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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Ryoma Sakamoto's quote walk] Give life to the nation

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Ryoma SakamotoIs an important person who led the Edo Shogunate to a new era. Even today, there are many Ryoma fans.

Ryoma Sakamoto was able to respond flexibly because he had a different perspective from other people. At the end he ended his life with the sad ending of assassination.

At the end of the Edo periodMeiji Restoration ShishiRyoma's words and wise sayings that played an active role are all useful to us today. It also gives us courage to live in the present age.

In addition, I have left many useful words when I am worried about my life or when I want to increase my motivation.

This time, I would like to introduce some quotes born from the life of Ryoma Sakamoto.

And from various episodes such as sayings and quotes, JapanMeiji RestorationLet's take a closer look at the great figure of Ryoma Sakamoto, who was born in this era.

If you know Ryoma's personality and behavior in detail, it will have a big impact on your life.

The life of Ryoma Sakamoto who left many quotes

  Let's see what kind of person Ryoma Sakamoto was from his background.


Ryoma Sakamoto1835Year11Month15Day,He was born in Kochi prefecture.His father is a low-ranking samurai and was born into a good family.

There is even a theory that Ryoma was a naughty child, and his father forced him to quit the cram school he attended in a fight.

Of his sisterMaidenI am very fond of it, and I can understand the situation in the quotes I will tell you from now on.

His mother died at the age of 12, and he entered the dojo at the age of 14 and worked hard on swordsmanship.

He seemed to be talented and gained strength, and there is a story that he went to Edo to practice swordsmanship at the age of 19. He seems to have been a person who worked positively and acted positively without giving up from around this time.

・・KurofuneAfter the arrival of

When the Black Ships arrive in Japan, Ryoma will think that Japan cannot beat the world as it is. 27Ryoma Sakamoto, who is old, joins the Tosakinou Party. HoweverThe month after he returned to Tosa, he was told that "something with aspirations must stand up."DappanTo do.

He leaves the clan without permission to leave the clan. To put it simply, he is a crime in the same way that he leaves the country without a passport.

He had a strong desire to change Japan even if he did just that.

He headed for Edo again without having the bill of the Sahan. Here he becomes a disciple of Katsu Kaishu.

Katsu KaishuIntroduction to private school, andNavyRyoma Sakamoto, who worked hard at his training, grew up to be one arm of Katsu Kaishu. In 1864 he was the messenger of Katsu KaishuSaigo TakamoriI am also meeting with you.
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Ryoma travels all over Japan and carries out various activities to change Japan. Typical onesKaientaiProbably.

In 1865, he launched Japan's first trading company called "Kameyama Shachu" in Nagasaki.

It was realized by using the organization in this Kameyama company.Satcho Alliance.. Ryoma SakamotoSatsuma Domain and Choshu DomainI got along with him.

At that time, the Satsuma domain and the Choshu domain were friends of dogs and monkeys. By having a relationship, a stronger relationship with the Edo Shogunate will be built.

As the captain of the Kaientai, he contributed to the alliance between Satsuma and Choshu, and suppressed the overthrow by the armed forces of the Choshu clan, which had a great influence on Japan after that.

Teradaya in FushimiRyoma Sakamoto was attacked by an official at the Fushimi Magistrate's Office when he stayed at the hotel, and it was his wife who later treated the wound.Dragonis.

The two had their first honeymoon in Japan. This also serves as a remedy for Ryoma Sakamoto.

This is not the only achievement of Ryoma Sakamoto. It was Ryoma Sakamoto who considered the development of Ezo (Hokkaido) and Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture. Ryoma Sakamoto was also good at Japanese territory and economy.

"Kameyama Shachu", which was launched in Nagasaki, was later renamed "Kaientai". Ryoma Sakamoto was appointed as the captain.

And Ryoma thinks about eight measures, so-called "Senchū Hachisaku". thisSenchū HassakuThe Taisei Hokan will take place, and the Edo Shogunate will be opened without blood.

Taisei HokanIt can be said that Ryoma Sakamoto supported this from the back.

・ ・ Non-working death

Ryoma has moved for the future of Japan, but on November 15, 1867, finally in Kyoto.OmiyaI will be assassinated in the place.

At that time, Ryoma was just 33 years old, and in the current sense, he died too young.

The details of the assassination are unknown, and various theories are still being proposed in the form of a kind of mystery.

It was a short life, but without Ryoma Sakamoto, Japan might not have existed today. It was that important at the end of the Edo period.

Ryoma Sakamoto's quotes are all modern

 Ryoma Sakamoto is one of the people who laid the foundation for modernization from the Edo Shogunate. There are many wise sayings that can be seen at that time, as well as those that pierce our hearts today. Let's look at the quotes by theme.

