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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Saigo Takamori's quote walk] Wrapped in great love and touching the soul of Makoto

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Known as "Segodon"Saigo TakamoriIs one of the great men who represent the end of the Edo period.Satsuma DomainBorn in Kagoshima prefecture, what we now callBronze statue of Ueno ParkBut it is well known.

At the end of the Edo periodMeiji RestorationAs a work done with his colleagues, involved in many historical events of the time Satcho AllianceAnd also achieved the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.

He loves Kagoshima prefecture51Saigo Takamori acted to improve the country until he decided to commit suicide at the age of. His loving behavior and personality are still loved by many people today.

What is the secret of his popularity? Let's get a feel for Saigo Takamori's humanity from various sayings, quotes, profiles and episodes.

Profile of Saigo Takamori, who has many quotes

First, let's look back on Saigo Takamori's career and background.

  ・ ・ From birth to appearance on the stage

Saigo Takamori1827YearKagoshima Prefecture Shimo Blacksmith TownWas born in

He grew up in a low-ranking samurai family in the Satsuma domain, and his life was very poor. As a child, he entered into fighting arbitration and injured his arm, so he gave up on the martial arts path and worked hard to study.

He was born of a low-ranking samurai and was not of high status, but at the age of 18, he began to work for the Satsuma Domain. It's a job like a civil servant now.

And10He is engaged in the work of the Satsuma Domain, which collects annual tribute from farmers every year, and after seeing the farmers suffering, he submits a petition for agricultural policy.

He is the Satsuma feudal lordShimazu NariakiraSeeing his petition and also praising Saigo Takamori's honest and sincere work.1854He chooses to accompany the change of attendance in the year. And he took him to Edo and gave him various jobs.

Saigo Takamori swore allegiance to Shimazu Nariakira, but when Nariakira died suddenly, he pessimistically tried to commit suicide. He survived and recuperated on Amami Oshima before returning to Kagoshima and then moving to the southern islands.

However, since he was studying hard as a child, he opened a cram school on the island and developed his talent. Many incidents occurred in the world while moving around the island, and there was a movement inside the Satsuma domain to bring Saigo Takamori back to the domain.

After he was brought back to the Satsuma domain, he became the leader of Satsuma County in 1864, and in 1866 he is still famous enough to learn in history classes.Satcho AllianceTie. His talent for guiding people gradually blossomed, and eventually he will take action toward the Meiji Restoration.

・ ・ Late years from the bloodless opening of Edo Castle

Great command of the restoration of the royal governmentSo lead the new government army,Boshin WarHowever, he played an active part and eventually achieved the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.

Initially, the new government army was planning to attack and drop Edo Castle, but with Takamori SaigoKatsu KaishuThe Edo Shogunate came to an end peacefully without using force by negotiating with.

When the Edo Shogunate is over and a new government is established, Takamori Saigo will play an active role there as well.Abolition of the feudal clanYou can see that the new government also needed Saigo Takamori, such as creating a system such as, and becoming the chief government officer.

However, there was a conflict of opinion with government officials.Saigo Takamori returns to Satsuma and establishes a private schoolTo do.

In addition to regular study, the private school also has a system for studying abroad, and graduates of the private school have come to take important positions in Kagoshima prefecture.

He was educating there, but as graduates of private schools began to occupy a large proportion of important positions and raise anti-government, he was with the government.Satsuma RebellionOutbreaks.

Saigo Takamori, who was participating in this war,1877Saigo Takamori, who was cornered by the government army in the year9Month24On the day, he died by suicide.

He is Takamori Saigo, who has worked hard for the country, but the sad ending is that he will die depending on the country.

However, in praise of his great achievements, the statue was still erected, and it has become a strong presence in the hearts of Japanese people.

Saigo Takamori's Politics, Way of Life, and Mind Quotations

 The most well-known word of Saigo Takamori is "Respectful mistress"is. In the sense that we respect the heavens and love the people, there are many companies that have the heavenly mistress as their corporate philosophy even today.

I will introduce in detail what other words I left behind.

Saigo Takamori's Quotations: Politics

Quotations ① ・ Civilization is a widespread practice of justice. The magnificent mansion, the splendor of the clothes, the appearance is not magnificent.

It is a wise saying that was born as we ran through the changing times and continued to seek a way of being a politician.

Civilization as an expression of politics does not represent luxury or splendor. In other words, a politician should not be a person who is hungry and appeals for power, but a person who is fair and selfless and realizes justice regardless of his own interests.

Quotations➁ ・ The person who doesn't need a life, a name, and a place is the most difficult person to handle. However, such a person is the one who can share the difficulties of life. Moreover, such a person is a person who can make a great contribution to the nation.

