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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Yoshida Shoin's Quotations Walk] Learn from the rushing "Sincerity Enthusiasm"

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Yoshida ShoinIs a Japanese thinkerSamurai who worked hard for the defeatBut there is also.

If he takes a Japanese history class or checks his history creations, his name will come up.

He is generally a spiritual leader in the Meiji Restoration,Matsushita Village SchoolIt had a great influence on young human resources who played an important role in the Meiji Restoration by opening a private school.

The quotes and sayings he left behind hide hints to bring the execution power needed in this era.

For those who want the ability to execute in order to survive in this era where various things change drastically, please refer to the words of Shoin Yoshida.

Yoshida Shoin's maxims and quotes

Yoshida Shoin's quote ①Become a dreamer

★No ideal for those without dreams, no plans for those without ideals, no execution for those without plans, no success for those without execution. Therefore, there is no success for those without dreams.

Shoin Yoshida, who influenced many young people aiming for the defeat. What goes through this wise saying is the strength of the "ambition" that emerges from dreams and ideals.

Yoshida Shoin's quote➁Exclude my heart

★If you remove even your personal feelings, you can move forward, move back, go out, or go out.

Yangmingism has the idea that if the mind is not clouded by selfishness, its original way is in line with reason.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ③Do you have a belief?

★For the most part, public praise (praise and swearing) is unreliable.

If you have a solid belief in yourself, you don't have to worry about swearing and praising.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ④About human value

★All human beings are born with some pure gold. The saint's pure gold and our pure gold are no different.

People who are reluctant to do nothing to themselves actually have the advantages of pure gold called talent, pure gold as a loving person, and various pure gold.

Or, in Buddhist terms, all human beings have Buddha-nature as a child of Buddha. And let's mean he's nurturing his strengths.

Whether or not this Buddha-nature shines depends on the person's efforts. It is a gem of an educator who loved the nature of people as children of Buddha and was good at developing their talents, which is also their strength.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑤Have aspirations

★What cannot be robbed is ambition. It is its function that does not perish.

Aspirations are born from dreams and high ideals. It contains a hot message that only aspirations and beliefs should not be abandoned.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑥Make sincerity a policy

★There must still be someone who does not move in good faith.

It is a saying that you can achieve anything if you act in good faith. If the word sincerity is the policy of life, you can do a big job.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑦Make "time" an ally

★Things that are difficult to achieve are different, and things that are easy to lose are opportunities. It is not possible to open things up and down, and it is a sin of a person to sit down and lose.

Even in difficult situations, you will have excellent "time" and opportunities if you take on the challenge. In addition, we will open up further paths by taking positive action without missing time.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑧Correct your mistakes

★It's not about making mistakes, it's about making mistakes.

Even if you try something and make a mistake, it does not become a problem in itself, but it is important to have an attitude to correct it so that you do not repeat the same mistake, and to draw lessons from that mistake and turn it into wisdom. ..

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑨Contract of teacher-apprentice relationship

★Don't be a teacher of people unnecessarily. Don't let people be your teachers.

Shoin Yoshida has many disciples and has made a name for himself in history, but he seems to have hated the simple teacher-disciple relationship that is commonly referred to in the world. Is it a child-child relationship that you are looking for to share your ambitions and make a soul contract?

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑩Get into the habit of reading

★Reading today is a true scholarship.

In this era, unlike in the past, video sites andSNSThere is also news such as, and you can check by entering new information, but after all the amount of information and the quality of information are not better than books (books). Get into the habit of reading and be motivated to study.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑪Why do people learn?

★Learning is learning how humans should live.

Why do people need to learn? It's a saying that answers.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑫Do it

★If you decide and do it, nothing can prevent it. If you take the plunge and try to do something important, forget about what you can or cannot do first.

To put it the other way around, it's not a real decision or decision while thinking about what you can or cannot do. If you really need to do it, you should definitely move on.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑬Is that aspiration genuine?

★If you decide, you will be excited.

If you have the ambition, you will naturally become motivated, and that ambition will move in the direction of fulfillment. "Aspiration" is an important keyword, and its purity and sublime are questioned. I would like to emulate the aspirations of the Meiji Restoration scholars who gave their lives for the nation of the world.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑭Breaking stereotypes

★You guys. Go crazy.

