[The Word of Love and Human Love] Heart is bright, brilliant, introduction & love, 55.

This time, we will deliver the "Greatness of Love" of great men all over the world.We will also introduce "Love and Friendship of Humanity and Friendship," which is a positive word for "love of love."

From this moment, if you encounter a good word in your present mind, if you think of it as a nice word, you can only remember that word, and it would be good to have a good taste of it.

The light of the saying will enrich love, and it will be a beautiful light to light up your future.

Ren'ai's Meikyogen: Opening of ' What Is Love? '

There are some people who say, "Speaking of love, French" might be a loving.
Je t' aime. (Je Theme) I love you.
Let' s take a look at the famous words of "The Prince of the Star" Saint-Tegujupeli, which is often used in wedding ceremonies, as the opening of a loving call for love and love's name.

Ren'ai no Meikoto/Ai no Meitenoto i Sanjanjupeli

⭐French Aimer, ce n' est pas se ugder l' un l' un l' un l' un l' un l' est derider ensemble dans la même direction.

⭐English Love does not have the same, but in the same direction.

⭐Japanese-love is not to look at each other, but to look in the same direction.

Of course, I think Sun Teguperi is very important to look at each other.

In the center of each other's eyes, I see myself looking at the other, and if you look at it, you will see a slight change in your appearance.It would be better to say, "It is like the image of a soul which is so brilliant with each other."and, with some superithing eyes, with eyes and eyes fixed together, they are becoming a far away one.

The wonderful thing that I like to love, is where you can discover more dynamic and real, wonderful shines.

When I go back to the name, I say, "Together, we look at the same direction."It is literally the direction of one star that is shining like the polar star.Or you might have a star that looks beautiful like diamonds that can only be seen in the eyes and eyes of the eyes and eyes that fit each other.

Of course, the same direction is also the future.The ability to share a future dream, hope, and romans is a great thing.and if you take a hand in your hands and walk you through the path of a dream, the process itself will be blessed with a golden light shining with a quirk, blessing happiness.

` to find the same direction. ` ` to the two stars that are beautifully shining in the stars of the stars in the night sky of the full sky.

and the little light emitted from the eyes of the two, staring at one of the same stars, is coming together.and the stars are going to flow out so that they cross it.

Incidentally, there is a phrase that is similar to this one.

Ai no Koi Ai no Mei➁Hermann Hesse

⭐Husband and wife are not the existence of each other, but the two staring at one star.

Let me introduce you to one of the French love words.

Ai no Koi Ai no Meiten-sayonen (3)

⭐French: L' amour n' est pas seulement un, il est un art ausksi.

⭐Japanese: Love is not just emotion.It's also an art.

There are some words that are not wording but are as sticky proverbs:

Love's Word of Love

⭐French: L' amour et les parfums se trahissent toujours.

⭐Japanese: Love and fragrances don't always hide in love.

Let me show you the wording and love of romance in the countries of the world.Let' s take a look at many of the deep ideologies of great men.

Love's Prophet America

Ren'ai no Meikoto, Woody Allen

⭐To love is to nagu. One must not Love
But then one of the people from not loving then.

⭐It is difficult to be in love.If you don't want to suffer, you must not fall in love.
But if you do that, you're not in love, and you are also suffering from your suffering again.Woody Allen Wikipedia

It's a unique message that flew to the witty Whiddy Allen."Love is painful but it could be great," the message says, while expressing a love affair as a painful one.

Ren'ai no Meikoto 6 Solow

⭐There is no remedy for love to love more love.

⭐There is no rescue plan for love's troubles other than to love more than much.Soreau Wikipedia

On the other hand, what would happen if you would like to be loved more like you?I want to be loved by the people I love, but as the feeling of love is growing, the agony of love is growing heavier and heavier.

On the other side, "Love to Love" is "the act of giving love for the other."

There is a variety of beautiful light from the act of love, but one of them is to find out the beauty of the other person, who is unable to find anyone else, or even the identity of the person who is in the same time."One of the relief measures for love is also to 'love each other' in love with one another."

Mai-West: The Way to Love

⭐Look your best-who said love love is?

⭐it as beautifully as possible.Who said that love was blind?May West Wikipedia

and the more beautiful and exerting effort, the more pure love of the other person, will make the actual appearance more beautiful and beautifully.But if that effort is merely an ornament of the upper hand, and if it contains the way of the fairy who wants to take care of the other person, the beauty of the beauty will be peeled off and love will fall apart.

