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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[John Lennon's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] What is the Beatles' overwhelming source of love?

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

John LennonIs the UKLiverpoolIs a world-famous rock band created byThe BeatlesIs one of the members.

Even after the Beatles disbanded, he continued his solo musical activities and his wifeYoko OnoIs also famous for being Japanese. He still has a lot of enthusiastic fans in Japan.

This time, John Lennon, who was active as a lead singer and a guitarist, will introduce what kind of quote he left as an artist.

Take a look at John Lennon's life as a background to the quotes that sang love and world peace

 He was John Lennon who made many masterpieces and entertained people all over the world, but at the end it was shocking to be shot dead.

However, the band "The band that left the song that many people still singThe BeatlesJohn Lennon, who wrote many songs, wrote a memorable poem in his song.

He also leaves a unique quote in his private life.

Let's first look at what John Lennon has lived as a background to the message in his quote.

・ ・ Until the formation of The Beatles

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England.

At that time, during World War II, LiverpoolNazi GermanyIt was like being attacked by.

And because his mother lived with another man during his father's voyageAunt Mimi (aunt couple) who is the sister of mother JuliaJohn Lennon is brought up.

Despite his parents, his aunt-raised boyhood and school days seemed to be pretty naughty, and he was seen by the fighting problematic children and their surroundings.

Meanwhile, when he meets rock, John Lennon is fascinated by rock. Elvis PresleyInspired by, he started playing the guitar, and later formed the Beatles in the backyard of St. Peter's Church.Paul McCartneyMeet

"Without Elvis, the Beatles wouldn't have been born." John Lennon felt that way, but his encounter with Paul McCartney changed his life dramatically.

He thus formed the Beatles in 1960, just at the age of 20, when he began his musical career. And while working as the Beatles, he becomes a great singer-songwriter who leaves many famous songs under the name of "Lennon-McCartney".

・ ・ The Beatles' great success

Two years after the Beatles were formed,Ringo starrWas newly added as a member and announced this year.Love me doIs a big hit.

The Beatles made their record debut1962Year10Month5It ’s the day, but before that1962Year8Month23On the dayCynthia PowellI will marry a woman named. Between the twoJulian LennonThere is.

After that, it continued to produce hits, attracting attention not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States, and eventually caused a big worldwide boom. Grammy Awards in 1964Also won, and is recognized as a worldwide rock band in both name and reality.

I also came to Japan, and at that time the Beatles whirlwind occurred all over Japan. The scene of coming to Happi at the airport and getting off the plane can still be seen on TV.

1966At the height of the Beatles of the year,"Christ remarks" by John LennonIs controversial. In response to this, The Beatles stopped the tour, and during that period John went out to see the solo exhibition of Yoko Ono, an avant-garde artist. That is the encounter with Yoko Ono, also known as Yoko Ono.

1969After marrying Yoko in the year, John Lennon's solo activities became radical and active, opposed to the Vietnam War, and devoted himself to the peace movement. One child between John Lennon and Yoko OnoSean LennonThere is.

・ ・ After the Beatles disbanded

In 1970, he disbanded the Beatles and started solo activities, singing love and peace and continuing his activities energetically.

But,New York Home Dakota Apartmentin front of,Mark ChapmanKills John Lennon with a gun. that is1980Year12Month8It was a day.

The news shocked the world and many mourned their premature death.

Let's look back on John Lennon's life and look at the quotes he left behind.

John Lennon's Quotations Select 20 that speaks to the heart like a song

 The words of singer, lyricist, painter, and pacifist John Lennon are inseparable from the song.

There are many quotes in his lyrics, and many in the interviews I received while working as an artist.

Also, John Lennon's solo activities began before the Beatles were virtually dissolved.80He was trying to be more active towards the ages.

Inspired by the passage of time and the avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, it is characterized by many quotes wishing for love and peace.

John Lennon's Quotations ① English / Japanese Love and Peace

★English: Love and peace are eternal

Japanese: "Love and peace are eternal"

John Lennon's big hit "Imagine" is a solo story about John Lennon's feelings for peace.

