[Word of love (English, Japanese)] Let love shine, higher and more beautiful!

In this issue, we bring you a special feature on "Expressions of Love Languages" in love between men and women. We hope you will find it helpful in cultivating a wonderful love.

➊Love Quotes, Opening Message

As an opening message, I will give you a love quote. This is not a message of love, but rather an attitude of love.

⭐ If you'd be loved, be worthy to be loved.

⭐いやしくも、愛してもらいたいと望むならば、相手に愛してもらうのに相応しいような、価値のある人間になりなさい オウディウスWikipedia

Publius Ovidius Naso was a poet of Imperial Rome. He wrote many poems in Rome, which enjoyed peace and prosperity under Augustus.
He is famous for his collections of love poems ("Songs of Love" and "The Technique of Love") and epic poems ("The Metamorphoses").

I am going to introduce you to many words of love, but true love is all about purity of feeling, respect for the other person, and a desire for a direction to improve each other. In this sense, no matter what kind of love language you use, if it does not contain the warmth of love, it will never shine with the light of beautiful love.

Even the most beautiful words of love will have "tainted sorrow" if there is any trickery in them, or if there is any reminder that you want the other person to do what you want.

 In this sense, even a single word, "I love you," varies from one person to another. How much beauty and grace can you put into it?

There are also many expressions of love that Japanese people may consider "pretentious. However, if true feelings of love are put into them, they cannot be simply put away as "pretentious words.

If you talk about love, you can become a poet. This page is for those of you who want to express your pure feelings of love, but don't know what words to use.

So, let's start our journey to find the words of love. Let's get to know a lot of love words that shine like sparkling crystal, and push open the door to a beautiful, shining love.

➋ Words of Love: Short sentences in English and Japanese ≪Basic

🌞2-1【Using I love you, a direct expression of love】.

・愛しています。I love you.  
・私も愛しているよ。I love you too. 

・とっても愛している。I love you, sweet heart. 
・心の底から深く愛してる。I love you with all my heart.
・あなたを心の底から深く愛してます。I love you deeply,and with all my heart. 

I love you" is one of the simplest words of love, and of course, everyone knows it, but the depth and beauty of it can vary greatly depending on what kind of thought you put into it, how you pronounce it, and what gestures you make.

I love you. How many deep thoughts of love can you put in there? And how do you express yourself when you receive love, when you whisper back, "I love you, too"?

・あなたを世界一愛しています。I love you more than anyone in the whole world.
・愛しているという言葉じゃ足りないくらい大好き!I love you so much that the words I love you are not enough.
・言葉にできないくらいあなたのことが好き。I love you more than words can say.
・ずっと愛しています。I loved you the whole time.
・言葉で言い表せないほど、あなたを愛していている。I love you more than words can say. 

🌞2-2【No use of I love you, direct expression of love]

Here are some English and Japanese ways to express your feelings of "I love you" in full without using I love you. Some of them are embarrassing when translated into Japanese, but some of them fit perfectly in English, which is strange.

Also, if you translate it into French, the feeling will be different from that of English. By the way, the French word for "I love you to death" is "Je t'aime à mourir.

・ありのままのあなたが好きです。I like you very much just as you are. 
・(飾らない)そのままの君が好きだ。Stay who you are. 
・大好きだよ。I adore you. 
・好きです。(likeよりもっと深く)I’m fond of you.
・あなたが好きです(お付き合いしたいのです)I fancy you.
・あなたに夢中なの。I’m crazy for you. 
・息ができないくらいあなたが好き。You take my breath away. 
・私はあなたにべたぼれだわ。I’ve got a crush on you. 

Add a word to "I love you" and you have love languages such as "I truly love you." and "I really love you.

Both mean "I really (seriously) love you. But there is a slight difference in nuance.

I truly love you. means  as in "I think I like you" or "I realize that I like you. I really love you." is an expression of seriousness, as in, "I just love you! I really love you!" is used as an expression of seriousness.

・会いたくてたまらない!I can’t wait to see you! 
・ヤバいぐらい好きになっちゃった。I have the biggest crush on you. 
・あなたにぞっこんです。(全身全霊でほれている) I’m head over heels for you. 
・私はあなたに惹かれています。I’m drawn to you.
・私はあなたに恋をしています。(恋している相手に対して)I’m in love with you.

❸Love language: Short sentences in English and Japanese ≪Confession of love, sweet words of love»

🌞3-1【Confession of love and suite words]

Let's take a look at some confessions of love and sweet expressions of love to accompany "I love you".

