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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Edison's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Magical words that turn fear and failure into success

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

As a famous inventor, he has worked on many world-class inventions.Edison.. Edison's inventions are now all integrated into our lives.

Edison's many words, also known as "people of effort,"2It hasn't faded at all in this century-old era. This time, from the many quotes left by Edison,21Here are some quotes that touch our hearts in the century.  

Edison's background and achievements as the background of the saying

Edison was also called the "King of Inventions" by many inventions. PhonographOrIncandescent light bulbActivity photoEtc. are born by Edison.

And from the many "Quotations" he left behind, Edison's unique ideas and curiosity and inquisitiveness are overflowing with the light of love that inspires people.

Edison's extraordinary ability, a genius of his invention, was also greatly influenced by his childhood experience.

In addition, his numerous inventions since his youth and his wide range of work experience1300He was also the catalyst for creating as many original inventions as possible.

Let's take a closer look at what kind of person he was, as an inventor and entrepreneur, in order to unravel Edison's sayings, and his background and achievements.  

Edison in his childhood ... A series of various questions

1847Year2Month11Sun, Thomas Alba Edison,Ohio, USA In Mylan, between a Dutch father and a Scottish mother7He was born as the youngest of a sibling.

Thomas, nicknamed "Al," has been very curious since he was a boy. He was a boy who didn't feel like knowing anything.

When he enters elementary school, he asks "why?" And "why?" He, for example, seems he couldn't swallow a simple formula in a math class.

The school teacher was in a state of being overwhelmed by him who repeatedly questioned why, and he was told that it would be a nuisance to other students.3He will drop out in a month.

・ ・ The opportunity to become the inventor

Edison would then study with his mother at his home and have him build a chemical-equipped laboratory in the basement of his home.

Edison's curiosity went beyond immersing himself in his chemistry experiments. He made and sold newspapers himself and improved his knowledge.  

Edison, who continued to invent his invention while working at the age of 15, helps a child who is about to be run over at a train station.

The stationmaster, who was the parent of the child, teaches Edison the technology of telegraph as a thank-you. It is said that Edison was the catalyst for becoming an engineer in the future.

Invented gramophone, incandescent light bulb, etc.

Edison's first invention was when he was an electrician in Canada. Night1He was disgusted by the monotonous task of sending signals every hour if there were no problems, and invented a system in which a telegraph automatically sends signals using a clock.

1868Edison in the yearElectric ballot recorderWas invented and patented for the first time, but was never adopted. This bitter experience inspired him to create "what people want" in his subsequent inventions.

In 1877 he succeeded in putting a gramophone to practical use, and then Menlo Park InstituteEstablished and commercialized inventions one after another with exceptional inventors. He organized a group of inventions by establishing a laboratory.

Following the gramophone phoneInvented various things such as electric railways, lamp lighting, ore separatorsHe will be sent to the world and will be talented in management.

His subordinates who belonged to the research institute also blossomed as an inventor, for example, the creator of a movie camera.William DicksonEtc. belonged.

And ... in his later years he studied communication with the dead.

As he grew older, he retired as a manager, but continued his research. His research theme in his later years was communication with the dead, that is,Communication device with the spirit worldWas to invent.

The laboratory was hit by a fire in December 1914, but he never gave up. And on October 18, 1931, he died at the age of 84.

In this way, it can be said that Edison's various experiences and efforts later became the origin of his original ideas and the world view of Edison.

Edison Quotations Select (English & Japanese)

Edison, who was a hard worker, left behind many wise sayings. Here, from the quotes left by Edison, first10Introducing the quotes of.

We hope that Edison's worldview will give you some hints on how to make your life a success. Please note that the Japanese sentences introduced here have been translated by the author, so the translations may differ slightly from other sources.  

Edison Quotations ① English / Japanese Conditions for genius

  • English: Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Japanese: "Genius is 1% inspiration99%It is an effort of. "   Translated literally99%Although it is "sweat", Edison's belief that "without effort, there is no success" is conveyed in the sense of "working hard."

Of course, it would be useless to make an effort without inspiration, but by making efforts, the inspiration and inspiration will become high quality.  

Edison Quotations➁English, JapaneseAstonished to myself !?

  • English:If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

Japanese: "If we do everything we can, we will literally be astonished."  

It is often the case that all human beings know that they should make an effort, but cannot make the effort they want.

That's why, if you do your best, you'll get amazing results yourself. If you do what you can, steadily, honestly, and persistently, you will soon be on the path to achieving historic feats like Edison.  

