grateful, you will feel a little hotter and more energetic.

It is said that if you can smile, your immune system will improve. If you become a little more energetic, your relationships will also improve. Getting into such a state of mind is the starting point for "bringing good luck".   

【Feeling Happy】

⭐(liberal translation)Happiness belongs to those who are satisfied.(Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher.)


We don't laugh because we're happy. We're happy because we laugh. (Alain Émile-​Auguste Chartier)


(This quote is from the book "『幸福論』(アラン:著、村井章子:訳/日経BP)" , but it also appears in a quote by William James, an American psychologist, from 100 years ago. In addition to quotations from authors, quotes sometimes overlap by coincidence. Alain (real name: Emile-Auguste Chartier), a strong philosophical thinker in the sense of searching for the truth, who has been described as the "Socrates of our time," and William James, who is known as a representative of pragmatists along with Perth and Dewey, had very different ways of approaching things, but similar quotes were developed. )

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.Franklin D. Roosevelt.(Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States)


(source e.g. quotation 『人生を豊かにする英語の名言: 「知恵」と「勇気」と「癒し」がいっぱい』 森山進著・研究社 より)

There are several ways in which people feel happy. One of them is the happiness we feel when our heart is filled with gratitude, as mentioned earlier. There is also the happiness that we feel when our mind is calm like the surface of a quiet lake through meditation.

There is also another kind of happiness, as shown in this quote: "I feel joy when I create something.

In this sense, in order to lead a meaningful life filled with happiness, it is important to have a positive spirit of challenge.

There is the joy of accomplishing things, but also the thrill of creating something. Acting with enthusiasm, as if "time is burning," brings an irreplaceable sense of happiness.

【give love】

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. (Mahatma Gandhi / Father of Indian Independence)


⭐The free Hajime horn way which becomes certain with a happy person is to love a person.(Tolstoy) 


Although it is a common belief that you don't need to worry about the copyright of famous quotes unless they are quite long, you still need to worry about the source of the quote if it was written within 70 years (depending on the country) after his death, when the copyright come into effect.

However, Tolstoy "declined the copyright of his works even before his death," which is surprising from the viewpoint of modern rationalism and pragmatism.

Of course, we should take into account the historical background of Russia at that time, which was suffering from the oppression of a despotic state and deep-rooted social evils. In addition, the refusal to receive royalties and land rents, the abandonment of private property, and the attempt to create a transfer of inheritance to the people are acts that, in Tolstoy's case, need to be explored for the "holy wish behind them" rather than the merits of the act itself.

Tolstoy, like Gandhi's claim, rejected "revolution by violence. And it seems that he was trying to realize a spiritual revolution, a "revolution of love". He advocated the religious and moral rebirth of man under the idealism of God, and preached Christian love of man and non-resistance to evil.

 He advocated the religious and moral regeneration of human beings based on an idealism toward God, and preached Christian love of humanity and non-resistance to evil.

 As this quote says, "to love others" means to give love to others. This is a teaching of love that can be practiced by anyone, but I think Tolstoy must have sensed the light and joy of a profound spiritual love behind it.

Love is spiritual and can never come from materialistic thinking. When you love someone, your heart is filled with an indescribable, refreshing, warm feeling, which is the light that flows from heaven. Through his works, words, and deeds, Tolstoy must have wanted to teach and appeal to people that this is where true happiness lies. 

❹How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Striving is the path to happiness. Also, there is happiness in striving itself.

⭐Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.(Raymond Albert Kroc-McDonald's founder)


⭐(free translation)To envy the wealthy and be jealous of them is 
what people who don't work hard enough, who are weak-willed, or who lack the power of action do. Happiness can only be won by one's own efforts. (Eiichi Shibusawa (Japanese businessman, instrumental in the development of about 500 companies, 600 social public works projects, and private diplomacy)


Value comparisons with your former self, not with others! 

One of the biggest enemies to changing your life for the better is the mental conflict that comes from comparing yourself to others in most cases. Comparison with others can cause your mind to waver greatly, and you can be overwhelmed by jealousy and feelings of inferiority.

However, you don't know everything about the other person. Sometimes the other person is working even harder than you are, and sometimes the other person is suffering from problems that the people around them don't understand.

For example, there was once a fairy tale about a rich king and a very poor man who sat on the same bank and cried together. The king had worries that the poor man could not understand, and the poor man had worries that the king could not understand.

In any case, we cannot change our own lives by comparing ourselves with others. So what should we do?

The answer is not to compare yourself with others, but to compete with your former self. Compared to yourself a year ago, have you grown? Even if it is only a small amount of growth, praise yourself for the efforts you have made and the results you have achieved.

