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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Quotations of love and romance (English / Japanese)] Affectionate expression of a great man with a twinkling heart

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

We will deliver "Quotations of love and love" of great people from all over the world.

If you come across a quote that fits your current state of mind, and if you think it's a wonderful word, take the courage to speak out and tell the other person.

Love begins with words. Good luck is drawn to you by words.

Try to taste the quote of love in French.

Some people may say, "The word of love is French."

Je t’aime. I love you.

Let's taste some French quotes as an opening of love quotes.

Love Quotations French
"Prince of the Stars" The World of Saint-Exupery

When you taste the words of love in French, you must not miss it
"Love quotes created by French people who literally grew up in French land."

This is because "Quotations" belong to the thoughts of individuals such as great men, but they also include the culture as the background and the ideal way of thinking and history of love. Especially in France, I want to enjoy the beautiful finish of words.

Now, let's feel the beautiful vibration (aura) of love that comes from French quotes.
Now, as an example, I would like to introduce the quote of Saint Exupery, the author of the famous Prince of the Stars.

French Aimer, ce n’est pas se regarder l’ un l’ autre, c’est regarder ensemble dans la même direction.

English ・ Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

Japanese / love is not looking at each other, but looking in the same direction.

Reference ㌻⇒[Prince of the Stars Saint Exupery's Quotations Walk]

Of course, Saint-Exupery also thinks that the love of staring at each other is important.
Of course, each other's eyes are reflected in each other's eyes, but if you look closely, the other person's appearance may look a little different from usual.

If it's a lover, it's safe to say that the other person looks like a very shining soul.
The great thing about the feeling that you like the other person is that you can discover the strengths of the other person more dynamically.

Returning to the saying, "together, look in the same direction."

The same direction is the future.
It's great to be able to share dreams, hopes and romance, and if the two of us are on the path to fulfilling our dreams no matter how hard we may be, the process itself is golden. The light of happiness will be shining brilliantly.

Looking in the same direction --- Now, let's discover a star that shines exceptionally beautifully in the glitter of the stars in the night sky.
The small lights emitted from the eyes of the two who are staring at the same star will eventually come together.
And shooting stars will surely flow as if crossing it.

By the way, there is a quote with a phrase similar to this quote.

⭐ Words of love Love quotes Japanese (Hermann Hesse)
"A couple is not looking at each other, but looking at one star together."

◎ I would like to introduce another French love quote.

(French novelist Balzac)
French: L’ amour n’est pas seulement un sentiment, il est un art aussi.
Japanese: "Love is not just an emotion, it is also an art."

◎ Although it is not a French saying, there are also the following words as a nice saying.

French: L’ amour et les parfums se trahissent toujours.
Japanese: "Love and scent can't always hide"

Next, let's introduce the words and quotes of love in English and Japanese.

Taste the "various love quotes" that color your life.

Quotations of Love 1 Marx Turrius Cicero

"Excluding friendship from life is equivalent to removing the sun from the world."
(Ancient Roman politician and philosopher)
Wikipedia Marx Cicero Cicero)

★Not in love with the sun, but in the combination of friendship with the sun
I'm surprised at the novelty of the word expression.

Quotations of love 2 English / Japanese Mar Shain

Friends are people who help you be more yourself. Merle Shain
A friend is someone who can help you find your "real self."
(Canadian writers and journalists, 1935-1989)

★True friends bring deep fellowship of the soul.
Fellowship of souls is essential for finding a "real self" rather than a "fake self."

Quotations of love 3 Lincoln

Meeting and talking in person is the best way to get rid of each other's bad feelings.
(The 16th President of the United StatesWikipedia Abraham Lincoln

★It takes courage to meet and talk in person,
You may be able to understand what the other person is saying by meeting in person with the feeling of listening to what the other person is saying.
It's a saying that Lincoln is asking for "the size of the measure".