・あなたを大切に想っています。I cherish you.   
・あなたの支えになりたい。I’ll stand by you all the time. 
・あなたのことが頭から離れない。I can’t stop thinking of you. 
・彼(彼女)のことが頭から離れません。I can’t get him(her) out of my head. 
・私はあなたに何か(特別な存在)を感じる。I feel something for you. 

There are many ways to confess love, From the way he said it, as if it were wrapped in an ode.from the offhand to the witty. However, there are times when you confess your love in a roundabout way and the other person takes it in a different way.

Depending on the situation, if you want to convey your feelings firmly, use these phrases along with "I like you, I love you".

・もっとあなたのことを知りたい(興味があり恋愛に展開したい時)I would like to know more about you.
・こんな気持ちになるのは初めてだよ。I’ve never loved anyone like this. 
・あなたは私にとって特別なの。You are special to me. 
・あなたを想い、夢みてる。I think of you and I’m living out my fantasy.  
・私たちはすごく良い相性です。We have a good chemistry. 
・私はあなたを友達以上に想っています。I think of you as more than a friend.
・私の大切な人になって(バレンタインは大切な人という意味も)Be my Valentine.
・私のそばにずっといて!Stay by my side forever.  
・これって恋の始まり?Is there love in the air? 

A little sweet love language is shown below.

・会いたいよ。会えなくて寂しい。あなたが恋しい。I miss you. 
・あなたのことをどれだけ愛しているかわかる?Do you know how much I love you?
・どうかこの手を離さないで。Please keep holding my hands. 
・起きる前にキスして。Kiss me before I rise. 
・仲直りをしよう。Let’s kiss and make up. 

🌞3-2【Confession of love and suite poetic expressions]

「愛に触れると誰でも詩人になる(At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.)」 is a famous quote by Plato (ancient Greek philosopher / 427 BC - 347 BC). Dr. Seuss, an American author of children's literature, also uses this term.

Because love is a soul-stirring thing. And when you capture the vibrancy of the soul with a sincere heart, the words overflow as poetry. You can't understand love by thinking about it with your head. Love is like a beautiful fountain that overflows from the soul.

So here are some words of love to help you enjoy the exuberance of love.

・私の心はあなたに叫んでいる。My heart calls out for you. 
・どんどんあなたに引き込まれていく。I get the feeling, the more involved I get with you. 
・今まであなたを探し続けていたんだ。Until now I have been looking for you. 
・君のせいで心臓がドキドキする。ou make my heat skip a beat. 
・あなたに魔法をかけられたみたい(魔法にかけられたかのようにあなたにうっとりとしてしまう)。I’m under your spell.

It's like you're casting a spell on me," he whispers. But the truth is, you may be the one who is "casting a spell on the other person" with those love words.

And if we can cast a love spell on each other in a wonderful romantic direction, and be cast under the spell of love, then love will grow in abundance.

・君にひとめぼれした(初めて見た時に恋に落ちた)I fell in love with you at first sight.
・あなたに自然と魅了されました。I’m physically attracted to you. 
・彼/彼女に心を奪われた。(地面にいた私をさっと連れ去った)He/She swept me off my feet.
・君を忘れられない。(喧嘩をしたあとよりを戻したいときに)I can’t get over you.
・私があなたを選んだんじゃない。心が選んだんだ。I didn’t choose you. My heart did.
・あなたを愛するために生まれてきた。I was born to love you.  

Judy Garland is an American actress who starred as Dorothy in the movie "The Wizard of Oz." The movie about her life, "Judy: Over the Rainbow," was released in the spring of 2020 and won Best Actress awards at the Academy Awards and other famous movie awards.

Judy's life was filled with many vicissitudes, but she maintained her policy of "compassion, depth of love, and kindness toward human beings.

The last scene of the movie has a strong impact of this moving episode. Judy left behind many words of wisdom woven from her heart of love, and I would like to introduce one of them here.

(source e.g. quotation英文は、ペーパーバック - 2021/1/11 英語版 Love notebooks 出版社、日本語はclairworks.comジュディ・ガーランド 英語の名言による)

Now, let me list a few poetic sayings about sweet love.

・私と手をつないで。どこへでも行くから。Hold my hand and I’ll go anywhere with you.
・外して、愛の鎖を Undo a chain of love.
・顔も見たくないって思てるのに、会えないと寂しい。I don’t want to see you,but I’m sad if I’m with you.
・大嫌いなのに、冷たくされると悲しい。 I hate you,but I’m sad if you give me the cold shoulder.

