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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Learn the love and passion for human resource development

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Konosuke Matsushita (Konosuke Matsushita)Is the current Panasonic (formerlyMatsushita Electric Appliances Mfg. Co., Ltd., Matsushita Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.) is the owner and founder of the company.

Panasonic is one of Japan's leading home appliance makers, and there are many people who have Panasonic home appliances at home.

To put it simply, Konosuke Matsushita is a "person of effort," and even now, as a "father of management," there is no end to the number of managers who model their behavior. Konosuke Matsushita's management base is "love for humans," and he deeply loves human resources, and many people are cultivated to be excellent.

He is also an excellent person not only as a manager but also as a political leader.Matsushita Seikei JukuHas also been established.

Matsushita Seikei Juku is not a general cram school, but a cram school that teaches politics. Many politicians have graduated from the Matsushita Institute of Government and Economics, and it can be said that he has had a great influence on Japan.

This time, we will introduce the quotes that touch our hearts from the many quotes left by Konosuke Matsushita, based on his background and episodes.

The background of Konosuke Matsushita as the background of the saying

God of managementKonosuke Matsushita, who has the nickname of ", is a businessman, an inventor, and has also focused on training politicians, is not limited to the development of the Japanese electrical industry.

The achievements of Konosuke Matsushita, who built a large company called Panasonic, which is world-class in one generation, are the result of extraordinary and tireless efforts.

Here, let's take a look at the background and achievements of Konosuke Matsushita, who had a great influence on the electrical industry, management model, and political world.  

Konosuke Matsushita in his childhood

Meiji27Year(1894Year)11Month27Konosuke MatsushitaWasa Village, Kaiso District, Wakayama Prefecture (Born in Wakayama City today as the third son of his father, Masakusu, and his mother, Tokueda.

And it seems that his childhood grew up freely in a large family of eight siblings.

But when he was four, he was already at a turning point.

He started his business because he failed in the US market and went bankrupt, but his untalented father also failed in business and lost his home and land.

His father went to work in Osaka as it was, and he lived away from his father. And when Konosuke Matsushita was nine years old, he would go to Osaka for apprenticeship and he would work at a young age.

However, the various experiences I gained there later provided me with the knowledge I needed as a manager.

・ ・ Until the founding of Matsushita Electric

A few years after I was an apprentice in Osaka, electricity became an indispensable part of my life as railways were improved in Japan. He was impressed by the fact that trams run on electricity in Osaka, and since then he has been eager to work on electricity.

Konosuke Matsushita was a young child, but he had foreseen that the era of electricity would come.

Then, when he turned 16 in 1897, Osaka Electric Light He joined a company called (currently Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.) and will demonstrate his talents to advance his career. In 1913, Konosuke wanted to improve his knowledge.Kansai Commerce and Industry School Night Club Preparatory CourseEnroll in.

But he can't control his desire to be independent.

Achievements of Konosuke Matsushita

Konosuke Matsushita, who retired from Osaka Electric Light at the age of 22, then went to his home to add up his family and friends.5People will embark on a new business. The business didn't get off to a good start and his friends quit, but Konosuke didn't give up.

After that, he developed new products one after another and expanded his business,1918Matsushita Electric Appliances Mfg. Co., Ltd.1929In 2014, the name was changed to Matsushita Electric Works, and at the same time, the "Platform / Creed" * was put up.

1935YearMatsushita Electric Industrial Co., LtdKonosuke Matsushita, who incorporated his company as a corporation, is working harder and harder on research and development. As procurement of materials becomes more difficult,1941Inventor / Inventor Banzuke in the year West Japan1It will be the rank.

During World War II he was involved in the munitions industry and was in dire straits after the war,PHPLaboratoryHe manages to survive by starting his ethical education with the establishment of.

He worked not only in the electrical industry, but also in the aircraft, securities, and record businesses, with repeated failures and successes.   *reference:    

・ ・ Establishment of Matsushita Seikei Juku

He succeeded as a manager, and Matsushita Electric, which he made, is getting bigger and bigger. Under such circumstances, he came to think that people would not be happy if society did not improve, and he began to actively make proposals to politics.

Eventually, he aimed to develop human resources who will lead the country, including politicians.Matsushita Seikei JukuTo establish. It is said that he used his own property of 7 billion yen, which conveys his strong will. Many excellent human resources have been discharged from Matsushita Seikei Juku, and many politicians are still studying at Matsushita Seikei Juku.

Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations and Quotations (English & Japanese)

 Konosuke Matsushita's vitality and ability to take on new challenges one after another, making a significant contribution to the Japanese industry as a whole, despite the sometimes severe bashing, touched the hearts of many people.

In his later years, he carried out various activities to contribute to the promotion of science and technology that will bring about a better life not only in Japan but also in the world. Then, I will introduce a selection from the many quotes left by Konosuke Matsushita.  

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ① English & Japanese

    English ・ We believe that our business will always succeed
    Japanese ・ "I think that business will always succeed"

Of course, having fun does not mean that you will succeed.

If you do business and work hard and you don't succeed, you have a problem and you have to find and solve it. It is also a commandment that you must succeed because you do business.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's quote➁English, Japanese

    English: All things are developing and developing. Generation and development are natural laws.
    Japanese: Everything is generated and developed. Generation and development is a natural law

It makes sense for nature to generate and develop everything, so it is against nature to not grow.

In other words, in order to do something, it is meaningful not only to "create things" but also to "develop". It is a word that you can feel the passion for manufacturing, "It is a product that is meaningful only by making improvements without leaving it." It's the same in everyday work.  

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ③ English & Japanese

    English ・ It stops because it stops when it fails. If you continue until you succeed, you will succeed.
    Japanese ・ It fails because it stops where it fails. If you continue to the point of success, you will succeed.

People tend to give up when they fail. But Konosuke Matsushita was different.

He was able to demonstrate his extraordinary talent as an inventor and a businessman, not because he failed many times and gave up, but because he stood up from there, accumulated ingenuity and ingenuity, and continued to work hard until he succeeded. was. I definitely want to be an apprentice.  

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ④ English & Japanese

    English ・ It is said that it is three years on the stone. But do not neglect your efforts to master the three years in one year.
    Japanese: "Three years on the stone. However, we must not neglect the effort to learn three years in one year."

Time is not infinite. Of course, the results will depend on how best you can do in your limited time and how much you spend your time lazily.

1What you can do in a year3How hard do you learn and realize it quickly, rather than spending years? It is a saying that Konosuke Matsushita, the inventor who released many products in a short period of time, was not an ordinary spirit but a person of effort. I would like to learn how to put in that enthusiasm and the need for ingenuity.  

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑤ English & Japanese

    English ・ If you are inferior to others comparing yourself with them, it is n’t anything you should be ashamed of; however, if you are inferior this year to what you were last year, it is surely shameful.
    It is not ashamed to say that it is inferior to Japanese and people. But if you compare yourself last year with yourself this year and this year is inferior, that's a shame. "

It's easy for everyone to find that their own wishes don't go in the right direction, or that the results aren't quite right. At that time, people tend to envy others and think that they will fall into themselves in comparison with others. You will be ruminating your misery and spending frustrating days.

However, you should not consider yourself inferior in comparison or competition with others. Because sometimes I don't appreciate the part of the efforts of others that I can't see, and even if it's the same, there are elements in my path that are different from others. But now it may just not be sprouting.

What is important is not the comparison with others, but the comparison with your past and the battle with yourself.

It's embarrassing if you just let the flow go and retreat. First of all, do not spare your daily efforts so that you will not move backward even if you do not move forward. Not moving forward and moving backward are similar and different. If you work hard to move forward with that certain self in your heart, you will find that one day you have made progress. The appearance of such progress is an indescribable joy.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑥ English & Japanese

    English ・ No matter how much you regret the past, you ca n’t change it, and no amount of worrying can affect the future. You just have to do your best right now.
    Japanese: "No matter how much you regret, the past will not change. No matter how worried you are, the future will not change. Now, do your best to the present."

Every human being fails. But no matter how much you regret having passed, the past will not change. But past evaluations can change. If you live the present as hard as you can and are happy, the painful past will turn into a golden evaluation that it was the way to happiness.

And another important meaning of the past is that you can learn lessons from past mistakes and use those lessons as wisdom in your current efforts.

Also, when you have a hard time moving to the future because you are worried that you will not come yet, the time you are frightened by the fear will be wasted. For the future, drawing hope and doing the best at this moment "now" is the key to changing the future.

Now my control works to the maximum. I want to control my heart and try to live as hard as I can.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑦ English & Japanese

    English: Optimism and pessimism. There is a way in pessimism, and a way in optimism.
    Japanese: Good optimism, good pessimism. There is a way in pessimism, and there is a way in optimism.