Love is growing in combination with pure nature, romanability and the desire to increase each other.Love is blind as time, but if that blindness is connected to a mere self-boastness, that love cannot grow.

May West is telling us that it is important to see the importance of making beautiful efforts, and in that part, "the shining of a healthy attitude of becoming more loved," is necessary.

May West Mary Jane West

⭐Don't cry for a man's left you can fall for your smile.

⭐You can't cry for the man who abandoned you.The next man may be in love with your smile.

The curve is stronger than a sword, The curve is more like The curve is to Mae West.She is a superfamous actress in the United States, as she was the former principal and Graller girl before Marilyn Monroe appeared.It is said that there was deep awareness about the beauty and strength of women.

This is, of course, a word of encouragement, but another characteristic is the latter half of the word.In the second half, she says, "I fall in love with a smile," but in fact she is not alone, and she is said to be a "secret" part of her charm, which is not the only thing she can do.Everyone can put it into practice, but it is her effort to make the most of a smile on her face.

Ren'ai no Meitsukiru Doctor Seuss

⭐You know you're in love when you can't know the reality is more than your own.

⭐If you fall in love, you will not be able to sleep.Because the reality has finally become more beautiful than a dream.Dr. Soosse Wikipedia

That's an interesting use of language.I would like to see my dream as a symbol of a nice thing, but I would like to deepen a little bit of "reality and dreams" as a way to think about this one step further.

" Is the reality a dream, or is it real?"There are real, dreams and two worles, each of which may be meaningful," he said.

Andersen, a fairy tale writer, says, "This world is like a school."The real world is the world of dreams, and this world is like a 'play' that is born for study.

Andersen's fairy tale, such as Mermaid, can also be described as "painting the world of dreams".The world of the world of that world, if it is the brightest direction that leads to heaven and angels, will be much more fabulent than the realities of the world.

But when I fall in love, the reality is that it becomes glorific, so I can't sleep with it.But when it falls into the love of truth, it does not only have material and physical aspects, but also to the soul of the other person, or the soul that shines, and the true self.

In this world, the mind of pursuit of ideals has become very strong, and the reality changes dynamically in the form of overlapping the dream world.So in love, it may be one of the magic.

The Prophecy of Love, James Dobson

Don't marry a man who thinks ⭐this person can live with him.Marry a man who says, "I can't live with this person."James Dobson

"I can't live with this person," is not the love that he was wearing like a triumoch.romantically speaking, "one of the souls of the soul, a person who feels the connection of a soul.""I feel deep connections with red threads," he said, and he would like to make a pilgrimage to such an important person.

Meet the Beatles Lennon

⭐Love is like a flower-you've got a flower, it, it, grow.

⭐Love is like a flower that you have to raise.

This is the name of a bead that liken a blind love to a visible blossom in the eye.(There is a beauty that is not visible to the flowers, but in the eyes of the flowers.)

The figure of love is certainly not visible, but it certainly is.Love is a warm heart and an affluent nutrient.Love is like a sun' s light, sometimes a moon-like kindness, and a star-like bright star.Love is the water of life, and the power to grow in order to grow.And love is the wind that flows through the golden color as if it were a CG, and it is a spiritual and mysterious beauty.In other words, love is a spirituality.The word "spirituality" has a deeper meaning.

Love is sacred, and I grow up and grow with my thoughts to grow into a beautiful and big bloom.

In the sense that John Lennon explored the nature of love, he is also a "musician who appeared as a musician."The melodies with such a rare beauty continue to tossed the Kotosen of many souls in the world today.

Love's Proof of Love, Mark Twain

Love, the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths.

Love seems to be the fastest growing thing, but the slowest thing that grows, and that is love.United States writer Mark Twain

John Lennon, the Beatles' language, is a language that leads to the words of John Lennon.You can't grow love if you lose your heart's heart and act.

Pal Buck: Love's Prophecy Back

⭐Love dies only when growth stops.

⭐is the moment that love is going to stop growing.Wikipedia Pearl Buck

This will also lead to the words of John Lennon.For the growth of love, it is necessary for the activity of love to be sustained.

Michael Jackson: Love's word for love

⭐If you enter this world you are, you are, and you leave this world, the same, then that is that you're in between

⭐If you feel loved ⭐live in this world, and you leave the world as you like, what happens between you and me is beyond the rider.Wikipedia: Michael Jackson 

Albert Ellis: Love's Proof of Love

⭐The art of love is the art of persistence.

