Einstein's walk of mind

Called the 20th century physicistEinsteinI was born in GermanyTheoretical physicsPerson.

This time, Einstein, who was called a genius, introduces many of his witty and inspiring sayings based on his life and episode.

The background of Einstein as the background of his word

Einstein has invented a variety of inventive theories, and anyone who has ever seen a photograph of the tongue to face the camera.

Before learning such Einstein's name, let's learn a bit about his life.

Lifetime of genius

Einstein who was also considered father of modern physics. He was named Alberto, born in Germany on 14 March 1879.

Was it a genius since childhood?

On the other hand, it is said that there was a talent that had been projected from the time of the small mathematics. When he was born, he had a big head, and he seemed to be fat.

It is a child who doesn't speak too much, and seems to have language trouble. However, when interested in the present bearing magnet, it isPythagorean theoremThere is an episode that proved it.

Student days

In spite of the handicap of handicap, he had the genius.

However, the result of the poor field is not good, and it seems to have written the paper writing part-time job after graduation of the University.

After that, I got the job of the Patent Office introduced to my father and got the opportunity to know information about inventive theory and formula.

 ・・Theory of relativityAnnouncement

She is married to millepa, who is a college student, and she is a cousinElsaHe fell in love with him and experienced divorce after being divorced.

Einstein, who worked at the patent office in Switzerland at the age of 26, published a paper that topped the common sense of science.Light quantum hypothesisSpecial relativity andBrownian motion.

It was in 1905 and this year was called the miracle year. FamousE = MC 2Einstein is 28 years old.

A special theory of relativity was published in 1905, and the theory of general relativity was developed in 1916. Einstein's typical theory seems to have been very difficult to understand because it was too difficult at that time.

 World peace

Einstein will act peacefully in the first World War and criticize war. I appeal to the world to use science and technology for peace, and on April 11, 1955, I sign the declaration of the abolition of nuclear weapons and the eradication of war.

However, it fell by the disease of the blood vessel, and it became a person who did not return at the age of 76 on April 18.

Einstein; Manhattan projectEven though not involved, misunderstanding has been misunderstood like the developer who discovered the theory of atomic bombs for mass and energy relations.

However, the essence of the desire was in the evolution of human beings by the science and technology of the world in the root of love for the people.

Einstein's Anthology

Einstein who is known as a very quiet person because there was a failure that he was not good at giving language.

It seemed to have liked such a character, and to write the letter seemed to like the unkind letter. Even after becoming a prominent figure, Einstein leaves more than 10000 letters.

Now, let's learn a lot about the message that Einstein has left from here.

Einstein's message on peace

⭐ The government will be powerless if 2% of those who have been appointed military officers say war refusal. Because no country has a prison space to accommodate two or more people.

Einstein who wanted peaceful use of nuclear power was a philosopherBertrand RussellHe appealed for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Einstein seems to be a little wit. Einstein, a pacifist, has left many words about peace.

Einstein's name➁With respect to peace

⭐ Peace can be dangerous by force.

⭐ Peace is not kept by force. Peace can be achieved by just understanding.

Einstein was Jewish. I think that I lived in an age when I was born in Germany and Hitler, and I ended up living without being able to return to my home after all

I wonder how Einstein's heart is how much he wants for world peace.

Einstein's remarks on Nationalism

NationalismIt is an infant disease, and it is like "measles" that human beings suffer.

It is said that war is foolish with Einstein's humor.

Indeed, for Einstein, people who did war were foolish and felt like a child who burnt hands.

The more I leave the remark saying that "it was only a clock craftsman" after the atomic bombs were dropped, it was transmitted to me that the invention was not used for the evolution of mankind, or that it was very harsh for the reverse use.

Einstein's name for the opposite sex

⭐ It is a great delight and essential. But it must not be the center of life. If so, people will lose sight of the way.

⭐ Loving someone else more than referenced education.

⭐ Loving someone teaches us more than compulsory education

Einstein leaves many words against the opposite sex. Did you admire God's invention?

And, perhaps because it is easy to drown in the woman, it may have left such a word as a commandment.

The relationship between love and gravity

⭐ If you fall in love

⭐ If it falls in love, it is a famous name for Einstein's love that cannot be caused by gravity. Interesting expression. There are words like this:

⭐ Try your hand on the hot stove for a minute. You will feel about an hour. Sit down with a pretty girl for an hour. I will be able to feel only about one minute.

There was a possibility that the men and women who felt that the physics was poor in the school days, and the physics teacher who loved the love like the Einstein might have liked physics a little now.

Education of Einstein's name

What was the meaning of learning for Einstein, who left the word of physics and the love of love?

⭐ Education is what is after after having been in school.

⭐ Education is still left after you forget everything you learned in school. And it is the purpose of education to nurture a person who can think and act to help solve the problem that the society faces.

⭐ The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

⭐ True intellect is not knowledge but imagination.

Einstein, a type of study where he likes to study earnestly, has the lowest grade.

