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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Lincoln's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Touch the passion of courage and belief!

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

In talking about American politicsLincolnThe episodes related to are inevitable.

No.16He became the president of the United States, a great liberator, orFather of slave liberationAlso called.

There is a ranking of successive presidents, where Lincoln's name isGeorge WashingtonAlong with being listed as a popular and great president.

He is also an important person in telling the history of the country of America, and many quotes and episodes are left behind. I followed the words left by Lincoln, who kept his belief, and his life.

Lincoln's Quotations and Quotations

Lincoln's Quotations ① English & Japanese Get up again

★English: I am not concerned that you have fallen – I am concerned that you arise.

Japanese: I'm not interested in you falling. I'm interested in getting up from there.

The power to rebound creates successful people and great people. Just reading this quote will make you feel better.

Lincoln Quotations➁English & Japanese Make a decision first

★English: Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

Japanese: You can do that, decide to do it. Then find a way.

The thoughts that accompany decisions have power, and the words that have thoughts have great power. To make a decision is to cut back and forth. Indecisiveness will not open the door to the future. First, we need to find a concrete way to be motivated, to make decisions, and to manifest their shape.

Lincoln Quotations ③ English & Japanese setup is everything

★English: If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four hours sharpening the ax.

Japanese: If you cut down a tree6Given the time, I'm the first4You will spend time sharpening your ax.

It is said that work is decided by setup. Recognizing that "setup is important" to succeed, it is essential to improve your setup skills.

Lincoln Quotations ④ English & Japanese To go on the road

★English: The person who made the room for a dog is wiser than he gets tired asserting the rights and biting if he meets a dog on the thin way. Even if a dog is killed, the wound bitten at is n’t cured.

Japanese: When you meet a dog on a narrow path, it is wise to give way to the dog rather than claiming your rights and being bitten. Even if you kill a dog, the bite will not heal.

Even if it is correct, if you act with your emotions, you may be attacked unexpectedly, so it is necessary to intervene with wisdom. There are unreasonable blind spots in life, and measures to avoid them are also important.

Lincoln Quotations ⑤ English & Japanese What You Can Do Today

★English: Don't leave tomorrow what you can do today

Japanese: Don't leave what you can do today tomorrow.

Extending the work you can do today to tomorrow may be a common practice for employees who hate work but want to get paid, but it's an "unthinkable" behavior for the president and talented employees. Setting aside work tomorrow is an idea that hinders the development of the organization.

Lincoln Quotations ⑥ English & Japanese Leader Conditions

★English: Even if a partner is the leader who leads to the target in which one is interested most, man does n’t follow the person who does n’t understand his feeling.

Japanese: Humans do not follow those who do not understand their feelings, even if they are leaders who lead them to the goals they are most interested in.

The condition of the leader is to be good at "knowledge (knowledge), emotion (emotion), will (will)". Furthermore, the size and virtue of the vessel are important for the leader, and he cannot be an excellent guide without understanding the feelings of the other person.

Lincoln Quotations ⑦ English & Japanese How to destroy the enemy

★English: When an enemy becomes a friend, you can say that he destroyed the enemy

Japanese: When an enemy becomes a friend, can't you say he destroyed the enemy?

Lincoln's belief that he will make his enemies friends is stated. Perhaps he had the notion of equality and religious love that he was a child of God, even if he was an enemy.

Lincoln Quotations ⑧ English & Japanese Freedom

★English: Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

Japanese: Those who deny the freedom of others are not eligible to be free.

Underlying is the belief that human beings are children of God and given the freedom to be honorable. Anything that denies the freedom of others based on faith leads to denying one's very existence.

Lincoln Quotations ⑨ English & Japanese Voting Value

★English: Voting is stronger than bullets.

Japanese: Voting is stronger than bullets.

The vote is meticulous. The power of people's voting is strong. It expresses Lincoln's words of political enlightenment.

Lincoln Quotations ⑩ English & Japanese Sin of Silence

★English: To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

Japanese: It is the coward who sins silently when he has to protest.

