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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Katsu Kaishu's quote walk] How to make a life strategy that leads to success

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Katsu KaishuSpeaking of which, he was one of the central figures of the Meiji Restoration scholars who played an active part at the end of the Edo period, and is well known for having achieved the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.

As we will learn in history classes, let's take a closer look at what he was like from his life and interesting episodes, in addition to the sayings and quotes left by Katsu Kaishu.

Katsu Kaishu's maxims and quotes

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ① The Virtue of Guchoku

★Those who accomplish things must be foolish. It doesn't work if you are talented.

Talentedness doesn't work because talent can quickly make you realize that you can't see the essence of things, or you can easily become ecstatic and start falling.

Getting things done requires straightforward feelings, steady efforts, and wisdom and continued action, which may seem silly.

Katsu Kaishu's quote➁At the time of female prostitution

★It can't be helped in a hurry. I think the first thing is to lie down and wait.

Katsu Kaishu has been spending many years in the era of sexual intercourse, although there is a saying that the fruit is to sleep and wait. But in the meantime, he was slowly preparing for the next era.

Waiting for "the time is full" is one of Katsu Kaishu's military arts.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ③ Life Strategy

★You have to have a long life to be important.

Launching like fireworks, short-lived and brilliantly scattered is one life, but in order to achieve big things, you should work hard for the rest of your life. You need such a life strategy.

Katsu Kaishu's quote ④ About the enemy

★The more enemies you have, the more interesting it is.

He taught me how to overcome difficult situations and my mental attitude. You can feel the veteran and strong spirit of Katsu Kaishu.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑤ Conditions for politicians

★There is no secret for politicians. It's just the four letters "sincerity".

Katsu Kaishu's wisdom-filled wise saying expresses the essence of politician conditions in one four-character idiom.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑥ How to determine your own value

★You decide your own value. Even if it's hard and poor, you can't just kill yourself.

Your heart is an undisturbed kingdom, and you are the lord of that kingdom.

It is up to you to decide your own value, and it is not good to despise or give up on your own value just because the situation is not good. I was told that I should not despise or hurt myself.

Katsu Kaishu's quote ⑦ About margin

★If people can't afford it, it can't be very important.

If you can't afford it mentally, you will feel impatient. One way to have a mental margin is to have a wide field of vision. If you can't afford it, you won't be able to reach your goals.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑧ About criticism

★What you do is yours. The criticism belongs to others. I didn't know.

If you can't do anything for fear of criticism from others, you feel responsible for what you do, and you have a cause in Bagbone, you have to move forward.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑨ Importance of action

★You should just do what you do and worry about the rest in your heart. I can only do it anyway.

The first question is whether you are doing what you need to do. Katsu Kaishu's wording is a sharp saying that you only have to do it first and then worry softly.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑩ About the times and people's evaluation

★The substitute for the times is strange, and the value of the person is completely different.

When the times change drastically, individual evaluations also change drastically. Although it is a wise saying at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, it can be experienced in modern society as well as in the midst of social changes and the rise and fall of companies.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑪ How to spend when things go wrong

★There are times of fire and times of ashes in a person's life, and when it is ashes, nothing goes well. In such a case, it is best not to do anything. However, only the small-minded person does something and fails.

When things don't go well, the smaller the person, the more rushed they take action and the more they fail. It is better to do nothing to the outside, and at such times it is important to emulate Katsumi Fune, who has prepared for the future, to improve his physical strength and study hard. ..

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑫ How to succeed

★If you don't succeed, keep working until you succeed and never be interrupted. People in the world can't take care of themselves because they usually run out of patience and get tired by the time a business succeeds.

Your own aspirations are important for your patience. We will pave the way for success as we firmly establish our ambitions, never rush, and continue to push forward.

Katsu Kaishu's Quotations ⑬ About the decisive action

★Everything has to be bold. Whether it's difficult or easy, don't think about it, just enter the so-called selflessness and make a decision.