Love Quotations 4 English / Japanese Mark Twain

Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths.
Love seems to grow the fastest, but the slowest to grow is love.
American writer Wikipedia Mark Twain

★It is a quote that leads to the words of John Lennon of The Beatles that appears in Love Quotations 6.
Love cannot grow without the time-consuming emotions and deeds.

Love Quotations 5 English / Japanese Pearl S. Buck

Love dies only when growth stops.
Love dies at the moment when love stops growing.
Nobel Prize in Literature, novelist Wikipedia Pearl Buck

☆This quote will also lead to the following John Lennon's words.
For the growth of love, it is necessary to sustain the act of love.

Quotations of love 6 English / Japanese Beatles John Lennon

Love is like a flower – you ’ve got to let it grow.
Love is like a flower that you have to grow.

★It is a gem of love that compares invisible love to visible flowers.
(Actually, flowers also have invisible beauty)
John Lennon is also a love poet
You may be a religionist in the sense of exploring the essence of love.
Therefore, I'm sure that the investigation echoed in the souls of many people.
I want to nurture and make love, which is spiritual (spirituality), even more beautiful.

Quotations of Love 7 Scott Fitzgerald

There are all forms of love in this world, but no two are the same.
Wikipedia Fitzgerald

★Even if we limit ourselves to humans, they all have different personalities,
There is no same form of love in the love that is born between people.
Also, what kind of love will the same human beings have at different times and places?
It may be interesting to imagine the relationship of the past life.

Quotations of love 8 English / Japanese comedian / Chaplin

Perfect love is the most beautiful of all frustrations because it is more than one can express.
Perfect love is the most beautiful frustration. Because it's more than words.
Wikipedia Chaplin

★Words of love that flew to Chaplin's wisdom.
Rather, it's more than just words, it's an expression that makes the soul dance.

Quotations of love 9 English / Japanese German poet Goethe

Love does not dominate; it cultivates. Love does not dominate, love grows.

Wikipedia Goethe 

★Love does not rule, but love is born without restraint.
Love grows, love gives each other, love enhances each other. It would be one interpretation to read it as.

Quotations of love 10 English / Japanese Victor Hugo France

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
Life is a flower with the nectar of love.
Wikipedia Victor Hugo

★One of the purposes of life may be to deeply enjoy "love".
I would like to think about life once again from the perspective of "love."

Quotations of love 11 English / Japanese English poet / Robert Browning

Love is best. Love is best.
Wikipedia Robert Browning

★The value of love is as precious as a diamond.
Life may be a study to pursue love and to know the value of love.

Quotations of love 12 English / Japanese Goethe Germany

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. Humans are shaped by what they love.
Wikipedia Goethe

★What kind of person you are will be based on the history of love that you loved people and the world.

Love Quotations 13 English / Japanese Gottfried Leibniz

To love is to superimpose one's happiness on the happiness of the other person.
To love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another.
Wikipedia Gottfried Leibniz

★It's a love word art that reminds me of beautiful and ideological paintings.
I want to accumulate a lot of happiness with the paint "I love you".

Love Quotations 14 English / Japanese Schiller

Life without the light of love is meaningless.
It ’s empty the life without light of love.
What does life without the brilliance of love mean?
What is life without the radiance of love?
Wikipedia Schiller

★The word "light of love, brilliance of love" expresses the figure of love (spiritual).
It's a golden glittering CG that is often used in movies.
It is a wonderful saying that connects the blink of love with the meaning of life and the essence of life.

Love Quotations 15 Audrey Hepburn

Love is an action. You can't just use words. It wasn't just words. We have the power to love from the time we are born. Still, it's the same as muscles, and if you don't train, that power will decline.
Wikipedia Audrey Hepburn

★"Love is an action" is the life of Audrey Hepburn itself, and it is expressed by the action of love that goes through life.
From her actress work to her later service activities, her life was beautifully pierced by her actions of love.
The beauty that emerges from her "action of love" may have been the reason for her beauty.

