[Walt Disney Scene: English and Japanese]

It is a love and magic angel that has produced various characters, including Mickey Mouse, into a variety of characters.Of course.Walt Disney

The world view that Disney has created is just a dream or the world itself.When I was a kid, I realized what I had to do once I had a picture.DisneylandI'm proud to say that America is proud of it.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the Walt Disney people and the various names he left behind.

the standing of Walt Disney as the background of a wording

-The childhood of Walt Disney

In infancy, parents get a huge amount of farm in the country to start farming in the country, where they can feed their lives while touching a variety of animals.

It is said that there was an opportunity to create a happy world of love and dreams, which are beautiful trees and animals, and also the roots of Walt Disney.

... to draw a picture.

After leaving the country, I lived in urban life, but the business that my father had started was a struggle for a lot of trouble.

But on the other hand, the talents of pictures that began to be painted in rural areas are becoming more and more blooming.

When I showed my sister the picture I drew, my sister said she was very happy about her every time.It seems like a life scene of an unconscious brother, but in fact, there was a big point in the future of Walt Disney's future.

It is that Walt Disney decided to go to the job of drawing a favorite painting in the future, touching the "excellence of people's joy" by Walt Disney, who was delighted to be happy to see the picture.

Meeting with Mickey Mouse

and the rest of the life of Disney was very, very ruddy.I ran into various walls, including a lot of betrayal, and a strike, until I set up Disneyland.

But the victory of Walt Disney was that no matter what it was, it would not have been a human hating."I believe in people," he said.and I would like to invite a lot of people to a dream country."

There was a lot of conflict in my mind,But I never had to give up on Disney's dream.

and as Mickey Mouse was among the tears of his tears, in the midst of the bitter acids of the people who had been out since the early days of his time.

be the national star,Mickey MouseThe character is a character that was completed by the advice of a mouse and a wife who had been kept by a former owner.

In fact, there was another character before Mickey Mouse was born.However, he was lucky to have been born in a plight, because he had been deprived of his copyright by betrayal and copyright of the producer.

And then, after that, Walt leaves a variety of works on the world.
masterpiece 'Snow White.Starting with the first, "Cinderella` and `Peter PanI have produced many works such as, and have produced the world's first full-length color animation film.

To set up Disneyland.

And he has a beautiful ambition to keep making his work.
" That's whatDream Country..

It is said to be a dream country in the heart of Walt Disney, which is a country that has lived in the country and is in the midst of a great distress in the city.(However, there seems to be a more source of the country of dreams.(Reference) For example, refer to '

I wanted to realize the materialization of the dream country, and I opened the Disneyland to California in a partnership with a television station.That's what happened in 1955. And then, after that, Walt Disney had a lot of work to do.

And, in 1966,Even after Disney traved to the dream country of Heaven, the work and the Utopierland continue to delight the people around the world and continue to give them a dream and an inspiration.

Okay, Walt.-Let me introduce you to the many famous words left by Disney.

List of Walt Disney words

Walt Disney's Name: The Dream of Dreams

⭐If you can dream it, you can do it.

⭐If you can dream, you can do it.

Disney's dreaming is not just a fantasy.That's what you can imagine, and you can paint it real.

If you are able to draw a dream and paint it as being real, you can actually create it.

Walt Disney's Dream: The Dream of Dreams

⭐All our recan come, come true, if we have the grant to be. I only hope that is we don't lose sight of one thing-that it was all started by a mouse.

⭐If you have the courage to continue your dream, you can achieve any dream.I hope you never forget.It all started from a single mouse.

Disney's life is a series of anguish until we meet Mickey.But I was given a chance because I continued to pursue my dream, and that no matter what I had done, I had never given up before.That's Mickey Mouse.And everything started out there.

This is the story of Walt Disney's life itself.but there is a magical word hidden in us.

"I was able to meet a magical mouse because you were Walt Disney," she said.

And if you think that something like magic might happen to you, Disney will tell you through this name, as follows:

" Your Mickey Mouse is coming close to you.Now open your mind, and look at Mickey Mouse, and see.""It's all going to start from there," he said.

Walt Disney: The Creative Force and the Evolution

The ⭐Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as a long as there is imagination left in the world.

⭐Disneyland is not complete.It will continue to evolve as long as imagination is in the world.

Disneyland is a dream country that Walt Disney depicts, but its Disneyland is also a dream country in their hearts.

And these two kinds of "dream countries" are shared.I think Disneyland is one of the biggest contributors to the great leap forward in Disneyland, which is shared by deep minds.