❹ Words of Love: Short sentences in English and Japanese ≪Love Happiness

🌞4-1 Words that manifest the happiness of love." Happiness of always being together."

That feeling of love, of always wanting to be with someone all the time when you love them, was described by the famous writer Hemingway as ⭐「二人のうちどちらかがいるところには、いつも二人ともいるんだよ。As long as there is one of us there is both of us.」 He expresses this in the following way. (Hemingway, Wikipedia)

(source e.g. quotationヘミングウェイ『誰がために鐘は鳴る』の一節。日本語訳は新潮文庫より)

 Hemingway's words of love may have a higher meaning than just infatuation....

・あなたといるといつも幸せ。You always make me happy.  
・ただ傍に居てくれるだけで(幸せ)。Just be close at hand. 
・いつも私の頭の中にいるよ!You’re always in my thoughts! 
・一瞬たりとも、あなたのことを考えなかった瞬間はない。There is not a single moment ever gonna come in my life when I stop loving you.
・離れていても心はいつも結ばれている。Even distance can’t keep us apart. 
・明日も明後日もずっと一緒に過ごしたい。Tomorrow, the day after, and forever and ever, I wish to be with you.
・ずっと仲良くしようね。I hope we will keep our relationship for a long time. 
・どんな距離でさえ、私たちを離ればなれにすることはできない。Even distance cannot keep us apart.
・ずっとあなたの側にいさせてください。Please always let me be with you.

🌞4-2 Words that manifest the happiness of love: "I wish you happiness, that's my happiness."

Rather than seeking only to be given love, it is better to be on the giving side of love, which gives off a wonderful fragrance.

And by wishing for the happiness of the other person, you will be filled with a gentle joy, as if flowers are blooming in your own heart.

Such a visual of love in your heart, and the scents and sounds that your heart produces, may be the true essence of true happiness.

・いつもあなたのためにここにいるよ。I’m always here for you.  
・あなたの幸せをいつも願っているよ。Your happiness is always wished. 
・あなたの誕生日に愛を込めて。Lot’s of love for your Birthday. 
・ただ、あなたのためだけに。Just for you. 
・私はいつもあなたの味方です。(あなたのそばに私がいるよ)I’ll stand by you all the time. 

🌞4-3 Words that manifest the happiness of love: "Happiness of being moved by the other person's radiance.

・君は驚くほど素晴らしい、素敵だ。You’re amazing.

It is sometimes used to describe a woman's appearance or behavior as being very attractive.

 However, when translating it into Japanese, one must be careful not to misunderstand it. Depending on how you use it, it can mean, "You're unbelievable! Depending on how you use it, it can mean, "You are incredible!

Here are some magic words of love that you should remember when praising someone's excellence.

・君は僕の宝さ。I treasure you. 
・(君は)大切な宝物(子供にも)Jewel of a treasure. 
・あなたは私の太陽。You’re my sunshine. 
・あなたは私にとって太陽のような存在です。(スティービー・ワンダーの曲名にも)You are the sunshine of my life.
・君は僕の人生の光だよ。You are the light of my life. 
・君の瞳に乾杯。Here’s looking at you,kid. 
・あなたは私の王子様/お姫様だよ。You are my prince/princess. 
・彼/彼女は私のすべて(の世界)です。He/She is the world to me.

Remember the phrases "You are my (treasure)" and "You are my (sun)," and in the "(00)" try to find your own words to praise the other person's brilliance.

For example, "You are my (diamond)", "You are always my (first star)", "Today you are the (full moon) shine for me"....

Incidentally, unlike the sun, the full moon is associated with healing and a sense of security that nothing is missing. 

🌞4-4 A little straightforward language that manifests the happiness of love." You're the best.

Here's a slightly more straightforward "You're the best" phrase.

・私にとってあなたが全て。You’re my everything.  
・あなたはかけがえのない大切な人です。You’re the irreplaceable person to me. 
・人生であなたが一番大切!You are the love of my life!  
・あなたは私の理想の人なの。You are my Mr.right. 
・あなたが一番だわ。(あなたに勝てる人なんていないわ。)No one can compare to you.
・世界で一番の妻に!To the world’s best wife! 
・あなた以外ない。There’s nobody else but you.
・あなたは私の人生の中で一番大切な人です。You are the most important person in my life.  
・あなたは私のとても大切な人です。You mean so much to me.  

🌞4-5 Poetic words that reveal the happiness of love

Poetic words of love can contain not only witty wordplay, but also a deep thoughtfulness of love behind them.

