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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations Walk] Academic Recommendations-Efforts should be made

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Portraits of 10,000 yen bills,Recommendation of learningFukuzawa Yukichi, who is too famous as the author of.

His career looks glamorous at first glance, but he was by no means a blessed upbringing. However, he worked hard at his studies and made efforts to pave the way for himself.

He also spread his scholarship and foreign cultures to Japan while working as an educator and translator.

This time, in addition to the life of Yukichi Fukuzawa, we will introduce in detail the quotes and sayings left by Yukichi Fukuzawa and episodes that give a glimpse of personality.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's maxims and quotes

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ① Academic Recommendations

★ Heaven does not make man above man, does not make man below man
Heaven does not create people above people, does not create people below people

It is a famous passage that appears at the beginning of the scholarly recommendation, preaching that everyone is one-of-a-kind, equal in opportunity, and that effort can lead to success.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's quote➁Sage and fool

★The distinction between a wise man and a fool can be made by learning and learning.

Life depends on who learns or who doesn't. In short, studying is the basis for developing a personality and becoming a great leader, and never neglect your efforts to study. It has also been shown that even after taking action, if you constantly study hard, you can become a better guide.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ③ Recommendation of action

★Don't try, don't doubt the success or failure of the matter.

Don't think about success if you haven't tried it. It's a coward in life, not an idea to move life forward.

By actively challenging, if you succeed, you will go on the path to success, and if you fail, you will open the way to the next "by learning lessons from failure."

The worst thing is the attitude of a poor critic who is arguing about the future without challenging anything. It's just an excuse for not being able to challenge yourself.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's quote ④ How to open fate

★Destiny opens where you can exert your strength.

Yukichi Fukuzawa, who is of the same generation as Shinsaku Takasugi and Ryoma Sakamoto, has made efforts to pave the way with this word as a policy.

It is a wise saying that conveys a strong will to create a destiny for the nation of the world.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's quote ⑤ The best destiny

★Effort changes even "mandate".

There are ups and downs in the heavenly life, and the strength of the desire to "fulfill the best heavenly life" is echoing through efforts. It contains the desire to be useful for the nation of the world and to dedicate the best self.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ⑥ Conditions for Heroes

★Those who do not move will always pull, and those who do not will always move.
★The first thing to doubt without trying yet is not a brave man.

I will try everything. It shows the importance of "acting" forward.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ⑦ Fantasy and Execution

★Fantasy is the draft of execution

Fantasy is more than just a dream. The fantasies here include dreams, romance and ideals. Only with ideals and aspirations will the direction of execution be solid.

In addition, "the importance of acting and realizing it" is stated, not just fantasy.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ⑧ Living Today

★Today is also a day of my life.

The word "lifetime" is common to many great men. It is a condition to be a good leader to spend time meaningfully, thinking that each day is a lifetime.

One day is a golden time, and the series of burning days will open the door to a beautiful future.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ⑨ The purpose of learning

★The main purpose of scholarship is not reading. Being in the work of the spirit.

He taught me that it is important not to read only the surface of a book, but to read the spirit contained in it and think about how to become yourself.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ⑩ Male conditions

★I have to look at the difficulties, but I have no choice but to be strong.

Don't look at a difficult person and pretend not to see it. Be sure to take action to reach out. The message is that it is the true man's aspiration.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Quotations ⑪ Become an adult

★Once you enter the academic field, you should study a lot. If you farm, you can become a big farmer, and if you do business, you can become a big business.

If you start studying, you should study hard, and if you start farming, you should become a big farmer. The wish is to become a person with great influence and do our best for the world.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's quote ⑫ What is the most beautiful?

★The most beautiful thing in the world is to have love for everything.

Yukichi Fukuzawa, who loved his wife and children, advocates his academic recommendations as well as the splendor of his love.

The background of Yukichi Fukuzawa as the background of the saying

Everyone knows that Yukichi Fukuzawa is a portrait of a 10,000-yen note. He is well known as an educator, but he has many other achievements.

So how did he become such a great person? Let's take a look at the background of Yukichi Fukuzawa.

・ ・ Fukuzawa Yukichi's childhood

Yukichi Fukuzawa is between Hyakusuke and Shun,5He was born as the youngest of a sibling.But Satoshi1His father, Hyakusuke, passed away at his age.

