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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Thank you words / quotes (English & Japanese)] Thank you will cause a miracle in your life! -Example sentences from daily conversation to business.

【TOS】➊Thank you message 7

➋Thanks for the secret power of thank you

❸Thank you for your words of thanks [expressions of the countries of the world]

❹【Thank you and adage (English & Japanese)】Best 15

❺(with example sentences) A collection of thank you words (other than thank you), English expressions, sentence expressions that can be used in daily conversation, telephone, e-mail, SNS, business

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

This time, I give you a miracle of life, a secret of Thanksgiving, and a grateful message of great giants around the world.

Then, as an opening, please thank you seven thanks words.

➊Thank you for the message

Thank you for your being. I love you

Thank you for coming. Think you for being born!

Thank you for giving birth. Think you for granted birth to me.

You are my treasure. Thank you. You are my precious.

Thanks to you. Thank you. Thanks to you.

Thank you for meeting you. Think you for meeting me.

Thank you for reading. Think you for reading.
The word that is shining beautifully is a word of gratitude "thank you".

The word "thank you" to express gratitude is said to be the most beautiful word on earth. It will not change to any country's words.

➋About the power of thanks for thanks

Thank you for your words

In the words of "thank you", there is actually great power. It is the word of the magic that becomes the happiness of the other party, and it becomes it.

Of course, it is very important to have a feeling of gratitude in the heart. The wave of the heart brings good influence to oneself and the partner.

But another one. Powerful is to say "thank you" to the voice. Thank you for the light of a small little sun that brightens the world. Sometimes shine like the moon and stars light. "Light" itself.

From the discovery of the blessed

When I am tired of my heart and body, I am more frustrated than usual.

It is not to be able to count "the only thing that is not now now", and to discover "what is blessed now", and to have the thought of "thank you" even if it is not enough.

The rice was delicious. Child smile is cute. I was able to find a beautiful flower blooming on the roadside. My favorite piece was praised. And so on.

And, let's discover the beauty of the sun of the sunset that cannot be spent in the feeling that became a poet sometimes. Let's discover the love of people who are in the minds and actions of people, such as small, silly and shining shells. Let's enjoy the sharp pleasure of discovery.

In such a way, the feeling of gratitude and emotion comes out from the state of "witty" and "small discoveries to things that tend to overlook day".

Then, "a feeling of happiness from deep heart" comes out from "gratitude and tears that tears and tears come out" occasionally, and the magic that gradually changes the life comes.

Let's express "thank you" for voice and attitude!

Let's convey gratitude to your irreplaceable person. It may be a bit embarrassing, but in a letter or letter, let us convey the words shown in the opening as an example.

Then, the word will shine as a beautiful flower in the heart of the other party, and it will soon become rich and beautiful. At the same time, there will be a bouquet of healing and vigor in me.

❸Expressions of countries in the world

Arigato Japanese

Thank you very much

Merci Merci French is very thankful when merci beaucoup

Danke Danke German dank Schn.

Grazzie Mille when Gracie Italy says politely.

Gracias Gracias Spanish politely says muchas Gracias.

English Translation: sheishi xiexie Chinese

Kamsalahamada kamshahamnida

Khob Khun KRAB / KA Thailand

Bing Web: spasba spasiba

Bragadarya blagodarya

Danke Danke Danke German Austria

Obrigado / obbligada compuldo (man) / obligada (female) Portuguese

Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq

Mercy, merci, مرسیمان  Persian Iran

Tschükkil Edelym teskekurederim Tesekkur ederim Turkish

Toda, toda, septology.  Hebrew and Israel

Asante asante asante Swahili, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Dankie, dankie, dankie, African, South Africa, Namibia.

Amsägnarähu Amsägnallähu: Amphir, Ampharan, Ampharic, Ethiopia,

Děkji: Děkji Czech language

❹[Thanksgiving of the Thanksgiving, English and Japanese Language] Best 15

The Thanksgiving of Joseph Murphy

⭐If you wish to be grateful, if you are praying, you can get your prayers (as proof of the completion of the extradition to the subconscious mind).

⭐If you feel, grateful while praying, the notes will be complete (because it is proxanathe transfer to the submisis complete).Wikipedia, Joseph Murphy.

Kōnosuke Matsushita's Thanksgiving

⭐The more you thank you, the more you feel happiness in proportion to that.Before I talk about pains, I first want to thank myself for my own good fortune.

⭐The higher of the above, the more directly, the greater the sense of that that, the hardship of the hardship, the hardship, I will be the first like to good.Wikipedia: Sachinosuke Matsushita

Luna: A Thanksgiving of France

⭐morning, every morning, you wake up, you may say, " I see eyes.I hear ears.The body moves.I'm not sick.It's not good! Life is beautiful!

⭐Every morning when you wake up, you can say -- " I can see my eyes, I can-see, my body, my body's body. I'm not feeling bad. Thank You! Life is Beautiful!Wikipedia Lunar

a Thanksgiving proverb of the North American Minkas

⭐If you can't find a reason to thank you, then you have to be in your own fault.

⭐If you can't find a reason: the fault is on your own

(Unknown) Thanksgiving of Thanksgiving

⭐The catchball will be the homerun of happiness.

⭐Thanksgiving catch, a happy home run.

The Thanksgiving of Samuel Johnson

⭐Thanksgiving is the fruity of education.I can't be seen among the coarse people.