Quotations that show the state of Ryoma Sakamoto at that time

The quote when I met Takamori Saigo is very famous.  

Quotations ①: We see Saigo for the first time. The person is elusive as a vague. Just like a big bell. If you hit it small, it will sound small. If you hit it big, it will sound loud

This is the word that Ryoma Sakamoto conveyed to Katsu Kaishu after an interview with Takamori Saigo. When Ryoma Sakamoto met Takamori Saigo, he claimed to be an unknown person. It's a very complimenting word, even though I don't understand it well. Upon hearing this, Katsu Kaishu said, "Ryoma Sakamoto has the power to discern."

Quotations➁: Wash Japan again and declare

These are the words that were written in the letter I sent to his dear sister "Otome". A word that decided to regain the original Japan. The analogy of "laundry" is used to mean that the pus of the Edo Shogunate is drained cleanly.

Ryoma Sakamoto was a person who was more interested in foreign countries than anyone else. Therefore, he criticized the closed Japan. He was also disgusted by the officials who prioritized his own desires, and felt a sense of crisis that Japan would decline at this rate.

He has a strong determination to create a new Japan.

Quotations of Ryoma Sakamoto that is familiar to the present age

Looking at Ryoma Sakamoto's quote, it is clear that people think the same even in different times.

In addition, Ryoma Sakamoto's words pierce my heart because it is a modern day where everything is available, and it makes us think that we must act anew.  

Quotations ③: When I get tired, my thoughts are inevitably lost. I feel confident when I sleep well

Ryotaro ShibaIt is a quote written in "Ryoma goes". Are you tired of working and studying every day? When you get tired, all your thinking ability deteriorates. Also, the impatience that comes from tiredness makes it impossible to think of the wonderful things that should be.

It seems that Ryoma Sakamoto knew this from that time, and if you sleep well, you will naturally feel positive, and you will gain motivation and confidence. It's an opportunity to review your current lifestyle.  

Quotations ④: Because you were born as a person, you should have a big dream like the Pacific Ocean

This is also a word from Ryotaro Shiba "Ryoma Goes His Way". It is a living thing on the earth, and only human beings can dream and put it into practice.

As Ryoma Sakamoto says, why not have a big dream? Even if it doesn't come true right now, if the dream is shining for the people for the sake of the nation, the cooperation of other people will come out and the dream will gradually move toward fulfillment. ..

Let's have a big dream that will move people's hearts. Believe in various possibilities and take on the challenge.  

Quotations ⑤: It's really a fool to spend the day in a place where there is no ambition

There is something similar to the quote I mentioned earlier, but he says that it is ridiculous to spend his days lazily without aspirations. It is said that it is important to have aspirations, but this is true even today.

So how can we have aspirations? It means that there are dreams, ideals and romance. Imagine a high ideal that will lead to the well-being of many.

It's a waste to spend your daily life lazily and regret it later. While having big dreams and high aspirations, working hard to achieve small goals will give you confidence, which will lead to big goals.  

Quotations ⑥: Transform yourself according to the times

He teaches us to be flexible depending on the time and the case. This is still true. Many people may be confused by the suddenly changing environment in their busy days.

It is important to have a flexible mind on a daily basis in case of such a situation. If you cultivate this flexible mind, you will be able to calmly deal with possible troubles in the future. Fostering a flexible mind requires extensive knowledge and experience and true self-confidence.  

Quotations ⑦: I don't argue, even if I win the argument, I can't change the way people live

Discussion is not always unnecessary in society. What Ryoma Sakamoto wants to say is that "people's way of life cannot be changed."

Winning the argument that Ryoma Sakamoto says may also mean defeating the opponent with a logical attack. Such an argument and persuasion are different. If you persuade them, you can really convince them.

However, even if it is correct, if the other person is defeated in the discussion, a lump will remain in the other person's mind, and as a result, it will be difficult to fundamentally change the other person's way of thinking and way of life.

Ryoma Sakamoto was rare at that time, and he listened to the opinions of people from different positions, and was a person who absorbed more and more what he thought was good. Therefore, he probably did not have the definition of "discuss". That is one of Ryoma's popular secrets.

Quotations ⑧: Money comes with people's vessels even if they don't want it. If you do a big business that will surprise the world, then the funds will come and you will naturally gather.

Ryoma Sakamoto says that if you have great aspirations and increase your business performance, you will naturally collect money. It is true that even if you jump only on your immediate income, if you do not have humanity, you will eventually move away.

The first thing to do is to have big dreams, hone yourself, and create great achievements that you can leave for posterity. People move by feeling the great romance behind them, looking at them, not money.

