[Word of love (English Surang, Japanese)] Special issue-Shining love, more beautiful!!

This time, we will deliver the feature feature of "Love Word Expression" in the love of men and women. It would be appreciated if you could refer to a nice love.

➊Love words andOpening message

First of all, we will give you a quote of love. This is the heart of love, rather than love messages.

⭐ IF You'd Be Loved, BE Worthy to Be Loved.

If you want to love it, you want to love it, be a valuable person, as it is appropriate to have the other party lovesOdius Wikipedia

Then let's leave the journey of love of love. Know a lot of sparkling love words like glitter and crystal, and push the door of love that shines in the wonder.

➋Love Word English-Japanese Short Texts «Basic Hen»

🌞2-1 [I LOVE YOU Using Love Direct Expression]

I love you. I love you.I love you too. I love you too.

I Love You, Sweet Heart. I Love You, My Darling. I Love You, My SWEET HEART. I love you.

I LOVE You with All My Heart. I love deep from the bottom of my heart.

I Love You Deeply, and with with my heart. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

"I love you" is the word of love that everyone knows is the most easy and, but the depth and beauty will change significantly by how to put in, how to pronounce, how to pronounce it. Among the films, the word "I love you" is funny with a thousand times.

"I love you". How many deep love comes with you there? ! And when I accept love, what kind of expression and look do when "I love you," whispering and return?

I Love You More Than Anyone in the Whole World. I love you the world.

I Love You So Much That THE WORDS I LOVE You ARE NOT ENOUGH. Love your words I love you

I Love You More Than Words CAN Say. I like you so much.

I Loved You THE Whole Time. I love you.

I Love You More Than Words CAN Say. I love you that I can not say in words.

🌞2-2 [I LOVE YOU not using · direct expression of love]

Do not use I LOVE YOU, and introduce English and Japanese to convey plenty of the feelings of "I love". There is also a light smell to translate into Japanese, but it is strange that it is perfect if it is English.

Also, if this is French, it will be different from the sense of English. By the way, the French that loves you to die is Je T'Aime à Mourir. (Jo Tames Murel).

I Like You Very Much Just As You Are. I like you.

Stay Who You Are. (Don't Decorate) I like it as it is.

I love I adore you. I love you.

I'm Fond of You. I like it. (More deeper than LIKE)

I fancy You. You like (I want to get along)

I'm crazy for You. I'm crazy about you.

You Take My BREATH AWAY. I like you so much I can not breathe

I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU. I'm going to you.

I Love YOU and put a word between the I Truly Love You. And "I Really Love You." There are words of love. I use "I LOVE You", but it sounds different from that.

Both mean "I love you (seriously (seriously)." There are some differences in nuance.

"I TRULY LOVE You." If I like "I like you" or "I like you again", "I think I like it again" or "I like it again." . "I Really Love You." Is used as a representation that appears as a seriousness that "I like you anyway!"

I CAN't Wait to See you! I'm not going to meet!


I'm Head Over Heels for You. I'm sorry. (Asset in the whole body whole spirit)

I'm Drawn to You. I am attracted to you.

I 'M in Love with You. I am in love with you. (For the other party who is in love)

❸Love Word English-Japanese Short Text «Love Confession · Love Suitable Words»

🌞3-1【Confession of love and suite words]

Here, let's look at the confession of love to "I Love You" and the sweet word representation of love.

I Cherish You. I really want you.

I'll Stand by You All The Time. I want to be supported.

I can't Stop Thinking of You. You can not leave your head.

I CAN't get Him (Her) out of my head. His (her) can not leave her head.

I feel Something for You. I feel something (special presence).

There are various things that confess love to the one that is wrapped in an approximate manner. However, even though I had a confession of love while far, I can receive the other party in a different sense.

If you want to convey the feeling firmly,Using these term expressions with "I Like You.I Love You".

I WOUULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU. I want to know more (interested when I want to expand to love)

I 'Ve Never Loved Anyone Like This. It is the first time to feel like this.

You Are Special to Me. You are special to me.

I Think of You And I'm Living Out My Fantasy. I feel sick and dream.

We Have A Good Chemistry. We are very good compatibility.

I Think of You As More Than A Friend. I have more than a friend.

Be My Valentine. Become an important person (Valentine is an important person)

Stay by my side forever. It's always me!

Is THERE LOVE IN THE AIR? The beginning of love?

Then, please have a little sweet love word.

I Miss You. I want to see you. I can not see you. I mıss you.

Do You Know How Much I Love You? How much do you love you?

