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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Nightingale Quotations (English & Japanese) [Touch the beauty of love and dedication to God]

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

(Body) FlorenceNightingaleIs a British nurseModern nursing educationAngel of Light, world-famous as the mother ofCrimean angel)is.

In addition to treating soldiers on the battlefield, she is very famous in Japan as a person who reformed the medical system at that time, and has been respected not only by nurses and medical personnel but also by many people.

This time around, we'll talk about her nightingale, her sayings and quotes based on her life, as well as iconic episodes. 

Florence Nightingale Quotations and Quotations

Raise the purpose high

⭐ English: You will be stepping back unless you keep improving. Raise your purpose high. (Florencenightingale)

⭐ Japanese: Unless you continue to make progress, you are retreating. Raise your purpose high. (Nightingale)

By setting a high and ideal goal, we begin to continue our efforts toward that goal. "Aspiration" is necessary to set that goal.

Important things

⭐ English: When something more important than the life becomes a lot, man and worry become a lot. (Florencenightingale)

⭐ Japanese: The more things that are more important than your own life, the more trouble you have for humans. (Nightingale)

For example, seizing status, honor, property, etc. and living for something that isn't really important can cause a lot of trouble. It is not good mentally and can cause the onset of illness.

Importance of the site

⭐ English: Whatever you do, you can only learn in the field. (Florencenightingale)

⭐ Japanese: No matter what kind of work you do, you can actually learn only in the field. (Nightingale)

A desk theory cannot help a person without truly learning. You can truly "learn" by seeing, hearing, and gaining experience in the field. Seeing is believingly similar.

What the organization should be

⭐ English: There is nothing against which I held out by the organization which has no progress. (Florence)nightingale)

⭐ Japanese: No organization without progress has held up. (Nightingale)

To make progress is to "change" for the better. The inability of an unchanging organization to withstand is a term that is familiar to modern business administration such as Drucker.

Against fear

⭐ English: How very little can be done under the spirit of fear. (Florencenightingale)

⭐ Japanese: What a small thing you can do with a feared heart! (Nightingale)

If you are in a state of fear, you will not be able to exert your strength and you will not be able to achieve great results. You will be able to do big jobs by taking on challenges with courage and without fear.

Strong determination

⭐ This year30Become old. It is the age when Christ began evangelism. The childish thing is over. Useless things, love, marriage. (Nightingale)

Of course, Nightingale knows that in general, love and marriage are not in vain. However, in order to fulfill her "mission" that she has to do, she abandons everything and conveys her spirit of "standing in karate".

Women's independence

⭐ English: Be independent, woman. Stand on your own feet. (Florencenightingale)

⭐ Japanese: Women, be independent. Stand on your own feet. (Nightingale)

It is very courageous to preach to the women of the time the importance of having an independence.

First condition of hospital

⭐ English: The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm. (Florence)nightingale)

⭐ Japanese: The first condition of the hospital is not to harm the patient. (Nightingale)

The starting point for Nightingale's activities and transformation movements is to see the truth of things correctly without being bound by the common sense that "hospitals (medical care) may be harming patients". I did.

Economic thinking

⭐ English: I also depend on spirit of member's service, but that's also powerless without economic aid. (Florence)nightingale)

⭐ Japanese: It also relies on the spirit of service of its members, but it is powerless without financial assistance. (Nightingale)

It also understands the importance of money and management, and teaches us that the ability to look ahead realistically is also important in order to realize our ideals.

Importance of action

⭐ English: I think one ’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results. (Florencenightingale)

⭐ Japanese: It seems to me that people's thoughts are wasted by turning them into words. They should all be transformed into action that produces results. (Nightingale)

(Reference quote) I think it is difficult to fully convey your thoughts unless there is a clear action. (Nightingale)

No matter how well and wonderfully you say your "thoughts," it is meaningless without action. You have to act and get results, not just say.

What is an angel

⭐ English: An angel is the person who fights for the person who anguishes, not the person who scatters a beautiful flower. (Florence)nightingale)

⭐ Japanese: An angel is not a person who scatters beautiful flowers, but a person who fights for those who suffer. (Nightingale)

Angels do not scatter flowers as if they were only apparently decorated, but the true kindness and beauty of angels is to protect and give love to those in distress. That would be the true "act of sowing beautiful flowers."

