What is the number of roses to add? What color means?

This time in the language series of love, I introduce the word of proposal and the meaning of the number of red roses to propose.

➊Words of proposal

A proposal that is "the scene of the confession of very dramatic love" in the life. What language do you choose? Or what would you like to whisper words of love?

Even if you think of a proposal in Japanese, it may lead to interesting and unique discovery by touching words in English speaking culture and looking for Japanese words once again.

Below are the words of love in English and Japanese propositions. I hope you will be able to refer to it as well.

First, it is a straight way of speaking of love's proposal. The proposal is, of course, straight and simple.

It depends on how much the wave of love and the wave of love shake there.

By the way, in the various questionnaires of the proposal, the straight expression of "marriage" "as the word of love that the woman wants to be told is always ranked higher ranking.

Will you marry me?

Please marry me.

I want to marry you.

I want you to be my wife.

Will be a family?

Why don't you?

As the extension of the probose straight expression, there will be words of "vows to walk through life". A little visual element is added to the straight word.

Let's continue to live together.

Let's walk the rest of our lives together.

Will you walk down the road of life with me by my side?

➋Proclamation of eternal love

The phrase "eternal love" is often used in the PR of the wedding hall.

Of course, it is not only the meaning of commercial words, but also the meaning of the sacred meaning in Christianity and religious rites, as the "vows of eternal love" are used in weddings.

It leads to love and mysticism to God. I love you forever for loving God. '

I promise to love you forever.

I promise love of the eternity. I promise eternal love.

I promise to love you for all of eternity.

I love you.

No time goes by, I love you.

I will love you and protect you.

Some of the world's most famous poets, such as John Keats, of British Romanticism, cherish "eternal women and the eternity of love".

It may be attached to the words of love and the bouquet, and the Goethe may be written a little Keats's poem, or a collection of poems, etc. However, there are many hard expressions.

Will you keep my heart?

Today and tomorrow, I am yours.

I want to be with you forever.

My heart is yours forever.

We will be together forever.

So, before moving on to the next chapter, let me introduce another interesting and wonderful phrase about eternity.

I love you longer than forever.

❸A proposal word

I gathered the phrase of a little fashionable proposal. Now let's look at it.

Nothing make me happier than being close to you.

There are no more happy things than you are.

There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I must be in this life, but you are.

There are a lot of ways to be happy in life.But for me, you need you.

Life is not worth living without you.

My life that lives without you is not worth it.

I can't nimo how my life is be without you.

" I can't think of my life without you.(I can't imagine what life would be like without you.)

I can't live without you. You can't live without you.

You're the only one for me. I don't even know you.

The magic of Disney's love and the expression of one Meruchen

You're my princess. You're my princess.

You're the Prince You're My Prince! You're my prince! And then the next phrase.

The Story of Our Love is only a ... Let's write our own happy ending.

The story of our love has just begun.Let' s draw a happy ending together.

Marriage is a start, not a goal.What kind of love would you like to make a story?Let me take a look at the words of love, as listed below.

You and I love you, you love you.

I always love you, ever.

It may be wrong to use it, but the whole phrase is a one-phrase expression.Always and forever I love you. In addition to "forever", a lovely phrase is created by keeping the word "forever and" and then continuing "forever".

Hold my hand. I want to grow old with you.

Squeer your hand.I'd like to have a life with you.

You-promise you, no one will be a rework to make you happy or cherish you more than me.

I swear that no one will make an effort to make you happy with happiness.The alt attribute is not specified in this image

❹Proposal Words [romantic & Unicphrases] (English and Japanese)

It's a romantic and unique proposal.If you were able to whisper your love words in a whisper like a movie serif, it would be a very good good.I usually have a tele, but I can't do that.

But if you know the word of love, and you're deeply in the phrase, you may have a similar word in your life.

Come live in my heart. Please come to live in my heart.

You are my first love and will be my last. You are my first and last lover.

"This heart is in my soul, I hold, out to you. I will give you my heart."

I was Born to Love You. I was born to love you.

I'm A. I'm yours.

It is said to be a short proposal word rather than "marrying".However, it is often said to be meaningless in other words such as "I'm Yours." and therefore, be sure to have "Please-ni me."You need a word of love.

Likewise, I'm Crazy for You! I love you! It's a short love word!

I only have eyes for you. I can see you only.

I want you today, and tomorrow, and next week. And for the rest of life!

I want you to-day, tomorrow and next week.Of course I've always been there ever since.

Please give me a duplicate key for your heart. Give me the key to your heart.

Tired of being a lover I will get married and bored with my boyfriend. Let' s get married.

It's a good phrase, but it's a tragic thing if you don't have an accident in the first half and you can't talk about it in the second half.I don't think it is.

You're my other half. You're the one of my broken cracks.