⭐The secret to love is mainly on the strength of the viscosity.Albert Ellis

Koi no Meiten-koto Madonna: Madonna

⭐To be no love is to love, without the excepting anything in return.

It's a brave thing to love unconditionally without asking for ⭐.Wikipedia Madonna

Marilyn Monroe, a loving word for love.

⭐I have thought "I'm the man who is the man." all the while in the former life. But that it was worse than that my my life, I was for the first time. I Myself didn't try to love a person.

⭐I've always thought that I have been a person who has never loved me in my life.But for the first time I noticed that there was something worse in my life than that.I didn' t want to love people from the bottom of the heart.Marilyn Monroe

Benjamin Franklin: The Prophecy of Love

⭐If you would be a loved one, love and be lovable.

⭐If you want to be loved, love and lovely.Benjamin Franklin

Ren'ai no Mekoto⑲ Barbara de Angelis

⭐There is nothing to lose by loving.However, if you are afraid of love, you can't get anything.The English Wikipedia Barbara de Angelis

If love is Gibb & Tick, and if you ask for your love for what you have loved, you may lose your love for what you love, or you'll regret it, or you will regret it, for you, for your actions you have submitted.But the essence of love is the gift and gibb, which is where we are not asking for return.

Even if it is true that love is not fulfilled, the beauty of love born by love is the shining of the heart of a man who gives love, and will shine forever.

Or, the seeds of love that are scattered by loving love will become lovely blossoms beyond the spacetime.So there's nothing to lose because of love.

In addition, love is the lovely and compassively appearance in practice.The practice of love is accompanied by courage and effort, but the strength and the strength of one step is the golden color of life,

Scott Fitzgerald, who is the name of love and a word of love.

There are all kinds of love in this world, but the same love is not the same.Wikipedia Fitzgerald

As humans are all different, there is no love in the same shape of love born between people and people.

What kind of love would the same person be like if they were different times or places?In addition, human beings are reborn and have a past life.The couple who had been married in the past can be married again in the world.But that is not the same love.That's an interesting message that you can imagine.

Audrey Hepburn: Love's Name 21

Love is an action.You can't just say words.I never had words in my own way.We have the power to love since we were born.It is still the same as the muscle, and the power of it will decline if it is not forging.Wikipedia Audrey Hepburn(He comes from England)

"Love is an action" is the life of Audrey Hepburn.
From the actress business to his last years of service, his life has been beautiful and high in love's various activities.

It is the life that I always thought of "what can contribute to the world in the world," and continued to train the muscles of love with active action.It may have been the real reason for her beauty that "the beauty that comes from the behavior of love" is.

Ai no Meikoto (Love) 22 Lincoln

⭐It is the best way to talk directly and talk about each other's bad feelings.
(The first president of the United States of the United States.Wikipedia Abraham Lincoln

I need courage to talk directly and talk directly, but I don't know if I have a direct meeting with him.There is a good background for what the other person is saying, and there are some misunderstandings about each other.We can deepen our understanding by seeing the other person's words directly to meet the other side's words.

Love is something that I understand.In this way, we can make better measures for each other from there.

In addition, human beings are spiritual beings, and things like the ones that come out of him are passed down to the other side as the atmosphere.If you don't think of "the size of a love" like Lincoln's, but if you try to meet you directly with love, you may be wrapped up in the mood of love to change the other person.

Love's Prophecy of Russia

Ren'ai no Meikoto: Ai no Meiten'katonen Turgenev

Love is stronger than death, rather than death.Wikipedia turgenev

In order to exceed the fear of death, a belief in the world of eternal life and the belief in God is necessary.
Crugeneuf is generally a atheist, but it can be felt that some religious things are flowing into the bottom of the book and poetry.

Love's Prophet France

Coko Chanel France: 24 Coco Chanel, France

⭐As long as you know men are like children, you know.

⭐long as you know that a man is like a child, you are well verteed in everything.Coco Chanel Wikipedia

From the contrary, it can be said that a woman's motherhood is a weapon in a love affair.

Men are often asked to play a key role in women, such as: "When one is a daughter, a mother, a mother, a mystic, sometimes a mystic," but it may be one of the keys to which the motherhood's proper work is to be made.

25 Henri de l' Aénée

⭐Love is eternal while it lasts.

⭐Love is eternal, as long as it is.

"Eternity" can be seen in the "killer" of love that eyes and eyes are looking at."Love's eternity" is also shining in the midst of the hope that each other will be born in the next world.

