Gandhi's spooky walk!

India independenceThere is no one known to the world as a father ofMahatma GandhiMahtomart gardy.

It is well known that Gandhi proposed "Non Violence, non submission" when he commanded the independence movement from the British Empire. It is Gandhi, the owner of such an unscrupulous spirit, but before becoming an activist and a religious family, he grew up when he was a child. After that, he also worked as an attorney.

This time, I would like to pursue what kind of life and how I spent my life in Gandhi.

The words left by Gandhi are a specific development of the religious mind and beliefs, and there are many references to those who suffer from contemporary work and human relations.

Gandhi's life as the background of the word

A marriage that takes place in India

Gandhi was 1869 British EmpireCurrentPaul Bandar, port town in Gujarat, India Born in the land called.

FatherKingdom of Paul BandarAs he was rich and rich, he also lived in a wealthy environment with servants.

Gandhi, who grew up freely, attends a British Elementary School and grows without discrimination.

In elementary school daysHindu religionIt is a defective type that says that it is a food that is prohibited at present and sucks tobacco. When he was short of cigarettes, he said he was ticking money from a servant who worked at home.

In India, there is a custom called infant marriage, and the daughter of a merchant who lives in the life ofI'm married to cassulva.

Gandhi was longing for a gentleman at this time.

Aiming at lawyer

It grew up in a wealthy family, but as Gandhi grew, the home kitchen situation became too severe, and his father died.

Gandhi, the youngest child, decides to study in England because he is a way of studying in England and studying law and becoming rich in becoming a lawyer.

She was ordered to stand for alcohol and women from her mother, and when she was 18 years old, she began to study in London, England, with her brother's expectation.

From this time, the change of Gandhi's consciousness is born, and it becomes the existence where the study is hard and it is put even in the school. Standing up the meat, I awoke to the vegetarian.

Become a lawyerSouth AfricaTo

Gandhi, who was to work in a court in England, found no work. He returned to India and was invited to become an advisor to India businessman.

At that time South Africa was an English colony and many India people worked in South Africa, but there was no India lawyer.

Gandhi who arrived in South Africa receives racial discrimination for the first time.

Gandhi saw and experiencedDiscriminationIt is said that it is said that it is said that it is a road for western people only if it takes the train to take a train, and it is raced and lowered, and walking in the street.

I can't overlook this situation. I chose to remain in South Africa and fight against racial discrimination. Famous from thereNon violence, non submission movement. As time goes by, the other India people start to participate, and they are arrested on the way and are imprisoned, but they succeed in eliminating discriminatory rules.

India movement

Gandhi, who fought for racial discrimination for about 20 years in South Africa, then returns to his hometown India. Gandhi, who returned home, also begins to exercise in order to make his country independent from England.

In India, Gandhi's achievements, such as the abolition of the bill against India discrimination in South Africa, are the central figure of the national assembly.

But during the campaign, British police massacre many India people by firing.

Because the hostility to the United Kingdom by the India increased and the police were attacked by the group, Gandhi was forced to stop the movement temporarily.

But Gandhi continues to fight and is involved in the India independence movement.

Independence of IndiaThe death of a country

In 1947, India finally succeeded in Britain, but it separated from India in Hindu and Pakistan in Islam.

It was not unusual for the riot to happen, and Gandhi stopped and stopped. But in 1948, he was attacked by a Hindu fanatic who was displeased with his deeds and received bullets and ended his life.

Gandhi Frank

Gandhi Frank

⭐ Find the purpose and follow the means.

⭐ Find purpose, the means will follow.

Gandhi continues the challenge without overlooking "time". In South AfricaAsian Registration Act(all India, more than eight years old, carried out a demonstration on the front of the government to submit a fingerprint and carry out a registration certificate, and when a bill was issued, the offender was imprisoned unconditionally or expelled from South Africa).

Whenever Gandhi moves, he is caught and imprisoned many times, but never give up. If you believe the purpose is right, the means will follow. If you think about this means and hesitate to think so, you may miss "time" or "chance".

If you are deeply believed to be right, you must move according to the voice of the heart. Courage is necessary. He taught me the importance of taking courage without fear.

Gandhi Frank➁

⭐ Speed is not just life.

⭐ Where is more to life than suffering.

It is the name of Gandhi that resonates in modernity that is important to speed and speed.
It is not always correct to walk through the life of the importance of efficiency.

Sometimes, it is important to relax the speed, and there are scenery and the taste of life.

Of course speed is important in work. However, does the self-centered action and the speech become outstanding by putting too much speed importance? Let's check whether the balance of mind and body is broken.

When you think about the surroundings and eliminate the "sense of balance" in the physical side, you can't move forward with a real meaning.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ If you want to change the world, first you change.

