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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Steve Jobs Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] How to create and utilize original ideas

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Steve JobsHe is a well-known businessman from the United States and also has the face of a writer or educator.

AppleCo-founder of1A person, his name is known all over the world.

Because of illness56He died at a young age, but many celebrities have commented on his death.

During his lifetime he left behind a number of quotes and episodes. If you feel stuck in your life or don't find it interesting, please refer to Steve Jobs's way of life and quotes.

Steve Jobs Quotations and Quotations

Steve Jobs Quotations ① Difference between Success and Failure

★The biggest difference between success and failure is whether to give up on the way.

It's a very simple content, but it's said to be perfect. Enthusiasm is of utmost importance to success, and success or failure depends on the ability to sustain enthusiasm.

Steve Jobs Quotations➁To hit English / Japanese

★English: Every marketing can not make it a hit.

Japanese: No marketing can make a bad product a hit.

The idea that bad work is bad is a software (content) -oriented way of thinking. Marketing and techniques alone do not create hit products. After all, good product content is the most important thing, and to put it in a nutshell, bad products are rude to consumers.

Steve Jobs Quotations ③ English / Japanese Quantity and Quality

★English: Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.

Japanese: Quality is more important than quantity.2From the double of the book1Book home runs are much better.

It is not a product that is compromised as in other companies, but a product that can only be done by our company, and it is a word that puts a commitment to quality rather than quantity.

You need to create something that is convincing, at least in the light of your ideals, or in the light of consumer needs (not just superficial, but also potential needs in the sense of creating demand). It means that there is.

Steve Jobs Quotations ④ English / Japanese Teamwork

★English: Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Japanese: Great achievement1It cannot be done by humans. Achieved by the team.

Steve Jobs emphasized respect and balance while enduring people with personalities that were incompatible with him.

Business owners use themselves as well as others. In other words, he objectively analyzes his own strengths and weaknesses, always thinks about how to combine them with the nature of his subordinates, and achieves the best results in teamwork.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑤ English / Japanese What is a job?

★English: I'm not working to do good business.

Japanese: I'm not working to manage well.

For him, his business philosophy wasn't just to make money, to manage or market, but just to create the best value.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑥ English / Japanese Simple essence

★English: Simple can be harder than complex.

Japanese: Simple is more difficult than complex.

Steve Jobs had the aesthetics of subtraction, and he was particular about eliminating waste and keeping things simple. "Simple" may lead to the quest for truth that true religions and seekers seek.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑦ Dangerous Pit

★What I want to do safely is1It's the most dangerous pitfall.

Steve Jobs is a man who has not been able to keep up with the stable situation even when hit products are released and has continued to innovate without fear of risk. It is also in line with Disneyland's corporate philosophy of constantly transforming hit pavilions and shows year after year.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑧ English / Japanese Great artists

★English: Good artists copy, great artists steal. (Pablo Picasso)

Japanese: A good artist imitates. Great artists steal.

The word "steal" here includes the content of seeing the value. The origin of this word is Picasso, and it is said that he was good at seeing the value of existing good things and utilizing them in commercialization.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑨ English / Japanese What is Innovation?

★English: Absolutely can not be imitated, continue the innovation of level I do not think even try to imitate.

Japanese: Continue to innovate at a level that you can never imitate, even trying to imitate.

There is a need for breakthrough innovation that cannot be imitated by other companies or others. In order to continue developing innovative products that cannot be imitated, the "depth of quality" that comes from the results of constant thought will be required.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑩ Market Research

★Did Bell do market research before inventing the phone?

If you think about it carefully, you can see that "market research on things that are not on the market is meaningless." However, although it does not exist now, it is important to explore the potential needs of people, such as "It would be interesting or convenient to have something like this."

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑪ English / Japanese To sustain

★English: I ’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You ’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers.

Japanese: I'm sure I can only keep doing what I really like. Find out what you like. For your work or your lover.