John Lennon Quotations➁English, Japanese

★English: All we are saying is give peace a chance!

Japanese: Let's try peace! That's all we are saying.

John Lennon, who was interested in Orientalism even before he met Yoko Ono, works with Yoko to promote peace in a very positive way through his art performance.

John Lennon's Quotations ③ English / Japanese Affirmative Power

★English: Open your heart and say "Yes". If you affirm everything, you'll find the answer

Japanese: "Open your mind and say" Yes ". If you affirm everything, you will find the answer. "

When I went to see Yoko Ono's solo exhibition, the words written there were "YesIf not, it is said that John Lennon and Yoko Ono had no future.

No matter how difficult world peace is, positive and positive words "YesI think it sounded to John as a very powerful and supportive word.

John Lennon's Quotations ④ English / Japanese I love myself

★English: We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections.

Japanese: "We must learn from loving ourselves above all in our splendor and imperfections."

Perhaps John Lennon was able to have kindness and love people because he knew that he was not perfect as a person. That's why John first asks him to love himself the most, about himself who isn't perfect.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑤ English / Japanese You are you ---

★English: You do not need someone to point out who you are or who you are.Because you are only you

Japanese: "You don't need someone who can point out who you are or who you are, because you are the only one. Because there isn't

I think there are many people who are healed by John Lennon's words that "you" are just as they are.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑥ English / Japanese virtues of honesty

★English: Being honest may not make many friends. But by being honest, you can always make real friends.

Japanese: "If you are honest, you may not be able to make many friends, but if you stay honest, you will always be able to make true friends."

It might have been more windy than it is now80I don't know what people said because a man was raising a child in his 1980s. But that wouldn't be a problem for John.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑦ English / Japanese How to spend your life

★English: Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friends.

Japanese: "Life is short, so friends, I don't have time to make a fuss or fight."

40The short life of John Lennon, who died at the age of an unexpected incident, has a lot of weight.

No matter what the other person says, the time to keep fighting is really regrettable. While worrying about such things, the candles of life may die out. And life is short, as many, not just John, say.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑧ English / Japanese Value of love

★English: It doesn't matter who loves you somewhere or who likes you when, where, and how. It's more important that you love

Japanese: "It doesn't matter if someone loves you somewhere, when, where or how someone likes you. It's more important that you love. . "

It is the way to happiness to love from yourself rather than to keep seeking to be loved.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑨ English / Japanese About my heart

★English: Enjoying and wasting time is not wasted.

Japanese: "The time you enjoy and waste is not wasted."

★English: You have to think about your own mind. I can't do it with anyone

Japanese: "You have to think about your own heart. Instead, no one will mess with you."

Only you can manage your mind, and life success begins with the control of your mind.

For example, it's important not to be fooled by the words of others and make your life boring. Even if someone says something you don't like, you also need the power to properly pass it off, except for things that you can't miss. This is nowSNSIsn't it necessary even in this era when words are fluttering around?

John Lennon's Quotations ⑩ English / Japanese Vision in the Heart

★English: The vision in my heart becomes a reality

Japanese: "The vision in your heart becomes a reality."

John also appeals that he needs the power to believe in himself and to dream. Because John Lennon had the power to believe in himself, he could have dreamed of peace with many people.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑪ English / Japanese About Happiness

★English: Don't hesitate to be happy.

Japanese: Don't hesitate to be happy.

Everyone wants happiness, but surprisingly, many people may be hesitant to be happy because of their hardships and worries.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑫ English / Japanese To be successful

★English: “What kind of, you can grow up and succeed.” When keeping telling oneself so many times, it can succeed by all means.

Japanese: "Anyone can succeed" If you keep telling yourself so many times, you will definitely succeed.

The secret to success is to believe that you can succeed without giving up if you cannot do it, and to keep saying it every day.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑬ English / Japanese How to live your life

★English: I hope you live as you please. Because it's your life.

Japanese: You can live as you like. Because it's your life.

You are the one who decides your life, and taking responsibility for your life opens the way for you.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑭ English / Japanese What is life?