It is not a versatile type, and there is a story that when freedom is given to the school of the school which is given the freedom, it is not possible to attend the class, and to look at the cloud on the hill.

When it is distilled knowledge learned in school, that is, when it finds the essence in the depth of the knowledge, it becomes "power".

For that purpose, imagination is required. Einstein's intelligence deepened while looking at the clouds on the hill.

The importance of distinguishing the truth of Einstein's name

It may be that he has become a father of modern physics because of Einstein, who has been devoted to his favorite learning.

I introduce the philosophical word expressing Einstein's way of life and character.

⭐ Few are with who see with their own eyes and feeling with their own hearts.

⭐ How few people look at things with their own eyes and feel in their own hearts?

Einstein knew the importance of the fact that he looked at the eyes of his own heart and betrayed the truth. Einstein also leaves the following words.

⭐ It is the act of keeping the truth away from the truth.

War broke outHitlerEinstein who sees the state in which the world goes crazy.

And without thinking, nuclear power has become a nuclear weapon for suffering people rather than for world peace. That grief is hard to imagine.

The importance of Einstein's consciousness

⭐ Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

⭐ Learn from the past, live for today, and hope for the future. The important thing is that it does not fall into a state without any doubt.

The mistake is acknowledged as an error, and it is connected next. Pursuing something really correct. And the positive thinking that makes the future splendid is important.

As a premise for that, the consciousness is always awake. You must be brave enough to find out about the right and the wrong, the good and the evil, and the truth of the truth.

Einstein's stylish name

It is continuation of the Einstein's word walk. Let's read more fun.
Now, start.

When an alien comes to earth and listens to the English word or phrase for the first time, you will surely think that the name and expression of the earth are high level. Albert Einstein.

Einstein's common sense

⭐ Common sense is the collection of pretriges acquired by age 18.

⭐ Common sense refers to a collection of prejudices acquired by eighteen.

It is not usual common sense equal. It is necessary to look at what is called the common sense of the world in the blank state and see what truth is.

For example, even after Japan's postwar education, there will be a lot of extraordinary education. How about the education that is reconsidered?

When a wrong value is printed in the period of education, it becomes the real development of the life, the world, and the construction of the Utopia world.

Once again, you need to reconsider your own ideas and views to clear the "Prejudice" that has been printed for many years.

Einstein's life is like a bicycle

⭐ Life is like riding a bicycle.

⭐ Life is like a bicycle. You must run in order not to fall.

Even if it touches extreme and left, the bicycle falls. Extreme thinking is too biased. One is the thought of the extremes that are only too important for others.

But what is important is the way that both oneself and others become happy. In Buddhism, it is said that "entering the central road" means "the road which develops from the middle way" is the path of the life. Let's walk the golden road by avoiding the extreme.

Knowing Einstein's ignorance

⭐ The more I learn, the more I have I don't know.

⭐ The more you learn, the more you know how ignorant you are. The more you notice your ignorance, the more you want to learn.

The words of Socrates's "knowledge of ignorance" are well known, but the seeker of truth spends a ship into an unknown ocean that is in the back of the stream.

A person who is exaggerated in a shallow place is not a seeker and cannot produce great results.

He is an intelligent creature when he gets "Einstein's English word and phrase".

Einstein's worth of human values

⭐ The value of a man should be seen in what he was and not in what he is possible to receive.

⭐ The value of a person is measured by what he has given, not what he has acquired. A

Life and miracle of Einstein

⭐ There is only two ways.

⭐ Life has only two ways. One is to live like a miracle. The other is to live as if everything is a miracle.

Derive Einstein's right answer

⭐ I think and think for months and years.

⭐ I keep thinking for months and years. 99 times, the conclusion is not correct, but the correct answer can be made in the first time.

Einstein's genius

⭐ I have no special talent.

⭐ I have no special talent. But I'm passionate about curiosity.

Einstein's genius

⭐ Genius is an effort to endeavor.

Unexpectedly, Einstein was unfortunate in his childhood, from which curiosity and patience were made to arms, and efforts were made to pile up efforts to be called genius.

Send Einstein beginners. I tried to collect new English idioms and sayings.

The genius of Einstein's imagination

⭐ Imagination is limited.

⭐ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has a limit. Imagination envelops the world.

God is said to have created the universe by heart. Einstein also believes in God, and it is the word that expresses the infinite world of the human mind and imagination as a son of God.

Einstein's understanding of weakness

⭐ The weakness is a character.

On Einstein's stupidity

⭐ Space and human stupidity, these two are eternal. The universe is not certain.

Because the human being is rough, the same failure is repeated and the difficulty is met. But it is a creature that can grow up as many times as possible.

On the growth of intelligence in Einstein's name

⭐ Interactive growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.

⭐ The growth of the intellect should continue from birth to beginning.

On the growth of 21 intellects of Einstein

⭐ The more you explore, the more you will have to know. I think it will always be as long as human life continues.

