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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Ichiro's quote walk] When you want to be motivated

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

IchiroIs a famous baseball player who flew from Japan to the world.2019Retired from active duty in the yearI have done so, but I have made many records in Japan and the United States.

A baseball player like this is such a wonderful player that it makes me feel that he will not appear anymore. Looking back on Ichiro's past, I will introduce the words he left behind.

These are just the recommended words when you want to increase your motivation.

Ichiro's Quotations and Quotations

Ichiro's Quotations ① Professional way of thinking

★If you can't get results, you can't live in this world.

In the professional world, results are everything, but Ichiro emphasized the processes that lead to results. The process of producing results is not a baseball player, but a necessary element for winning life as a human being.

Ichiro's quote➁Realize a dream

★Dreams turn into goals as they approach.

Behind this word is like Ichiro's investigator, who has worked hard to make his dream come true, rather than ending it as a mere dream, or never giving up on it. I can think of a dream.

And when dreams come closer and become more realistic, the ability to replace dreams with goals and make last spurts (further efforts) is needed.

Ichiro's quote ③ What is your ambition?

★Don't forget what you want to do.

What you want to do, it's a word that asks what your "ambition" is. Aspiration is the driving force that promotes pieces and leads to success.

Ichiro's Quotations ④ How to practice

★Even if you practice the same thing, the result will be different depending on what you feel.

However, it is not possible to repeat the practice only on the surface, and in the attitude of thinking from the spiritual thing to the discovery of concrete ingenuity, the soul enters the practice and the feeling is sharpened.

By devoting your soul to practice, you will receive even better inspiration, which will lead to results.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑤ Importance of preparation

★I'm not well prepared, but I'm not qualified to talk about my goals.

It is said that preparation and setup are the key to the success of a business person. Careful preparation means that your soul and heart are in it, and it is only with that strong feeling that you can set the starting point for clearing your goals.

Ichiro's quote ⑥ What is your dream?

★Do not pretend to be the way you want to go.

Other people's advice and advice are very grateful and it is basically important to listen to them, but if you really have a path you want to take from the bottom of your heart, you are responsible for not regretting it later. It is important to take on the challenge.

Challenge your life and there is no real failure. Life may not be what you want it to be, and even if it seems like you've failed at that time, it opens up new avenues.

Ichiro's quote ⑦ Hold the ceiling high

★If you are surprised, there is still more. I don't want to be surprised.

Being surprised means doing more than expected, and it has become an overwhelming big game, and there is a need for a way of being recognized that no one will be surprised at.

Ordinary people who do not have high goals are ecstatic when they are surprised by people, but the fall begins from there. It is an important saying as a commandment to pride.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑧ Mental Impact

★The effect of the mental part on the physical body is enormous.

The training of the mental part has a good effect on the body. Ichiro trained his body and emphasized the training of the mental part.

Ichiro Quotations are beautiful crystals that are the result of training spiritual things.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑨ Humble attitude

★No matter how many years I play baseball, I still study.

Ichiro's quote is full of the importance of humility and effort. We also want to emulate Ichiro and follow the path to success in life.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑩ The importance of small stacks

★The feeling of moving forward little by little is very important as a human being.
★I think that accumulating small things is the only way to go to a ridiculous place.

Moving forward little by little also means accumulating small successful experiences. A small successful experience deepens self-reliance, which leads to further motivation.

Accumulating small successes will lead to the path to great success. People may be urged to succeed at once, but I would like to keep in mind that steady efforts are the way to success.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑪ Posture when no results are obtained

★What kind of self can you be when you don't get results? The attitude of never giving up creates an opportunity to create something.

It is normal people to mourn or panic when there is no result. Having an attitude of not giving up when there is no result means that you are quietly and silently devoting yourself to practice. It is an important saying in life as a whole.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑫ About "winning"

★I don't play baseball with the value of winning people.

The purpose of baseball is to beat the opponent team, but Ichiro himself probably focused on training to beat himself as a mystery.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑬ Convinced way of life

★I don't want to live in consideration of the evaluation of a third party. I want to live a life that I am satisfied with.

