[Thank you words / quotes (English & Japanese)] Thank you will cause a miracle in your life!

In this article, I would like to share with you the secrets of the word "Thank You" and some gratitude quotes from great people around the world that can create miracles in your life and lead you to a richer and happier life.

Let's start with the seven words of gratitude, thank you, as an opening.

➊ [Words of Appreciation] Thank You Message 7

・I'm glad you're in my life  あなたがいてくださって、ありがとう。

・Thank you for being born! 生まれてきてくれて、ありがとう。 

・Thank you for giving birth to me. 生んでくれて、ありがとう。

・You are my treasure. Thank you. 

・Thanks to you. Thank you. あなたのおかげです。ありがとう。 

・Thank you for meeting me. あなたと出会えてありがとう。

・Thank you for reading. あなたが読んでくださってありがとう。
The most beautiful and shining word that cheers us up is the word of gratitude, "Thank you.

The word "thank you," which expresses gratitude, is said to be the most beautiful word in the world.
And it will remain the same no matter which language it is translated into.

➋On the hidden power of the word "thank you"

Thank you" is a magic word that makes you and others feel better.

The word "thank you" actually has a lot of power. It is a magic word that not only makes others happy and happy, but also makes you feel better.

Of course, it is very important to say "thank you" with gratitude in your heart. And the vibrations of your heart will have a positive impact on both you and the other person.

However, there is one more thing. Saying the words "thank you" out loud is a more powerful way. Saying "thank you" is like a tiny little ray of sunshine that lights up the world. Sometimes it can be as bright as the light of the moon or stars. It is light itself.

Thank you" comes from discovering what we are blessed with.

When your mind and body are tired, you may feel more irritable than usual or feel worse about your surroundings, but this is where you need to stand firm in your mind.

To be resolute is not to count up what we lack, but to discover what we are blessed with even if we don't have it, and to give it a small "Thank you! 

The food was delicious. A child's smile is cute. A beautiful flower blooming on the roadside when I was walking down the street in a depressed mood. A compliment on your favorite dress. And so on.

And sometimes, I feel like a poet discovering the beauty of a sunset. Let's discover the small but glittering shells of love in the hearts and actions of others. And let's savor the joy of that discovery.

With such an open mind, you will be able to appreciate and admire the small discoveries that you are blessed with and that you tend to overlook on a daily basis.

And from time to time, you will feel a deep sense of happiness from tears of gratitude and admiration, which will gradually work its magic to turn your life around.

Say "thank you" with your voice and attitude!

Express your gratitude to someone who is irreplaceable to you. It may be a little embarrassing, but say it out loud or in a letter, using the words in the opening as an example.

When you do this, your words will shine as a beautiful flower in the other person's heart, and before long, it will become a bouquet of flowers, filled with abundance. At the same time, you will feel a bouquet of healing and energy being given to you as well.

❸[Words of gratitude] Expressions of gratitude in countries around the world

・Thank you   English

・ありがとう (arigato)  Japanese
・Merci French 
 When I am very grateful ➧Merci beaucoup 

・Danke German 
 When to be polite ➧Danke schön 

・Grazie  Italian 
 When to be polite. ➧Grazie mille.

・Gracias Spanish 
 When to be polite. ➧Muchas gracias.

・謝謝 Chinese

・감사합니다 (kamshahamnida)  Korean

・ขอบคุณ ครับ/ค่ะ  (khob khun~man/khob khun ka~woman) Thai
・Спасибо (spasiba)   Russian

・Благодаря!  (blagodarya)  Bulgarian

・Danke  German / Austrian

・Obligado/Obligada  (man/woman)   Portuguese

・ شُكْرًا (shukran)   Arabic, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq

・مرسی۔ (merci)   Persian, Iran

・Tesekkur ederim  Turkish

・תודה. (toda)   Hebrew, Israel

・Asante    Swahili, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

・Dankie   African languages: South Africa, Namibia

・ኣመሰግናለሁ። (amsägnallähu)   Amharic, Ethiopian Ethiopian

・jekuji Děkuji   Czech

❹ "Wise saying of Gratitude (English and Japanese)" Select 12

Gratitude Quotes by Konosuke Matsushita


(source  e.g. quotation「php研究所konosuke-matsushita.com」より)

・(A rough translation of the content)The higher the gratitude, the more directly proportional to that, the greater the sense of well-being /Before talking about the hardship, I would first like to thank myself for good luck. 

As mentioned above, gratitude is born from "discovering what you have been given, both in the present and in the past. The more you discover what you have been given, the more your heart will be filled, and this will lead to a heightened sense of happiness.

 In order to lead a happy life, we need to change our perspective from "what is not fulfilling" to "what is fulfilling.

 The life of Konosuke Matsushita, the god of management, was filled with love, passion, and a challenging spirit for human resource development until his final years when he passed 90.

It is said that people become "old" when they talk more about their hardships, but Konosuke always had a policy of "gratitude" rather than a sense of dissatisfaction with his "Not fulfilled" parts or stories of past hardships.