The art of such words should be savored carefully if possible.

⭐あなたと一緒に歩く時は、 ぼくはいつもボタンに花をつけているような感じがします。When I walk with you, I always feel like I have flowers on the buttons.

・あなたに出会うまで、本当の愛を知らなかった!I didn’t know what true love was until I met you. 
・私を幸せにできるのも、泣かせられるのもあなたしかいない。Only you can make me happy or cry.
・あなたに会うまで、愛と幸せの意味を知らなかった。I didn’t know the meaning of my love and happiness until I met you.

❺Ai no kotoba: Short sentences in English and Japanese ≪Eternal love and gratitude

In French, "I love you forever" is Je t'aime pour toujours. It's a shame that French culture is leaning towards decadence, but behind the beautiful sound of the phrase, there was originally a deep desire for "purity" and the beauty of love.

Let's take a look at the words of eternal love as we calm our minds, assuming that this is the time when you will speak of eternal love.

(Reference) Richard Buck who wrote "Jonathan the Seagull" quotes ⭐⭐「本物の愛の物語には、結末なんてない。True love stories never have endings.」リチャード・バックWikipedia 

🌞5-1【Words that appear to be permanent

・永遠に、一緒に。Together. Forever.  
・あなたと私、いつまでも。Me and you. Always.  
・永遠に抱きしめていられるよ。I could hold you forever. 
・永遠の愛を誓います。I promise love of the eternity.  
・今も、これからもずっと愛している。Love you now and forever.  
・私たちの愛は永遠に!Our love will last forever. 
・永遠にあなたのもの。Yours forever. 
・生まれ変わっても、あなたを愛します。My love will last till the end of time.

The gift of 999 roses represents the meaning of "I will love you no matter how many times you are reborn.

While Buddhism has the idea of reincarnation, Christianity does not have a clear idea of reincarnation. However, the world religions always show the eternity of love.

Also, many famous poets in the world, such as Goethe and John Keats, have strongly and deeply pursued the eternity of love. Love is invisible to the eye, but it is certainly there. And the essence of love is spirituality and the desire for eternal radiance.

🌞5-2 Poetic words that reveal the eternity of love

・あなたは私の最初で最後の恋人。You are my first love and will be last. 
・私の愛(人生)をあなただけに取っておきます。I’ll save my life only for you. 
・あなたと出会わなければ永遠に迷子だった。Lost forever if I never knew you. 
・永遠よりも長く、あなたを愛します。I will love you longer than forever. 

The words "longer than eternity" are wonderful. It would be a good idea to add this kind of message of love words along with the gift to your lover.

🌞5-3 Love is with deep gratitude

There is a deep relationship between love and gratitude, like two sides of a coin. Deepening of true love will manifest as deepening of gratitude. How much gratitude do you have for the people you love?

In order for gratitude to arise, it is necessary to discover the act of love that the other person has done for you. The discovery of love begins with the discovery of visible acts.

Then, when we truly love deeply and our souls are connected to each other, we will be able to understand the acts of love that the other person has wished and prayed for our success, even though we cannot see them.

I would like to cherish the wonderful feeling of loving and being loved, and the deepening of mutual appreciation.

・私を見つけてくれてありがとう。Thank you for having discovered me. 
・私の人生を豊かにしてくれてありがとう。Thanks for enriching my life. 

Goethe also left the following quote.
⭐人が私を愛してから、自分が自分にとってどれほど価値あるものになったことだろう。 (The English summary is Since she had loved me I think how I became worthy man. by Goethe.)

Incidentally, the original text in German seems to have been abridged from "Werther's" July 13 diary in "The Sorrows of Young Werther". The text is in German: "Mich liebt!-und wie wert ich mir selbst werde, wie ich-dir darf ich's wohl sagen, du hast Sinn für so etwas-wie ich mich selbst anbete, seitdem sie mich liebt!" ➧ "Wie wert ich mir selbst werde, seitdem sie mich liebt!") 

❻[Love Languages of the World] How do you express "love language - I love you" in French and other countries around the world?

🌞6-1How do you express "I love you" in Asia?

