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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Thank you words / quotes (English & Japanese)] Thank you will cause a miracle in your life! -Example sentences from daily conversation to business.

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

This time, we will present the secret of gratitude and the gratitude quotes of great people from all over the world, which will bring miracle to life and lead life to abundance and happiness.

First of all, thank you for the seven words of gratitude as the opening.

[Words of thanks] Thank you message 7

  • Thank you for being with you. I'm glad you're in my life
  • Thank you for being born. Thank you for being born!
  • Thank you for giving birth. Thank you for giving birth to me.
  • You are my treasure. Thank you.You are my treasure. Thank you.
  • Thanks to you. Thank you. Thanks to you. Thank you.
  • Thank you for meeting you.Thank you for meeting me.
  • Thank you for reading.Thank you for reading.

Every word that gives you energy is accompanied by an "idea" that gives you energy.
By mastering the words and methods that inspire you, you can create a more beautiful and prosperous life.

And among them, the words that shine exceptionally beautifully
The word of gratitude is "Thank you".

The word "thank you" that expresses gratitude is the word
It is said to be the most beautiful word on this planet.

It will also remain the same no matter what national language it is translated into.

Next, let's think about the hidden power of "gratitude" thank you.

Words of gratitude About the hidden power of gratitude and how to put it out

"Thank you" is a magical word that encourages both the other party and yourself

The word "thank you" actually has great power.

Above all, it is a magical word that not only makes the other person happy and happy, but also energizes oneself.

However, there are conditions to use this magic. It expresses "aloud" feelings.
It means "thank you".

"Thank you" is from the discovery of what is blessed

When your mind and body are tired, you may feel more frustrated and look worse than usual, but let's step on here.

To be enthusiastic is not to count "only what is missing now"
Discovering "what is blessed now", if not enough,
On the other hand, it is to have a small but "thank you!"

The rice was delicious.
The smile of the child is cute.
As I walked down, I found beautiful flowers on the side of the road.
I was praised for my favorite dress. And so on.

And sometimes, as if you were a poet, discover the beauty of the dusk sun.

With that kind of heart wit
Gratitude comes from "blessed things" and "small discoveries in things that are often overlooked."

Then, from time to time, "gratitude and tears that make you cry slowly" and "impression from the bottom of your heart" come out, and the magic that will gradually improve your life will be applied.

"Words of gratitude" Let's express gratitude with voice and attitude!

And a very important word is to express your gratitude to your irreplaceable person.

It may be a little embarrassing, but let's use the words shown in the opening as an example, aloud or in a letter.

Then, you will surely feel that the words become a beautiful bouquet in the other party and that you also receive a healing and energetic bouquet as a gift.

[Words of gratitude] Expressions of the countries of the world of gratitude

  • Thank you arigato Japanese
  • Thank you Thank you English When you are very grateful Thank you very much
  • Merci French When you are very grateful, Merci beaucoup
  • Danke Danke German When politely speaking, Danke schön.
  • Grazie Italian When you say politely, Grazie mille.
  • Gracias Spanish When you say politely, Muchas gracias.
  • Sheshe xiexie Xie Xie Chinese
  • Kamshahamnida 감사 합니다 Korean
  • Khob khun Krab / Ka ขอบ คุณ ครับ / ค่ะ Thai
  • Spasiba Спасибо Russian
  • Blagodarya Благодаря! Bulgarian
  • Danke Danke German / Austria
  • Obligado (male) / obligada (female) Portuguese
  • Shukran شُكْرًا Arabic / Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq
  • Merci مرسی۔ Persian, Iran
  • Tesekkurederim Tesekkur ederim Turkish
  • Toda toda תודה. Hebrew / Israel
  • Asante asante swahili, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
  • Dankey dankie dankie African, South Africa, Namibia
  • Amharic Amharic Amharic Ethiopia ኣመሰግናለሁ።
  • Jekuji Děkuji Czech

[Thank you quotes / sayings (English & Japanese)] Best 15

Joseph Murphy's Gratitude Quotations (Japanese / English)

Japanese ・ "If you feel gratitude while praying, that prayer can be fulfilled (because it is proof that the delivery to the subconscious mind has been completed)."
English ・ If you feel grateful while praying, the prayer will be fulfilled (because it is proof that the transfer to the subconscious is complete).
Wikipedia Joseph Murphy

Konosuke Matsushita's thank-you quote (Japanese / English)

Japanese ・ "The higher the gratitude, the higher the feeling of happiness."
"Before talking about the hardships, I first want to thank myself for my good luck."
English ・ The higher the gratitude, the more directly proportional to that, the greater the sense of well-being
Before talking about the hardship, I would first like to thank myself for good luck.
Wikipedia Konosuke Matsushita
[Konosuke Matsushita's quote walk] What is the way of thinking in business learned from the saying of a great man?