How to seize the opportunity

⭐ English: I never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself. (Florence)nightingale)

⭐ Japanese: I never miss a chance to get things started. Even small beginnings like mustard seeds can sprout and take root. (Nightingale)

Even if a chance comes, if you are indecisive and hesitate, the chance will pass, such as "The only goddess of luck is her bangs."

However, as a premise, it is necessary to regard opportunities as opportunities, no matter how trivial, and for that purpose, it is important to always have sensors around with goals and ideals to achieve something important. ..

What a leader should be

★The person who holds the person should not look only at the trivial aspects of things, or at his own boring likes and dislikes. (Nightingale)

The leader needs the ability to distinguish the size of things (trunk and branches), and should not be overwhelmed by the branches and leaves. In addition, it is a management saying that is familiar to us today that we should not look at things or judge and use people just by our likes and dislikes.

Background of Nightingale's quotes and sayings

Let's take a closer look at what kind of background Nightingale was and what kind of person he was.

Nightingale's childhood

Nightingale's parents were British aristocrats.

His parents3On the way to a year-long honeymoon, ItalyFlorenceBorn in.

The full name of Nightingale is Florence Nightingale, but Florence is said to have come from Florence.

It is said that he was a child who did what he decided from a young age, and from childhood, you can see the strength of nightingale's will and independence.

The Road to Nurses

Nightingale16At the age of 18, I hear a tell you to use it for God.

And24At the age of 18, I decided to become a nurse in order to save those suffering from the great famine.

After that, he studied nursing and medical care desperately, and entered a school in Germany and began full-fledged study.

Eventually, she returned to the UK to help with the hospital and grew into a wonderful nurse.

Success in the Crimean War

1854YearsCrimean WarWhen the nightingale breaks out, the nightingale nurses soldiers on the battlefield.

While it was difficult to admit it as a woman, Nightingale desperately nursed and was recognized before long.

The soldiers have called him the angel of the battlefield, and it is fair to say that the image of the nightingale today was shaped at this time.

Nightingale's Later Years

Nightingale40My body has weakened since I was about 10 years old, and it becomes difficult to nurse in the field.

For this reason, I am active in the nursing world in a different way, such as publishing books and establishing nursing schools.

The teaching spread all over the world and had a great impact.

It is also excellent in statistics,1910Years8I continued to dedicate that life to nursing until my death in May.

Famous episodes of Nightingale

Here are some of the famous and impressive nightingale episodes.

I was familiar not only with nursing but also with various things.

Nightingale received a variety of educations under aristocratic parents.

For this reason, he demonstrated his talents not only in nursing knowledge, but also in all fields such as statistics, mathematics, and philosophy.

She was a woman who manipulated multiple languages and was a so-called genius.

But rather than her talent making her an excellent woman, I think her love, willingness and will have made her grow.

refuse marriage to become a nurse

Before going to school in Germany, Nightingale was proposed to by a man who was a Member of Parliament in England.

However, in hopes of realizing my dream of becoming a nurse, I refused to propose.

Getting married would have allowed me to live a stable and happy life, but for Nightingale it was more important than anything else to be a nurse.

The importance of the sanitary environment is explained.

When I was nursing in the Crimean War, I thought that the unsanitary environment on the battlefield would cause infectious diseases and other things.

Therefore, we are strongly impressed by the importance of the sanitary environment in medical care, and aim to reform the hygiene aspects on the battlefield and in the medical field.

Nightingale's efforts have greatly changed the hygiene environment, and the conditions of wounded soldiers and patients have improved little by little.

In fact, one side of the popular writer

Nightingale in his later years has published a book on nursing.

Nursing Letter of CareThe book, titled , was a huge hit not only in the UK but globally.

It has a reputation for being useful not only for those who want to become nurses, but also for housewives who protect their homes, and many women read and learned this book at that time.

Nightingale continued to preach nursing ideals

As a nurse, Nightingale made various achievements, including nursing in the Crimean War, the establishment of a nursing school afterwards, and medical reform.

At a time when women's positions were still weak, it would have been very difficult to get these results, but I over got over it with my talent and hard work.

What is her birthday?International Nurse's Dayand is still handed down as a symbol of nurses.

The word angel in a white coat also comes from nightingale. It can be said that the ideal in nursing today is the greatest achievement of nightingale.