Both optimism and pessimism will lose their way if they go too far. However, for example, you can find a "road" that goes further from optimism, and you can find a "road" that connects you to the next by learning and feeding from pessimism. Each has its own solution, and the best way to open up the future is to take the best approach at the time.

This may also mean creating new ideas by acknowledging diversity. He also loved the hearts and minds of various people and would have wanted to grow for them. This is an idea that seems to be Konosuke Matsushita, who grew Panasonic into a global company in his lifetime.  

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑧ English & Japanese

    English: Even if you say that you give birth to an idea, it is not born with the lips alone. This is also enthusiastic. The enthusiasm of being absorbed at one time, whether sleeping or waking up, gives us unexpected and good wisdom.
    Japanese: "Even if you say that you create an idea, you can't create it with just your mouth. This is also enthusiastic. You can immerse yourself in it even if you sleep or wake up. Received. "

Konosuke Matsushita, who was full of ideas, was not just a big mouse. I had a big dream, and how much thought and effort was there to send out a world-class product as a product? It's hard to imagine.

Also, as you can see, "Unexpectedly, good wisdom is given", as a result of efforts, you can receive good inspiration. And behind the delicate use of this word, we can see that there is a feeling of gratitude for the invisible gods and Buddha. Effort, gods and Buddha, and gratitude to the people may have been a good driving force for creating the future.    

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑨ English & Japanese

    English: An attitude of not listening to what people say is like seeking for themselves and making the mind poor.
    Japanese: "The attitude of not listening to people is like seeking oneself and making one's heart poor."

I talk about myself, but I don't listen to others. One of the reasons for this may be the "pride" of being satisfied with a small success.

It can be called the heart of a tengu. If you are a tengu, your armpits will become sweeter, and you will not even notice that the people around you are hating you, and you will fall down the slope.

Pride is also a declaration that you will not grow any further, so you should be strict in admonition and tell your heart the "virtue of humility."

Another reason is that I don't really have confidence in myself, so I don't listen to other people's advice or even great ideas.

It's a fear of being hurt, or a miserable feeling of lowering yourself in a "comparison with others" by listening to your own improvements and groundbreaking opinions that you never thought possible.

People who are legitimate and confident in themselves are not deeply moved by hearing the opinions of others.

In order to gain certain confidence, it is necessary to accumulate a solid track record and to respect the gods and Buddha somewhere in your heart.

If you have a faith that loves and respects the gods and Buddha, you can feel that you are loved and expected by the gods and Buddha, and you will have a stable mind and unwavering confidence as a child of the gods and Buddha.

In addition, some people who do not listen to people's words have a habit of pretending to "know" or "know" such things.

Someone who looks down on the other person and is stupid, or who cannot listen carefully because of his rough personality.

People have their own personalities and different perspectives to observe, so even if you think you know what you are saying, you may be able to learn subtly different nuances and new perspectives. not.

Also, creating a personality that listens carefully can give you some hints and help you to see the "essence" of things, not just the top.

In any case, it is important to listen humbly, which also proves the richness of the mind.  

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑩ English & Japanese

    English: One's work cannot proceed without the help of others.
    Japanese: "My work cannot go any further without the help of others."

People who think it's okay to be alone are unaware of their "marriage". Humans cannot live without helping each other, and teamwork will help them grow their jobs.

Even if you think you have achieved results directly, think again and look around yourself. There is something that can only be seen when you want to have that kind of mental perspective. I think there are some people who made copies and actually set up important parts.

Those who can really work and grow are those who have made many small discoveries of gratitude. Even in daily life, discovering what is blessed and always being grateful to those around us is the royal road to success in life.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑪ English & Japanese

    English: My money, my work, my property. Speaking of my own, it's my own, but this is also what I got from the world. It is a deposit from the world.
    Japanese: "My money, my work, my property. My own is my own, but this is also a gift from the world. It is a custody from the world."

It's easy to think that what you get is yours. In Buddhism, this is said to come from the "ego." The ego is the idea of ​​"I am myself". You may usually think that it is yours that you earned, but Konosuke Matsushita told me that it wasn't. That is also a deposit from the world.

Because, in the end, my work and money may go around and return to me, but in the meantime, there is a benefit from God, and the love feelings and strange efforts of various people in the world are added. It has been done.

Isn't the idea that "what you have now, what you have in your possession" gives you an exciting feeling of happiness and the feeling that you must make an effort to reward yourself?