If you pursue 'Eternity' in love, the real beauty comes into it, and the beauty of it is to invite happiness.Such a "eternity" may be desired, but the discouraged of the broken author Renier may be in the name of the proverb,

However, she would like to pursue "love's eternity" as well as in the past.Incidentally, Rennier is a French poet and novelist who is famous for his high-objectivity and poetry style (which is a new classicism that is modeled on the Greek art in his later years), which is a combination of the two symbols that represent the inner worlds.

Ren'ai no Meikoto 26 La Bruyère

⭐There is no ugly woman. I don't know, some women don't know how to do.

⭐There is no ugly woman.However, there is a woman who doesn't know how to look at her.
Wikipedia: La Bruyère Wikipedia

The French Bon Sanz (Good Knowledge) is the ability to judge things correctly and distinguish between the right ones and the wrong ones, but the poet La Bruière, who incorporates the spirit, is considered a pioneer in Enlightenment (18th century).

The original meaning of the Enlightenment is "to be illuminated by light," which encourages the self-reliance of human reason, but the French Revolution, influenced by the Enlightenment, is considered to be the inspirate and unsuccessful power of the French in a different sense.

Anyway, I think that this message, which is left by La Bruyère, a moralist (a thinker who explored human life in French literary thought), does not have to consider the intent of the author deeply.

"How can you look so cute?" may lead to some of the words of "Mae West" in the United States, such as "The Best of Love".

Ren'ai no Meikoto: 27 Andre Morroa

⭐"happy marriage" is like a long conversation that never bored.

André Mauroa, who studied the philosophy of Alan, wrote "A Theory of Happiness," is a French novelist with broad education and decency.Wikipedia 

So why don't you get bored and have a conversation for a long time?The assumption is that, although sometimes it is sometimes labeled as "such a human being", it is more profound than that, and it will respect the human nature of the other person, and to find infinitely many possibilities and good things from among others.

When there is an interesting episode, any conversation lastingly will last, but a happy marriage is formed when there is a good courtesan to the other person in ordinary conversation, and sometimes quietly and quietly knit the happy marriage.

In the reverse, "an unhappy marriage is like a conversation with a boredom or a short (and no) conversation."

Ren'ai no Meikoto 28 Jeanne Moreau

⭐Life is a sequence of interesting topography, and people draw their topography by themselves.Jeanne Moreau

⭐I just wanted to be one of the single melodies, one Psalm, and the art of art, " said Jeanne Morrow, a French actress (1928-2017).

"I continue being said to be a plain woman, and she seemed to have an inferiority complex with what before reviewing it in earnest ," but begins to walk the way of the France movie world super star after French movie director Louis Malle finds a performance with her personality that appeared for the drama and was selected.

It is often regarded as the life of a cigarette and unnude, and it is sometimes criticized as a life of the cigarette and ennui, but it doesn't become a life that has been self destructed, and it works in wide variety as long as the year has passed, and until the death at the age of 89, the examination of the film festival and the movie person raising, especially the young movie person, and the money are compelled It contributed greatly to the development of the French movie industry.

The great charm that penetrates her life is the seeker and expressionist in the meaning of "expressing feelings in the heart of the heart". It is long to be able to observe the movement of the heart delicately, and the person also endeavored to stretch the talent with effort.

And, it is a lifetime active style, and many praise is gathered in "even if it goes to the role in the late years, it pierces the professional consciousness of the whole body spirit".

Juno Moreau

⭐ In technology, when the technique is more important than emotion, the man becomes "engineer of love". Now there are too many engineers and few poets.

It is very interesting that the technique of love expresses the man who is superior to the feeling of love as "engineer of love", and it is said that "it is true".

The warm and beautiful affection expression from the heart to the heart, and the words of love that touches the heart line of the partner's heart are required for wonderful love.

Love & love

It is because a person receives the heart from heaven to love the person.Bow rose

Love and love

The greatest healing in life is love. WikipediaPablo Picasso

Love is ultimate healing. It seems that "the light of the healing of love" is planted in the three-dimensional painting of Picasso.

Baroque of love

⭐ Love is a kind of flower. When the seed is blown by the wind and falls, it blooms.

⭐ Love is a kind of flower.Balzac

The word that loved love to flowers was delivered by John Lennon.

John Lennon has a subject in "the growth of love", but Balzac has a role in the role of "seed of love". It is the word of Balzac like the smell of the soil.