Because each other is a broken one, two together, one complete completion, you may have to get married, and you may have a description of it.

Then, finally, a lovely phrase whispered by women.

I wish I can say "good night" next to you.

❺Proposal Words [Learn at movie serif] (English and Japanese)

Let us also refer to the words of love (serif) in the movie.

Some of the stories are based on the premise of the movie, but the use of language and the ingenuity of expression are very hard to study in their own words.(Note: The English and Japanese are not strictly rigorous, so please be accepted.)I would like to refer to the atmosphere as a reference.)

Don't want to be where you aren't there. I don't want to stay where you are no longer.(Pictures: Punch-Drunk, Love)

-Being with you is the only way I can have a full and happy life. You're the Girl of My Nein

What you are with is the only way I can be happy.You were the man I had dreamed of.(Movie: The 50th First kiss)

I can't be happy in a life without you. You are my ideal woman.

In life where you are not, I cannot be happy.You are my ideal woman.(Movie: The 50th First kiss)

Choose Choose me. Marry me. Let me make you happy.

Please choose me.Please marry me.I'll make you happy.(Film: Best Friends Wedding)

-You are my reason, my hope, my dream. And I'm going to you for you for the rest of my life.

You are my reason, hope, dream ... and I am yours for the rest of my life.(Movie: Stories to be read by you)

You are my reason is a wonderful way to say it.You want to speak in Japanese?However, the words of hope, "hope" and "dream" continue to be handed down to the people.You may as well be in the message you are as you are my my reason."You are the reason for my life."

You love you. You complete me.

I love you.You will make me perfect (it is you that perfected me).(Pictures: The Agents)

to-me, you are perfect. You're the perfect person for me.(Movie: Love Actuaries)

I'm not Live I can't live without you. But I don't want to live without you.

I don't say I can't live without you.But I don't want to live without you.(Motto: lost, married women, all over lost)

For coffee, for a drink, for supper, for a movie ...Can I invite you for the rest of my life?

Can I have a cup of coffee for a cup of coffee and a movie for a lifetime? (Movie: EugatMail)

Let' s take a look at the "red rose and the real meaning" meaning the next corner of the propo-s.

❻The number of red roses attached to the proposal * 108 means Zuhari, "Please marry me!"

The roses in general are "love and beauty."She gives her love to her deeply and respects her beauty, and the flowers of the rose are presented with a proposal or a congratulatory speech.

The 108 books are the flowers of the flowers that pledge eternal love by reading the Japanese word "Toa."

There are a variety of love messages in the flux of red roses, but 108 roses are special.

because it is said to be a special bouquin of flowers which can only be given in the marriage proposal to women. (Some of them are thanked even after marriage) Red roses are called "passionate love" and they honor her "beauty."

108 words of "Red Rose," symbolizing passionate love and beauty, are added to the words of "your love," and a "provose," which is a toe of her heart, is born.

Proposal: 100 % of the roses mean "I love 100 %"

The meaning of the red rose is "passion and enthusiasm." One hundred roses of roses show 100 % of passionate love. 100 proposals are often used in the proposal.

"I will love you three times when I was born three times," the proposal said.

Thirty-three roses of roses mean "I will love you when I have been born." It is not only this world, but also that I love the next world, next to the next world, and next to my love for eternity.

and maybe I loved it in the past. There are 33 roses that are expressed in such Romanic nature.This number is also often used in the proposal.

The proposal: " This love is getting stronger by the day.Please be my wife."

Giving 12 roses during the proposal has been a standard in Europe since ancient times.For the twelve or so, a single rose has a meaning that is worthy of being held by a marriage partner.

Twelve of the flowers and one of them, one special meaning, has been maintained in Europe even in recent years, as it is still maintained in Europe, although it is still maintained in Europe, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in recent years, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, even in Japan, the number of people who have been given a long time has been increasing.

In addition to the proposal, there is also the meaning of "going out with me" in addition to the 12-roses. He is also given a good gift to his girlfriend. There is also a legend that when you send 12 roses to lovers abroad, the couple will become "happy".

Proposal: The number of roses (flower) is a big difference, for example, 12 roses, 13 roses,

For example, if you make a mistake of twelve roses (becoming my wife) and give you 13 roses (eternal friendship), it becomes a flower word (eternal friendship).

There is no negative image in the 13 roses itself, but what would she think if she was given 13 roses to her lover? I'm sure you will be skeptical. (Of course, it's nice to give 13 roses to a person who doesn't normally take care of it).

I would like to pay attention to the number of roses in order not to give any more misleading misunderstandings.

List of roses and flower languages

This is a list of the number of roses and the flowers. I would appreciate it if I could use it as a reference to your proposal or love. (Note that the confession of proposal and love's confession should be given to those who need attention.)