If you have big dreams and romance, you have to have the courage to move forward. A new future cannot be opened without decisive action, so if you think that it will be useful for the sake of the world and for the sake of the world, it is an overwhelming encouraging saying that you should do your best with a selfless mind.

The background of Katsu Kaishu as the background of the saying

We will take a step-by-step look at the life of Katsu Kaishu.

・ ・ Until becoming a VIP of the Shogunate

Katsu Kaishu1823Year3Month12He is born in Edo on the day.

He was born as a child of Hatamoto, but his house was poor and he seemed to have a hard time in his life, such as borrowing Katsu Kaishu himself.

Still, Katsu Kaishu does not rot, and he grows up while learning swordsmanship and Dutch studies.

Then he went to JapanBlack Ships arriveThen, the Shogunate is looking for measures to counter the Black Ships.

At this time, the written opinion submitted by Katsu was noticed, and this was the trigger.Nagasaki Naval Training CenterIt will be the first grade.

He made use of what he learned here, boarded the Kanrin Maru, and began to play an active role as a VIP of the Shogunate.

・ ・ Role in the bloodless opening of Edo Castle

Even during the Meiji Restoration, victory will accomplish great things.

That is the famous Edo Castle Bloodless Kaijo.

At that time, the Shogunate and the new government army were fighting, but the new government armySaigo TakamoriBy having a meeting with, we will end the Edo Shogunate in a peaceful way without using force.

Had it not been for the bloodless fall of Edo Castle, a large-scale battle would have occurred in Edo and many people would have died.

・・Taisei Hokanrear

Even after the Taisei Hokan, we will continue to support the new government and work hard to lay the foundation for a new Japan.

His later years were the last shogun of the Edo ShogunateTokugawa YoshinobuWe also have a glimpse of loyalty to the Edo Shogunate, such as adopting a child.

Then77He died when he was old.

Katsu Kaishu was born in a poor family, but he also had the ability to learn various things with his strong spirit and make use of what he had learned.

His ability was immediately recognized, and he played an active role as a dignitary of the Edo Shogunate, eventually achieving the great achievement of the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.

His skill, which minimized damage in a peaceful way and at the same time did not create a chance for foreigners to intervene in Japan, symbolizes Katsu Kaishu.

He could have achieved such a feat because he had the desire to complete it without giving up.

Unexpected episode of Katsu Kaishu

Katsu Kaishu is the bloodless opening of Edo Castle, but there are other interesting episodes.

Knowing these episodes will give you a better idea of ​​who Katsu Kaishu was.

・ ・ Actually, I'm not good at ships

Katsu Kaishu is the first Japanese person to cross the Pacific Ocean.

Kanrin MaruI told him to go to the United States, but it is said that he was severely seasick and stayed in the room until his arrival.

He has a bold and vital image, but he seems to have been unable to overcome seasickness.

・ ・ Swordsmanship is also great

Katsu Kaishu has been learning swordsmanship since he was a child.Kashima Shinden JikijutsuI have obtained a license of the school.

He can imagine that his skill was considerable.

The Edo period was a peaceful time, and although he rarely used swords, he also worked hard as a samurai in swordsmanship.

His strong spirit may have been nurtured by swordsmanship.

・ ・ I hate big dogs

He had been bitten by a dog when he was a kid and was seriously injured, and since then he has hated dogs very much.

He is a dynamic person who doesn't care about the details, but he seems to have been scared of dogs. He has something that everyone is not good at.

 Learn Katsu Kaishu's aspirations, spiritual power and foresight!

 Katsu Kaishu was a person who lived at the end of the turbulent Edo period, and while he was a VIP of the Edo Shogunate, he acted with a broad perspective.

It seems that some people sometimes called the outlandish idea unreadable, but with the foresight, they achieved the feat of the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.

He continued to play an active role as a key figure in the new government, striving to make Japan a strong country that could not be defeated abroad.

Born in a poor family, he is a person who learns vigorously from a young age, and it can be said that his great transparent aspirations, foresight, and strong spiritual power for the nation of the world have pioneered his life. ..