"This life is also entrusted to us by God," says Saigo Takamori. Since it is something that we keep, we must treat life and money carefully, nurture it, and become a life that is useful to many people.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑫ English & Japanese

    English: Business is to impress.
    Japanese: Business is to impress.

Business is about selling products and making a profit, but I learned that the essence of business and the ultimate knack of business is to impress people's hearts. This is a quote that reminds us of the thoughts of Walt Disney, the founder of Disneyland.
➡[Walt Disney Quotations / Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] How to cast love magic | Good luck 100 times .net

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑬ English & Japanese

    English: It is important for people to burn. You need firewood to burn. Firewood is a problem. Worries grow people.
    Japanese: It is important for people to burn. Firewood is needed to burn. Firewood is a problem. Trouble grows people.

It's an interesting expression that impresses me. It's painful when you're worried, but if you can extract learning from those worries, worries are the driving force for human growth.
It is a word full of encouragement and love for young people who wants to grow up by leveraging their worries.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑭ English & Japanese

    English: I don't think I have exhausted everything. Alone on the edge of the cliff. Only then will a new wind blow.
    Japanese: I think all the measures have been exhausted. Standing on the edge of a cliff by yourself. Only then will a new wind always blow.

Successful people manage to take a step forward from the backwaters, where everything seems to be exhausted, and begin on the path to success.

If you have dreams and ambitions that really benefit the world, never give up, and when the feelings and courage to pray from the bottom of your heart are inspired, maybe with the help of heaven The field of view opens. It is an extremely powerful wise saying that connects the words "must".

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑮ English & Japanese

    English: Anyway, think about it. It is to devise. And it is to try. If you fail, try again.
    Japanese: Anyway, think about it. Try to devise. And try it. If you make a mistake, you can start over.

Think. Be devised. To practice. If you make a mistake, start over. These four words will be a concrete guideline for positiveness, brightness, and constructiveness, and will be a common rule for successful people.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑯ English & Japanese

    English: If you think that everyone is bigger than you and you work, you will surely succeed, and you can do a huge job.
    Japanese: If you think that everyone is better than you and work, you will definitely be successful and you will be able to do a tremendous amount of work.

Considering that everyone you meet in life is a teacher, you can learn from their individuality and strengths. To love and cherish the treasure trove is also the secret to making a big vessel as a manager and doing a big job.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑰ English & Japanese

    English: Don't force it. Don't sell what your customers like. Sell what is good for your customers.
    Japanese: Don't force it. Don't sell what your customers like. Sell ​​what is good for your customers.

Some of your favorite things may not be good for you. Also, there may be something other than your current thinking that will benefit you.

It's like having a mother prepare a meal for her children. The love of loving our customers will eventually lead to the appreciation of our customers and lead to prosperous business.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑱ English & Japanese

    English: If you are not willing, you will be lazy.
    Japanese: If you are low-minded, you will be lazy.
    English: I am neither young nor old to make aspirations. And, where there is a will, the road will definitely be opened for both young and old.
    Japanese: I am neither old nor young to make aspirations. And wherever there is aspiration, the road is sure to open for both young and old.

There are dreams, ideals, and romance, and the “high ambition” that emerges from them is the driving force for courageous action and continuous hard work.

If you feel that your energy has dropped in your daily work, you need to devise ways to solve accumulated fatigue by exercising, sleeping, and reviewing your diet, and check the "will" part once again. Probably. Aspiration is also the secret to transcending age.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑲ English & Japanese

    English: Competition is necessary and conflicts may occur. However, I want to have a rich heart that loves my enemies.
    Japanese: Competition is necessary, and conflicts are possible. However, I want to have a rich heart that loves my enemies.

Competition and confrontation are necessary factors for growth, but if they go too far, not only will they become a society with a squeaky squeeze, but also business sales may eventually sneak in evil or flow in the direction of low profit and high sales. , The whole industry feels stuck.

Konosuke Matsushita had the idea (thinking) not only to pursue the profits of his own company, but also to prosper the industry as a whole and the country itself. In that sense, I think that the rich heart that loves the enemy and the size of the vessel of love were one of the secrets to developing the company as a global brand in the end. Also, if you have a love for your enemies, you can study the skills and personnel of other companies.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations ⑳ English & Japanese

    English: Words and actions that come out of good faith and sincerity are valuable in their own right and are something that strikes the heart of the other person.
    Japanese: Words and deeds that come out of sincerity and sincerity are precious and touching to the other person.