Please Keep Holding My Hands. Without this hand.

Kiss me before i rise. Kiss before getting up.

Let's Kiss and Make up. Let's make up.

🌞3-2【Confession of love and suite poetic expressions]

⭐ "If you touch love, everyone will be poet (AT the Touch of Love, Everyone BeComes A Poet.)" Is American picture book writerDoctor Sousse Wikipediaword of.

Because love shakes the soul. And the words are full of poetry when you catch the dynamic sense of the soul with a sincere heart. I do not know even though love thinks with my head. Love is something like a beautiful fountain that comes from the soul.

Then, I will introduce the words of love to enjoy the feeling of love.

My Heart Calls Out For You. My heart is shouting to you.

I Get the Feeling, The More Involved I Get With You. It is drawn to you more and more.

Until Now I Have Been Looking for You. I have been looking for you until now.

OU MAKE MY HEAT SKIP A BEAT. Heart is thrilled by you

I'm Under Your Spell. You seem to be magical to you (as if it were magical).

While "seeming magic to you", it may be the word of love, and it may be "one who is magical to the other party". And if you put each other's magic in lovely romantic direction, love will grow up with something rich in love.

I Fell in Love with You at First Sight. I got into yourself (I fell in love when I saw it for the first time)

I'm Physically Attracted to You. I was fascinated with nature.

He / She Swept Me off my feet. He / her honeyfriend was taken away. (I was leaving me in the ground.)

I Can't Get Over You. I can not forget you. (When I want to return more after I was jealous)

I Didn't Choose You. My Heart Did. I'm not choosing you. I chose my heart.

I Was Born to Love You. I was born to love you.

American actress Judy Garland starring with the Movie "Magic Use of Oz" Dorothy. Movies that drew her lifetime, "Judy Rainbow", published in spring 2020 and received the starring actress award at the famous movie award such as the Academy Award.

Her waves are fully full of her life, but her policies, which also penetrated in that case, her policy was "Human and love depth and kindness".

Her movie's last scene is incorporated into its impact of her moving episode. Such Judy has left many quotes woven with her love, but let's introduce one here.


You were not my ear but my heart. What you kissed is not my lips, my heart.Judy Garland Wikipedia

Then, we will continue some of the poetic words about sweet love.

Hold My Hand and I'll Go Anywhere with You. Do not hold hands. I will go anywhere.

Undo a chain of love. Remove the chain of love

I 'M Want to See You, But I'm Sad If I'm with You. I'm sorry I can't see my face.

I Hate You, But I'm Sad IF You Give Me the Cold SHOULDER. I love you, but I'm sad when it is cool.

❹Love Word English-Japanese Short Text «Happiness of Love»

🌞4-1 Words that appear to happiness of love "Good happy happiness"

When I like it, I always want to be together, the emotion of the love, the famous writer Hemingway, ⭐ "AS Long As THERE IS ONE OF US THERE IS BOTH OF US. There are one of the two people There are also two people. " (Heming Way Wikipedia)

However, the word of Hemingway's love may have more than just a lovely love, but it may have a more meaningful love ....

You Always Make Me Happy. Happy to be with you.

Just Be CLOSE AT HAND. Just stay nearby (Happy).

You're Always in my thoughts! You are always in my head!


Even Distance Can't Keep US APART. Even if you are away, your mind is always tied.

TOmorrow, The Day After, and Forever and Ever, I Wish to be with You. I want to spend together tomorrow as well.

I HOPE We Will Keep Our Relationship for a Long Time. Let's get along well.

Even Distance Cannot Keep US APART. Even any distance can be left away.

Please make it your side forever.

🌞4-2 Words that appear to happiness of love "I wish you your happiness, that is my happiness"

Rather than seeking only what love is given, love is a very nice smell to stand on the side given.

And by looking at the happiness of the other party, it is filled with a kind joy that flowers bloom in their own mind.

Visuals of love of your own mind and the scent and sound that the mind created may be a true happiness of the truth.

I 'M Always Here For You. Always here for you.

Your Happiness is Always Wished. I always hope for your happiness.

Lot's of Love for Your Birthday. With love for your birthday.

Just for You. Just just for you.

I'll Stand by You All The Time. I am always your friend. (I have me as you)

🌞4-3 Words that appear to happiness of love

You're Amazing. You are amazingly wonderful, nice.

"The appearance of women and the species are very attractive.", But translation into Japanese is wrong and misunderstood. Also, depending on how to use it, care must be taken because it means "unbelievable person !!".