Love Quotations 16 English / Japanese Balzac

Love is a kind of flower. The seeds are blown by the wind and bloom when they fall.
Love is a kind of flower. The seeds are blown by the wind and bloom when they fall.
Wikipedia Balzac

★The quote that compared love to a flower was also delivered in the quote of John Lennon.
John Lennon had a theme of "growth of love",
Balzac has an important role as a "seed of love".
It is a word that also has the earthy scent that is typical of Balzac.

Quotations of love 17 Pablo Picasso

The most wonderful healing in life, that is love.
WikipediaPablo Picasso

★Love is the ultimate healing. It seems that "the healing light of love" is also planted in Picasso's three-dimensional paintings.

Quotations of love 18 Turgenev

Love is stronger than death and fear of death.
Wikipedia Turgenev

★To overcome the fear of death, we will need a world view of eternal life and faith in God.
Turgenev is supposed to be an atheist, but in his quotes and psalms, you can feel that there is something religious in the undercurrent.

Quotations of love 19 Barbara de Angelis

There is nothing to lose by loving. But if you're afraid to love, you won't get anything.
English Wikipedia Barbara de Angelis

★If you seek the reward of (loving), you will lose something in (loving).
But the essence of love lies in not seeking reward.
Even if that love is not fulfilled by (loving)
The beauty of love created by (loving) will be the brilliance of that person's heart and will shine forever.
Alternatively, the seeds of love sown by (loving)
It will bloom as a wonderful flower over time and space.

So there is nothing to lose by (loving).
Also, love reveals its lovely and lovely appearance in practice.
The practice of love involves courage and effort,
The accumulation of powerful and modest steps will turn your life into a golden color.

Love Quotations 20 Mother Teresa

If we really want to love, we must learn how to for give.

If you really want to love, you have to know to forgive.
Wikipedia Mother Teresa

Love Quotations 21 Bowaro

People receive their hearts from heaven because they love them.
Wikipedia Bowaro

Quotations of love 22 Marilyn Monroe

I have thought “I'm the man who isn't loved.” All the while in the former life. But that it was worse than that my life, I noticed for the first time. I myself didn't try to love a person sincerely.

I've always thought, "I'm an unloved person" in my life. But for the first time I realized that there was something worse in my life. I myself didn't really love people.
Wikipedia Marilyn Monroe

Love Quotations 23 English / Japanese US Politician / Benjamin Franklin

If you would be loved, love and be lovable. If you want to be loved, love and be lovable.
Wikipedia Benjamin Franklin

Love Quotations 24 English / Japanese Pearl S. Buck USA

Love dies only when growth stops. Love dies at the moment when love stops growing.
Wikipedia Pearl Buck

Quotations of Love 25 English / Japanese Albert Ellis (USA)

The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
The secret to fulfilling love lies primarily in tenacity.
Wikipedia Albert Ellis

Love Quotations 26 Tennyson

Humans are not humans alone. Humans are not humans alone. Wikipedia Tennyson

Quotations of Love 27 English / Japanese Madonna (USA)

To be brave is to love unconditionally without excepting anything in return.
It's brave to love unconditionally without asking for a reward.
Wikipedia Madonna

Quotations of love 28 English / Japanese George Chapman UK

Love is Nature ’s second sun.
Love is the second sun in nature.
English Wikipedia George Chapman

Quotations of love 29 English / Japanese British historian Thomas

There is more pleasure in loving than in being beloved.
The joy of loving is far superior to the joy of being loved.
English Wikipedia Thomas Fuller

Love Quotations 30 Michael Jackson

If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with
If you are born in this world while feeling loved and die in the same way, you can overcome what happens in the meantime.
Wikipedia Michael Jackson


Now, let me give you a quote of the love affairs of the great men of all ages.
Please take a closer look at the many wise sayings with deep ideology.

