How to make a diamond life over the failure.

This time, we will give you a list of essays to lead you to success and work. In addition, I would like to mention the way to seek a job, the idea of success to spring and to succeed.

➊Failure teaches success

If you examine the common terms of the Great East and West people, you will notice that the "failure to grasp" is the same. It is that even those who are not great people succeed in their mentality: "learn the lesson from failure, change it into wisdom, and make it to success" and "fail to give up to success even if you fail".

Edison's famous name is ⭐ I have never failed. But I only found 10000 ways to go wrong. In short, "rebound power and patience is the condition of a successful person".

However, human being is weak, and even a little failure in the job tends to be troubled by the power. At that time, let's read the following words deeply and read. Surely the power of the light of the great from each word will come into your mind.

 Failure does not only blame people or the environment.

⭐ People are giving up their problems to the environment. I never think of the environment. A person who stands up in the world is a person who seeks himself for the environment he desires. Bernard Shaw. English playwright and novelist, Nobel Prize for LiteratureWikipedia

⭐ It is not due to circumstances that you hold anger. It is because of the reaction to your situation. It is not the fault of man to make you angry. It is because of the reaction to your person. (ロバート・コンクリン。 American lifelong educator and writer

⭐ 99% failure happens to people who have an excuse to say. George Washington Carver. Botanists

⭐ People who do nothing because they lack power are not capable of doing anything. Governor of international Karatedo Federation

⭐ The person who is in the mouth of "the first time" repeats forever. Zhu and Confucian scholars

⭐ People who strive to talk about hope, and those who defer will complain. ' Inoue Yasushi Wikipedia

Failure is not going up even if you fall. '

⭐ Even if it makes a mistake, it is always serious even if it is serious. Failure is not to fall, but not to rise. (Mary Pickford). Actress and producer from Canada, 1892-1979Wikipedia

⭐ The greatest glory of life is never to fall. It is to keep rising every time you fall. Nelson MandelaWikipedia  

⭐ Failure is more than just a chance to start over. Ford / Ford MotorWikipedia

You won't give up till you succeed.

⭐ There is no failure in the world. Challenge is out of order. When you give up is a failure. Kazuo Inamori / Kyocera founderWikipedia

⭐ If you don't succeed at a time, keep on doing it again and again. Because the person of the world is exhausted and tired by the success of the business, it cannot be done. Kaishu KatsuWikipedia 

⭐ Our greatest weakness is to give up. The most certain way to succeed is to always try one more time. Thomas EdisonWikipedia 

⭐ Before, I thought that talent was a twinkling. But now I think that it is a talent to be able to tilt the same passion in the same posture in 10 years, 20 years and 30 years. Yoji yoshiharuWikipedia

⭐ What kind of person can I do when the result doesn't come out? An attitude that never gives up creates a scratch that produces something. Ichiro / professional baseball playerWikipedia 

➋A word of work

If you want to increase your job, you have to use people, and the most important way to use people is the problem of education.

Moreover, the person who wants to become a management in the future will need to know that the decision of whether it is suitable as a manager depends on whether "human being seems to grow by education".

Then, I will learn about the education to the subordinate from the word of the great man.

⭐ Every human being has two or two wonderful abilities. It becomes a person of the public when raising the wonderful place carefully. This is the most important thing to value peopleWikipedia 

⭐ Let me do it, and let me say, and complain, and if you praise me, I will call youWikipedia

⭐ Every human being has two or two wonderful abilities. It becomes a person of the public when raising the wonderful place carefully. This is the most important thing to value peopleWikipedia 

⭐ I teach young musicians while learning. So get new energy. First of all. Now it comes back to me. " Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter, 1926-1991)Wikipedia

⭐ If you want to change to others, you should lead yourself to the power of change. Father of Mahatma Gandhi India[1869-1948]) Wikipedia 

⭐ It is needed. If you notice that, you feel better and motivate.Wikipedia Austrian composer Franz Josef Haydn

(not just subordinates) ⭐ The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not saidPeter Drucker) 

❸Word of work

The background of the change may be either a "salary or relationship problem". It is, of course, very important, but at the time of change, plus, "once again,"What is work?Let's take a chance.

Because human beings spend most of their lives on time to work. So, of course, the work is "for life", but only the way of thinking is a very lonely life.

Therefore, I want to recommend the following two points.

Make your work worth living.

⭐ Life is paradise if work is fun. If work is duty, life is hell. Russian writer Maxim GorkyWikipedia

⭐ I'll be in a good mood when I do my job. The German composer Richard WagnerWikipedia

⭐ The person who participates in the game of the life by sweating sweat is more fun than the sitting bystander. William feather

⭐ The secret of success is to enjoy your work like vacation. (マーク・トウェイン。 United States novelist, 1835-1910Wikipedia

⭐ Golf is always fun after working hard. Frank SinatraWikipedia

I want to have the positive meaning of life to work. Let's try to change the job.

⭐ You must not be satisfied with your duty. Andrew CarnegieWikipedia

⭐ Always honesty is the best policy

⭐ It is necessary to try to change the power point. That is, a new and pleasant viewpoint is made in the mind. Don't be disturbed by small things you don't need to worry about and forget. (Dahl Carnegie, American self-defense authority, lecturer and author, 1888-1955)

⭐ The business which mainly serves service flourishes, and the business with the main gain becomes weak. Henry FordWikipedia

I strongly urge you to change your job.

In addition, I strongly hope that this change will become a tenant job by utilizing the opportunity of changing jobs.

"Pay a little salary. You may think it's good to have a good relationship with you, but you would like to get a unique aura.

⭐ There is a mission of heaven to each person, and it is the first requirement in the life to enjoy it and live. Eiichi Shibusawa (father of Japanese capitalism)Wikipedia 

Of course, I do not understand my true real life, and there might be several times in the heavenly job.

But at least it helps people through the work. Serve as part of the world. It should be considered the beginning of your tenure.

⭐ There is a heavenly job where you need the world and your talent. Aristotle (ancient Greek philosopher)Wikipedia 

⭐ What we want to say is that we are always receiving something. And it is great to create something that can return something to the fountain of human experience and knowledge. Steve Jobs (Apple founder)Wikipedia

⭐ Hoping for the welfare of all people leads to their own welfare. The person who desires the welfare of only the small society belonging to oneself and oneself is selfish, and doing so is not for the sake of the person. Gandhi (India's religious leader, political leader)Wikipedia  

⭐ It is a little fun to achieve impossible. Udy AllenWikipedia

If you are too troublesome to find a heavenly job, consider the following ideas. It is the point that the heavenly job is created.

⭐ If you were ordered to drop down, you would become one of Japan's lower legs. Then, nobody will leave you down. Toichi Kobayashi / Hankyu Hanshin Toho groupWikipedia

❹Starting with appreciation

Finally, another point of view that is not essential to succeed in the work is "gratitude" for many people.

In order to lead work and life to success, failure is considered to be the source of success➁It is important to have the viewpoint of "education", and to be able to make the work alive, and to aim at the tense if it is possible, and to be important as the base of the education.

It is the most intense bag bone to be able to contribute to the world by developing the "teamwork work", making the big work, and contributing to the world.

⭐ What I am now is thanks to people who took part in movie production and people who took part in movie theaters. Charles Chaplin, British film actor

⭐ People notice real selves by meeting others. It is only an illusion through every case to think that a big job is done by oneself. It is the pride of a man who knows nothing. (Kotaro Honda / physicist)

I hope you will be a more dynamic success.

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