[The words and wording exuding vigor] The energy charges to create a beautiful life!!

This time, I will deliver a vigor of words and words, and the way of thinking about how well they are.When you have a depressed time, when you don't get out of the energy, and you want to be more energetic, and you have the energy to take a wonderful life, you're lucky.

Genki (Genki) Words and Words➊" Destiny can change,If I make efforts, I will open the road."

1-1 destiny can be changed.

Destiny can be changed.Of course, the facts of the country, the times, and the birth of the birth are left, and there is a certain amount of fortune, but it is possible to create one of the greatest destinies of one's own.As needed, the lifespan has changed, and even the hands of hands will change.

⭐" If you change your mind, your behavior changes.When your behavior changes, the habit changes.Personality changes when habits are changed.When the personality changes, the fate changes.My life changes when my destiny is changed. " (Henri Frédéric Amiel)

⭐" Be aware of your thoughts, one day you'll be words.Be careful with the words, that will someday take action.Take care of your actions, and you will be in the habit of doing it.Be careful of the habit, because it will be a character one day.Be careful of your character, and it will be destined to be."(Mother Teresa)

One-two efforts make a difference in fate.

So, what is the constant width of destiny?One of them is according to the law of causation from the past.Simply put, "effort" opens the way to the past, the imayo and the future, and the width of destiny is changing.

If the fate of a man cannot be changed, if the destiny of a man is fixed, and if it is the only thing in the world, every day, it will be an imaginary act to go to school, to study, to work hard, to work hard, and to love someone deeply from the heart.

It is the source of energy to get out of the way, that if you try hard like Jinjiro Ninomiya, you can open the way and you can change your destiny.

Learning lessons from failure, and for success, I will ask for further flight in the hearts of thanks, and I will always "strive" to make it the best path, and a new life will be opened.

Now, one more important point of view is to change your fate.That is, "There is not only one path of life."

The path of the first three lives is a series of choices and a number of ways.

The path of life is the sequence of daily choices.and there are many ways of life.So, if you think that you failed in the middle of the way, it's rebounding again and again.

I said, " My scenario for your life is to match your wish.
We are ready to go as follows (by).SunThankYou)

There is no way in the world of the ⭐.There are a hundred and a thousand roads.
Ryoma SAKAMOTO (Shishi of the Meiji Restoration)wikipedia 

⭐I am more of a human being to think about the following than discouraged me.Ryoma Sakamoto

⭐Even if you make a mistake, even if it is serious, there is always another chance.Failures are not to fall.It is that they remain squatch-mined.Mary Pickfordwikipedia 

Let' s try and challenge our new goals and dreams, as we say, "Let' s open our new destiny!"

⭐It is a new power to endure and endure.It's all from it.It is a good idea to turn around and do it over.In a long life, the delay of a year or two years is not the number of things.Soichiro MOTODA (the founder of Honda Kogen Kogyo)wikipedia

It's not too late for me to be the one who wanted to be ⭐ (George Elliot, British female novelist [1819-80])wikipedia

Genki (Genki) Words and Words➋"The way of thinking when you're in adversity,"  

The name of the great man is full of the power of overcoming the adversity, anyhow, without adversity and without great men.If you think you are in adversity now, please try to taste the following wording.

Two-one adversity is a diamond powder that is used to polish your jewels.

⭐adversity is the dust of diamonds that the sky uses to polish its own jewelry. (Thomas Carlisle, an English thinker, historian, 1795-1881)wikipedia

It's difficult to see everything before it's easier ⭐ (German poet and novelist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) (1818-ninth century)wikipedia  

⭐` Agony is the only person who wants to move forward, and who has the possibility of getting over it.That is why it is a leap of pain. (Ichillo/Professional Baseball Player)wikipedia 

The second-two adversity is the battle against itself.

⭐should aim for your own best, not someone else. (Judy Garland Film actress [1922-69])wikipedia

⭐The chance is to try your courage in the adversity just before you give you a great success. (Napoleon Hill, the successful philosopher of the United States, 1883-1970)wikipedia

⭐Status?What's the situation? I'm making the situation. What happened to the environment? Isn't the environment created by yourself?Napoleonwikipedia 

The adversity is ten times stronger than you two.

There'll be a deep nodding in the various "thoughts" contained in the phrase.It is the power of the great man to you.When I meet my heart's name, I will carve it into my mind and get out of the adversity.

⭐The trial will always be 10 times more powerful than I do.I love to challenge you.Miles Davis (jazz trumpeters of the United States)wikipedia

⭐ First, I'm going to be in the sanso eye.He has a second time to wear Otoshimae.I can spare you three times.There is no other way but to become a big one.And when you're in the sanjan, you shouldn't be calm. Eikichi Yazawawikipedia

The highest rise of a ⭐kite is when the wind is on its way.This is not the time to be swept away by the wind.Winston Churchill (British politician)wikipedia

It's two to four, but I have a dream.

⭐We have a hard time tomorrow and tomorrow, but I still have a dream. (Martin Luther King, Jr.)United States civil rights activist, African clergyman, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1929-1968)wikipedia   

Genki (Genki) Words and Words❸" Let' s keep the kingdom of my own mind.And ...I think life is a journey, a man as a traveler."

Here, I will introduce you to some of the "ways of thinking" to heal your fatigued heart and regain your energy.

3-Let' s defend the kingdom of our own mind.