・Japanese 愛してる➧Aishiteiru

・Tagalog Filipino Mahal ➧Mahal kita

・Myanmarese ချစ်တယ်➧Chittey

 (From a man) ผมรักคุณ➧Pom Rak Khun
 (From a woman) ฉันรักเธอ➧Chan Rak Tha

 West Bengal State in Bangladesh and India
 আমি তামাকে ভালাযভা➧Amit Tomake Barobasi

・Chinese 我愛你➧Warai Ni

 (From a man) Anh yêu ➧Anh yêu em 
 (From a woman) Em yêu anh  ➧Em yêu anh

・Korean 사랑해요➧Saranghwaeyo 

 (From a man) मैं तुम्हैं प्यार करता हुँ➧ Maine Tanhem Piya Kartha Hoon
 (From a woman)  मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हुँ➧Maine Tamse Piya Karti Hoon

・Khmer language  Cambodia
 (From a man) បងស្រឡាញ់អូន➧Bon Sroline On
 (From a woman) អូនស្រឡាញ់បង➧On Sloline Bo

・Mongolian Би чамд хайртай➧Bee Chamud Heiltai

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

🌞6-2 How do you express "I love you" in the Middle East and Africa?

・Arabic Saudi Arabia: United Arab Emirates: Iraq: Egypt

(From a man) أُحِبُّكِ➧ Uhibki
(From a woman) أُحِبُّكَ➧ Uhibka

・Persian Iran دوستت دارم➧  Doustedaram

・Hebrew Israel

(From a man)  אני אוהב אותך➧  ani ohev otaha
(From a woman)  אני אוהבת אותך➧  ani ohevut otaha

・Amharic Ethiopian

(From a man)  እወድሃለሁ➧  Awoodyharo
(From a woman)  እወድሻለሁ እወድሻለሁ➧  Awoodyshallo

・Swahili  Kenya:Uganda:Tanzania, etc.

Nakupenda ➧ Nakupenda

・Rwandan ndagukunda➧ ndagukunda

🌞6-3 How do you express "I love you" in America and Europe?

・English I love you

・French  Je t'aime.

・Turkish  Seni seviyorum

・Spanish  Te amo 

・Italian Ti amo 

・German  Ich liebe dich

・Maori  New Zealand Maori  Kei te aroha au ki a koe 

・Chamorro  Guam Chamorro  Hu guaiya hao 

・Dutch Ik hou van jou

・Hawaiian Aloha au ia`oe  Aloha au ia`oe 

・Bulgarian  обичам те➧ Obichamte

・Georgian  მიყვარხარ➧ Mikvarhar

・Russian  Я тебя люблю➧Yar Tibia Lübrew

・Greek  Σ' αγαπώ➧ Sagapó

・Bosnian  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Volim te

・ Finnish  Minä rakastan sinua

・Romanian  Te iubesc

・Swedish  Jag älskar dig ➧Ya Erska day

・Albanian Të dua

・Czech  Miluji tě ➧Milujiče

・Portuguese Eu te amo

・Latvian  Es tevi milu 

❼ Words of love, never-ending messages

Neverending --- オーギュスト・コントの愛の名言をご紹介します。


⭐(Rough meaning---It would take a lifetime, but not too long, for two such different and complex people, a man and a woman, to understand each other well and love each other appropriately.)

(Source of Japanese translation~「livedoorニュース2014年7月2日結婚にまつわる世界の名言を集めてみた」より。)

Many believe that this quote was written by the French writer Comte de Bussy-Labutin, but it is actually attributed to the French thinker Auguste Comte.

Love between a man and a woman may have some interesting aspects of bargaining, and as we age, there may be some aspects of conflict of interest.

However, if the "language of love" ends up being a mere play on words, or if "love" is something that only pursues the ease of living in this world, then on the contrary, how boring "love" is.

True love is a spirituality that plays a harp in the heart, and it is a wonderful thing. The love between a man and a woman is to play the harp with each other's sound and gradually resonate to form a harmony and make a beautiful melody resound in the world.

Even so, it is not always possible to realize such an ideal love right away.

However, if you have a feeling of "I love love" deep in your heart, no matter what happens, you must remember that purity and eternity shine in the depths of love. And let's pray that "that love of yours will shine higher and more beautifully.

【Book Information]

If you want to know the real meaning of "love",
you should read this "The Law of The Sun".
This is the world's greatest spiritual message.

The Laws of the Sun English version】


「In The Laws of the Sun, Ryuho Okawa, based on his miraculous ability to see the past, present, and future, answers these essential questions by offering his remarkable account of the framework of the Laws that govern the universe.

He explains how and why the Creator designed the universe and all things within it and shows us how living in accord with the Truths gives us the power to change our lives and transform our planet, turning it away from catastrophe toward love and acceptance between people of all religions and races.(The above quoted from IRHPRESS https://www.irhpress.co.jp)

👆See more.👆

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