To be grateful for one's own good fortune is, in other words, to be grateful for the love and actions of heaven and people. Throughout his life, it is this deepening of gratitude that seems to have become the driving force for his next development.

Jules Renard: French Quotes of Appreciation


・(free translation)Every morning when you wake up, you could say ── "I can see my eyes, I can hear my ears, my body moves. I'm not feeling bad. Thank you! Life is beautiful! 

Thank you quotes by Melody Beatty 

⭐感謝は、過去を意味あるものとし、今日に平和をもたらし、明日のための展望を創る。(『共依存症 心のレッスン』及びメロディー・ビーティプロフィール参照)

・Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. 

(source  e.g. quotation『Gratitude and Motivational Quotes ペーパーバック – 2020/3/29英語版  KR Print house著』より)

(Author unknown) Quotes of appreciation


・The mirror doesn't laugh first. So let me smile. Let's say "Thank you".

The author is unknown, but it is an interesting expression.
It is a way of saying that in order to adjust our relationships, we first need to change our thoughts and actions. This is because the relationship between you and your partner is like a mirror that reflects what you have in common with each other.
So how do we start? First of all, one word: "Thank you".

Gratitude quotes by Aesop (fable writer)


・Appreciation is a testament to a noble soul.

On the other hand, what kind of person is unable to feel gratitude?
It is someone who is too proud of themselves to realize that they are benefiting from many people. It is also someone who is extremely self-deprecating, who thinks only of themselves and overlooks the love of those around them.

Gratitude is the common denominator for becoming a virtuous soul.

The following two quotes are for reference only.

Gratitude Quotes by Samuel Johnson 

⭐感謝の念は教養の結実である。粗野な人々の間には見受けられない。(Samuel Johnson English literary scholar, poet, critic, and bibliographer of the 1700s, best known for editing the Dictionary of the English Language.

・Gratitude is the fruit of culture. Not seen among the crude people.

Gratitude Sayings and Quotes from the Minquas of North America


・If you can't find a reason to thank, the fault is on your own

Appreciation Quotes by William Blake


・ The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. 

William Blake was a poet, painter, and etcher of English Romanticism.

It is often translated as "one who receives gratitude," but in this context, "one who receives with gratitude" would make more sense. Either way, it is important to let gratitude and thankfulness respond to each other and grow into a great harvest.

Although the author is unknown, there is also a saying that goes something like this


・Thanksgiving catch becomes a happy home run 

Gratitude Quotes by Isaac Walton

⭐神は2つの場所に住んでいます;一つは天国、もう一つは穏やかに感謝している心です。Wikipediaアイザック・ウォルトン(English essayist and biographer.)

・God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart. 

The quote taught me that to encounter God, we need a warm heart full of thoughts and gratitude, like the surface of a calm and tranquil lake.

Isaac Walton was a close friend of the local pastor-poet, John Dunne, as well as an angler-writer who published The Complete Book of Fishing. He must have experienced a meditative state while spending peaceful time fishing, and glimpsed God in his calm mind.

From time to time, we too need to experience meditation to deepen our lives.

Gratitude Quotes by Joey Garcia

感謝は心の最初の言語です。(Joey Garcia is a writer for the country of Belize, located south of Mexico in Central America.)

・(free translation)Gratitude is the heart’s first language.

It is said that the word "gratitude" (thank you) is the most beautiful word on earth. As this saying goes, gratitude may be the first language of the heart.

There is also a saying, "Love and gratitude are one and the same. The fact that love and gratitude are the first expressions of the heart is a very beautiful, mysterious and romantic event.

Quotes of Appreciation by Louisa May Alcott

雲の向こうは、いつも青空。(Louisa May Alcott is an American novelist. She is best known for The Tale of Young Grass.)

When a ray of light shines through the gloomy clouds, we are struck by the mysterious sight and find hope for the future that we have yet to see.

But what about when it's pouring rain? Louisa May Alcott, a transcendentalist and a representative of Emerson's romanticism, tried to see through the clouds of bad weather to a clear blue sky. This quote may be a manifestation of her deep faith and gratitude to God. ・There is always light behind the clouds..

Gratitude Quotes by Joseph Murphy


(source  e.g. quotationマーフィー100の成功法則 』大島 淳一  著 産業能率大学出版部より)

・(A rough translation of the content)If you feel grateful while praying, the prayer will be fulfilled (because it is proof that the transfer to the subconscious is complete).

The "prayer" that Murphy speaks of would have the premise that it is a prayer for love for people and a prayer for dynamic contribution in the world.

In other words, there is a direction to prayer, and it is only about whether or not one's self-realization leads to loving more people. The question is whether or not there is a deep desire from the bottom of one's heart, not just a fake love that can only be mended on the surface.

The phrase, "When you pray, gratitude arises," can only be understood by those who have practiced the prayer of love from the bottom of their heart. The reason for this, from a faith perspective, is that when we try to pray out of love, we are able to catch the vibration of love flowing from God through the law of wavelength synchronization. I think this is expressed in the term "handover to the subconscious.

There may be difficult interpretations, but first of all, let's pray with love. The deepening of sensitivity that comes from this little by little actual experience will eventually turn into a deep conviction. 


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