Saigo Takamori, who was working to improve the country, didn't really like war. Prior to the outbreak of the Satsuma Rebellion, he lived in selflessness for the country and children rather than honor, rank, or his own gain, as he devoted himself to education at private school. I understand this.

Quotations ③ ・ No matter how much you discuss methods and systems, it is useless if there is no one to move them. First the person, then the function of the means. People are the first treasure, and we must all try to be people.

The commonality of the people who moved the times is that they are not only thinking, but actually taking action. Most were born into poor families, but they worked hard to study and act for the government and the clan.

Saigo Takamori is a personality loved by many because of his high ideals, selfless behavior, and the size of his vessel. His nickname, "Segodon," is not only respectful but also deeply familiar. ..

Saigo Takamori's Quotations: Lifestyle

  Quotations ④ ・ If you do it, the demon will avoid this

A demon is a terrifying onigami (generally considered a Japanese youkai), and even a demon will avoid the road if he acts with a strong determination.

Saigo Takamori is tall180Centimeter, weight100He was said to have exceeded a kilo, and his words had a heavy weight and power.

Quotations ⑤ ・ A person who tries to sneak in the shadows, even if it works, is ugly from the perspective of someone who has the power to see things. When making recommendations to others, you must be fair and honest. Unless it is fair, it cannot win the hearts of good people.

Saigo Takamori was a sincere and companion, so he probably couldn't forgive someone who was good on the surface but bad on the back.

There are always people who see sincere behavior in every age. If there is "true" there, you should hit it head-on.

Quotations ⑥ ・ Love yourself is the worst thing. The inability to train, the inability to accomplish, the inability to correct mistakes, and the pride of one's achievements all come from loving oneself, and never pamper oneself. Don't have it.

To love yourself here means to pamper yourself. Accurately grasp your abilities and continue training. If you make a mistake, you will be able to grow as a person by admitting your mistakes, correcting your trajectory, and practicing steadily. The problem is "confrontation with myself".

Saigo Takamori's Quotations: Mind

Quotations ⑦ ・ Do not deal with people, deal with heaven, do your best to blame others, and find out what my sincerity is.
Quotations ⑧ ・ Keiten Mistress

It is a saying that it is important to face oneself without blaming others. It's easy to blame others, but you don't grow yourself.

By taking everything as self-responsibility and acting, you will notice your own incompetence and take on further challenges to advance the pieces.

You can do that because your heart is toward "heaven", not by comparison with others. "Heaven" can generally be called God. A heavenly mistress is to love a person who respects the heavens deeply, and this wise saying is at the center of Saigo Takamori's words and deeds.

Quotations ⑨ ・ The only thing in this world that will be believed and willing to obey in the future is the heart of sincerity. There are many people who have avenged my father's death for a long time, but among them, only the Soga brothers, even now, there is nothing that they do not know, even children and women. This is because he has a strong heart. It is only a coincidence of good luck to be praised by the public without sincerity. If you have a strong heart, even if you don't know at that time, there will be people who will understand it in the future.

The Soga brothers' katakiuchi was one of the three major katakiuchi in Japan, and was regarded as a model for katakiuchi. The case is1193The Soga brothers defeated his father, Yusuke Kudo, when Minamoto no Yoritomo hunted makigari in the year.

The Soga brothers, whose father was killed at an early age, grew up without forgetting their father's vengeance while living a poor life.

He succeeded in defeating Suketsu Kudo on the evening of repeated preparations and makigari, but on the spot his brother was defeated by another samurai, and his brother was caught and sentenced to decapitation.

In the Edo period, the case of katakiuchi was taken up by Kabuki and Joruri and gained popularity, and is widely known even today.

Quotations ⑩ ・ In the world, being scorned or praised by people is ephemeral and disappears like dust.

People sometimes provoke me, but if I'm sick of it, I can't move forward. Also, when people praise you, you often get sick and lose your position while your mind is floating.

If you do not understand that it is ephemeral, it will disappear. Please spend every day with a polite and sincere heart so that your heart does not become fluffy.

All that remains in the world is the heart of love that has been devoted to the world and to the people.

Saigo Takamori's maxims and quotes ⑩-24

★Take the plunge, I take responsibility.

The words I said to my subordinates show what the managers and leaders should be.

★A wooden doll is the same as a wooden doll who can't deal with things properly even if he is modest, straightened, and equipped with a prince's body.

To put it the other way around, people who cannot make correct judgments and actions at critical times may have problems with their daily training and may have been prepared to look only at the top. You should discover the decorations and lies of your heart, tighten yourself and start again.