When people are slandered or slandered, including misunderstandings from others, they are depressed and they lose their spirits.At times like that, I'll remember the next one.

⭐I will not be able to make you feel miserable if you don't agree with me.wikipedia(Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States F. D. Roosevelt)

" My heart is my kingdom, and no one really is able to control it.But you have to keep your own mind.It starts with the fact that defending the kingdom of your own mind is at least not "more miserable or degrading than you need to be."

 I remember the three-two children's minds and their gleaming self.

⭐If there is only one secret to my success, it has always been a child's heart. (Albert Einstein)wikipedia 

There are many different meanings in this Einstein's name.But Einstein wanted to say at least he wanted to convey "a feeling of happiness that is moving freely, like a child's heart."

You need to heal your exhausted mind to get out of your energy.There are many ways to heal your mind, but it is very important to remember the mind and the joy of childhood and the experiences that were moved.

Some of you may have sent a tragic childhood, but you might have been touched by your friends and new games, and you were touched by your first experience of life.

3-3 quiet time!

Take a quiet time to heal your heart and to be healthy.When your mind is tired, it is usually a time when the relationships don't work well.What is common is the time when words and words continue to be balanced.

In such a case, you may ask someone to listen to me a little bit of complaining.A friend who is complaining is very precious and important to me. But I don't think I'm going to be fine, I don't get well.

And when that was the case,Don't talk to anyone.Close your phone, and take a quiet time for just a few minutes.For example, at dusk.

And if you can do it for just five minutes, it's only when you're away from the problem that you haven't solved.Let me think of the people who have taken care of themselves as well as "now" and "until now," and try to have a deep appreciation for that person.

Then you would feel that a gentle wind blew from you.Or you'll be able to feel the sentinal warm things coming from the inner side of the mind.

" I feel like a sweet feeling./Where are you coming from?They come in like the wind, and they blow again./Where are you going to go?You have to have a nice scent.ThankYouSun)

If I had a quiet time, and I had a little luffy heart, I would like to kiss a funny song this time.When I hear a happy song, listen to an interesting song, or think of something interesting, the healing of my mind is getting more and more powerful and cheerful.

3-4 Life is a journey, and I can think of myself as a traveler.

⭐"My life is a lovely story, happy and full of incident." " My life is a nice story.I was happy.It was full of things. " (Andersen)

When it's hard, when the road doesn't open, Andersen's word "life is like a school" reminds me of the words.

By the way, Andersen was aiming for an actor when he was a child, but he apparently gave up the actor because of a considerable amount of damage to his adolescent voice.After that, he wrote in his autobiography that he was inspired by an inspiration and turned to a fairy tale writer.

The name of Andersen might not remain the same as the actor, and then there was a fall in love and the mermaid born out of the shed tears.

I don't know where I'm going to change my life.The road is gradually opened to those who work hard in the midst of the change.

Genki (Genki) Words and Words❹"I will make a decision, and say, say positive words."

Words have power.It is called 'Kotodama. '
If you are always using aggressive words, you will gradually become brightly lit up around you and you will be cheerfully.

Let' s use positive positive words at four or one. 

⭐You can't live a lot of life in a way that is turned backward.Do you understand?Go forward positively.It's a new day every day.Bob Marley, Jamaican Regemusicianwikipedia 

⭐Anyway, it's a new day.Mingway (American novelist and Nobel Prize winner)wikipedia

⭐Let' s stop looking back at the old times.What is important is what will happen tomorrow.Apple founder Steve Jobswikipedia  

⭐There are two ways of facing the future.One is to worry, and the other is hope. (Jim Loans, a U.S. lecturer, writer, counselor, 1930-2009)

⭐ Don't anticipate difficulties.Don't worry about something that never happens.I always have the sun in my heart, Benjamin Franklin. (American statesman)wikipedia

4-2 "ICAN (I can)" and try to carve it into your mind.

In particular, the words that are strongly asserted emit a strong power from the spirit and let go of the surchlight to the future.

" The future is bright.If it is dark, it will light the light.(by.SunThankYou)

⭐have decided that you have no ability to do so, and you can't pull it away.If you don't.I hope that I will show you the amazing thing beyond what I've ever thought of talent and talent in the world.Tarō Okamotowikipedia 

I don't think I can do it if I can think of ⭐.This is a loose absolute rule (Pablo Picasso)wikipedia

Make a decision if you can ⭐.The method, etc., can be found at a later time. (Abraham Lincoln.The 16th president of the United States, 1809-1865.wikipedia

⭐It is not possible for a person to make a decision on a complete prospect before making up to mind. (Swiss philosopher and poet Henri Frédéric Amiel)wikipedia

If you come up with a good thing, you'll have to take a step forward. 

⭐Now, if you ever dreamed of being able to do what you can, begin to do them right now.He is a genius, a genius, a magic, and a force.Now, get started right now.Goethe, the world's poet

⭐Done is better than the perfect. Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg, "Let' s do it rather than perfect." (Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg)wikipedia

Genki (Genki) Words and Words❺"The ultimate method of doing well." 

Finally, we will deliver two sayings as the ultimate way to get energized. It's about "believing in your infinite potential" and "acting for others."

⭐ one human potential is much higher than the person himself thinks at the level of common sense. Joseph Murphy (Irish religious/author)wikipedia

⭐ way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up. Mark Twain(US writer/novelist)wikipedia 

I sincerely pray that your power will be revived, that you can generate your own electricity with the power of your heart, and that you can create a wonderful life.

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