[Edison's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Magical words that turn fear and failure into success

As a world-famous inventor, he has worked on numerous inventions that remain in the worldedison.。Edison's inventions are all now fully integrated into our lives.

Many of the words left by Edison, who was also called"the man of effort", have not faded at all even in the present era after the 2nd century. This time, we will introduce a selection of the things that become the guide of life from the many quotes left by Edison.

Edison's upbringing and achievements as the background to famous quotes

Edison was also called the"King of inventions" by many inventions. PhonographorIncandescent light bulbPhotoAnd so was born by Edison.

And from the many"quotes" left by Edison, unique ideas, curiosity and inquisitive personality of Edison are overflowing with light of love that inspires people.

The extraordinary abilities of Edison, a genius of invention, have also greatly influenced his childhood experiences.

In addition, his numerous inventions and extensive work experience from his adolescence have also led to the creation of more than 1,300 original inventions.

So let's first look at Edison's famous quote, what he was like as an inventor and entrepreneur, and his background and achievements in detail.

edison as a child, he's been asking a lot of questions.

1847 2/11 thomas alba edison、Ohio, USA I was born in Mylan to a Dutch father and a Scottish mother, the youngest of 7 brothers.

Thomas, nicknamed "Al", has been very curious and curious since he was a boy.It was a boy who felt sorry if he didn't know anything.

When I entered elementary school, I thought,"Why?"why?It will be a barrage of".For example, it seems that I could not accept the simple calculation formula of the math class.

The teacher at the school is in a state of hands to Edison, who is repeatedly questioning why, and is said to be "annoying other students", and will drop out of school in just 3 months.

・- How to become the King of inventions

Edison then learns from her mother at home, and has her basement build a laboratory full of chemicals.

Edison's curiosity was not limited to his immersion in chemical experiments.I made and sold newspapers myself, and I increased my knowledge.

At the age of 15, Edison continues to invent while working, helping a child who is about to be hit by a train station.

The stationmaster, who was the child's parent, thanked Edison for teaching him telegraph skills.It is said that Edison was the opportunity to become an engineer in the future.

・・Invented gramophones, incandescent light bulbs, etc.

Edison's first invention was when he was an electrician in Canada.I was disgusted by the monotonous task of sending a signal every 1 hour at night if there was no problem, and I invented a system in which the telegraph automatically sends a signal using a clock.

in 1868, edisonElectric voting recorderIt was the first time that the company had been patented, but it was not adopted at all (*introduced in the episode).This bitter experience gave me the opportunity to create"things that people want"when working on subsequent inventions.

In 1877, he succeeded in the practical application of the gramophone. Menlo Park InstituteWe will continue to commercialize inventions one after another with rare inventors.He founded a laboratory and organized an invention group.

following the gramophone PhoneInvented various things such as electric railway, electric light lighting, ore separation equipment, etc.We will also demonstrate our talent in terms of management.

Edison's subordinates who belonged to the laboratory also blossomed as inventors, for example, the creator of video camerasWilliam DicksonIt was the first time that I had been a member of the team.

and ... in his later years, he studied communication with the dead.

Edison retired as a manager, but continued his research.in his later years, the theme of his research was communication with the deadCommunication with the spirit worldIt was to invent.

In 1914-12, the institute was damaged by a fire, but Edison still did not give up.And 1931-10-18, I will leave this world at the age of 84.

In this way, it can be said that Edison's various experiences and efforts later became the origin of his original invention, and it can be said that it has become Edison's unique world view.

Edison's Quote Selection ト ~ ト

Edison, who was a man of hard work, left so many quotes.This time, we will introduce 10 famous quotes from Edison.

Edison's worldview can be used as a hint to guide your life to success. The Japanese sentences introduced here are translated by the author, so the translation may be slightly different from other sources, but please understand.

Edison's Quote 条件 Conditions of Genius

⭐Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

天才 Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% effort.

The literal translation is"sweat"of 99%, but it means"sweat and effort".Edison's belief that "without effort, there will be no success" is transmitted.

As you work hard, inspiration and inspiration are of high quality.Also, it seems like a quote that has a spot on the effort, but it is extremely important to get 1% inspiration (*Reference・Mentioned in the later episode column)

Edison quotes➁Be amazed at yourself!?

⭐If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

さ If we do everything we can, we will literally surprise ourselves.
If you think about it, there are many things you can do, large and small.
However, small things seem pointless, and are often things that can be done easily but leave it as it is without doing it.

Also, the big thing is that although I am thinking about trying someday, time passes without challenging without that "someday" coming.

Either way, there will be many things that are possible but not executed.That would be the life of a mediocre person.

There is no one who succeeds without doing it even if I think.From a good habit・a habit of performing all possible things, the triumph of life or invention will be born.

Edison's Quote ③ Definition of the stragglers

⭐Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you failure.

っ If someone is completely satisfied, it's stragglers.

Conceit is the way to fall.In addition, people who are satisfied with the current situation and do not aim for the top are also synonymous with"stragglers".

Despite numerous successes, Edison was driven by a deep and insatiable spirit of inquiry that continued to make further inventions one after another.