⭐ You must not lose sacred curiosity.

Einstein's name 22

⭐ An idea that is not absurdly seemingly unpromising.

It seems that the heart of the genius doesn't move in the idea which is taken out by the common sense uniquely lacking.

On Einstein's 23 ideals

⭐ It is high time the ideal of success with the ideal of service.

⭐ The ideal of success is the time to be replaced by the ideal of service.

Einstein's way of life  

⭐ The most perfect sheep in the flock of sheep is the most sheep sheep.

It is not the comparison with the life of others, and it is not just to follow in a large number of people, but the importance of "embracing and embracing the life and the mission of one's life" is preached.

I feel like I'm not involved in Einstein Albert Einstein's English proverbs and sayings.

On Einstein's 25 failures

⭐ Anyone who has never been a thought has never been any new.

⭐ The person who has never experienced a setback is that nothing has challenged a new thing.

If there is a challenge, there is a failure, and the intellect is learned by learning the lesson from the failure.

Einstein's word 26

⭐ In the middle of

⭐ There is an opportunity in the difficulty.

Experienced Einstein, a genius physicist, experienced a great deal of difficulty, took it back and took it back, and endeavored to leave his name in history.

Einstein's sayings 27 how to become wise

⭐ It's not that I'm smart, it's just that I stay with problems.

⭐ I am not wise. I'm just going along with the problem.

Einstein's name 28: the road to true success

⭐ Try not to reason a man of success but to for a man of value.

⭐ Try not to be a successful person, but rather be a valuable person.

Einstein's name: Religion

⭐ All religions, arts and organizations are branches of the same tree.

⭐ All religion, art and science are the branches of the same tree.

The dream, hope, and the invisible thing are Einstein clearly. English idioms and sayings please!

The relationship between physics and psychology

⭐ Body and soul are not two different things, but only two different ways of perceiving the same thing.

⭐ Body and mind are not different. They only see the same in two different ways. Similarly, physics and psychology are only different attempts by systematic thinking to connect our experiences together.

In the presence of Einstein

⭐ Before God we are all operated wise and definite foolish.

⭐ Before God, we are equally wise and equally foolish.

Einstein's name

⭐ Everything else be as simple as it is, but not simpler.

⭐ Everything should be as simple as possible. But don't be too simple.

Einstein's name 33 simple attitude effects

⭐ I believe that a simple and undoing manner of life is best for nothing, best for the body and the mind.

⭐ A simple, discreet life attitude is the best for everyone. It is both for the body and the mind. I believe so.

Also known as Albert Einstein Einstein.

Einstein's name 34: the way to success

⭐ I am sure of any condition. God never shoots dice.

Fate is not fickle, but it is given a gift named chance for people who continue to walk and strive for effort.

Einstein says 35 really understand

⭐ If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.

⭐ If I could not explain to a six year old child, I could not understand it.

Information and knowledge of Einstein's 36

⭐ Information is not knowledge.

⭐ Information is not knowledge.

Einstein's name

⭐ Life isn't worth living.

⭐ Life is worth living for someone.

Einstein's name

⭐ Love is a good teacher than duty.

⭐ Love is a better teacher than duty.

It was Einstein's stylish English word and expression. Thank you.

Einstein's famous episode

I introduce a famous episode about Einstein who had great influence all over the world.

I liked Japan

The genius physicist had a side of the parents' day family. Einstein came to Japan in 1922 and stayed for about a month.

He seems to have learned about and was interested in the traditional Japanese spirit of Japan. At this point, Einstein was a world-renowned scientist, but he also visited ordinary homes.

・ It is a dream that triggered the presentation of relativity

One day, Einstein, who was a student, was taking a nap. The dream I had at that time was a strange content, and I was chasing light at the speed of light.

After waking up, he repeated thought experiments in his head, which later lead to the great discovery of relativity.

・ Were you not really interested in fashion?

It was always tattered about the clothes, and honestly it seemed to be far from fashionable.

An knew man who saw him pointed out that he should be careful about grooming. However, Einstein seems to have said to the point that it will become wailed when the wrapping paper is splendid when the meat is bought.

・ Has the brain changed?!

Einstein's brain transports oxygen and nutrientsGlial cellsI found that there were many. Glial cells are also said to help find, protect, and repair damaged neurons.

It may be that the brain changed because of the power of the thought that Einstein became a great man who was said to be a genius.

Learn from Einstein's earnest attitude

Because he was a pro-Japanese family, some modern Japanese physicists and scientists also respect Einstein. However, Einstein, who was said to be a genius, also had weaknesses and may not have been a perfect person.

It's not about perfection, it's about accepting weaknesses, but continuing to take on the challenge of solving any doubts you may have.

Einstein's sincere efforts were born out of a genuine desire to help make humanity happy. Bagborne will also have Einstein's idea that the essence of science is the search for the unknown, and that science serves the mind and the world.

Through Einstein's sayings, I hope you will get an opportunity to make a better life.

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