Ryoma Sakamoto's Quotations and Quotations ⑨ ~ ⑱

★When persuading the other person, do not use fierce words. In the end, things can't be accomplished just by resentment.

You can't win trust with violent words alone, and things don't go well with resentment. It is clear that Ryoma Sakamoto was also familiar with the subtleties of the human mind.

★If he does things, he must store wisdom, courage, and jin.

"Satoshi, Jin, Yuu" is a condition for leaders even today. Satoshi is deep knowledge, Jin is love, and courage is courage.

★There is no chance of failure in the human world.

Even if you think you have failed, you can take lessons from them and apply them to the next. The importance of actively trying everything is at the root.

★The real job is to break the preconceived notions of the world.

There are many things that are not true or incorrect, even if they are preconceived ideas and common sense in the world.

It is essentially the job of a true politician to take a blank slate, think about what is truly correct, and create new common sense. For example, Lincoln's job of changing slavery was also a job of breaking preconceived ideas.


★Human beings will open up the world by their favorite way.

The favorite path here is the path of the Meiji Restoration scholars who have the "selfless greed" to push forward for the nation of the world without considering only their own interests.

Even in modern times, asking what your favorite path is, and if it is a path that leads to the world and for others, courageously pushing forward will open up the world. It will lead to going.

★I'm more of a person thinking about what to do next than being discouraged.

It would have been a waste of time for Ryoma Sakamoto to be discouraged. When things go wrong, we will learn lessons from them and think about the next move, which will pave the way for success.

★I don't know everything.

Seeing is believing. I say the importance of seeing, but what comes with seeing is "activity." Act, see with your own eyes, feel with your own heart, think with your heart, and move. Just hearing from people and thinking in their heads often deviates from the truth.

★Don't be prejudiced. Whether the other person is a bakushin or a beggar, I will receive it if it is a person who should be taught.

Ryoma Sakamoto truly saw humans equally. Regardless of the position of the other party, it is a saying that symbolizes Ryoma that he should actively ask for teaching from the excellent part of that person.

★As long as a boy is alive, he should have an ideal and climb a hill to get closer to the ideal.
★I will steadily build things one by one. I will not do anything that does not fit the reality.

Even if you set a high ideal, it should not be just a fantasy. The high ideal is to be realized, and the way to realize it is steadily taking a step forward. It's about betting your life and building up your hard work.

★There is no one way in the human world. There are hundreds, thousands, and millions of roads.

In order to advance the world of people and realize big dreams, it is important to have a broad perspective, think about various possibilities, and fight with new ideas.

Famous episode of Ryoma Sakamoto

From here, I will introduce the episode of Ryoma Sakamoto.

Ryoma has achieved great achievements, but there are other famous episodes of him. I just want to know what kind of person he was.

・ ・ My sister replaces my mother

Ryoma lost his mother early, and his sister's maiden raised Ryoma in place of his mother.

It seems that he was very Spartan, and it is said that it was the maiden who corrected the character of Ryoma, who had been a naughty and youngest temperament until then.

Ryoma also seems to have respected her maiden, and he has sent many letters.

It is an episode that shows that he cherished the maiden who was his sister and second mother.

・ ・ Was Katsu Kaishu initially an enemy?

Sakamoto Ryoma and Katsu Kaishu have a strong image of having the same ideals.

However, at the beginning, there is a theory that Ryoma Sakamoto may have gone to see him to slash, or assassinate, Katsukaishu.

However, he was persuaded by Katsu Kaishu and resonated with that idea and became a disciple. This story is written in a book left by Katsu Kaishu and can be said to be a realistic story.

It is an anecdote like Ryoma Sakamoto who listens to people's stories and takes in opinions flexibly without prejudice.

・ ・ I made my first honeymoon in Japan

Ryoma had a wife named Oryu. In fact, this trip with Ryō is said to be the first honeymoon in Japan.

At that time, Ryoma was attacked by hostile forces at Teradaya, injuring his hands. I went to Kagoshima because of the treatment, but it seems that Ryō was accompanied and had a good time.

This shaped the honeymoon and remains an event for newlyweds to go on a trip.

It's a story like Ryoma's wife's thoughts.

Ryoma who gave up his life for the nation of the world

Ryoma Sakamoto will play an active role in establishing the Kaientai and negotiating the Satcho Alliance in order to make Japan second to none in the world.

It can be said that Ryoma is responsible for the existence of Japan today.

And I think that the reason why there are still many fans is that there are many parts that sympathize with his unwavering way of thinking, caring for the surroundings, and the "will" that gave up his life for the nation of the world.

In addition, the personality of everyone who treats and listens equally is attractive, which affects many people.

Let's imitate the way of life like him and fly big humanly.