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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Ninomiya Sontoku's Quotations Walk] Learn from the passionate source of Japan's reconstruction

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

A symbol of diligence and virtueSontoku NinomiyaHas left a number of quotes.

It can be said that it is important to know the profile of a person because the way of life and way of thinking from childhood to death influences the wise saying. This time, I would like to introduce some gems based on the background of Sontoku Ninomiya.

Profile of Sontoku Ninomiya who left a saying

 Sontoku Ninomiya1787Current in the yearOdawara City, Kanagawa PrefectureWas born in

His father, Riemon, inherited the fields from his adoptive father, so he lived a rich life as a farmer.1791Year, Sontoku Ninomiya5At his age, the Sakawa River near his home was flooded, his house was washed away, and his fields were lost, and his life suddenly became poor.

1800After his father died of illness in the year, his mother and brother2I will work hard as the main pillar of the family to support people.

However1802His mother died in the year and his younger brother2The person was entrusted to his mother's parents' house and he moved to his grandfather Manbei's house.

Takanori worked hard during the day and read at night at his grandfather's house, but Manbei hated reading at night. He decided that the kerosene that lights the light was useless when reading.

Satoshi planted rape by himself and used rapeseed oil as kerosene.1804He spent up to the year at his grandfather's house.

After boarding at his relative's house1806At the age of 20, he succeeded in repairing the house that was washed away, buying back the fields, and rebuilding his birthplace.

While running a farm as a landlord, he also worked as a samurai servant, helping his relatives and elders in need and becoming known.

1816Although he took his first wife in the year1819Divorced in the year, the following yearNamiRemarried.

He made many achievements until his death in 1856 at the age of 70, and his serious and honest personality was loved by the villagers.600He is allegedly involved in the reconstruction of the above village.

A shrine that enshrines virtuesIs in Odawara, the fabric, and in Nikko, where he died.

He went to elementary school because he had the image of being a hard-working and honest hard worker.A bronze statue of reading with firewood on his backIs installed.

Quotations of Sontoku Ninomiya

 Sontoku Ninomiya was instrumental in the reconstruction of rural areas and rebuilt his lost homes and fields. Therefore, his quote has a lot of content about frugality and business.

Let's take a look at the quotes that were born in his serious and sincere life, divided into business, way of life, and life.

Sontoku Ninomiya Quotations: About Business

Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations ①

You should be happy to sell and happy to buy. There is no choice but to sell and buy. The way of renting is also joyful to lend, and there is no choice but to be happy to borrow.

After a poor childhood, Sontoku Ninomiya continued to act hard for the troubled people such as villagers, even after establishing a position where he would not have trouble with money and food.

His thought that he thinks not only about himself but also about the other person is the secret to the prosperity of business. He is happy with both himself and others, and shows the way for the economy to grow and develop happily.

Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations➁

・ An economy that has forgotten morality is guilty. The morality of forgetting the economy is somniloquy.

Business does not go well even if you are only conscious of profit. On the contrary, even if morals are coordinated, if there is no economic idea, both the nation and the individual will enter the path to destruction. Balancing morality and economy is the key to successful business and the path to a rich heart of Daikokuten.

Takanori found the injustice of the officials and courageously reformed the villagers so that they would not feel painful. One of the factors that many people loved is that he acted thinking about the people around him and steadily accumulated achievements.

Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations ③

・ Those who want to take care of themselves should do small things first. A dwarf is always the one who wants to take care of him, neglects to do small things, and is worried about how difficult it is to become. If you stack it small, it becomes large.

It is said to be the most famous quote of Sontoku Ninomiya.

It is said that stacking small things and steadily turning small gears is extremely important for the success of big things.

When you want to be a big success, you tend to do big things suddenly, even if you know it's reckless. Also, from the feeling of impatience, from the feeling of aiming for a lot of money, from the delusion of a one-shot game, I forced myself to try big things without careful preparation, and I failed because my side and packing were sweet. I will end up.

When you want to make a big success, you may feel that you don't care about the small things in front of you, but to get on the path to success, you just do what is in front of you and make small things. We must steadily build up success. Then, somewhere, he becomes a tipping point and a scene where he makes a leap comes.

The path to success is to continue to work diligently and gradually turn the gears. this"Large productMany people still carry the word "" in their motto.

Sontoku Ninomiya Quotations: About Lifestyle

 Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations ④

・ Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Don't make friends what you are good at and what you are inferior to. Abandon people's weaknesses and make their strengths friends.