Love Quotations America

Love Quotations 1 English / Japanese (Woody Allen)

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love.
But then one suffers from not loving.

To fall in love is to suffer. If you don't want to suffer, don't fall in love.
But then you will suffer again because you are not in love.
Woody Allen Wikipedia

★It's a unique wise saying that flew to the wisdom of Woody Allen.
While expressing that romance is painful, the message behind it is that romance is painful but can be wonderful.

Love Quotations 2 English / Japanese (Sorrow)

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

There is no remedy for love's worries other than to love more and more.
Thoreau Wikipedia

★"To love" does not mean "to be obsessed with wanting to be loved" by the other person.
It is natural that you want to be loved by your loved ones, but if you go too far and your desire to be loved grows stronger, your worries about love will grow at an accelerating rate.

The premise of "loving" is to discover more about the splendor of the other person. And there is "the act of giving love and doing something for the other person."
I want to love more and more and discover the beauty of the other person that no one else can discover.

Love Quotations 3 English / Japanese (Mae West)

Look your best – who said love is blind?

Make it look as beautiful as possible. Who said that love is blind?
Mae West Wikipedia

★The more you try to look beautiful, the more beautiful your actual appearance will be if it is a pure love for the other person.
However, if the effort involves dressing only on the upper side and including the wickedness of wanting to take the opponent as a sword, then the beauty will be peeled off and love will be destined to collapse.

Love grows with the combination of purity, romance, and feelings of enhancing each other.
Love is sometimes blind, but if that blindness leads to mere pride, then the love cannot grow.
May West tells us that we need to make an effort to look beautiful, and in it, "the brilliance of a healthy attitude to become a more loved and wonderful woman."

Love Quotations 4 English / Japanese (Mae West Mary Jane West)

Do n’t cry for a man who ’s left you – the next one may fall for your smile.

Don't cry for the man who abandoned you. The next man may fall in love with your smile.

Mae West also has the saying, The curve is more powerful than the sword., But she was the original glamorous beauty before Marilyn Monroe's appearance in the United States. Is mightier than the actress. She is reportedly deeply aware of the beauty and strength of women.
This quote is, of course, a word of encouragement for broken heart, but another characteristic is the latter half.
In the second half, it says "I fall in love with a smile", but in reality, not only the body but also the "secret" part of her charm is conveyed in casual words. Anyone can practice smiling, but it is her efforts to master the mystery of smiling.

Love Quotations 5 English / Japanese (Dr. Seuss USA)

You know you ’re in love when you ca n’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

If you fall in love, you will not be able to sleep.
Because the reality is finally better than the dream.
Dr. Seuss Wikipedia

★Is reality a dream or is a dream a reality? There are really two worlds, reality and dreams, and each may be meaningful. Andersen, a famous fairy tale writer, has left the words, "This world is like a school." The real world is a dream world, and this world is like a "drama" that is born for studying.
Andersen can be said to have "realized the world of dreams" through fairy tales such as The Little Mermaid. If it is a bright direction that leads to heaven and angels, the dream world of that world will be far more wonderful than the reality of this world.
However, when you fall in love, the reality becomes nicer with Goon, so you can't sleep.
Rather, when you fall in true love, you feel not only the physical and physical aspects, but also the aura of the other person, the true spiritually shining figure, and the pursuit of the ideal in this world. The willingness to work becomes stronger, and the reality changes dynamically in a way that overlaps with the dream world.
So love may be one of the magic.

Love Quotations 6 Japanese (James Dobson)

Don't marry someone who thinks "this person can live with you." Marry someone who thinks you can't live without this person.
James Dobson Wikipedia

★"I can't live without this person" isn't the obsessive love of a birdlime.
Romantically speaking, it would be "a person who feels a soul split, a soul connection." It is hoped that you will meet such an important person who "feels a deep edge like being tied with a red thread".