⭐ Be the change you wish to see in the world.

It is the most famous word in the word that condensed Gandhi's words.

This name is the word that shortened Gandhi's words. According to the New York times in 2011, the following is the contents.

The world is nothing but my own mirror. All the trends in the outside are within themselves. If you can change yourself, the world will change. The world also changes the attitude to the man who changed his root. This is the very intention of teaching. There is nothing like this. Happiness begins here.

Gandhi is the person who changed himself and changed the world as this word.

Gandhi's name

⭐ Live as if you die to die tomorrow.

⭐ Learn as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow

This name is "the guideline for living by all means". Even if this body declines, it is not possible to change the world without learning "learn and act".

The direction of action is shown by learning, and it becomes energy to act. It is also a common term of various great people all over the world who live and do not regret after tomorrow. The person who moves the heart of the person is alive in all time.

We both want to live in the best of life.

Gandhi's word

⭐ To believe in something and not to live it.

⭐ If you have something to believe in, you can't trust people who don't live with it.

There is no lie in my heart, and doing what I believe. It is important to pass through it as a guideline.

Sometimes people are bent from their interests, or they may change their attitude at once when they are not rendered as treasure.

But it also points out that it is wrong as a human being.

Gandhi's name

⭐ Eye to eye crushes eyes all over the world

⭐ In eyes, eyes are crushed in eyes

In the age when colonial rule spread, and the World War II and the world were repeating the strife to wash blood with blood, I criticize that violence does not produce anything.

Gandhi's name

⭐ Humans are just the products of our children.

⭐ Man is only the product of his thought.

It is a very important word that Gandhi's thought fulfilled.

Thoughts make reality.

What you think is what you decide. Gandhi's lifetime work proved it.

Gandhi's word

⭐ There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

⭐ There is no way to peace, peace is the way.

Gandhi, who loves peace, and has continued to work for equality and freedom.

Peace is not to reach the destination. Peace is in the peaceful way of life of the present, and it continues to practice it, and it is a word with the implication of the implication.

Gandhi's word

⭐ The weak can never forgive.

⭐ It is a proof of strength that it is not possible to forgive an opponent more than a weak person.

Gandhi's cause of death was that he was hit by a gunshot during his speech by the Hindu extremists.

At that time, Gandhi is said to have acted in the meaning of "forgive you" in Islam (to put the hand on the forehead by Islamic manners).

Gandhi chose "forgiveness" without having a feeling of hating people even if he was hit by a bullet. It was Gandhi's will and message.

Gandhi's name

⭐ Strength is not physical ability.

⭐ Strength is not a physical ability, it is born from an unjust will.

It was more powerful than anyone in those days who realized the liberation of the colony without relying on violence.

That strong strength is born from an unforeseen willingness from the depths of the heart. And Gandhi's will later influenced the world.

A strong will comes from "height of the soul". When a strong will is born from a person's ideals and ideals, and the patience is pushed, the road opens surely.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ My life is my message

⭐ My life is my message

Gandhi's movement became famous even in Japan.

It is said that this word is the word that only the person who is able to pass through the heart without putting up the life with the true heart.

What message would you read from Gandhi's life?

Gandhi Frank

⭐ If I didn't have humor, I lost it possible to endure this long and hard fight

⭐ If I had no humor, I would not have been able to endure such a long struggle.

It is said that Gandhi was a person of humor and a laughing person. The person who is not laughed will be the person who is concentrated in the turn and is having a heavy life if there is something suffering.

"I was able to have humor in that environment," he wondered, but Gandhi could always see things from different viewpoints.

And, it seems to be a true religious person, "the feeling of silence and peace of mind in the mind", and the mind came in the margin, and it might have led to humor and laughter.

Gandhi's message

⭐ Happiness is what you think, say, and do

⭐ Happiness is the state of thinking, saying, and doing harmony

In Buddhism, the term "shosetsu Shosei" refers to "hassho do" in "hasshodo".

It is possible to realize the correct life through the right thought, the right talk, the correct action and the thing. And this is the way to true happiness.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ In the case of conscience

⭐ In the issue of conscience, the majority rule is useless.

⭐ Even if you are a given of one, the truth is the truth.

⭐ Even if you are a minority, the truth is true.

The majority vote is democratic principle, but "conscience" is necessary for democracy.

It is only "useless" or "evil" to create a more wonderful world even if the majority of people who have no conscience gather.

"Is it true? Is there a conscience there?

Even if many people say the same opinion, if it is against the "conscience" as a human being or is not "truth", it must fight hard.

Gandhi's strong determination can be seen.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ A coward is incapable of additional circular love

⭐ A timid cannot express love. Expressing love is an expression of bravery.