★The basis of politics is to encourage loyalty to the lord, filial piety to parents, and the practice of the virtues of graciousness to others.

It is politics only if we move for people because of the nation of the world. A politician who thinks only about his own gains and is arrogant is nothing more than a politician as a profession.

★The truth is that you can't revolutionize. What causes a revolution is a theory.

The correct theory here is a common sense that is always wrapped up in the majority. The revolution is a theory that overturns common sense, and it comes from the enthusiasm for the truth.

★Rapid breaks things, and Ning endurance does things.

You can't do things even if you hurry or rush, but it is important to endure slowly and move forward silently.

★It is an inexperienced person who has to reprove to do something that surprises people and to temporarily feel good.

What makes people surprised and praised for being amazing may simply be a manifestation of their desire to be praised. In order to achieve big things, you have to silently follow the path you want, regardless of the evaluation of others. I would have told it to myself.

★Strategies are not something you do on a daily basis. It is clear that what I have done around the scales is not good when I look at it later, and I always regret it.

There is also the phrase "drown in tactics", but in a big flow you have to devise a strategy, but if you are always thinking about strategies that outsmart people, you will eventually get into the wrong way. It is necessary to be careful.

★High ranks for those with high virtues, and rewards for those with many achievements.

As a politician, "virtue" is important first, and a high-ranking person should be at the top. Virtue will depend on how much love you have and how many you have been able to lead to true happiness.

And although it is a process leading to virtue, it talks about a system that contains politics that not only seniority but also talented and meritorious ones should be awarded.

★A person is given a heavenly life from heaven and lives according to it.

Every person is endowed with a destiny. Mandate is the life given by heaven, and it should be the mission given by heaven. Saigo Takamori lived according to his mission.

So what is his mission? That would be a difficult question. However, one of the clues to finding a destiny may be the tingling in the heart that wants to do something. And since it is a destiny, it will benefit not only your own interests but also the well-being of people.

Even if it is difficult to do big things suddenly, if you first find a small practice of love in your surroundings and try it, it may be an opportunity to open up an interesting life.

★Frightened by the word war and rushing only to buy easy peace should be called the commercial law ruler, not the government anymore.

Not only does the government not have the courage and sincerity to overcome the national crisis, but if it is only in the immediate interests and is content with business transactions (which is not a heartfelt business), it is possible to carry out real politics. can not.

Politicians need the virtues of "wisdom, love, and courage," and Saigo Takamori was very worried about the state of the government at that time, but this is also true of modern politics. That would be true.

★The three things that are particularly important in politics are to promote educational culture, strengthen armaments, and encourage agriculture.

Education is the basis of tomorrow's national power. The army is needed to "protect our country ourselves." Agriculture is needed to increase self-sufficiency in the country. All three must be modern in order to protect one's own country, enhance its national power, and make it a wonderful country.

★Civilization is the widespread practice of justice. The magnificent mansion, the splendor of the clothes, the appearance is not magnificent.

A true civilization is a world where the right things are done, not just a luxurious life.

An unknown episode of Saigo Takamori

In addition to the famous story, various episodes are left in Saigo Takamori.

Let's take a look at some typical episodes, including those that are not well known.

You can learn more about Saigo Takamori and see who you are.

・ ・ I hated big photos

Saigo Takamori seems to have hated photography, and in fact, the ones that show his face1No sheets have been found.

The current situation is that it is not clear whether the face we imagine is the person's face, only the statues and portraits remain.

He doesn't know why he hated photography so much, but he seems to have hated taking pictures anyway. 

・ ・ Are you not good at drinking?

Kagoshima is famous for its sake, and Takamori Saigo, who you can imagine from the statue, seems to be strong in sake.

He actually seems to have been Shimodo, and he is said to have never drank alcohol. Shimodo is a very surprising fact.

Let's live as a godly mistress by touching Saigo Takamori's saying

Saigo Takamori was thinking about the future of Japan until the end. He knew he couldn't beat the government in the Satsuma Rebellion, but he fought desperately for his companions.

It will be difficult to understand all the feelings of Saigo Takamori.

However, it can be said that the Meiji Restoration would not have succeeded without the success of Saigo Takamori and Sakamoto Ryoma. He was one of the people who changed the shape of Japan, and thanks to his success, Japan has become able to compete with foreign countries on an equal footing.

Not only that, I think that there are many people who come into contact with Saigo Takamori's great love and still encourage their lives and become a KITZ to stand up from the bottom.

The statue of Saigo Takamori is still placed in Ueno Park, and it is a place where many people stop. What is he trying to say now in the statue? Keep in mind the words about Saigo Takamori's way of life and heart, and always think about what is good for the world and live a sincere way of life.