Quotations of love France

Love Quotations 7 English / Japanese (Coco Chanel France)

As long as you know men are like children, you know everything.
As long as you know that a man is like a child, you're familiar with everything.
Coco Chanel Wikipedia

★To put it the other way around, it can be said that the motherhood of women is also one of the weapons in romance.
Men tend to ask women for various roles such as "sometimes a daughter, sometimes a mother, and sometimes a mystery", but among them, the correct work of motherhood is the key to becoming familiar with everything. It may be.

Love Quotations 8 English / Japanese (Henri de Régnié)

Love is eternal while it lasts.
Love is eternal, as long as it lasts.

★You can get a glimpse of "eternity" in the glitter of love, where the eyes stare at each other.
In addition, "eternity" is shining in the desire of each other to "meet each other even if they are reborn in the next world."

If you pursue "eternity" in love, true beauty will appear there, and that beauty will be an invitation to happiness.

I hope for such "eternity", but the disappointment of the author whose dream was broken may be included in the saying.
However, it seems that the author, Renie, wants to pursue "the eternity of love" forever.

By the way, Régnié, who left a saying, has a poetry style that has both a high-ranking sect that values ​​objectivity and a symbolist sect that reveals the inner world (in his later years, he moved to neoclassicalism modeled on Greek art). Is a famous French poet and novelist.

Love Quotations 9 English / Japanese (La Bruyère)

There is no ugly woman. However, some women don't know how to look cute.

There is no ugly woman. However, some women don't know how to look cute.
La Bruyère Wikipedia

★France's Bon Sans (good sense) is said to be the ability to judge things right and distinguish between the right and the wrong, but the poet La Bruère, who embraces that spirit, is the Enlightenment (18th century). It is said to be a pioneer of.

By the way, the original meaning of the Enlightenment is "to be illuminated by light", which means to promote the independence of human reason, but in modern times, the French Revolution influenced by the Enlightenment is inspired by power in a different sense. There is also a view that it was not unsuccessful.

In any case, this quote left by La Bruyère, a moralist (not just a moralist, but a thinker who seeks a human way of life in French literary thought), does not have to think too deeply about the author's intentions. think.
"How do you look cute?" May lead to the sayings such as Mae West.

Love Quotations 10 Japanese (Andre Maurois)

A happy marriage is like a long conversation that never gets boring.

★André Maurois, who learned deeply about Alain's philosophy, which left behind his famous book "Theory of Happiness," is a well-educated and sensible French novelist.Wikipedia 
First of all, why do you think literally and "you can have a long conversation without getting bored"?
The premise is that we sometimes presume that we are such human beings, but we respect the human nature of the other person and offer infinite possibilities and good things from the other person. Maybe it's because I have a desire to find it.
When there is an interesting episode, any conversation lasts for a long time, but when there is a pleasant etiquette to the other person in the usual conversation, and sometimes there is a scene to talk quietly, a happy marriage is knitted.
To put it the other way around, "an unhappy marriage is like a boring or short (no) conversation."

Love Quotations 11 Japanese (Jeanne Moreau)

In love, when technique is more important than emotion, a man can become a "love engineer."
There are too many engineers and too few poets right now.
Jeanne Moreau Wikipedia

★Jeanne Moreau is a French actress (1928-2017) who left the saying, "Life is a series of interesting terrains, and people draw their own terrain."

Before she made a full-scale review, she said that she "had a complex because she was said to be unsightly", but French film director Louis Malle described her personality and acting ability in the play. After being found and selected, he will begin his career as a French film star.

Although she had a brilliant love affair, she did not become a self-defeated life, and as she got older, she played an active part in a wide variety of ways, and until she died at the age of 89, she trained film festival judges and filmmakers, especially young filmmakers. He generously contributed to the development of the French film industry by accommodating funds.

A major attraction of her life is that she is a seeker and expressor in the sense of "expressing the emotions in the heart" and is good at "observing the movements of the heart delicately". Probably. And many people have praised her for her active style throughout her life and for her "even if she played a supporting role in her later years, she kept her whole body professionalism."