Also, let's thank those who have supported us during the past year. Then, make a passionate vow to do your best again this year.

Working hard to improve your strengths, even if it is only by one centimeter at a time, and accumulating small, small successes is very important in order to gain true confidence and become an unshakable person.  

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. (Edison.)


⭐Good fortune comes to those who are prepared.(Pasteur)


Pasteur was a French researcher and "the founder of modern bacteriology.

The original French version of this quote is le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés, which means "Good fortune resides only in a prepared mind.

In English, it may be expressed in the following terms. "Fortune favors the prepared mind(Japanese translation幸運は準備された心に味方する)。 and "Chance favors the prepared mind.Japanese translationチャンスは準備された心に味方する。

In addition to the above, other expressions in Japanese are "幸運の女神は準備している者にしか微笑まない。”In the fields of observation, chance favors the prepared mind.

Incidentally, Edison also had a similar expression.

⭐Good luck comes when chances and preparations match.(Edison.)


❺How to change your life & quotes - Believe in your potential!

⭐(free translation)You are an important person who was born into this world because you were desired just like the rest of us, too.(Mother Teresa, a 20th century monk from the Republic of Macedonia)


(source e.g. quotation 『もしも天国のマザー・テレサが君のそばにいたら』中井俊已著・php研究所)

⭐Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.(Golda Meir, female politician) 


(source e.g. quotation 人生を豊かにする英語の名言』森山 進著 研究社)

⭐Believe in your own potential and develop your individuality.

At some point in our lives, we are going to take on a challenge, but we often run into great difficulties and hardships that cause us to lose confidence. And when this happens again and again, you may find yourself unable to believe in yourself.

Not being able to believe in yourself may also mean not being able to believe in your own potential.It might be called "the potential of one's efforts.

 The following are three hints on how to think in your youth when you are challenging something. In addition, when you have a challenging spirit in your middle and mature years, you can think in the same way.  

(1) Think of the "bud" as a magnificent, tiny "flower" that is blooming!

There is an old English proverb that says, "Life is a rosebud that has not yet opened.

In a poem by the English spiritual genius poet John Keats, he sings, "Life is the hope of a rose that has not yet been opened.

・One of the meanings of this is that no matter how far you progress in life, there will always be another stage, and I hope that you will not settle for that, but aim to "blossom" into the next one.

・Also, life is not something to be thrown away. Even if you fail or find it hard to find your way, it is only a prelude to "blooming. You never know when your path will open up.

I'm sure there's a lot of stuff in there.

In any case, even if we are in a period of unsuccessful efforts and hardships, we can think of it as "a small, small flower is blooming as a stage in the process.

From this, you will be able to feel "gratitude" to the people who are taking care of you right now, and "a little confidence in yourself that you are somehow trying to do your best even in such an environment.

The goddess of fortune will also smile at your hard work and give you the light you need to bring good luck. All we have to do is to nurture it more and more. All we have to do is to make it grow.

"Even the buds are blooming as buds / Stuffed with dreams for the future! (by.ThankYouSun)

(2)Let's remember that "things other than petals" are also "blooming in their own way! 

If you think that "buds" are also blooming as small flowers, but they are not even "buds" in the first place, let's completely change your way of thinking.

Just as petals come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances, people have many different personalities and strengths.

In addition to petals, there are stems, leaves, and roots, each of which is "blooming" in its own way.

There may be hidden goodness and merit in you that even you are not aware of yet. No, there must be. It's just that you haven't found it yet.

To do this, try looking at yourself from a different angle, by reading more books, watching more movies, or remembering that a friend complimented you on something unexpected.

I think it is a beautiful "event" when each of us develops our own personality and individuality, and the whole harmonizes to become a beautiful flower.

The petals, the leaves, the stems, the roots, they are all in bloom! (by.ThankYouSun)".

Still, if you absolutely believe that you should bloom as this petal of this flower, then be thoroughly resolute and try with all your might. I can't believe in myself.  I don't have any potential," and you'll be wasting your time worrying about it.    

❻How to Change Your Life & Quotes - Believe in Strong Luck! ~

(free translation)No matter how much I failed, no matter how hard I fell into a tight spot, I took it easy, thinking that one day I would have strong luck and made positive efforts.(高橋是清 Japanese Politicians)


⭐Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.(William Jennings Bryan)


⭐How to believe in strong luck and achieve true success.

In the stream of New Thought, which advocated the American law of success, there is a teaching that if you believe in luck and "remember, your dreams will come true. (There are various streams of New Thought, and some of them are orthodox without removing the original spiritual aspect. This became the basis for the subsequent prosperity of the United States.)

