[Dale Carnegie's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Have a $ 10 million smile!

If you have work-related problems, or if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, or if you are planning to start your own business, you may want to study Dale Carnegie's quotes and sayings.

Dale Carnegie is an American author and developer of courses on corporate training and other skills.

He is known as a great man in the industry of business and personal development, and there are many things you can learn from what Dale Carnegie has to say.

Here is a summary of Dale Carnegie's quotes, episodes from his life, and what kind of person he was. We hope that you will find hints in his words to help you overcome the problems of modern society.

Dale Carnegie's Dictionary

Lemonade lemonade lemur Carnegie

⭐ If measured sensibly to me, I 'll do the effort?

⭐ If fate gives lemon, let's make an effort to make lemonade.

In his famous book, "the way to open," by Dale Carnegie, President Sears robuck,Julius Rosen WaldoLemon lemonade. It is introduced from the sour.

In English "lemon", it is a defect and incomplete, plus the meaning of lemon of fruit.

If fate gives a sour lemon, the word of the difficulty of creating the sweet and delicious lemonade towards the future with the difficulty of the soul is a powerful guide for the people who are struggling and struggling in the reality.

Dale Carnegie➁Discussion

⭐ The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.

⭐ The only way to get the greatest benefit from discussion is to avoid discussion.

Wasted argument is nothing but waste of time.

It is better to work with meaningful discussions, to spend time on wasted discussions, to quickly act and analyze the results, and to improve and to act again.

Dale Carnegie's characteristics of fools

⭐ Any magical can criticize, condemn and complain.

⭐ You can criticize, blame, and complain about any fool. And many fools do.

It cannot be happy by the criticism and the refuge, and the work doesn't move. I complain, but I do nothing. It is a feature of a fool who doesn't challenge anything.

Dale Carnegie's way of work

⭐ Do the hard jobs first.

⭐ Start with a difficult task. A simple job will come to nothing.

Ordinary people tend to work hard work later. However, it is the road to success to challenge the hard work with pleasure.

Working hard and hard work often leads to the expansion of opportunity.

Dale Carnegie's name to succeed

⭐ Fun.

⭐ If you can't find pleasure in what you are doing, you will rarely succeed.

This word can be grasped in various ways, but it asks the importance of finding happiness in the work itself.

To love work is the way to success.

Dale Carnegie's worth of challenge

⭐ Most of the things in the world have been done by people who have been on a while at every time at all.

⭐ Most of the important things in this world have been achieved by those who continue to challenge even if they seem to be hopeless.

It is not possible to continue the challenge by the mental power that cannot be done. Where does the spirit come from?

One of them is not the height of a person. Or, it might be "strength of love" that wants to be useful for the person for the world.

It is important to carry out the challenge, to fulfill responsibility, and to realize the rare hope.

Dale Carnegie

⭐ Intake of worrying about what people say of you.

⭐ If you have time to worry about what others think, you should spend time trying to achieve what people admire.

It is a waste of time to think too much about the evaluation from others, to ask for the words to agree with oneself to many people, and to think of it as a daybreak all day.

Even if it understands it, as for the weakness of man, it asks for the word of the consolation from the familiar others to oneself, and it is likely that it is also permitted.

But if you want to make time meaningful, you should use your work time to change your mind and do it for many.

As soon as the feelings of uneasiness come to light, the near future opens to the direction which is pleasing from many people.

Dale Carnegie: How to feel the bottom of the bottom of 8

⭐I fell to the bottom, but sepation I endured it. I just go up.

⭐I fell to the bottom, but I endured it anyway.I'll just go up this way.

It is a heartfelt encouragement to the people who think they are down to the bottom.

In fact, Dale Carnegie, when he was in the depths of his life with business failures, and a lot of complaints, seemed to speak calmly at this word.

Dale Carnegie: The name of the business, the business,

⭐We care about people who care about us about us.

⭐We are interested in the people who care for them.

The converse is also true."Interest" is an alias for "love".

People will be interested in people who are interested in their own interests.I once again taught me that business and service at the root of the business and service are of interest and love.

Dale Carnegie: For the past of the global,

⭐Live today with a break. In the past, it was in the graveyard.

⭐We live on a day's day today.The past is buried in the graveyard.

It is no exaggeration to say that the past exists in order to obtain thanksgiving and lessons from it.It's a great future for you to always have a good time to be in a history of the past.

It is the best way to take advantage of the important "time" to live in a lifetime, thinking that it is a lifetime.

Dale Carnegie: The secret of moving the night-man

⭐I spend every day, every day, while sprinkling the thankful word from deep.
This is a friend and is a key to move a person.

He spends his days with thanksgiving thanks ⭐the deep compassion of compassion.This is the essence of making friends and moving people.

If you want to ⭐a favorable impression on people, you can say hello to anyone.There is no easy way to communicate as well as greeting.

and thanks to the discovery that what we take for granted is actually not something to be taken for granted.

I spend my days with my family, my friends, my friends, and so forth, and it includes the act of love, which is often overlooked.

