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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Goethe's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] To live a life of light more!

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

It is still loved by many people all over the worldGoetheIs a great poet and writer from Germany.

FaustSuch works are particularly famous, but their works and ideas have had a great influence on writers from all over the world and Japanese writers who pursue their ideals over a long history.

83He energetically published novels, poetry collections, and plays until his death at his age, and he is a great man who deserves to be called a literary master. I left.

What kind of person was Goethe, who left behind many works that have been handed down to the present day and created many wise sayings based on mysterious ideas?

Let's approach the person named Goethe from his background, episodes and quotes.

Goethe's profile as a background for quotes

  Goethe will play an active role as a literary master, but what kind of life did he live? Let's take a look at Goethe's background here.

・ ・ Demonstrate his talent from an early age

Goethe in 1749 in GermanyFrankfurtBorn in.

His Goethe House was very wealthy and grew up with his educated father and his mother, who had been a lawyer for generations.

He was well educated from an early age and he was a kid who could speak multiple languages, not only German but also English and French.

At the age of 16, he entered college and studied law, following his father's desire to advance Goethe. He seems to have been writing poetry since this time, and he started his creative activities in his teens.

・ ・ To his full-scale creative activities

After he studied law in college, he became a lawyer, but he gradually became obsessed with literature and lost interest in the content of his lawyer's work.

Although his main business was a lawyer, he began to focus on his writing activities and became known at once when he published his novel "The Trouble of Young Werther" in 1774.

In the shadow of this work, Goethe's own broken heart and his friend's suicide were experienced. The troubles of the young Wertel became a big hit, and Goethe's name was noticed at once.

His famous Faust also started writing around this time, and it will be a masterpiece that he will write throughout his life. Thus Goethe began to devote himself to literary activities, and even after that, "EgmontAnd "Hermann and Dorothea" will continue to be released.

1794He deepened his friendship from around the ageSyrahTogether they established the classicist era of German literature, and the two supported each other until Schiller died of illness.

1788I've known each other since I was a year old, but at first I had a bad relationship with each other because I was against each other's works.

I started to deepen my friendship1794It is said that it was triggered by exchanging words at the Botanical Society of Japan. The two are so close that the classicist era ends with the death of Marat, and the tombs are still next to each other.

・ ・ Goethe in his later years

Goethe in his later years seems to have had a hard time due to the war. He also suffered from a kidney disease and became a creative activity while treating it.

In 1806, the first part of Faust was completed and announced to the world. Faust also has a second part, which was written after Goethe was old after the first part was completed.

Goethe's masterpiece "Faust" comes from his idea60Years later1831It was completed in the year. It was Syrah who recommended that he rewrite the writing that had stopped, and Goethe said, "If I hadn't met Syrah, Faust wouldn't have been completed."

Goethe died at the age of 82 in 832, the year after the completion of "First".

Goethe, who published his work until just before his death and left the last word "more light!", Is still loved by many people all over the world.

Goethe's Quotations (English & Japanese) About his life

 Goethe, who was active as a literary master, has left many wise sayings. Let's look at specific quotes about his life, about love, and about knowledge.

Let's start with his quotes about his life.

★・ English: If you ’ve never eaten while crying you don t know what life tastes like

Japanese: Only a person who has eaten bread with tears knows the true taste of life.

I don't want to have regrets or painful experiences, but I can't realize the importance of life just by living happily. Frustrating and painful experiences are important in enriching your life.

While Goethe is writing his work, he has had a lot of painful experiences, such as being sick and being preceded by his wife. It was because he felt frustrated and understood the meaning of his life that he was able to create a work that would remain in posterity.

★・ English: Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

Japanese: If you have something you can or dream of doing, start now. The daredevil is a genius, a power, a magic.

Goethe was successful because he continued to act.16He entered at the age ofLeipzig UniversityHe was forced to drop out because he was attacked by a illness that appeared to be tuberculosis.

But Goethe did not give up on his studies and after recuperating at his homeUniversity of StrasbourgI am enrolled in. As a result, he made many friends at the University of Strasbourg and gained a new perspective, which had a positive impact on his work.

If you have something you want to do, you should take action rather than wondering. I don't know what will happen as a result of my actions, but it will be an important experience for me. Being able to act recklessly is because it is full of power, and it is attractive to the people around you.

★・ English: Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

Japanese: Just believe in yourself. I'm sure you can see the way to live.

Often I am at a loss because I don't know how to live my life. In such a case, first believe in yourself.

Also, remember the smiles of your parents, friends, acquaintances, teachers, and neighbors who have given you love since you were a child.

The memory of being loved by someone is a great power to believe in yourself. And let yourself also want to give love for others. Then you can see the way and know how to live in the future.

★Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

Japanese: Just believe in yourself. I'm sure you can see the way to live.