After that, Satoshi also supported his household budget while helping out at home and at home.

However, he is also active and mischievous, and it is said that he used a bill with the name of the lord instead of toilet paper.

・ ・ A big step as an educator

5He had been studying Chinese studies since he was old, but he started studying in earnest.14When he was old.

He saw the children around him studying, and he desperately learned the analects and historians that he had to study too.

19At the age of, he was in NagasakiShigetomo YamamotoI will start studying Dutch studies under.

The following year he was in OsakaTekijuku of Ogata TekijukuI entered the school and became the youngest head of the school while living and taking care of dogs and cats.

23At his age he opens his own Dutch school in Edo.

・ ・ He was shocked that he couldn't speak Dutch

24When he was old, he had the opportunity to visit Yokohama.

Satoshi speaks to foreigners on the road in Dutch, but only English is returned.

He was shocked that he couldn't speak Dutch, and he strongly felt that the English era was about to begin.

・ ・ Issuance of books and establishment of schools

After that, he traveled to the United States and Europe and published vocabulary and books to spread English and free and equal foreign cultures to Japan.

37At his age, he published his masterpiece of academic recommendations and became a bestseller.

Also, so that like-minded people can learn togetherHe founded Keio University

Became the predecessor of the Mainichi ShimbunJiji ShinpoAlso established.

・ ・ Fukuzawa Yukichi's later years

Satoshi, who had suffered a stroke, suffered from aphasia and was unable to speak as well as before.

afterwards1901Year, Satoshi66He died of cerebral hemorrhage when he was old. About for his funeral1Ten thousand5000It is said that people attended.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's famous episode collection

Fukuzawa Yukichi has many episodes and achievements, but I will introduce the most famous ones.

But inside, eh? Was there such a side? There may be a surprising episode.

・ ・ Actually

He loves alcohol, and Satoshi has been drinking alcohol since he was little.

He had tried to quit drinking several times, but his friend Tango Miyazu clan recommended him to drink and he couldn't resist the temptation and gave up drinking.

Not only that, he was offered cigarettes instead of alcohol, and he is said to have been unable to quit both alcohol and cigarettes.

・ ・ I love my wife

26At the age ofHe got a companion named Onishiki.

After that, it is said that his wife was the only one, and there were no rumors about it.

There is a child between them9There are people, so there is no doubt that we were on good terms.

・ ・ He made many Japanese-made Chinese words

"Freedom," "democracy," "competition," etc., which are now commonplaceWasei-kangoIs said to have been made by Satoshi.

・ ・ Introduced the insurance system

He introduced the Western insurance system to Japan.

Until then, in Japan, it was natural to do something at home if something happened.

But the studentTaizo AbeHas launched a life insurance company, so today's insurance system is in place.

・ ・ Changed the way of thinking of banks

After returning from abroad, he changed the banking system and way of thinking.

He is said to have been involved in the establishment of the Bank of Japan.

He also conveyed double-entry bookkeeping used in accounting.

・ ・ The weather forecast was posted in the newspaper

In the Jiji Shinpo that I established,The weather forecast is posted for the first time in Japan

The weather mark, which is now commonplace, was also posted at this time.

・ ・ Become a portrait of a 10,000 yen note

This is an achievement after Satoshi's death, but I cannot help but introduce it.

Let's take a look at the reason why Satoshi was selected as a portrait on the 10,000-yen note on the Ministry of Finance website.

★As the maximum face value, it is a portrait suitable for a dignified banknote, and it was adopted by the portrait person from among the well-known cultural figures after the Meiji era, both in general and internationally.

Quote sourceURL

Satoshi has various episodes, but you can see that he has made many achievements to be recognized as a cultural person suitable for dignified banknotes.

Yukichi Fukuzawa who planted the importance of his study in Japan

Yukichi Fukuzawa has emphasized the importance of studying and being in a free and equal world.

It may be influenced by the experience that his father, Hyakusuke, was treated unfairly because he was a downstream samurai despite his studies.

The importance of studying is conveyed to modern people in numerous books.

He has also made numerous achievements, including his involvement in insurance systems and the establishment of banks.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Japan would not exist today without the achievements of Satoshi.