It is a sharp saying that even if you have a desire to protest, pretending not to see and staying silent is comparable to sinning. Courageous behavior without becoming a coward from self-protection will lead to great results that will improve the world.

Lincoln Quotations ⑪ English & Japanese Dream Value

★English: Those who have dreams have no time to compete with others.

Japanese: Those who have dreams have no time to compete with others.

Lincoln Quotations ⑫ English & Japanese Value for Improvement

★English: The person providing for own improvement should have no time when he quarrels.

Japanese: Those who are trying to improve themselves should not have time to quarrel.

Whether your dream is real. You will also be asked if you really try to improve yourself. If you really want to make that dream come true, it's a waste of time to contend with others and get involved.

Lincoln Quotations ⑬ English & Japanese How to be happy

★English: People are as happy as they want to be.

Japanese: People are as happy as they want to be.

The importance of having hope is explained. By having hope and challenging life, you can get a sense of well-being in the process and in the results.

Lincoln Quotations ⑭ English & Japanese What is the meaning of living?

★English: It ’s not the years in your life that count. It ’s the life in your years.

Japanese: It doesn't matter how old you lived, it matters how you lived.

Lincoln56Although he died at a young age, he struggled with hardships while offering bloody prayers to God, and steadily realized many reforms for the people and for the country.

Lincoln Quotations ⑮ English & Japanese Quotations Most Famous Quotations

★English: That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Japanese: We are determined here to never extinct the politics of the people for the people from the earth.

It is the most famous quote of Lincoln's many words that fought for democracy based on his faith in God.

Lincoln's background as a background to quotes

His full name is Abraham Lincoln,Republican affiliationBecame the first president of the politician.

Politics for the People by the PeopleEven Japanese people have heard the catchphrase in social studies classes.

He was also a strong man of the foundations of democracy.

of the American SouthSlave LiberationAndCivil Warpolitical achievements are still being handed down, as they have overcome the crisis of national division.

Career before becoming president

Before becoming a politician, he was a lawyer and run a law firm.

In addition, I also operated a small general store, but the management deteriorated, and when I let go of my business interest, I participated in the Black Hall game.

In addition to lawyers and general store management, he also had the title of military man.

Then he became interested in the world of politics.

・ Become a politician and oppose slavery

He later became a politician,1857A yearDread Scott vs. Sanford CaseA serious trial verdict called

This led to america's bidification of the north in favor of slavery and the south against it.

Lincoln was opposed to the system of slavery and insisted that it should not be spread any further.

・ Become president and leave political achievements

1861Years3In May, Lincoln will finally be president.

The Civil War breaks out during his term, but as president he will be committed to the reunification of the North and South.

And1862Years9MonthDeclaration of SlaveryTo do so.

Because of this background, he is a hero in the liberation of slaves.

Lincoln Episodes

Here are some of the most famous from lincoln episodes that have changed the United States so much.

You may learn more about Lincoln.

・ Trademark beard advice from elementary school students

If you look at lincoln's picture, it has a dignified beard.

In fact, I advised him that he should have a beard.11She was an elementary school girl of 18 years old.

The letter from the girl said that if you get a beard, you will be dignified and everyone will vote.

Lincoln responded to the girl, but was unresponsive, and for the time being, he followed the advice and gave her a beard.

That's when he was elected president.1It was six months later.

He was also great as a wrestler.

Lincoln is193It boasted centimeters and was a giant considering its average height at the time.

You may not be able to image it only by the photograph of the face in the textbook.

As a young man he gained fame as a wrestling player, and about300There have been only a number of defeats in 10 meetings.1It seems to have been times.

It is said that I left the word that I am the strongest stag.

American wrestling organizations have also praised his achievements and presented him with the honor of being a great American.

Let's live thinking about what we would do if it were Lincoln.

We're here to find out more about Lincoln, the greatest in the history of the United States.

He was an American, a lawyer, and a politician, but the sayings left behind may give him an opportunity to show courage regardless of race, profession, etc.

If you're wondering about your life, think about what you would do with Lincoln.

Courageous actions will greatly change the outcome and enrich your life by leaps and means.