Instead of raising or lowering oneself based on the evaluation of others, he is shown to be like a truth-seeker who pursues the path until he is satisfied.

Ichiro's Quotations ⑭ Wall Thinking

★Walls only come to those who can. It only comes to those who can be surpassed. So I think it's an opportunity when there is a wall.

The next "wall" can be seen only because we are making efforts. When you go step by step, you are going on a flat part, and you need to move forward silently, but when you come to the next step, you will see a "wall" that looks like a step.

Only then is the chance to climb and grow at once. Being a "capable person" until the next possibility emerges is a prerequisite.

・ Ichiro's career

I think many Japanese people know about Ichiro.

Let's look back on the path Ichiro has taken.

・ ・ From birth to student days

Ichiro1973Born in Aichi prefecture in the year.

He has been playing baseball since childhood and has been an ace since he was in elementary school.4He is demonstrating his turn and his talent.

He has also participated in national competitions,After graduating from junior high school, he enrolls in the prestigious Aiko Daimeiden.

even here1He has been active as a regular since his grade.

2In his grade, in the summer Koshien,3When I was in the grade, I participated in the spring selection Koshien, but I lost in the first match.

He was a great talent, but he didn't do much at Koshien.

・ ・ Entering Nippon Professional Baseball

Recognized for talentIchiro nominated Orix in draftWill be done.

But the nomination order is4It is a low ranking considering the current Ichiro.

He didn't seem to be such a player at the time.

He doesn't play an active role right after he becomes a professional.

2He also experienced military life and was never a good professional life.

However1994In the year, he changed his registered name from his real name to Ichiro,Pendulum methodActively active by200He also records this hit.

After that, he made a big success every season and eventually decided to move to the major league.

・ ・ Major League era

2000When he moved to the major leagues in the year, he achieved the most hits record as a newcomer, and he will be as active as in Japan.

It can be said that he was the time when he fully demonstrated his talent as a baseball player, such as being the best player in the world as a Japanese national team player.

2009In the yearMajor League Baseball2000Achieved this hitHowever, Ichiro's name becomes famous in the United States.

However, such Ichiro could not overcome the decline, and it seems that the ball did not look like before just before his retirement.

Then2019Ichiro, who was not so blessed with the opportunity to participate in the year, decides to retire.

・ Episode left by Ichiro

Let's take a look at the episode left by Ichiro.

・ ・ Abandoned pitcher due to accident?

Ichiro was a pitcher until the middle of high school.

However, Ichiro was an outfielder when he was a professional, and it seems that his high school accident had an effect on his position change.

He was injured in an accident and his pitching form collapsed, so he had no choice but to give up his career as a pitcher.

Without an accident, he might have accomplished a number of feats as a pitcher.

・ ・ Is it dried right after he entered the pro?

He was talented right after he became a professional,2He has also experienced military life.

2The disagreement with the director at the time was often cited as the reason for being demoted to the military.

Because I don't listen to the director2He is said to have been dropped by the army.

Actually, that's not the case, and the manager dares to raise Ichiro into a good player.2He seems to have trained in the army.

Ichiro is so rumored that it has been dried1He should have been in the army and had great abilities.

・ ・ Do you hate big vegetables?

Ichiro has a strong image of being stoic, but in fact he hates vegetables and rarely eats them.

The story of eating curry every day is famous, but it may be related to the fact that you don't like vegetables.

Learn the secrets of being the best here from Ichiro

Ichiro is a famous player in the history of Japanese baseball.

He has achieved numerous achievements not only in Japan but also in the major leagues of the United States, and has become a player representing Japan.

He played an active part in international competitions at the moment, but behind that was tireless effort and strong mental strength.

Ichiro's way of life, which he has always thought about and practiced to grow, will be a reference and a model for us.

Unfortunately he retired the other day, but I think he will continue to have a lot of influence on us.