So let's remember the wonders of the opponent, and let's remember and look at wonderful love magic words.

I Treasure You. You are my treasure.

Jewel of A Treasure. (You) Important treasures (also for children)

You're My Sunshine. You are my sun.

You Are The Sunshine of My Life. You are like a sun for me. (Also in the song title of Stibe Wonder)

You Are The Light of My Life. You are the light of my life.

Here's Looking at You, Kid. Toast to your eyes.

You Are My Prince / Princess. You are my prince / princess.

He / She Is The World to me. He / She is all of me (the world).

"You (treasures)" "You remember the phrase of my (sun), and put the words I found by myself to honor the opponent's shine in parenthesis (000) Let's go.

For example, "You are always (like diamonds)" "You are always my (one star)" and "Today's glow (full moon) glow" ....

By the way, unlike the case of saying the sun, if it is expressed as a full moon, "healing" and "a sense of security without missing things" are associated.

🌞4-4 A little straight word that appears happiness of love "You are the best"

A slightly straight "you are the best" phrase.

You're My Everything. All you are for me.

You're The Irreplaceable Person to me. You are an impatient important person.

You Are The Love of My Life! I'm most important in my life!

You Are My MR.Right. You are my ideal person.

NO ONE CAN compare to You. You are the best. (There is no one who can beat you.)

To the World's Best Wife! To the best wife in the world!

There's Nobody Else But You. Other than you.

You Are The Most Important Person In My Life. You are the most important person in my life.

You Mean So Much To Me. You are my very important person.

🌞4-5 Psalm words that appear to happiness of love

The poetic words of love include not only words flying in the wisdom, but also behind it, but behind it may include a deep thought sex.

Let's taste the art of such a word as soon as possible.

⭐when i Walk With You, I Always Feel Like I Have Flowers on the Buttons.
When walking with you, I always feel like I always put on the button.Saccharay Wikipedia

I Didn't Know What True Love Was Until I Met You. I did not know the real love until you meet you!

ONLY YOU CAN MAKE ME HAPPY OR CRY. You can be crying to be happy to be happy.

I Didn't Know The Meaning of My Love and Happiness Until I Met You. I did not know the meaning of love and happiness until I met you.

❺Love Word English-Japanese Short Texts «Eternal Love / Anniversary»

"I love forever" means Je T'AIME Pour Toujours in French. It is disappointing that French culture is outdated, but in the back of the sound of the beautiful words, I originally asked "pureness" and love beauty deeply.

Here is a simple example of one example, assuming "when you talk about eternal love". Thank you for your reference.

(Reference) The quotes of Richard Back, who wrote "Gomome Jonathan", "True Love Stories Never Have Endings. It is not the end of the genuine love story." From this quote, you will also be able to connect to the words of eternal love as follows.Richard Back Wikipedia

🌞5-1【Words that appear to be permanent

Together. Forever. Forever, together.

Me and You. Always. You and me, forever.

I Could Hold You Forever. You can hug forever.

I Promise Love of the Eternity. Swowing forever love.

LOVE You Now and Forever. Now I am also loving from now on.

Our Love Will Last Forever. Our love is forever!

Yours Forever. Forever your one.

My Love Will Last Till The End Of Time. I love you even if I'm born.

Giving 999 rose flowers appear "I love you many times and I love you".

Buddhism has the thought of the reincarnation ring, but Christianity is not clearly reborn. However, the World Religion is always shown for the end of love.

In addition, many famous poets such as Goethe and John Keats have strongly pursued "the Eternity of Love". Love is not visible to the eyes. And the essence of love is spirituality and is what you want forever.

🌞5-2 Poetic words that appear to be a love for love

You Are My First Love and Will Be Last. You are my first lover.

I'll Save My Life Only for You. Take my love (life) only.

Lost Forever IF I Never Knew You. I had to meet you forever if I didn't meet you.

I Will Love You Longer Than Forever. Long more than forever and love you.

The words "longer than forever" are wonderful. Along with a present for lovers, you may want to add a word message of love.

🌞5-3 Love is deep appreciation

Love and gratitude have a deep relationship like the front and back of the coin. The deepness of the real love appears as a deep gratitude. How much thanks to the person you love?

To be grateful, it is necessary to find the act of love that the other party made. Love discoveries begin with the discovery of visible acts at first.

And if you really love it and the soul and the soul are connected, literally "Cardening", even if you don't look at your eyes, you also know the act of love that the other party wishes or prayed for his success It will be like.

I love you, and I want to see the greatness of each other very much.