⭐Gratim is the fruit of culture. Not seen the Tehran people.

a Thanksgiving of Melody Beatty

⭐Thanksgiving means the past, bringing peace to today, and creating a vision for tomorrow.

⭐Appreciation of the past, the past, and the peace to today, and the vision for vision for tomorrow.The Melody Beatty Profile Reference

(Unknown) Thanksgiving of Thanksgiving

⭐mirror is not always smiling.So I'll smile from me.Let me say "thank you".

⭐The mirror doesn't be set first. So let me smile. Let's say "Thank you".

an appreciable message of thanks to Isop (allegory writer)

⭐Thanksgiving is a sign of a noble soul.

⭐Appreciation is a testament to a piece of soul.Wikipedia Isoop

 The Thanksgiving of William Break

⭐A person who receives a thank you will produce a great harvest.

⭐ The thankful receiver is a plentiful.Wikipedia, William Blake.

The Thanksgiving of Isaac Walton

⭐god lives in two places; one is heaven and the other is thanking for peace.

⭐God has two dwellings; one in, and the other in a meek and thankful.Wikipedia Isaac Walton

A Thanksgiving of Joey Garcia

⭐Thanksgiving is the first language of your mind.

⭐Grati. is the heart's first language.

a Thanksgiving of Melody Beatty

⭐Thanksgiving meaning the past, bringing peace to today, and creating a Vijon for tomorrow.

⭐Gratin ⭐Gratin ⭐n ⭐sense of our past, our peace for today, and the vision for vision for tomorrow.The Melody Beatty Profile Reference

Amit Kalantri's Thanksgiving

⭐You may not be grateful for your health, but if you are not healthy, surely you will be certain to be unhealthy.I'm happy about my health!

⭐You may not be the presence of the presence of good health but you will will be the first of good of good health, and therefore, health is happiness!

❺A collection of Thanksgiving words (except thank you) for everyday conversation, phone, email, SNS and business (not all), English, English, and text.

Let me give you an example of how we can use the word "thank you," and how to use it in our daily lives.

It is a daily conversation between family members, friends and acquainsations, on the phone, email, or social networking services.They are also written in chronological order, ranging from everyday to formal, as can be used in business places.
(* from everyday to formal, according to the words on the left, from left words to the right words.)

Thanks to thank you, thank you, words and analogy.

・Thank you. ・Thank you very much. ・As far as thank you very much and is thankful. ・I give thanks gratefully.

(example sentence) give you an unexpected birthday message, and thank you very much.

Words and example sentence ① (thanks) of thanks except thank you

・I express sincere appreciation. ・Very grateful. ・Thank you again. ・The words of thanks are not found, too. ・Of thanks there is not it though let's express it.

(example sentence) have kindness to touch the body for days; of thanks there is not it though let's express it.

Words and example sentence of thanks except thank you➁(thanks)

・I thank you. ・It is full of the feelings of thanks. ・I just thank you. ・The feeling of thanks does not stop. ・It is not worth a feeling of gratitude. ・I thank you heartily. ・It is the limit of thanks. ・I thank it heartily.

(example sentence), for warm consideration, is full of the feelings of thanks.

Words and example sentence ③ (thank you) of thanks except thank you

・Thanks to you. Thanks to 0 0-like help.

(example sentence), thank you, was able to arrive safely.

Words and example sentence ④ (very grateful) of thanks except thank you

・Very grateful. ・I do not forget the favor throughout the life.

(example sentence), for coming over, is very grateful expressly.

Words and example sentence ⑤ (thank you) of thanks except thank you

・I am grateful (grateful). ・I deeply appreciate. ・I am really sorry (obliged). ・I feel grateful. I feel thankful.

(example sentence) there was adjustment in a schedule; cook it, and is grateful.

Three major English expression and example sentences of the words of thanks

①☆Thank you for ..., thank you.

(thank you for taking time example sentence )Thank you for your time.)

➁☆I appreciate ... thanks you.

(I thank for example sentence )I appreciate your assistance. support, help.)

③☆I thank for I am grateful to ... (person). I feel for ... (act) thankful. that ... feels a thing thankful.

(Example sentences) I’m really grateful for your efforts. Thank you very much for your hard work.

☆Other distinctive English words of thanks

I can't thank you e through. I can't thank you enough.

Thanks a million. Thank you very much.

Points for expressing words of thanks in sentences, letters, etc. (example sentences)

For example, when you receive a souvenir of your trip, the example sentences are as follows.
(In the example sentence below, it is briefly described so that only points can be grasped.) In addition, there are of course different expression patterns, so please refer to it as an example)

Example sentences

"(Greetings of the times). (1) Thank you for your souvenir of your trip the other day.➁It is a melon jelly made in a famous fruit garden, so I am looking forward to ing it next Sunday when my family is aligned. (3) How was your trip, please tell us the story of your trip next time. (Words of Knots)"

(1) First of all, say "words of thanks".
When you receive an item, you will be politely expressed your gratitude for what you have received.

➁Next, it is important to tell them about the "words of impressions" and how they were used.

For example, you will be pleased if you tell them how to use them specifically, such as words such as "I had it delicious with the whole family" and "I immediately wear it and use it".

However, it is important not to talk in detail about what you have received, but to make it a sentence that conveys your feelings of gratitude for what you have received.

(3) Finally, it would be better to add words that show interest in the person you gave to. Of course, you need a first-time greeting and a closing word.

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