A scholar of the Meiji Restoration and a major educatorYoshida ShoinIt is a quote content that also leads to.
➡[Yoshida Shoin's Quotations / Quotations Walk] Learn from the enthusiasm of sincerity | Good luck 100 times .net

Sontoku Ninomiya, who saw an old man who had been able to work while clearing the village, continued to do the troublesome work that the villagers dislike every day, gave him not only regular wages but also consolation money.

He wasn't very strong because he was old, but he focused on the old man's strength of "a spirit of service that works diligently in the hope that it is good for people, not just for money."

Everyone has their weaknesses. However, it is important not to focus only on the bad points, but on the points that the other person is good at. By interacting with the strengths, you will think that the other person has been recognized, and your relationships will improve.

Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations ⑤

・ If you try to draw water toward yourself, you will run away, but if you push it to give it to the other party, it will return to you. So you have to give it to someone.

Sontoku Ninomiya has built up a sufficient position, but he has always offered money and effort for others without enclosing his property.

As a result, he lived a life that earned the trust of others and was loved by many.

If he was a person who thought only about himself, he would not have been adored.

He lives a life that gives love to many. Act by thinking not only about yourself but also about the other person. It is a saying that preaches the "importance of love" with compassion.

Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations ⑥

・ Only in good faith can you turn a bruise into good fortune. The technique is useless.

Even in modern times, it is touted to live in a good manner, but it is more important to live a sincere way of life in your own actions and in giving to others, rather than learning the skills of your immediate hands.

It is said that people who live a sincere life have a soft and dazzling aura that cannot be said, and the demons gradually avoid it. Also, those who live in good faith have heavenly blessings and help people. And those who live in good faith try to learn lessons from the wrath and use them as hints for their next success. Honesty is the secret to turning evil into good fortune.

Sontoku Ninomiya Quotations: About Life

Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations ⑦

・ As long as you are born with a person, it is inevitable that you will die. Longevity is a trivial difference, for example, candles are large, medium and small. If you are prepared to die as long as you are born with a person, you will make a day if you live one day, and you will earn a lifetime if you live a year.

People will surely die. So why are people born in this world and living so hard?

To answer this question, it is necessary to unravel the Buddhist "idea of ​​reincarnation reincarnation." It is that human beings go back and forth between this world and that world, and this world is like a school. The idea is that it is a place of learning for the soul.

A world-famous fairy tale writerAndersenAlso leaves the words "people are travelers of life" and "the world is like a school".

People are afraid of death and stick to living long. In a materialistic way of thinking, "this world is everything", so I think it's "must be", but if you overdo it just to live long, you lose sight of the purpose and mission of life.

If the purpose of life is to study the soul and its mission is to help each other and create a wonderful world, thank you for the day you have been given today and sincerely to live well as a person. I want to make an effort.

Being prepared to die by all means means that death is a graduation from a school in this world. Thank you for the day you have been given and let your life shine with the thoughts of a lifetime.

Sontoku Ninomiya Quotations ⑧

・ In the world, the true road is just one line, and the name of the entrance to the road is God, Confucianism, and Buddha.

There are many religions and teachings, but if you practice each one, it will become an entrance to the same path.

He played a central role in the idea of ​​Sontoku Ninomiya when the Great Buddha was built in Nara.Gyoki BosatsuThere will be a similar idea.Great Buddha of NaraIs the Buddha of the Buddha, and it is said that the Buddha of the Buddha represents the Buddha's Dharmakaya. The Buddha's Dharmakaya is the true form of the Buddha, which also controls the earth and the universe.

Ninomiya Sontoku Quotations ⑨

・ Even if you realize that you have done something wrong or made a mistake, you have to change it. Things in the world cannot be achieved without execution.

You are taught the way from reflection to development.

You can't just think you've done something wrong and you have to put it into action. What is that execution? One is that if you think you have done something wrong, you will apologize to others by acting in words. If you can't apologize directly, apologize first in your heart.

Another thing to put into practice is to find lessons in what you have done wrong. Wisdom called lessons will lead to the next development.

In any case, even if you do something wrong, you will be able to achieve many results like Sontoku Ninomiya by reflecting on it and actually taking action.

Also, there are many people who haven't done anything wrong, but complain and take no action to resolve it. Instead of mourning the unchanging situation forever, think about how you can solve it and act accordingly.

Have a wonderful life in the spirit of morality!

 The serious and hard-working quotes of Sontoku Ninomiya are all words that touch the hearts of many people.

There are many teachings, such as thinking about others as well as your own interests, looking at the good things of others, and the importance of small stacks.

Let's spend every day with compassion and a wonderful life without regrets.