This is true as a law of self-realization, but when things are accomplished simply by the power of a strong reminder, (1) you may become overjoyed and fall down the slope like a tengu. (2) You may become so absorbed in your own self-realization that you end up harming others before you know it. 3)If it is not accompanied by hard work, it may end up being a short-lived success. Another major disadvantage is that you will not be able to grasp the invaluable sense of happiness that hard work itself brings.

If we learn from the success of great people in the past, true success is to bring happiness to the people of the present as a result. It also means to have a positive impact on future generations in various fields. Of course, we may not be the greatest of the great, but I think it is important for us to become "little greats" in our respective positions in order to achieve "true success.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to believe in one's own luck (in the case of great people, this comes from faith in God), and at the very least, it must be accompanied by love for others and one's own hard work and effort. It is only in this way that one can find true happiness, and it is only when that happiness is connected that one can say that one has lived a successful life.

⭐Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. (source e.g. quotation『英語de名言』宮崎哲也著より サッチャーの言葉して紹介) 

・思考 に 気 を つけ なさい。 それ は 言葉 に なる から。
言葉 に 気 を つけ なさい。 それ は 行動 に なる から。
行動 に 気 を つけ なさい。(それは習慣になるから。
習慣に 気 を つけ なさい。)それ は 人格 に なる から。
人格 に 気 を つけ なさい。 それ は あなた の 運命 に なる から。

It is an ancient quote that has been introduced as a quote by Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Hindus.

 ⭐(free translation) There is a time of the tide for everything we do. If you ride the rising tide, you will be lucky.(Shakespeare)


❼How to Change Your Life & Quotes - The Power of Prayer and the Power of Remembrance - Making the Impossible Possible

Reality can destroy the dream,why shouldn’t the dream destroy reality?(George Edward Moore / English philosopher)


(source e.g. quotation)『人生を豊かにする英語の名言 』森山進著・研究社より) 

⭐(free translation)There is nothing in this world that cannot be accomplished through sincere prayer.(Indian political leader Mahatma Gandhi)


Pray deeply for your future dreams to come true!

There is power in the heart.

There is power in the mind. When you strongly remind yourself of your dreams and ideals, more than anything else, you begin to make efforts. By doing so, you will be able to continue your efforts. In addition, strong thoughts become a magnet, a "life-changing" force that can attract a great future.

Also, when you have strong thoughts, you can't help but pray. Prayer is a mystical force and the greatest weapon for using the power of the mind. The "direction of prayer" is fixed. It is to pray "not for yourself, but for someone else, for someone else's happiness, for the prosperity of the nation under heaven.

In order to "change your life," you need spiritual guidance along with your own efforts. In other words, to be loved by the goddess of fortune.

Have a healthy heart of love and "serve the world and others. Heaven will never miss a person who strives with a life-changing wish to The door to a beautiful and powerful future will surely be opened for you.

Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. (French politician and soldier Napoleon Bonaparte)


Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.(Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States) 


(Summary) Changing your way of thinking and attitude will change your life.

These are the seven powerful ways to change your life based on the quotes of great people. In short, the most important point is that you can change your life by changing the way you think.

⭐Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.(Samuel Ullman, American Jewish poet)


The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes. (American psychologist William James) 


I sincerely hope that your life will open up in a beautiful and big way. 

(Practice) Carve into your mind powerful words that will change your life.

In addition to the quotes from great people, we have selected 30 words that have powerful power to change your life and bring you good luck.

These words are filled with light. If you learn how to think like a great person, read these powerful words on a daily basis, and imprint them in your mind, your life will surely change for the better.

You can read them in English. You can read them in Japanese. You can even read them out loud. Soon, you will feel a golden wave coming from your heart. As your mind's tone and wavelength improve and you become more energetic, good fortune and happiness will be brought to you.

・Luck  ・Lucky me!  ・ I am very fortunate.  ・Lucky you!  ・good luck  ・lucky beggar 
・lucky break  ・lucky chance  ・by good fortune  ・I’m feeling lucky!   ・We were blessed with beautiful weather.

・I was fortunate.  ・have good fortune  ・Luck is with me today.  ・I’ve been having some good luck lately.  ・I’m lucky to be where I am today. 
・luck is on one’s side  ・I’m the luckiest girl/guy in the world!  ・I was lucky.  ・I feel blessed.  ・have fortune on one’s side 

・You’re in luck!  ・Lady Luck must be smiling on me.  ・Lady Luck is smiling on me!  ・Luck is on my side for sure.  ・Every man is the maker of his own fortune. 
・I’m lucky to have you.  ・lucky  ・Fortune  ・The four leaves of the clover symbolize “sincerity, hope, love and luck" 


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