Edison Quotations ③ English / JapaneseDefinition of a fallen person

  • English:Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you failure.

Japanese: "If anyone is completely satisfied, it's a villain."

Pride is the way to corruption. Also, those who are satisfied with the current situation and do not aim for the top are synonymous with "fallen".

Despite his many successes, Edison's driving force, which continued to invent one after another, was a deep and insatiable spirit of inquiry.

The more Edison explored, the more he knew the vast world behind it.
Edison-like aspirations and aspirations are common to great men and set an example for us.  

Edison Quotations ④ English / JapaneseBenefits of failure

  • English:Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.

Japanese: "Don't be disappointed just because you failed. Learn from it and keep trying."  

It's easy to give up when you experience a mistake, but Edison wasn't.

There is also a saying that failure is the source of success. It was because I learned from my mistakes and continued to take on challenges that I was able to achieve world-changing feats with numerous inventions that no one else could. Success comes only when you challenge failure to spring.

Edison Quotations ⑤ English / JapaneseOur weakness is

  • English:Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Japanese: "Our biggest weakness is to give up. The surest way to succeed is always already1Try it only once. "  

Ordinary people tend to give up if they make a mistake or don't see the results. The secret to Edison's success was that he tried again there. It's not too late to try again and then make a decision before giving up.  

Edison Quotations ⑥ English / JapaneseBasics of invention

  • English:I find out what the world needs. Then, I go ahead and invent it.

Japanese: "First find out what the world needs. Then go ahead and invent it."

 Edison, who failed in his first patent, became a great inventor by transforming his subsequent inventions into inventions for people, not for himself. It's still important to work for someone, not for self-satisfaction.  

Edison Quotations ⑦ English / JapaneseImportance of improvement

  • English:Just because something does n’t do what you planned it to do do n’t mean it ’s useless.

Japanese: "Don't assume that something isn't working just because it's useless."  

Even if the invention did not work well, Edison was able to make improvements and finally commercialize it. It's too early to assume that something goes wrong and that it's useless.

This is the same for jobs and rules. By changing the method and repeating trial and error, a new path can be seen and it can be successful.  

Edison Quotations ⑧ English / JapaneseBreak up with disappointment

English:I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

Japanese: "I will never be disappointed, because any failure is a new step."  

If you don't fail, you won't even know what's wrong. Every time you make a mistake, you cannot move forward if you are disappointed.

To take a new step, don't be afraid to make mistakes and steadily move toward your goals. Even small stacks can ultimately produce big results.  

Edison Quotations ⑨ English / JapaneseFor those who think that life is over

  • English:Many of life ’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Japanese: "Many people who have failed in life are those who didn't realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

  Edison thought that those who failed in life didn't realize they were in the immediate vicinity of success, they didn't realize they missed an opportunity.

Before you think, "Life is over!", Let's take a look at what we left behind and analyze again what went wrong. You may see the path to success right there.  

Edison Quotations ⑩ English / JapaneseHow to catch dissatisfaction

  • English:Discontent is the first necessity of progress.

Japanese: "Dissatisfaction is the most necessary thing for progress."

Without dissatisfaction, there can be no development. It is because of dissatisfaction that we seek a better way to improve the status quo. Of course, complaining and not advancing your life or work is a source of failure.

However, if Edison is dissatisfied and finds something to be improved, then he can start from there.That will lead to the path to success.


Pickup from Edison Quotations- "The Hidden Treasure That Turns Failure into Success" (English & Japanese)

In Edison's saying, even if you make a mistake, have the courage to stand up and step forward!

Edison, the inventor, is known as a historic great and about in his lifetime1,300He is the person who invented and innovated things.

But he wasn't just a genius, he was also a hard worker.

He, who has made a name for himself as an inventor, has experienced many failures.

Remembering Edison's sayings and words when you're afraid of failure may give you the courage to step forward.

For those who are having a hard time moving forward, we will send you a "treasure that turns failure into success" as a pick-up from Edison's quotes.

Edison's quotes that lead failure to success

★English: I have never failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work.

Japanese: I have never failed. However,1I just found a million ways that didn't work.

 Edison, who influenced the world with his numerous inventions, was initially a series of failures. However, he was also a brave man who took advantage of his failure to stand up.

 ★English: Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Japanese: I didn't fail. Don't call it a mistake. Say you studied.

 By learning lessons from failure, failure becomes a learning experience.

 ★English: Is n’t it because the case that that is considered, the case that an effort is made and these two are n’t done when there was a person who does n’t succeed?

Japanese: If there are people who don't succeed, it's probably because they don't do both thinking and trying.