Why is it possible to share this dream with a dream country?

The experience of Walt Disney's childhood experiences a childhood experience, and a vast farm life may have been "the landscape of the country of dreams."However, it is not possible to think that it is the only one that has "shared my mind" in many of the world's and the world.This is because each person has his own environment and his own life.

In other words, the country of dreams is actually a country that is actually in the world.It's literally a dream story, but it's a big two.

One is a different world.The other is the stars in the universe.
The different world is the world of the world that has passed away.We know that there are various paradise in the heaven of the world, through the inquiry of various truths,

Some of these paradise may have been combined to be born as a dream country.Heaven is the hometown of our hearts, and it is a warm, nostalgic place.

In recent years, with the announcement in the United States, the existence of FUO and the cosmos, which have been hidden in the veil, have begun to be revealed.

There is no possibility that Disney's dream country is in fact a star or a number of stars in a vast universe.
It is depicted in science fiction and so on, but there is a star that we lived in before we live on Earth, and it is also a dream or a roman-speaking story that thinks that the landscape is actually in the dream country.

Disneyland and DisneySea attractions are also evolving.There will be a management point of view.

But from there, Walt Disney's "Disneyland is going to change your imagination so that Disneyland will continue to change."I heard the message that it was the condition for exploring the country of dreams."

The dream country itself is changing into a variety of ways.In addition, the exploration of the country of dreams with imagination is not completed.

The Significance of the Walt Disney Company

⭐You reach a point where you don't work for money.

⭐You don't work for the money, you'll get to it.

Disney has also experienced a lot of trouble as a business manager, following the betrayal of people who worked together.And in the tears of the hardships that I had to sneaky, I met Mickey Mouse, and I had a lot of work, and I had a lot of business in Disneyland, and I had a big business.

"I don't work for money," he said, but he was trying to find out.Money is necessary, and I'm not denying the money.We need a lot of money to expand our business.

But as a way to collect that money, Disney realized that there was one rule." It gives people love and inspiration."If you do work to really mete out people's needs, then the money will gradually come together."

It is not for the purpose of money, but it is to always bring happiness to the people.When it reaches the professional territory, the money will come to the point of the creed.

Walt Disney: The Family and the Work

⭐A man should never have a man-called his family for business.

⭐A man must never leave his family on account of his work.

He's ...LilianeThe house, the two daughters.Diane,Sharonand I had a great affection for it.

You can spend less time with your family in your hard work.However, in the heart and corner of the heart, the work itself may not go well when you don't have to remember or care about your family in your heart.That affection may be the first shortcut to a lubricant job.

And Walt Disney would have had new discoveries and ideas in my family's affection for the family.

Proof of Walt Disney: Children's Heart

⭐Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.

⭐Our biggest natural resource is the mind of our children.

The Walt Disney cherished the beauty of the children's imaginability.I felt the heart of many children by sensing myself in my childhood, and by being able to capture the mind of a child that is familiar to me.

It may be that the Disney himself is the heart of eternal children in the sense of courage, adventure heart, and pure love for pure and transparent love.There will be one source of Walt Disney's.

In addition, the hearts of the children, as well as the minds of poets, are shining in the hearts of Disney.

for, for example, a clear lotus flower from among the ponds of the muddy pond.or the clean water vapor lit up by the morning sun from the dirty river water.It is the most important view of the world that Disney has to look at and look at what is beautiful and pure.

Walt Disney: How to capture the adversity

⭐The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most vivies of all.

The flowers that bloom in the inverse of the ⭐are more valuable and more beautiful than any other flower in the world.

The flower that has managed to overcome the adversity has the power to inspive the people.It is also the life of Walt Disney itself, but it is a wish for a strong love to encourage people in adversity to encourage them to live in a great way.

The dream is over there if you give up.If you have the wish of love to make people happy, I will stand up now, and take a step further.The Walt Disney will be with you in such a time.

The Magic of Love Magic

How did you like it?I don't think there was a lot of good words like a dream that would have made me think that it was impossible to do.Words have power, and the words are elaborate.

"Words" is the beginning of the magic of love.

It is said that the "Mice", the model of Mickey Mouse, was also told to him.He must have heard the words of angels from the country of the dream,

And in the hardship and hardship to achieve my dream, the characters and ideas of Disney were born, and a variety of words were created.

The words of Disney, which produced many masterpieces, and realized their dreams, are full of great possibilities in the hearts of the people.

Now, the invitations of the dream country are coming to you.Would you like to try again to try to make sure that the words of Walt Disney's love are not possible or impossible to speak?

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