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  • [Walt Disney Scene: English and Japanese]

    【TOS】Walt as the background of the famous saying

    - Disney's life.

    Walt Disney's famous glossary.

    How to put the magic of Disney's love.

  • [Audrey Hepburn Quotes Walk (English & Japanese)] Played a great actress? Angel of light of love and beauty

    [Contents] · Work of Audrey Hepburn and attractiveness

    · Audrey Hepburn's famous attraction 1-14

    · Living as a background of famous episodes and quotes.

  • [Hideki Yukawa's Quotations Walk] The secret to acquiring ideas and blooming abilities

    【TOS】Hideki Yukawa's Maxims and Sayings

    ・ Hideki Yukawa's background as the background of the famous saying

    Famous episodes of Hideki Yukawa

    ・ Let's continue on your own path in hopes of people's happiness.

  • Einstein's walk of mind

     Einstein's background as a background of the famous saying

    Einstein's Famous Sayings (1) - (8)

    Stylish famous glossary (9) - 38

    Famous episodes

    Learn from Einstein's sincere attitude

  • [Edison's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Magical words that turn fear and failure into success

    【TOS】Edison's background and achievements as a background of famous sayings

    Edison's Famous Select (1)~(10)

    ・ Pick-up from famous sayings - "Hidden treasures that turn failure into success" (11) - 22

    Famous episodes

    The biggest feature of Edison is the aspect as a psychic

  • [John Lennon's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] What is the Beatles' overwhelming source of love?

    [Table of Contents] openingtopics - "John Lennon from the cosmo" to the "Egg Egg."

    -Looking at the life of John Lennon as the background of the famous message of love and world peace.

    Just like a song, the name of John Lennon's dialect to tell.

    An episode of John Lennon

    Love is everything-that's the message that John Lennon left behind.

  • [Ichiro's quotation walk] How to raise the most active and motivation

    1【TOS】Ichiro's Famous Sayings

    - A quick look back at Ichiro's life

    Episodes left by Ichiro

    ・ Learn the secrets of playing an active part here from Ichiro

  • [Natsume Soseki's Quotations Walk] What is the way to break the deadlock in life?

    【Contents】 · Soseki Natsume's quotation · Mandiff collection

    · Life of Soseki Soseki as a background of quotes

    · Episode about Soseki Natsume

    · Influence of the world's versatile Natsume Soseki works

  • [Knightingale Mandiffs (English & Japanese)] Touch the beauty of love and devotion to God

    [Contents] · Florence · Nightingale forces · Mandiff collection

    · Nightingale quotes · Living as a background of saying

    · Nightingale famous episode

    · Nightingale that continued to explain the ideal of nursing

  • Gandhi's spooky walk!

    Gandhi's life as background of his name

    Gandhi Frank➊~21

    Gandhi's episode

    Fly to the wise man like Gandhi!

  • [Mr. King's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Enjoy the spirit of "I have a dream"

    【TOS】Pastor King's Famous Sayings

    ・ King's background as the background of the famous saying

    Famous episodes of King

    ・ King's spirit that continues to give love and courage.

  • [Kenji Miyazawa's quote walk] What is true happiness?

    [Contents] · Kenji Miyazawa actually psychic? was.

    · Short quotes of Miyazawa Kenji, greetings 1-13

    · Life of Miyazawa Kenji as a background of quotes

    · Episode that Miyazawa Kenji has left