Goodwill love

⭐ Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

⭐ Life is a flower with honey of love.Victor Yugo

One of the purposes of life is to "deeply taste love". From the viewpoint of love, I want to think about life once.

Love and love

Audrey Hepburn

If I get married, I want to be very married.

If you marry, I want to get married. Audrey HepburnWikipedia

When it is used as an adverb, "very". When used as an adjective, it means "just". So, for example, he is very married, "she is a real marriage."VeryI'm very sorry.

I think the atmosphere of Audrey Hepburn is serious and high in mind. Before the review, the complex of the back and the chest is small, but the charm was drawn from the cameraman and the supervisor, and it came to walk to the direction of the great actress connected to my sure confidence. In her later years, she has been very active in the welfare of the United Nations Children's Fund.

Audrey HepburnIt was "the presence of a laborer who was loved by many people," but it was "she was deeply gratitude and loved by many people". "I want to marry me" is not mere mere love of loveAudrey HepburnThe life policy of love is symbolized.

Love story 35 Thomas Fuller

⭐ Absence sharpens love.

⭐ Love is sharpened when you are not, and when you are with love become strong. Thomas FullerEnglish Wikipedia

Thomas Fuller, pastor of the Church of England. We have a lot of universal persuasive sayings from the attitude that seeks a deeper exploration of life and shows the truth.

In each case of "when you are without you, when you are there", the "feelings in the mind and the fruits by the accumulation" for the partner who is in love are expressed by the terminology. However, sincerity and sincere thought for each other are in the premise of such love.

Love and love

⭐ There is more pleasure in fear any in being beloved.

⭐ Love is much better than the joy that is loved.

This is a famous name for Thomas Fuller's love.

The warm light that cannot be said in the heart flows into love. Its joy is not material but spiritual pleasure and beautiful and transparent feeling.

Thomas Fuller, who was a clergyman, wanted to show the true experience that the love of love would lead to the "happiness" of the truth, far beyond his love.

Love letter 37 curry

⭐ Beautiful laughter is the sun inside the house

⭐ Beautiful laughter is the sun in the houseWikipedia

Along with Dickens, sucras, who represents the British Victorian Dynasty. While Dickens targeted the lower class, Saccam drew the upper class and raised the literary nameCity of vanityIt is famous as a writer who criticized the corruption and the vigilance, and the success desire at first.

In the later world, Saccam is often criticized for criticism of human desires, and is often criticized for not showing the value of the life of the future. However, it can be said that the family life was never a blessed person from the word spun out from the heart of his heart.

I would like to introduce another one from Sayaka's name.

Love and love

⭐ When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise.

⭐ When you think of me, when you think of me, I am paradise.

George Chapman

Love is nature's second sun.

Love is the second sun of nature.George Chapman

Chaplin the love of love

⭐ Perfect love is the most beautiful of all failures.

⭐ Perfect love is the most beautiful frustration. Because it is more than words.Chaplin Yahoo

The words of love that flew to Chaplin. It is an expression of love that dances "dance" more than "words".

41 Tennyson

Humans are not found alone.

Man is not human alone.Tennis n

Robert Browning

Love is best.Robert Browning

The value of love is as precious as diamond. Life might be a study to pursue love and to know the value of love.

Love and love: ancient Rome

The word of love 43

The quarrel between lovers is an update of love.Bing Web: terenius wiki

An argument between lovers.

Terentius is a comic writer of the Republic of Rome (ancient Rome). Lucanus was brought to Rome as a slave by lukanus (the governing institution of ancient Rome), but Lucanus is said to have educated Terentius. Terentius was also a great endeavor, and the talent he was sleeping in. And lukanus admired it from the slave.

Later, Martin Luther, who told him that he was the "primate of all things," often quotes terrentius and recommends his comedy to school education for children.

This word is translated into "the renewal of love" in Japanese, but it is the idea of a very interesting word to tell the truth.

The terrentius drama, which is said to have rediscovered the ancient Greek comedy and added its own, is a lot of tangible and pleasant contents.

It might have been the character of the original person. Or was his soul inspired by the spirit of freedom and prosperity symbolizing Hermes God in ancient Greece?

By the way, I introduce terenius's most famous word.

⭐ Homo sum, humani nil a me alienum Puto: Homme sum. Hugh Marie Nier Arthur ariineum Peto

⭐ I am human

⭐ English: I am human. I do not think that anything is related to human beings.

Love's name (friendship) 44

It is equivalent to excluding the sun from the world to exclude friendship from life. The political and philosophers of ancient RomeMarx tylus kikiro)

It is surprising that there is a novelty of the word expression in the combination of the sun and friendship rather than love with the sun.