It is said that you are good at what you like, and on the contrary, you are also called sideways who are not good at it. But what I really like is that the talent of the person is sleeping, and there is joy in it, and I can continue. Hit products start by loving your work.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑫ English / Japanese How to concentrate

★English: It's only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.

Japanese: The only way to focus on what's important is to say "no".

The game depends on what you take and what you throw away. Other than that, it is difficult to "throw away", but the goddess of victory smiles only for those who have no value, those who have thrown away worthless time, and those who have been able to make good use of "time". it might be.

Steve Jobs Quotations ⑬ English / Japanese pulling words

★English: Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?

Japanese: Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugar water, or do you want a chance to change the world?

It is said that he used this word when pulling out the famous Pepsi Cola owner John Sculley.

Steve Jobs' background as a background to quotes

The famous terminal used by the world was developed by Steve Jobs.

1985In the year, his contribution to the development of his innovative and important technology is recognized and presented to the best inventor.National Medal of TechnologyWas awarded.

Let's see what kind of person he was.

・ ・ From birth to boyhood

Steve Jobs was born to a Syrian father and an American mother and was soon adopted.

It seems that he was a very difficult child when he was young.

He was wondering if electricity would pass through the hairpin, and he had the experience of getting an electric shock by putting the hairpin in the outlet to check it.

・ ・ His youth was also terrible

Participating in a summer internship when he was in high school, he has a fateful encounter.

He later became a co-founder of AppleSteve WozniakI hit it off.

2An article prompted him to become interested in long-distance calls for free, breaking into the Stanford University library, checking materials, and creating an original blue box.

By the way, these actions are illegal.

・・AppleTo establish

Wozniak developed a microcomputer, which laterApple Will be called.

But at the time of development, there was no company to understand, and Steve Jobs worried with him.

2People raise money,Apple I decided to sell I.

When I was thinking about what to do with the company name for that, Steve Jobs suggested the name Apple.

・ ・ Many people miss his death

Due to illness56It seems that many people were saddened by the death of him who died at the age of.

His corpse was buried in a non-denominational cemetery in Palo Alto.

Barack Obama, then president, expressed his condolences andSteven SpielbergOrBill GatesAnd other big names are also commenting.

Steve Jobs' famous episode

From the episodes he left behind, it can be said that he was a person who could not understand the general word "common sense" in the sense that he would simply reach the majority without thinking too much or be wrapped up in a long one. Let's do it.

We will introduce famous episodes from the remaining episodes.

・・PCI hated

The famous mobile terminal was born by his hand, but in fact it is bigPCThere was one side that I hated.

PCIt seems that he said that it was better to sell dog droppings than to sell dog droppings, but the reason he disliked it was probably his own original way of thinking.

But without him it would be a personal computerMacIs said not to be born.

・ ・ I didn't put a license plate on his car

It's hard to imagine in Japan, but Steve Jobs enjoyed riding his car without a license plate.

This is in accordance with California law that new cars should have a license plate within six months.

Like him, he bought a new car every six months, and I think some people lived without a license plate on the car.

Steve Jobs would have led such a life to a path of constantly discovering new things and taking on challenges.

・ ・ Put the completed prototype in water

famousiPodAt the time of development, the prototype was completed after a long development period.

When the staff showed it to Steve Jobs, he threw the prototype into the aquarium.

It seems that the theme was thorough thinness, and he ordered it to be thinner.

He may have been clumsy with his radical behavior, but I think it's an episode that expresses his enthusiasm for his work.

Let's look at common sense again with a blank eye.

If you check Steve Jobs's remarks and his past actions, you may find it strange.

However, some of his sayings are straightforward and beautiful, such as not giving up easily and emphasizing the feeling of having fun.

If you want to get some big results, it's a good idea to train yourself to see Steve Jobs's spirit and what is commonly referred to as common sense.

Your outlook on life and work has changed dramatically, and you may be able to see what you couldn't see.