★English: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Japanese: Life is when you are crazy about something other than life.

Life begins to shine when you are absorbed in something.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑮ English / Japanese About Time in Life

★English: Life goes by while preparing a lot Japanese: Life goes by while preparing

It's good to be prepared for everything, but spending time just preparing and not challenging and doing it can't be a successful life.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑯ English / Japanese Violence

★English: Violence only produces violence

Japanese: Violence only produces violence

Attempting to solve things with violence will only result in new violence.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑰ English / Japanese Imagine

★English: Imagine all the people Living life in peace

Japanese: Imagine all people living in peace

★English: When everyone wishes for peace really, the world becomes peaceful.

Japanese: If everyone really wants peace, the world will be peaceful.

A famous passage. It is a John Lennon-like saying that calls for peace.

(★English: It's just a dream that you dream alone. If you dream together, it's a reality Japanese:It's just a dream that you dream alone. If we can dream together, it's a reality. ")

John Lennon's Quotations ⑱ English / Japanese Thinking about the future

★English: I can tell you how I've been, but you have to think about what you're going to do.

Japanese: I can tell you how I've been, but I have to think for myself what I'm going to do.

I often get advice from others, but in the end I have to think and make my own decisions before I can open the honey.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑲ English / Japanese What is the fundamental talent?

★English: The fundamental idea of ​​talent is to believe that you can do something for.

Japanese: The fundamental talent is to believe that you can do something.

Believing in yourself and being able to believe in yourself are wonderful talents.

John Lennon's Quotations ⑳ English / Japanese What is love?

★English: Love is like a flower that you have to grow.

Japanese: Love is like a flower that you have to grow.

Love will not grow unless you try to grow flowers. It is a wise saying that goes through the life of John Lennon who lived in love and died for love.

John Lennon episode

John Lennon is known for many famous songs and sayings, but he also has many interesting episodes.

Let me introduce some of them.

・・ImagineIs a banned song?

Imagine, who recorded the highest sales as a solo song by John Lennon and is familiar in Japan, was actually a banned song at that time.

It's a song about a sailing ship, but it was banned because the lyrics were judged to be communist.

It can be said that it is a song that directly expresses John Lennon's thoughts and ideas at that time.

・・Smoke filmIs John Lennon's idea?

It is said that John Lennon was the first to use the smoke film on the window glass of a car.

John Lennon, who is a popular person and is always attracting attention from the media, probably needed a smoke film for privacy.

This idea is now well established and many drivers use smoked film.

It's a surprising big invention.

・ ・ Do you have a favorite hotel in Japan?

John Lennon often came to Japan, but he often visits Japan.Hotel OkuraIt seems that he was staying at.

It must have been my favorite hotel.

Since his wife was Japanese, he seemed to like Japan, and the Japanese also loved the Beatles and John Lennon.

He is a world-famous singer from England, but he is familiar with Japan and many people became fans, which may be due to his love of Japan.

・ ・ Sing for peace

John Lennon, who was a special solo era, has released songs with a strong message centered on peace.

You can see that he was trying to convey a delicate problem that was difficult to convey to the world by means of a song.

All You Need Is Love-That's John Lennon's Quotations Message

His masterpieces of love, anti-war, and peace remain in people's hearts, and you can still listen to many songs.

John Lennon has changed since he was a lonely boy and was hungry for the love of his true parents, loved himself, loved people, believed in humans until his death, and continued to appeal for peace.

When thinking about why John Lennon is still loved, it can be said that it appears in the lyrics and quotes he left as a song.

It is regrettable that he had the sad end of being killed by a man who was an enthusiastic fan of him.

Death too young made many fans sad, and above all, his wonderful talent was lost.

But "love is everything". His beautiful and gentle soul of love still shines brightly, illuminates the world, and continues to illuminate people's hearts.

Listen to the songs written by "John Lennon" while listening to his gentle and sometimes very loving quotes of human hymns.

He continued to sing and send his message to the end, and he will continue to be a wonderful artist.