In order to have sincerity and sincerity, it is necessary to have a heart that does not lie and deceive, and a heart of love that truly wishes for the happiness of others. The words and actions that I always wish to live in good faith and that I think are good for others will resonate with the soul of the other person and will strike the other person's heart.

With this sincerity and sincerity, a wonderful product was born.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations 21 English & Japanese

    English: When doing business, the manager must first make a judgment and act calmly.
    And on top of that, it's important to gently add emotions
    Japanese: When it comes to things, the manager must first make a calm judgment and act. And on top of that, it is important to gently add emotion.

Knowledge is necessary for calm judgment. It can be said that courage is in action, and affection and affection are affection and love. I learned that these three things, "wisdom, love, and courage," are the attitudes of a leader (manager).

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations 22 English & Japanese

    English: Personnel issues affect management.
    Japanese: Personnel issues affect management.

Konosuke Matsushita, who was said to be the god of management, has a major characteristic of management: "I loved people, nurtured people, and valued people. Is it not? I want to know that human resources are the cornerstone of management.

Konosuke Matsushita is both a manager and a passionate educator, and at the root of it was an overwhelming love for people.

By the way, in this quote, I learned that personnel issues are one of the central axes of the work of managers. The flow of personnel and money is probably the most important matter for management.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations 23 English & Japanese

    English: You can't run a fool, but you can't run a wise man.It must be managed by public knowledge.
    Japanese: You can't run a fool, but you can't run a wise man. It means that it must be managed by public knowledge.

Stupid management is not good, but even if it seems to be working wisely but one-man's dogmatic management temporarily, there is a limit to the ability of the individual and there are blind spots, so it lasts for a long time I will not do it.

In management, it is important to keep in mind to meet the needs of our customers and to gather the wisdom of many people.

  • Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations 24 English & Japanese

    English: I was lucky to succeed. Failure was because I had no power. I started thinking about that.
    Japanese: Success is because success was lucky. I didn't have the power to fail. I came to manage with that in mind.

The feeling of luck will lead to gratitude for the help of heaven. The feeling of gratitude to the heavens and the people invites further success.

Also, when you make a mistake, you tend to blame the environment for people, but that is not the next step. Thinking that I was weak, learning what I should learn from my mistakes, and trying to take on the challenge again will eventually lead to the path to success.

Episode of Konosuke Matsushita

Konosuke Matsushita has many episodes as well as quotes.

The episodes that show his character well and the episodes that show his way of thinking are all interesting.

Here are some episodes to help you understand his ideas in business.

・ ・ Did you have a haircut once every 10 days?

Konosuke Matsushita had a haircut about once every 10 days.

This is a fairly short frequency, but it doesn't seem to be just fashionable.

Because at one point he had a haircut and the hairdresser told me that he should be more careful with his hairstyle.

When asked why, it seems that your head is like a signboard of Matsushita Electric, so it is better not to give a bad impression when seen by people.

Since then, Konosuke Matsushita has been cutting his hair frequently to make a good impression on himself and the company.

・ ・ People are more important than anything else

In 1934, the Muroto typhoon hit Osaka directly, causing great damage to Matsushita Electric.

I had just built a new factory, but many factories, including that one, will collapse.

Konosuke Matsushita, who inspected the factory after the typhoon had passed, told the depressed employees that the factory could be built again and that even humans would be safe.

You can see how Konosuke Matsushita took good care of people and thought that if only people remained, everything else would be fine.

Of course, there will be a part of remarks that think of depressed employees.

It is an episode that conveys the kindness and the magnitude of the measure.

Konosuke Matsushita who loved people and put his life into human resource development

Konosuke Matsushita founded Panasonic and made it a great success.

It is no exaggeration to say that Konosuke Matsushita is one of the manufacturers that sells many home appliances that are indispensable to our daily lives.

At the same time, he was also focusing on human resource development, such as the establishment of Matsushita Seikei Juku.

The idea that people are the basis for moving a country or organization is the basis, and we have nurtured many people according to that idea.

There are many people who are excellent not only as managers but also as leaders and have been influenced by him.

You can learn a lot from him, such as what business should be, what management should be, how people should grow, and so on.

Many of Konosuke Matsushita's quotes still resonate with the times, and even if you are not a businessman, you should keep in mind.

Let's live humbly and positively, remembering Konosuke Matsushita's sayings not only in difficult and difficult times but also in daily life and work.