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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[How to change your destiny] Challenge to a new life stage!

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Let's think about words and methods to change your destiny that will make you lucky in earnest.

First of all, without this
In the first place, there is absolutely no way to change fate.

that is---

How to change your destiny-Beginner ①
I am convinced that I can change my destiny.

Do you really believe that you can change your destiny in the first place?

The more convinced you are that you can change your destiny, the more power you have and the more luck you have.

One person asked an expert to see his palm three times every seven years.
At first I was told that I couldn't get married, but he soon had a wonderful encounter and was blessed with a good relationship.

Then, in the next 7 years, I was told by palmistry that I couldn't have children, but I was late married, but I was blessed with a boy.

And the third time, Palmistry said, "You can have a tough grandson." I'm watching the situation now.

Even though "the judgment from the palmistry pattern (of palmistry) at that time was correct", he said to his heart, "Every night, before going to sleep, I will be absolutely happy!" It seems.

I'm not sure if the palmistry itself has changed, but there are things like this.

Also, before, when Ichirou, a big leaguer, achieved 3000 unders, he was crying a cool man who was not like Ichirou.

Ichiro is a very humble person, but I think he changed his life with the effort that followed his efforts.

If you can't change a person's destiny, go to school every day to study, work seriously,
Everything you do hard is wasted, even when no one is looking at you.

After all, like Kinjiro Ninomiya (Sontoku) in the old days, thinking that "If you make an effort, you can open the way and change your destiny" is the royal road that will give you energy.

How to change your destiny-Beginner ②
I believe that there are many choices in the path of life.

If you believe that "the path of life is a series of washings, there are many ways", you can always make a strong desire to become the best path.

"The scenario of your future life is
According to your "wish"
He has it on every street. "

The privilege of youth full of energy, the special rights of youth,

"There are many options to choose for the future.
There are many life scenarios available. "

The young people themselves (parties) are in the dark groping, and I feel that it is like a cloudy Munch painting with no exit.

From the perspective of the elderly, it means "this is a luxury problem."
However, there is also a large late life, and in the later years of life, luck may rise with Gungun.

How to change your destiny-Beginner ③
"A new destiny can be opened from anywhere!"

Yes, believe it, set new goals and dreams, and work hard.

Of course, there will be a range of fate and a degree of increase in fate that can be changed depending on the environment, personality, and differences between men and women of all ages.

But let's do our best, thinking "Let's start a new destiny from anywhere".

And I'm sure there is a goddess of prosperity. The goddess of prosperity seems to like "healthy hard workers" very much.

The goddess of prosperity smiles because of her healthy heart and deeds!

Also, it is said that the goddess of prosperity has only bangs, which means "to seize without missing a chance."

Taking on the challenge with courage without missing a chance will start to make a small change in your life!

Now let's continue to think about the secrets to changing fate (advanced edition).

How to change your destiny-advanced ①
"Life is a journey, think of yourself as a traveler"

"Life is like a school" is a famous saying by Andersen who wrote the Little Mermaid and others.

By the way, Andersen wanted to be an actor when he was a kid, but he seems to have given up on the actor because of the considerable damage caused by his adolescent voice change.

After that, the cry of his heart did not subside, but he wrote in his autobiography that he was inspired to turn into a fairy tale writer.

Andersen's name may not remain if he remains an actor, and maybe he had a broken heart after a lot of hard work, because "The Little Mermaid was born out of the tears shed."

You don't know where and how life will change. It seems that the path will gradually be opened for those who strive to overcome the "change" while valuing the wishes in their hearts.

When it's hard, or when you can't make the way, remember Andersen's words, "Life is like school."

The "travel" of life is also quite good.
Anyway, I'm excited
Open various times
Find various "keys".

How to change your destiny-advanced➁
"Let's make an effort and always say positive words."

Words have power. It is called "Kotodama".
Positive words are essential to change our destiny. If you always use positive words, you will gradually get an aura around you and become brighter. Words that affirm particularly strongly have strong power from their spirits and give off a searchlight for the future.

The future is bright.
If it's dark
Until the light is turned on.

How to change your destiny-advanced edition ③
"Believe and pray that today is a day when great things will happen."

In order to live positively and change our destiny, it is also very important to prevent our hearts from wilting in the same daily life.

How do you fight against such a heart that one day you lose hope and gradually weaken as if you were tightened with cotton?

The silver bullet can be as long as 15 minutes in a day, so be sure to set a hot time.

Isn't there something you can do more than just play?

Think of English conversation, language, and happiness for your loved ones today. A little heartfelt volunteer activity. It's better if you sing a song, write a poem, or use your imagination or creativity.

It's also a good idea to decide on a special day of the week and make a strong and strong wish:

Like a fountain soaring
Today is outstanding
I wish you a beautiful day

How was it?

You might think, "To change your destiny, you need something that is very powerful."

I would like to give it to another opportunity (super advanced edition) and other literature, but first of all, I would appreciate it if you could see it for the first time from the above.

To change your destiny, start by "changing the wavelength (aura) that your heart emits."
Then, with a wish. May your life be a wonderful nice life!