 Thinking is the energy for progress, and striving is also the energy to go the way. He taught me two very important points on the path to success.

 ★English: Nearly every person who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then gets discouraged. That ’s not the place to become discouraged.

Japanese: Almost all humans reach the point where it is impossible to think of any more ideas, and they are discouraged there. Even though the game starts from there.

 The common points of successful people are shown in simple words.

 ★English: The trouble is the door to discover the next new world.

Japanese: Trouble is the door to discovering the next new world.

 It is a saying with such a message that there is a chance in the midst of difficulties.

 ★English: Don't be afraid to be criticized by others. It serves as fertilizer for growth.

Japanese: Don't be afraid to be criticized by others. It becomes a fertilizer for growth.

 On the contrary, there is no stimulus in a situation where there is no criticism from others, and it may simply be in sync with the surrounding environment.

There are also new discoveries and needs in criticisms and complaints.

 ★English: Work unwaveringly. This is the best way to change your mind.

Japanese: Work hard. This is the best way to change your mood.

Even in difficult times or when something is unpleasant, working hard or studying can make you feel better.

 ★English: There is always a better way.

Japanese: Better ways are always there.

 It's a saying that you shouldn't be bound by yourself or your common sense by deciding that there is no better way than this. You may be able to discover a good method by changing the framework of your ideas and ways of thinking.

 ★English: I had a bad ear. That is why I was able to invent the gramophone.

Japanese: I had a bad ear. That's why I was able to invent a gramophone.

 In fact, Edison had a problem with his ears, but he turned his handicap into energy and succeeded in his invention.

 ★English: Invention requires abundant imagination and a pile of garbage.

Japanese: You need a lot of imagination and a pile of garbage to invent.

 A pile of garbage is not just garbage, but a medal that comes out in the process of making efforts for invention.

 ★English: If there is no good initial inspiration, it ’s useless even if much effort.
But people that effort alone, not only are wasting energy.

Japanese: If your first inspiration isn't good, no matter how hard you try. People who just make efforts are just wasting energy.

 The first inspiration may not be rooted in the human mind, but rather a task given by God.

 ★English: The weak point of the other inventors is to stop by an experiment of just one or two.
I never give up until I get something one purchases.

Japanese: The weakness of other inventors is that they stop after just one or two experiments. I will never give up until I get what I want.

The height of the "ambition" and "dream" of what you want will solidify the feeling of not giving up.

Let's turn failure into a plus!

 Edison, who was called the King of Invention1Times2I wasn't successful in the experiments, but I was positive about the failures that occurred in the process.

If you check out the words and episodes that Edison left behind, you'll find that every genius is always experiencing failure.

It is more important to take the courage to grow for yourself than to do nothing for fear of failure.

Even if he doesn't have to ask questions until he's kicked out of elementary school, he doesn't feel like he knows things from the top, and he needs to think twice about the essence of things.

If you have success, including failure, you may think that you have had a valuable experience. 


・ Edison's famous episode

 Here's a famous episode about Edison, a genius and hard worker.

You can see his humanity and the magnitude of his influence on the world.

 The United States turned off the lights and mourned for his death

 Edison is the inventor of incandescent light bulbs, or electric light bulbs.

His death was held in the United States and attracted many people from all over the world.1931Year10Month21To mourn his death in Japan and the United States22From time1The lamp was turned off for a minute.

Edison recreated the night before the spread of electricity. 

・ ・ Owner of flexible thinking

It was when his assistant was doing a complicated calculation trying to calculate the volume of the light bulb.

Edison saw such an assistant and said that I would put water in the light bulb and weigh it.

Because he didn't go to school, he could have been able to use his flexible thinking as a weapon without being bound by common sense.

The school at that time may have been a cramped place.

 ・ ・ Is the wrong quote spreading?

 In fact, Edison1With percent inspiration99He doesn't say that percent effort is important.

He regretted that the public was arguing about his own episode, and at one press conference he denied his false quote.

99% effort is very important, but 1Without percent inspiration99He wanted to say that percent effort would be wasted.

What is the source of Edison's quote?

Edison was also an excellent engineer, inventor and businessman. It can be seen from these quotes that he was not just a genius, but a man of hard work.

However, the greatest feature of the great man Edison is that he was a hard worker and also had a psychic side. "99% effort and 1% inspiration", it can be said that the source of that inspiration was in the heavenly world.

I would like to keep in mind Edison's quote, which explains the secret to making his life shine to the highest degree. If you have a hard time or a hard time, please remember Edison's words.