Thanksgiving of people who are daily contact and saying it out to the mouth.

Thanks to your gratitude, you will be able to "greet" a good human relationship, and then move people.

I learned the iron law of business and business prosperity.

Dale Carnegie: How to look at the blame

⭐unjust accusation must not be forgotten that it is a disguised compliment.

In the voice of the evacuation, jealousy from the other side is mixed.In order to succeed, you must overcome the jealousy of others and get over it.

Dale Carnegie: The cause of the troubles

⭐Our fatigue is not the result of work, but is often a result of diss, setbacks, and then-ments.

⭐Our fatigue is not caused by work, but it is often caused by troubles, frustration, and remors.

Dale Carnegie has a weight coming from the real test.

However, Carnegie was the great man in many ways to help him overcome his fatigue, and overcome the hardest.

Let us take the word "My fatigue is not something that has arisen from work," as well.

The first step is to check whether or not we are at the mercy of human relations, and to improve the system that can be improved and immersed at work.

Dale Carnegie: The Proof of the Proper

⭐Our fatigue is not the result of work, but is often a result of diss, setbacks, and then-ments.

⭐bad habits can be wrecked, and good habits can be found.

One factor is the good quality of a habit that determines the success of the business.

At first, with great effort, we can make good habits by continuing hard work with coats and effort.

A successful person is also a person who has been able to improve the quality of habits.

Dale Carnegie: The value of the smiling face

⭐A smiling face doesn't also have a needless need for one dollar, the value of 1,000,000 dollar is not.

⭐I don't need a dollar for a smile.1,000It produces the value of a million dollars.

A smile is the biggest weapon to get better in life.

The smile is said to be a beautiful orra. If you want to become a successful person, it is important to check each day with a facial face or a smile on your face.

It is called the "Japanese-face-love language," but the relationship is improved with a smile and a love word, and the door to the future is opened.

Dale Carnegie's Life as the Bugborn of the Prophet

Dale Carnegie was raised in a poor farmer in the U.S. state of Missouri, and after graduating from college, he was selling communications materials.

As I continue my business, he has a dream to be an actor.

The goal is to become an actor, but it tastes frustrated.

However, the efforts of Deal Carnegie will not be realized unfortunately, and the dream of an actor ends in a dream.

However, he was in a position to change his job and met his profession as a lecturer in speech courses.This will become a tenshoku for Deal Carnegie, and will have a big impact on life later.

And after we made our first course successful, we became a best-selling author,

By the way, it should be a memorial to Deercarnegie.1The theme of the first lecture was "What made people angry?"

When I gave my students a speech on this subject, the students were at first nervous.But when I was going to talk, I found that there was a lot of uncertainty and no tension.

It may be a discovery, but for Dale Carnegie, it was the first discovery of human observation.

Based on such experiences, Deal Carnegie will first become famous in the field of speech, with his own research on various aspects of his own.And then we systematized the way people talk about their own self-confidence.

After that, he published a book called "moving people," which was a big hit in the world.

"The great people of the self-help industry."

It is the book for the purpose of solving は "moving a person" which is a masterpiece of Dale Carnegie, a problem in the business. As the self-culture book which the answer to problem of the life is found in as well as business, it is read in the present age.

When I do study about the self-culture and participate in seminars, the name of Dale Carnegie will come out. A writer or a lecturer are him with plural titles, but the essence may be called "a missionary of the self-culture".

Famous episode of Dale Carnegie

I pick up some famous episodes concerning Dale Carnegie who is a great man of the self-culture and introduce me.

His life said to be a great man seemed to be eventful not flatness.

・・A farming family of the parents' house was poor and was serious

Dale Carnegie born as the second son of the farmhouse went to the university somehow.

However, of the morning4By the way, I seemed to go to school after I was up and helped with a cow's milk squeeze and seemed to live a life in the environment that was far to be rich.

The distance before leading to success seemed to be a steep thing.

・・I paid attention to a commoner not a winner

There is the style to pay attention to a rich person, and to learn a success example.

However, Dale Carnegie pays attention to a commoner than a rich person and thinks about a method to draw the possibility that people have.

・・I had a sense of closeness for a Japanese

Dale Carnegie1932I achieve the first visit to Japan in a year and receive Japanese service.

I am surprised at the courtesy of the verge of Japanese, and an episode impressed by is left. The American leaves the word to have a part to learn from a Japanese with the aspect called the courtesy; and is just soot.

A wise remark of Dale Carnegie in pabulum!

Many wise remarks of Dale Carnegie that "I made lemonade with it if fate gave a lemon" and was represented に was born in the life when I rose for his disturbance.

I leave the name as a great man in the present age, but may understand the heaviness of words of Dale Carnegie when I pay attention to an effort in trouble hiding behind in the shadow.

When there are some hesitation and trouble as well as business in the life, you should remember a wise remark and the episode that you introduced in an article.

If troubled time feels it idly, anyway, let's change a feeling. And, please put it into an action.

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