A coward is a person who is doing nothing but his own interests.
True love has no interest. Love is the feeling that is given to other people regardless of their gain, and is sacred. Sometimes there is a spirit of self sacrifice.

In that sense, the one who can express love is selfish and brave.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ Fear Distrust Somebody, stop to be dangerous by doing, we'd stop to fight

⭐ Fear produces distrust. If we stop being afraid of any one, we will stop fighting.

Fear is like a trigger that causes distrust to the other party, inflicts harm to the opponent, and leads to conflict. It is the words of Gandhi's light who saw "fear is a weapon of darkness and demon".

This fear is an overcoming self defense instinct. If fear arises, you must fight against it. For that purpose, it is to drive the light of hope.

Not only this word, Gandhi leaves a message about various fears.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

⭐ Real wealth is health, not gold or silver.

Money, silver and money must be wealth. Of course, although Gandhi knows it, here is "health".

It is because there is an activity such as fasting, and it wants to know that it is not "neglect the health".

The action itself is limited by injuring health. Health is not only physical health, but also "mental health".

Health of mind is the base of true wealth. "Gold and silver" only for the sake of one's private interest are nothing but "fake wealth".

Gandhi Frank

⭐ The good thing moves at the speed of a snail.

⭐ Good things move at snail speeds.

Good activity is also accompanied by the reform of people's hearts, and at a slow pace at first. It is important to continue to stay patiently until it comes out, even if the result does not come out even if the result is good.

When I'm walking in silence, I feel like I'm not going to move any way, but the good thing is appealing to the goodness of people and steadily moving like a snail.

And when it reaches the taping point, it will proceed at once. Just like Gandhi's movement.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ Our trust has been to be light.

⭐ Our belief must always be a burning light. It not only gives light but also illuminates our surroundings.

The action from Gandhi's belief influenced the people around him and landed the torch in each heart. And many people came to participate in the movement to realize the truth.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ If you are not alone, you may not be able to do it.

⭐ Don't lose your heart. Human nature is like a wide ocean. A few drops of dirt will not pollute the whole sea

In Buddhism, human beings are Buddha's children. The human nature is Buddha nature, and if Buddha is polished, infinite possibility is a noble existence that blooms.

Thus, the person is a wonderful existence as a Buddha's son, and it is an existence which is infinite possibility. Therefore, it must not be decided that it is the dirt of a few drops, and the other side is the villainy. And don't be too proud of yourself.

In the depths of this name, the light of mercy of Gandhi's great love and envelopes is shining brightly.

Gandhi Frank

⭐ Nonviolence has no stress. In contrast, the end of violence is always

⭐ There is no defeat in non violence. On the other hand, the end of violence is always defeated

It is the representative of Gandhi who did not violence. Gandhi, the opposing opponent, also allowed independence in India due to the decline in the end of the war.

Gandhi episode

It is Gandhi who acted for the person who was crushed, but there is an unexpected episode before it still wakes up in earnest.

Was it bad luck at childhood?

Gandhi was not a saint since he was born.

Rather, it was a child with a problem in the elementary school student, the result that it was called the so-called "evil Gaki", and the performance. It is repeated many times that the meat is forbidden by the teaching of Hinduism.

He was a British gentleman during his study abroad

Of course when I was in England, I worked hard to become a lawyer.

There is an episode that worked hard to become a British gentleman while working hard.

I started playing violin lessons, dancing, and working in a fashion.

But the act of working as a gentleman helped later in conflict with England.

Gandhi struggled as a parent

Gandhi had problems at home.

He was the eldest son who had become a kind of worries, and he was doing problems when he was drowned and converted to Islam.

Gandhi also called his association with him more difficult than the independence of the state. It might be that there was a weakness that the first son was compared with his father and was disgusted if it was looked down.

Fly to the wise man like Gandhi!

In this article, Gandhi was introduced from the background to the name.

The word of great will sound to the heart even if the times change. In particular, the time when Gandhi lived remains as a photograph and a picture, and the "Non Violence and disobedience" movement carried out by Gandhi is recorded as a picture.

Gandhi is truly a wonderful person, how much it was the way of the thorn, but who did not bend the belief and believed in the person without any grudge.

Gandhi also leaves such words.

⭐ It is healthy to keep in mind that it is not wise to trust human wisdom, that the strong may be weak, and the wise may be different.

A human being is easy to become exaggerated as soon as there is a little wisdom.

And, I tend to think that "anything is absolutely correct" if it is a wise person, but it may be mistaken even if it is a wise person. To become a true strong person or a wise man, it is Gandhi's word "the modesty should be connected to the way of connecting the road".

It is fortunate that Gandhi's myth will become your energetic source.

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