One rose, one, "love at first sight." "I don't like you."

Two roses, two of you in the world, and you and me.

"I love you." "I love you. Confessions."

Four, four, and ... "Until I die, my love will not change."

Five roses -- "I'm glad to see you from the bottom of my heart."

"We love each other, love each other, love each other, and share with you."

"Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love."

Eight rose. "Thank you for your compassion and encouragement."

"I always think of you."always stay with me."

Roses 10: " You're a perfect person.a pretty man."

Roses 11: "Love, love." I want my partner to feel my gratitude."

" It's a love that is getting stronger by day and day.Please be my wife."

Roses 13. * "Forever friendship"

"I'm proud of you," said Rose 14 roses.

Fifteen roses -- "I'm sorry."

16 roses * * "Love in an uneasy and changing love"

Roses 17 ... ("Love in despair")

Roses 18: "Confessions of the Confessions of Faith, Confessions of Good Faith"

Roses 19: Patience and expectation.

There are 20 roses, "Shinshin" only."

Roses 21: Love in Truth

22 Roses: "I am praying for your good fortune."

"I think of you 24 hours a day," Rose, 24, said, "I'm 24 hours."

25 roses. "I wish you your happiness."

"I believe in your relationship with you, 30 roses."

Roses 33: "I love you when I was born again."

"Romantic": 36 Roses.

Roses: 40 roses. Truth love, real love.

Roses 44: "I swear Ai no Ai o Ai o"

Fifty roses -- 'Meeting by chance. '

"The flowers are of a stream of water."when you are always trying hard and piling up your efforts."

"The flowers are followed by the flowers," " said a Rose 88 book.an allowance to the other party), "

Roses 99 books ... "Love for you is eternal love."

Roses, 100. "Love for you is 100 % love."

Roses 101: " You are the most loving person.I love you more than that."

Roses: 108 books, please marry me.

Roses, 144 books, "I like you again when I reborn."

" I miss you every day, every day.I love you."

Roses 999: "I love you again when I reborn."

The Rose 1001 ... "I love you forever."

❼Proposals: Let' s go to know the meaning of roses of roses.

Why is the red rose-flowering word "love"?

Why did the roses of roses in general (especially red roses) have "love's flowers"?You'll need to know the legend in the proposal.

It goes back to ancient Greece that red roses symbolize love. In ancient Greece, many gods were worshiped.

Among them is the beauty of its heart, the beauty of its appearance, and the Aphrodite, which was respected by many gods and people as the god of love and beauty.and it was ` red rose ` to congratulate the descent of the goddess of the earth and praise her virtues.(The Hermes, the origin of love and prosperity, is married to Ahrodite.)

The real meaning of the red rose was shown in the first half, but strictly speaking, "Red roses are not the confession of love, but the red roses are the words of the propos."Giving a red rose to her will praise her in her own "Aphrodite-like kindness, beauty and love".

By the way, it is said that 'roses are beautiful,' 'Yuri is majesty,' 'modesty' is representing 'modesty' and 'faithfulness' (humility) and 'fulness', which is the best of the three characteristics, and these three flowers are devoted to the Virgin.

Yellow roses are a warning to the proposal?

In addition to red, the color of roses will be yellow.However, the yellow roses also have the words "Decrease of love" and "Jealousy".

The origin of this is not known in detail, but the yellow roses in Japan are by no means bad.because there is a habit of giving yellow roses on Father's Day.

As for the origin of the old man, the fact that a man who had proposed his father's day gave him roses to his father, began to spread these habits.The color of the yellowish rose is a "Friendship", a flower-like language.

Proposal is a good pink rose-blossom.

The pink color is "Grace Grace Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Happiness Happiness".As a proposal flower, you can send it to a gentleminable and elegant way.

He also said, "White roses are the flowers of white roses."You have a clean image. "The Rose of Rainbow rose miracles."It is used as a flower to congratulate the miracle of the two men and celebrate the miracle of their meeting. The blue roses available for the proposal."Impossible".....

blue rose-blossom rhizoom for the proposal

The flower language is not only attached to real flowers.The flowers are not really blooming, but they are also attached to flowers that exist in terms of language.

One of them is blue roses.The roses are sometimes red petals and white petals, but they cannot be blue-flowed.Therefore, people were wearing the phrase "impossible" to the blue roses.

However, the blue roses are now being realized.In 2004, when Suntory Flowers in Japan conducted a joint research with a laboratory in Australia, the blue petals were born at last.

As a result, the flower language has also changed to "Attaining the impossible", "Dreaming", "Hope", "Miracle", "Mysterious", and "God bless". Today, blue roses are expensive but also on the market, so blue roses can be used for proposals and are the perfect gift for those who are trying to make their dreams come true.

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