Jeanne Moreau Quotations
"I wanted to be one in one melody, one psalm, ."

As for her title, it's very interesting to describe a man whose love technique is superior to his feelings of love as a "love engineer", and he nods "I see." Warm and beautiful expressions of affection that are transmitted from heart to heart and words of love that touch the heartstrings of the other person are required for wonderful romance.

Quotations of love England

Love Quotations 12 English / Japanese (Audrey Hepburn)

If I get married, I want to be very married.

If I get married, I want to get married.

Audrey HepburnWikipedia

★very is "very" when used as an adverb. When used as an adjective, it has the meaning of "exactly."
So the translation of She is very married would be something like "she is really married", but here I translate it as "plenty". I think you can feel the atmosphere of Audrey Hepburn who is serious and highly ambitious.

Before the review, Audrey Hepburn also seemed to have a strong complex such as being short and having a small chest, but according to one theory, thanks to the photograph taken by the photographer, from one angle with himself until now. He knew that a different appearance would be projected. Her charm was drawn not only by her photographer but also by her director, which led to her solid self-confidence and began to follow the path of her big actress.

In her later years, she was a UNICEF ambassador to the United Nations Children's Fund and was very active in her welfare. She was "she is a hard worker, beautiful and loved by many." To put it the other way around, I think she was very grateful and loved many people. "I want to marry a lot" is more than just her outlook on love, it will symbolize her love life policy.

Love Quotations 13 English / Japanese (Thomas Fuller)

Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.

Love is sharpened when you are not, and love is stronger when you are with you.

Thomas FullerEnglish Wikipedia

★Thomas Fuller, a pastor of the Anglican Church. His quest to explore his life and reveal the truth has left him with a number of universally compelling quotes.
In each case of "when you are not, when you are", "the thoughts in your heart and the fruits of their accumulation" for your loved ones are expressed in simple words. However, sincerity and sincerity toward each other are the premise of such a love affair.

Another famous quote about Thomas Fuller's love.
There is more pleasure in loving than in being beloved.
The joy of loving is far superior to the joy of being loved.

★When you love people, indescribable warm light flows into your heart. That joy is a beautiful and transparent sensation of spiritual joy rather than material joy.
And because the priest Thomas Fuller wanted to show that that (loving) joy leads to a true "happiness" that goes far beyond the joy of being loved, based on actual experience. Let's do it.

Love Quotations 14 Japanese (Thackeray)

Beautiful laughter is the sun inside the house

Beautiful laughter is the sun in the house


★Along with Dickens, Thackeray is one of the leading writers of the Victorian era in England.
While Dickens targeted the lower classes, Thackeray drew for the upper classes and raised the name of the sentence.City of Void], Etc., and is famous as a writer who criticized corruption, money worship, and desire for success.

However, in later life, Thackeray is often "criticized" for being able to make targeted criticisms of human desires but not presenting useful life values ​​beyond that.

However, from the quotes spun from the depths of his heart, where family life was never a blessing, it can be said that he was by no means a mischievous critic.
I would like to introduce another one from Thackeray's quote.

When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise. When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise.

Quotations of love ancient Rome

Love Quotations 15 English / Japanese Terence

A quarrel between lovers is a renewal of love. Terence Wikipedia

An argument between lovers is a renewal of love.


★Terence is a comedy writer in the Roman Republic (Ancient Rome).
He was brought to Rome as a slave by the Senate (the governing body of ancient Rome) Lucanus, who allegedly educated Terence. Thanks to Terence's hard work, his sleeping talent blossomed, and Lucanus admired it, freeing him from slavery.
Martin Luther, who later said, "Man is the primate of all things," often quotes Terence and recommends his comedy to children's school education.