The more he explored, the more he knew that there was a vast world in the depths of it.

It is a common denominator of great men and should serve as an example for us.

Edison's Quote ④ The utility of failure

⭐Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.

っ Never be disappointed just because you failed.Learn from it and continue to challenge.

When you experience failure, you tend to give up as it is, but Edison was different.

It was through learning from failures and continuing to challenge that I was able to achieve great achievements that could change the world with many inventions that no one else could.

"Failure is the source of success".Let's continue to challenge again and again to spring failure.

edison's quote ⑤ our weakness

⭐Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

め Our biggest weakness is to give up.The surest way to succeed is to always try 1 more time.

If you don't go well even if you take on a challenge, you might think, " Isn't it meaningless to do something like this?"I tend to be self-limiting, such as"I don't have talent in the beginning" or " I don't have talent in the beginning."

But if you can find about 1% of the potential, or if you think what you do will benefit the world,"Always try 1 more time".

Before you give up, ask yourself, " Did you really do everything you could to remember Edison?"

Edison's Quote ⑥ Basics of English and Japanese Invention

⭐I find out what the world needs. Then, I go ahead and invent it.

の Find out what the world needs first.Then go ahead and invent it.

Edison (*introduced in the episode), who had failed in his first patent, changed the synchronization of inventions from then on.In other words, he changed it to an invention for people, not for himself.

To work not for complacency, but for the well-being of people, from which the success story in the real sense begins.

Edison's quote ⑦ The importance of improvement

⭐Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.

の Just because something doesn't work, don't judge it as useless.
Even if the invention didn't work well, Edison was able to improve it and eventually commercialize it.It's not that something doesn't work, it's that it's really useless.

It is the same in work, and ingenuity is important.And think about whether there is a different perspective.By changing the way we do it and by repeating trial and error, we can see a new path.

Edison Quotes れ Parting with disappointment

⭐I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

し I will never be disappointed.Because any failure is a new step.

If you don't fail, you won't even notice where the problem is.Every time you fail, you are disappointed and can't move forward.

When failure is about to lose to disappointment, I ask myself,"What kind of success do I want to achieve?"Let's check again, " What do you want to succeed for?"

And if it is not only for your own sake, but also for the sake of the world, you should stand up again and light the light of hope.

It is hope that breaks the disappointment.

Remember Edison's quote when you fail, fall, and are unlikely to stand up right away.

In the depths of the quote, you will feel the warm look of Edison's encouragement.And let us light the light of hope in our hearts again and stand up.

Edison's quotes 英語 English / Japanese To people who think life is the end

⭐Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

っ Many of the people who have failed in their lives have not realized how close they were to success when they gave up.

I was told that failure in life is actually to give up success, thinking that everything is bad with the eyes of all or nothing, without noticing that it was close to success.

Before you give up, let's review your life again.I think the seeds of the flowers that you have sprinkled are sprouting on the roadside of life.

If you are not able to find that small bud, you will decide yourself like a defeated person without permission.

Failure in life may only be a lack of tenacity.Let's stand up again and walk down the road.

Edison's quote ⑩ How to capture dissatisfaction

⭐Discontent is the first necessity of progress.

の Dissatisfaction is the most necessary thing for progress.

Edison's complaint is that"it is inconvenient at present, and it is better to have such a thing","It is desirable to improve", etc.The discovery of such discontent becomes the seed of invention.

Without legitimate grievances, there can be no development.It is because of dissatisfaction that we can find a better path.

In comparison, there is no progress in discontent as a general term.I just say dissatisfaction, blame people and the environment.And to not advance life and work is a way of thinking that does not bring progress at all.

Pick-up from Edison Quote " The Treasure that Turns Failure into Success」

Edison,the inventor, is known as a historical great man who carried out about 1,300 inventions and innovations in his lifetime.

But Edison was not just a genius, he was also a hard worker.Edison, who has made a name in history as an inventor, has also experienced failures many times.

When you think of Edison's aphorisms and words when you are afraid of failure, you will have the courage to step forward.

Then, as a further pick-up from Edison's quote, I will send you"the treasure that turns failure into success".

Edison Quote 出発 Departure from failure

⭐I have never failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work.

し I have never failed.I just found 1 million ways that didn't work.

Edison, who influenced the world with numerous inventions, was also a series of failures at first.However, it was also a hero who stood up to take advantage of failure.

Edison's quote ⑫ Failure is study

⭐Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

し Not failed.Do not say that it is a mistake.tell me you studied.

By learning a lesson from failure, failure becomes a study.

Edison's Quote ト 2 points for success

⭐Isn’t it because the case that that is considered, the case that an effort is made and these two aren’t done when there was a person who doesn’t succeed?

し If there were people who didn't succeed, wouldn't it be because they didn't do these two things, thinking and striving?

Thinking is the energy for progress, and striving is also the way forward with that energy.

2 very important points on the way to success.

Edison's quote ⑭ When the game

⭐Nearly every person who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged.

え Almost every human being goes to the point where it's impossible to think any more, and that's where they lose their motivation.that's where the game starts.

Let's make a guideline of the mind such as "If there is something that I think is impossible anymore, I will go one step further".It is to decide the mind.