Love and love

Einstein - Wikipedia

Gravitation is not granted for people falling in love.

The English original is the following contents.

Loving in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do -- but gravitation possibly be held

It is not the responsibility of gravity to fall in love.Einstein Wikipedia

Special relativity, general relativity, and the duality of light and particle20th centuryAlberto Einstein called the best physicist.

Einstein's surprise formula is the surprise formula of "the world's most famous formula" learned from the physics of the school.

The genius of physics is wide ranging from peace to love.
This term is very different from "love" and "gravity".

Einstein is a humorous character, like a famous photo laughing at velo. It seems that it was untrue in a better sense than it was, and the free idea of breaking the concept of the concept was the source of a new idea that no one could think of.

Goofret Leibniz 46

Loving is to overlap one's happiness with the happiness of the other party.

⭐ To love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another.Gottfried Leibniz

It is the art of the word of love that seems to think a beautiful thought picture. It is a picture of "love" and wants to pile up a lot of happiness.

Love and love

Life without light of love is meaningless.

It's empty the life without light of love.

What does it mean to life without love?

What is life without the radiance of love?Syrup

It is a word of light of love, light of love, and the figure of love (spiritual Figure) is expressed.
It's like a golden CG that is often used in movies. It is a simple word that combines the blinking of love, the meaning of life, and the essence of life while being simple words.

Gossip of love and love

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

Man is formed according to what he loves.Goethe Wikipedia

What kind of human you are is the history of love that you loved people and the world.

Gossip of love and love

Love does not dominate; it suffates.

⭐ Love does not rule, love nourishes.

It is to be restrained to be restrained, and to try one side as one's own way regardless of the partner's thought and individuality.

Love has the premise that "respect the opponent's soul". There is an act of teaching the basics from "feelings that are good for the other party", and there is an act of training "wishing for the growth of the partner's soul and individuality".

I love India

50 Mother Teresa of love

If you really want to love, we will learn how to forgive.

If you really want to love, you must know to forgive.Mother TeresaMacedonian Province

I love Holland

Goodies of love

Husband and wife are not two halves but one whole

A couple couple.

The post Impressionist (French Impressionist school). Although they include goggles, their style is different. Gogh, the representative painter of the late Impressionist school, is developed in different forms from the Impressionist school.

His life is full of turbulence. It was the life pattern of the intense color, which appeared in the wind itself of "bold color use, the straight expression of feelings".

For example, when he was young, he was an apprentice to the missionary, and he was not angry with the social injustice of the miners of harsh labor, but he was in the same way as they did. However, his preaching was not received from the people and the church executive.

But the love and enthusiasm for the burning God in the heart will later be sublimated in the Gogh painting.

Well, there is a lot of criticism about Gogh's love view, "Gogh was a man of love, but love was often refused, but he really asked for his family", but how was it really? It seems to me that, at least, Gogh is very sincere to women.

Anyway, it is a combination of bold words like Gogh's paintings. Let's enjoy words and words, and Gogh's wishes.

Love and love

Komei Nagai

The light of the moon and the sound of rain begin to fall in love, and new color and sound are generated.Kame Nagai

In fact, in the Meiji period, Kafu Nagai, who was said to be a literary leader, along with Soseki Natsume and Ogai mori, lived in the Meiji period.

In addition to novels, there are also famous works such as essays and translations, and the "amulet story" written after four years of stay in America and the story of "Furama Monogatari", who yearned for France and edited the record, is famous.

Although there are some showy features such as playing Geisha, and so on, he continued to write novels in his later years as known as an orphaned person.

It is said that it was long enough to sublimate the casual event to the art, as expressed in this name. It is a romantic name like the world of the Japanese loneliness and the French fragrance combined.

Komei Yamamoto

The right shoe doesn't fit to the left leg. But not both feet

Komei Nogami

If you reduce your marriage to the simplest formula, it becomes a new one instead of one and one.

I love Canada

Love affair (friendship) 55 Mar

⭐ Friends are people who help you more Merle Shain

A friend refers to a person who helps to find a true self. Canada writer and journalist 1935-1989

The true friend brings the deep fellowship of the soul.
The fellowship of the soul is indispensable for "true self" rather than "fake oneself".

🌞I also introduced "the word of love" and "the word of love" with various great episodes.

From the story of love that you create, "one beautiful word" to impress people will be born

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