Many of these quotes are translated as "renewal of love" in Japanese, but it's a very interesting idea that tells one side of the truth.
Many of the Terence plays, which are said to have rediscovered the ancient Greek comedy and added something unique, are loose and entertaining, and that may have been his personality.
Or did his soul feel the wind of freedom and prosperity that symbolized the ancient Greek god Hermes?

By the way, I would like to introduce the most famous quotes of Terence.

Latin: Homo sum, humani nil a me alienum puto--
"Homo Sum. Houmani Neil Ah Mae Alienum Putto"
English: I am human. I don't think anything related to humans is unrelated to me
Japanese: "I am a human being. I don't think anything related to humans is unrelated to me."

Quotations of love Germany

Love Quotations 16 English / Japanese (Einstein)

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
Generally, the above English text, but the original English text is as follows.
Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do --but gravitation cannot be held responsible for it.

It is not the responsibility of gravity for a person to fall in love. Einstein Wikipedia

★Announced special theory of relativity, general theory of relativity, duality of light particles and waves, etc.20th centuryAlbert Einstein, who is called "the best physicist". He learned in school physics, "the most famous mathematical formula in the world" E = mc2The surprising formula (energy is equalized by mass x speed of light x speed of light) is also Einstein's discovery.

The great genius of physics has left a lot of quotes from peace to romance.
This quote is a very fresh phrase born from the heterogeneous combination of "love" and "gravity" (a new combination of different things is created).

Einstein has a humorous personality, like the famous photo of laughing with a tongue out. Rather, it seemed to be strange in a good sense, and the free idea of ​​breaking the prescriptive concept was probably the source of drawing out novel ideas that no one could think of.

Love Quotations Holland

Love Quotations 17 Japanese (Van Gogh)

"A couple is not half of two, but one whole."

A married couple oughtn't be two halves but should be the only one whole.

★Post-Impressionists (French paintings for the Impressionists who symbolize Manet. Gauguin is included, but the styles of painting are different. Van Gogh, a representative painter of France.
His life is full of ups and downs, but he may have been a life of intense colors, as reflected in the very style of "bold colors, candid expressions of emotions". ..
For example, when he was young, he was an apprentice of a preacher, and instead of resenting the social injustices of the miners against the harsh labor, he fell into a lifestyle similar to them and said, "In suffering. He preached to find God's healing. ”His preaching was not accepted by the people or by church executives. However, the burning love and enthusiasm for God in his heart will later be sublimated in Van Gogh's paintings.

Now, regarding Van Gogh's view of romance, there are many criticisms to the effect that "Van Gogh was a man with a lot of love, but his courtship was often refused, but he really wanted a family very much." How was it? This quote suggests that kind of feeling, but at least Van Gogh had a very sincere feeling for women.

Anyway, what's interesting about this quote is the bold combination of words, just like Van Gogh's paintings. Let's enjoy the connection between words and Van Gogh's wishes contained in it.

Quotations of love Japan

Love Quotations 18 Japanese (Nagai Kafu)

The light of the moon and the sound of rain can only produce new colors and sounds in love.
Kafu Nagai Wikipedia

In fact, in the Meiji era, Kafu Nagai was said to be a literary master alongside Natsume Soseki and Mori Ogai.
In addition to novels, he has been active in a wide range of genres such as essays and translations. Is famous. He has some flashy aspects such as playing geisha, but in his later years he continued to write novels while being known as a lonely person.
As expressed in this quote, she is said to have a strong sensibility to sublimate casual events into art. It's a love quote that seems to combine the Japanese world of loneliness with a French scent.

Love Quotations 19 Japanese (Yuzo Yamamoto)

The right shoe does not fit the left foot. But it cannot be said that it is a pair without both (Yuzo Yamamoto)

Love Quotations 20 Japanese (Yaeko Nogami)

If we reduce marriage to the simplest formula, one and one will not be combined into two, but will be a new one.

Next, we will deliver quotes about various "loves" such as human love and friendship of great people all over the world.