Lunar: French Gratitude Quotations (Japanese / English)

Japanese ・ "Every morning, every time you wake up, you can say:" I can see. I can hear. I can move. I don't feel sick. Thank you! Life is beautiful! "
English ・ Every morning when you wake up, you could say ── "I can see my eyes, I can hear my ears, my body moves. I'm not feeling bad. Thank you! Life is beautiful!
Wikipedia Lunar

North American Minkas Thanksgiving Quotations / Quotations (Japanese / English)

Japanese ・ "If you can't find a reason to thank you, you have your own fault"
English ・ If you can't find a reason to thank, the fault is on your own

(Author unknown) Quotations of gratitude (Japanese / English)

Japanese ・ "Thank you catch ball becomes a happy home run"
English Thanksgiving catch becomes a happy home run

Samuel Johnson's Quotations of Gratitude (Japanese / English)

Japanese: "Gratitude is the fruit of culture. It is not found among the crude people."
English · Gratitude is the fruit of culture. Not seen among the crude people.
Wikipedia Samuel Johnson

Quotations of thanks for Melody Beatty (Japanese / English)

Japanese language and gratitude make the past meaningful, bring peace to today, and create prospects for tomorrow. "
English ・ Appreciation makes the past meaningful, brings peace to today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
Melody Beatty Profile See

(Author unknown) Quotations of gratitude (Japanese / English)

Japanese and mirrors don't laugh first. So let's smile from me. Let's say "Thank you".
English ・ The mirror doesn't laugh first. So let me smile. Let's say "Thank you".

Quotations of thanks from Aesop (fable writer) (Japanese / English)

Japanese and gratitude are proof of a noble soul.
English ・ Appreciation is a testament to a noble soul.
Wikipedia aesop

William Blake's thank-you quote (Japanese / English)

Those who receive gratitude produce great harvests.
The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.
Wikipedia William break

Izaak Walton's Quotations of Thanks (Japanese / English)

God lives in two places; one is heaven and the other is a gentle gratitude.
God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart.
Wikipedia isaak walton

Joey Garcia's Quotations of Gratitude (Japanese / English)

Gratitude is the first language of mind.
Gratitude is the heart ’s first language.

Quotations of thanks for Melody Beatty (Japanese / English)

Gratitude gives meaning to the past, brings peace to today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
Melody Beatty Profile See

Amit Kalantri's thank-you quote (Japanese / English)

You may not be grateful for your health, but if you are not healthy, you will definitely regret your unhealth. I'm happy with my health!
You may not appreciate the presence of good health but you will definitely regret the absence of good health, because health is happiness!

A collection of words of gratitude that can be used in daily conversation, telephone, email, SNS, and business (other than thank you)

Here, we will enumerate how to use the word of gratitude "thank you" in daily life with actual examples.

Gratitude and example sentences of gratitude in daily life and business

In daily conversations with close people such as family, friends and acquaintances, by phone, email or SNS. In addition, it is listed step by step, including example sentences, from everyday to formal so that it can be used in business situations.

(Hereafter, from left to right, it goes from everyday to formal)

Gratitude words and example sentences using thank you

·Thank you. ·thank you very much.・ Thank you very much ・ Thank you very much.・ Thank you very much.

(Example sentence) Thank you very much for your unexpected birthday message.

Words of gratitude and example sentences other than thank you ① (Thank you)

・ Thank you from the bottom of my heart.・ Thank you very much. ·Thank you again.・ I can't find any words of thanks.・ I cannot thank you enough.

(Example sentence) We would like to express our gratitude for the kindness that permeates ourselves every day.

Words of gratitude and example sentences other than thank you➁(Thanks)

·I am grateful. ·I am filled with gratitude.・ I am just grateful.・ I'm grateful.・ I can't stand my gratitude. ·Thank you from the bottom of my heart.・ I am grateful.・ I am deeply sorry.

(Example sentence) I am full of gratitude for your warm consideration.

Words of gratitude and example sentences other than thank you ③ (Thanks)

·Thanks to you. Thanks to the help of Mr. 〇〇.
(Example sentence) Thanks to you, I was able to arrive safely.

Words of gratitude and example sentences other than thank you ④ (Thank you)

・ I'm grateful.・ I will never forget your kindness.
(Example sentence) I would like to thank you for coming out.

Words of gratitude and example sentences other than thank you ⑤ (Thanks)

・ I'm sorry (I'm sorry).・ I'm sorry.・ I'm really sorry (it's painful).・ I'm sorry. I am extremely sorry.

(Example sentence) I'm sorry to have adjusted the schedule.

Three major English expressions and example sentences of words of gratitude

①☆Thank you for ~. Thank you.

(Example sentence) Thank you for your time. Thank you for taking the time.

➁☆I appreciate ~. (About) Thank you.

(Example sentence) I appreciate your assistance. Thank you for your support and assistance.

③☆I am grateful to ~ (people) thank you. I am grateful for for ~ (act). That ~ (is) thank you.

(Example sentence) I'm really grateful for your efforts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts.

☆Other characteristic English words of appreciation

I ca n’t thank you enough. I cannot thank you enough.

Thanks a million. Thank you very much.

Points for expressing gratitude in postcards, letters, etc. (example sentences)

For example, an example sentence when you receive a travel souvenir is as follows.
(In the example sentence below, it is briefly stated so that only the points can be grasped. Also, of course, there are different expression patterns, so please understand it as a reference example.)

Example sentence
"(Greetings of the weather). ① Thank you for giving me a souvenir for your trip the other day.➁As it is a melon jelly created in a famous fruit garden, I am looking forward to having it next Sunday when my family will be together. ③ How was your trip? Please tell us about your trip next time. (Conclusion words) "

① First, state "words of gratitude."

When you receive an item, please politely express your gratitude for what you received.

➁Next, it is important to convey "words of impression" and how they were used (or how).

For example, it would be nice to tell them how to use it, such as "It was delicious for the whole family" or "I immediately wear it and use it".
However, it is important not to talk only about what you have received, but to write a sentence that conveys your feelings of gratitude for what you have received.

③ Finally, it would be better to add words that express interest in the recipient. (Of course, we need the first greeting and closing words.