Thank You for Having Discovered Me. Thank you for finding me.

THanks for Enriching My Life. Thank you for enriching my life.

And deepness of love, thanks to the deepening of myself, also connected to self-confidence.

Goethe also has the following quotes.
After a person loves me, I would have been what value for himself.

❻[Word of the World Love] In countries around the world, such as French, how are "love words-love-love"?

🌞6-1 What is the expression of "I love you" in Asia?

· Japanese: I love: Isite

Tagalog: Philippines: Mahal Kita: Mahalkita

· Myanmar: ချစ်တယ်: Chittte

· Thai: Male to ผผ รัก ณ: Pom Rack Kung: Women to ฉฉน รัก ธธธ: Chan Rack Tar

· Bengali: Bangladesh India West Bengal: আমি ভালোবাসিভালোবাসি: ア ア バ バ バ

· Chinese: I love you: Warieri

· Vietnamese: Male to ANH Yêu EM: Ainjeem: Women: EM Yêu ANH: M Jeu Ein

· Korean: 랑랑 해요: saran

- Hindi: from men मैं तुम्हैं प्यार करता हुँ: main Tanhemu Piya Carta Typhoon: from a woman "मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हुँ: main Tamuse Piya Karuti Hoon

· Khmer: Cambodia: Male to បង អូនអូន: Bon Slorin on: Women to អូន ស្រឡាញ់ បង: On Slorinbo

Mongolian: би чамд хайртай: Bee Chamd Hyle Thailand

🌞6-2 What is the expression of "I love you" in the middle East and Africa?

· Arabic: Saudi Arabian United Arab Emirates / Iraq Egypt: Male: أحبك: Uhibuki: Women أحبك: Uhibuka

· Persian: Iran: دوستت دارم: Dustdaram

· Hebrew: Israel: Male to ננ אהב תך: Anio Rovo Otha: Women to ננ אהתתתתתתך: Anio Heaven Otha

· Amhar: Ethiopia: Male from Male: Audihallo: Women: Audiharro Swahili: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania etc. : Nakupenda: Nakupenda

· Rwanda: NDAGUKUNDA: Dogkunda

🌞6-3 What is the expression of "I love you" in the US Europe?

· English: I Love You: Isalaview

French: JE T'AIME: Juteme

· Turkish: Seni Seviyorum: Senesevyaoam

· Spanish: TE AMO: Tea Mo

· Italian: Ti AMO: Tearm

· German: Ich Liebe Dich: I. Riebe Dig:

· Maori: New Zealand Maori: KEI TE Arha Au KI A KOE: Keito Arrow Afk Kew

· Chamolo: Guam Chamolo: Hu Guaiya Hao: Hoo Gaisa Hao

· Dutch: IK Hou Van Jou: Ikuhou Fan Yau

· Hawaii: Aloha Au Ia`oe: Aloha Auiao Oge

· Bulgarian: обичам те: Obi-Camte

· Georgian: მიყვარხარ: Mikuwarhal

· Russian: я тебя люлю: Yar Tivier Rubulie

· Greek: Σ 'αγαπώ: Saga Po

· Catalonian: Catalonia in Spain: T'ESTIMO: Testimo

Bosnian: Bosnia Herzega Vina: Volim TE: Wolem Te

· Finnish: Minä Rakastan Sinua: Mina Lacustan Sinua

· Romanian: TE IUBESC: Tebesque

· Swedish: JAG äLSKAR DIG: Ya Elska Day

· Albanian: Të Dua: Te Duwa

· Czech: Miluji Tě: Miluiche

· Portuguese: EU TE AMO: Euuchiamo

· Latvian: ES TEVI MILU: Es Tever Millo

❼Love Words and Never Ending Messages

Never ending and delivering the connection of the love.

There is no longer a lifetime and too long to loves well with one another, a man and a woman, and a well-known two people.

Men and women's love may have a funny face of the bargain, and there may be a face where a stakeholdence is occurring to overlay age.

However, if "Love's Word" is just ended with a word play, and "love" is likely to follow only the alive of the world, how is it something that is boring "love" .

The original love is a spirituality that plays a harp of heart and is great. Men and women's love is for the sounds of each other's sound with each other's sound, gradually resonate, and the harmony is not harmony, and one beautiful melody is rang.

That's why I can not really realize my ideal love right away.

But if you have a feeling that "love your love" in the deep mind, you should not forget that pure and eternal shine is shining in the back of love, even if there is a feeling of love. It is. And let's pray for "your love more high and more beautiful".

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