The common denominator of successful people was expressed in simple words.

Edison's Quote ⑮ What is the merit of difficulty

⭐The trouble is the door to discover the next new world.

す Trouble is the door to discover the next new world.

"There is a chance in difficult times."Let it also be a guide to the mind.

Edison's quotations ⑯ The interpretation of the criticism of the person

⭐Don't be afraid to be criticized by others. It serves as fertilizer for growth.

れ Do not be afraid to be criticized by others.It becomes the fertilizing of growth.

On the other hand, situations where there is no criticism from others may have no stimulation, and they may simply be in tune with the surrounding environment.

There are also new discoveries and needs in criticisms and claims.

Edison's quote ⑰ How to capture dissatisfaction

⭐Work unwaveringly. This is the best way to change your mind.

と To work wholeheartedly.This is the best way to change your mood.

There is also a wish that you want to feel the joy of your soul while you work with all your heart.

Also, when you have a difficult time or a bad thing, you may feel relieved by working or studying with all your heart.

Edison's quote ⑱ Better way

⭐There is always a better way.

し A better way is always there.

Do not be bound by yourself or common sense in the present and decide that there is no better way than this.

By changing the framework of thinking and thinking, you can discover a better way.

Edison's Quote: How to Capture the Handicap

⭐I had a bad ear.That is why I was able to invent the gramophone.

っ I had bad ears. That's why we were able to invent a gramophone.

Edison actually had a problem with his ear, but he succeeded in his invention by turning the handicap into energy in reverse.

Edison's Quote: What you Need to invent

⭐Inventing requires abundant imagination and a pile of garbage.

か To invent, you need a rich imagination and a pile of garbage.

A pile of garbage is like a medal that comes out in the process of striving for invention.

Edison's Quote 21 The Importance of the First Epiphany

⭐If there is no good initial inspiration, it’s useless even if much effort.But people that effort alone, not only are wasting energy.

し If the first inspiration is not good, no matter how much effort.People who just strive are just wasting energy.

The first epiphany may not be rooted in the human mind, but it may be something that God has given us.

Edison's Quote 22 Differences from other inventors

⭐The weak point of the other inventors is to stop by an experiment of just one or two.I never give up until I get something one purchases.

ま The weakness of other inventors is that they stop doing just one or two experiments.I will never give up until I have what I want.

The difference is the difference between "shi" and "shi".Edison's desire for his own, his "ambience" and "dream," have made him unwilling to give up his feelings of giving up.

Let' s change the failure to plus!

Edison, who was called the inventor of the invention, was not successful in the first and second experiments, and had a positive view of the failures that occurred in the process.

If you check the words and episodes left by Edison, you will find that every genius is experiencing a failure.

It is important to have the courage to grow up for your own growth rather than to do nothing for fear of failure.

Even if you don't have to question the question until you are kicked out of elementary school like Edison, you don't care about things just by the top, and you need to think carefully about the nature of things.

Edison's famous episode

I'm going to show you a famous episode about Edison, a genius and an exertement.

 The United States has erased the lights and commemorating the death of Edison's death.

Edison is the inventor of a light bulb, or light bulb, light bulb.

His death was held in the United States, and many people from all over the world gathered.In the United States on October 21, 1931, electric lights were turned off from 22 to mourn for Edison's death.

The night before the electricity was spread by Edison was reproduced.

-The owner of a flexible thought.

when the assistant was doing a complex calculation to calculate the volume of light bulbs.Edison said that he had seen such an assistant, and that I would put water in the light and measure the volume of the light.

Edison was a weapon with "flexible thinking that is not bound by the framework of common sense."

 -Are the wrong words spread?

In fact, Edison says, "I don't think it's important to make a 1 percent strawning and 99 percent of your efforts."

Edison regrets that the world is making his own episode as an adversaut, and denied the wrong message at one press conference.

99 percent of the effort was very important, but I wanted to say that 99 percent of the effort would have been wasted without a single percentage of inspirituiton.

The hirameki comes down from the top.Edison wanted to be the "center of God" in the heavenly sky.Edison was deeply aware of the fact that the truth of the truth was not considered by the human mind, and he valued Hirameki and inspiration very much.

But 99 percent of the effort is needed to get a great inspisel' s.In the magnetic field of such a mind, the good ideas come down. And he went on with his elicts and tried hard again.That was the great number of inventions.

the largest feature of Edison is the aspect of the Spirit

Edison, who was an engineer, an inventor and a businessman, was a man of effort, who is more of a good word than these proverts.

However, it is the greatest characteristic of Edison, who is the man of effort, and the aspect of the "spirit of the soul" has been in the face of the spirit.

"99 % of efforts and 1 % of the flame" were the source of the flame in the world.It would not be a mere thought that Edison tried to invent a "communication machine with a spiritual world" in his later years.

As a result of the worldwide invention of the whole life, Edison was able to find the world of the world beyond this world, and that there is an idea's treasure trove.

I would like to make my life a guiding principle for the world of science to link to the mystic world in his later years, and to keep the name of Edison, who has taught me the secret to make life shine at the highest level in the real world, in a deep sense.

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