It does not mean that the word crazy is taken negatively, but that it is not caught in common sense or stereotypes. Ryoma Sakamoto was also said to be the best idiot in Japan. A group of idiots who saw the truth has achieved the Meiji Restoration.

Yoshida Shoin's Quotations ⑮Are you spending your soul?

★There are people in the world whose bodies are alive but whose hearts are dead. On the contrary, some people have souls even if their bodies are destroyed. If my heart dies, I can't help living. If the soul remains, it makes sense even if the body is destroyed.

It is a word that shows Shoin Yoshida, who gave his life for the defeat, and his indomitable spiritual power. It seems that the souls of Professor Shoin Yoshida and other scholars of the Meiji Restoration are still alive today and speak eloquently to the modern world.

The background of Shoin Yoshida as the background of the saying

From the Shokasonjuku Academy opened by Shoin Yoshida, there will be multiple core members of the government after the Meiji Restoration.

Shoin was the greatest player in the Meiji Restoration, and seemed to be a god to the samurai at the end of the Edo period.

Some may have a vague image, but may not know exactly what he was like. Let's briefly introduce the background of a person named Shoin Yoshida.

・ ・ Shoin Yoshida in childhood

Shoin Yoshida was born in Hagi, Nagato Province in the first year of Tenpo.

5At the age of age, he became a temporary adopted child of his uncle, Daisuke Yoshida, and succeeded the Yoshida family.

As a child, he received a Spartan education from that time and was struck by academics.

・ ・ Having an external idea

As an adult and active, he was impressed by the advanced civilization of the West.

He decides to study abroad, but it doesn't come true due to the effects of the war, but he comes to have an external ideology.

・ ・ Open Matsushita Village School

Ansei4In the year, he took over the name of the Shokasonjuku Academy, which his uncle presided over, and opened the Shokasonjuku Academy on the site of the Sugi family to raise his disciples.

Rather than being taught unilaterally by Shoin Yoshida, there were also events such as exchanging opinions with his disciples, mountain climbing and swimming.

His private school is said to be a living discipline, and Hirobumi Ito, the first Prime Minister, also studied at Shokasonjuku Academy.1It was a person.

OtherYamagata AritomoOrYamada AkiyoshiShinsaku TakasugiThe person who appears in Japanese history textbooks was his disciple.

・ Famous episode of Yoshida Shoin

Here are some of the most famous and impressive episodes of Shoin Yoshida.

What kind of episode does he leave for the overthrow of the shogunate?

・・PerryWas also recognized by! ??

Perry, who urged the seclusion of Japan to open, is a famous person in history textbooks.

In fact, Shoin Yoshida boarded the fleet and begged Perry for stowaway.

From a standpoint, the American side refuses to do so, but Perry seems to be surprised by Yoshida Shoin's high level of knowledge and polite attitude.

The Americans are said to have applied for generous punishment when handing him over to the shogunate.

・ ・ It was a memo demon

Shoin Yoshida has left a number of sayings and quotes, and books that summarize them are also on sale.

In fact, it is said that Shoin Yoshida was a memo demon, and he seems to have had a habit of writing down anything.

When I wrote and sent a letter to his friend, there was an episode that he copied and wrote it down.

His name is still famous and has become a model for creative works, perhaps because of the many words left behind.

・ ・ In a fire, he carried out the luggage of another person than himself.

When he was staying at a house and studying, the house caught fire.

However, Shoin Yoshida helped carry out the luggage of his landlord and did not take out his luggage.

The reason was that he had many important things if he was the owner of the family, but his own things were not so big compared to that.

Resolutely open the way with high aspirations

From the episode of dreaming overseas and boarding an American fleet, it can be said that Yoshida Shoin's execution power is tremendous.

At that time, his words and actions were radical, and some people seemed to think that he was terrible and dangerous, but he had a great influence on Japan after that.

Opportunistic politicians and leaders can't change anything, just for their own benefit.

In this era as well, if there is a high aspiration to benefit the nation, it is extremely important to take a firm stand on the road without worrying about the voices and evaluations of those around us.