Behind the fact that you can believe in yourself, you need a faith that believes in God like Goethe. Human beings are precious because they are children of God, and because they love God, they can love and embrace the individuality of themselves given by God. And from there you can see the true lifeline.
(Reference Quotations★The greatest devil that leads humans to corruption is the hatred of oneself.
There is no faith in the mind of excessive self-loathing, which is a powerful weapon that the devil aims at.)

★ If I had not been willing to lift a stone by himself, and lifted not even two people.

Japanese: If you don't feel like lifting a stone by yourself, neither of you can lift it.

If you don't feel like doing everything on your own, even with the help of others, it won't work in the end.

★ And to not know what is going to go anywhere, it is not in any way that you can go far.

Japanese: I don't know where I'm going, but I can't go far.

Being clear about what to do and what you want to do is the way to success in your life.

★Humans are shaped by what they love.

Japanese: Humans are shaped by what they love.

Your heart and soul are colored by your loved thoughts and actions, and eventually they are carved like sculptures.

★ A thoughtful person never despises an enemy.

Japanese: Thoughtful people never despise their enemies.

The more thoughtful and wise you are, the less likely you are to be ecstatic. Being proud and despising the enemy can make your armpits sweeter, which can lead to failure and defeat.

★ When purchasing while young, I grow old, and it ’s a bundant.

Japanese: If you ask for it at a young age, you will be old and rich.

Asking even at a young age is also a challenge. Challenges can be successful or unsuccessful, but in any case they are a valuable experience and a light of wisdom that enriches your later years.

★ Think about whether you can live by losing that dream.

Japanese: Think about whether you can live without that dream.

It is a word that asks where your dreams, ideals, and aspirations are. And if you don't give up on your dreams, you need to think concretely about what your next move is to make your dreams come true and take action.

★Unless it comes from the bottom of your heart, it will not affect the hearts of others.

Only heartfelt words of truth and words of heartfelt love can reach the hearts of others.

★Philosophy is nothing more than an expression of common sense in confusing words.

Those who really understand can speak in gentle words, Yamato words that anyone can understand. We tend to think of philosophy as difficult, but from Goethe's point of view, philosophy is simply an incomprehensible expression of the obvious.

★ Why does n’t a bad mouth cease this? When others ’a form of achievements is admitted, people think the carat falls.

Japanese: Why do you keep talking badly like this? People think that their dignity will be reduced if they acknowledge even the slightest achievement of others.

It is not uncommon in modern society to be jealous of the success of others, and it is a word that pierces the hearts of modern people. You need to establish yourself firmly so that your value does not go up or down in comparison with people.

★Those who do not know to learn from the history of 3,000 years will live in the darkness that day without knowing it.

Humans who cannot learn in the past will live every day without seeing anything, as if they were in the dark.

★ I can put up with anything in the world, but I cannot put up with just happy days

Japanese: I can put up with anything in the world, but I can't put up with a series of happy days.

Happiness here is the days when you have no goals, no dreams, and are simply swept away like floating grass. Goethe's true happiness may have been a life striving to finish a work with a wonderful concept.

Goethe's Quotations (English & Japanese) About love and knowledge

Next, I would like to introduce some quotes about love and knowledge.

Goethe's Quotations: About Love

 ・ English: It ca n’t be said that the person who ca n’t love the fault of the person who loves is loving truly.

Japanese: Those who cannot love the shortcomings of their loved ones cannot be said to truly love them.
(A person who does not see the faults of a loved one as a virtue cannot be said to love him.)

If you really love a person, embrace that person's shortcomings. You will be able to embrace the soul of the other person as if you were dear. It can be said that it is a word that can be spun because Goethe has experienced various romance.

Marriage is the beginning and summit of all cultures. It calms the violent and is the best opportunity for a well-educated person to prove his warmth.

Goethe1788A yearChristiane・ Become a lover with Vulpius1789I had a child in the year, but I didn't register. However1806When French soldiers invaded Goethe's house in the year, Christiane and other soldiers saved Goethe and finally entered the register.

It's probably the best opportunity to prove her warmth to the woman who protected herself at the risk of her life. Christiane, who became his wife1816She died in the year she died.

・ Love in the twenties is an illusion. The love of thirties is cheating. Only when a person reaches his forties, he knows a true platonic love affair.

Goethe was the first and last to have a lover relationship with his wife39He was old. Before that, I had been in love with various women, but none of them worked.

20When I was a teenager, I fell in love with my friend's fiancée and with my friendsCharlotteI thought about suicide when my wedding was approaching.

20In the second half of the generation7Older married womanCharlotte von SteinFall in love with Charlotte, whose relationship with her husband had cooled, changed her relationship with Goethe.12I continued for years.

Goethe's trip to Italy led to a catastrophe, and he met Christiane. Love in the twenties is an illusion, love in the thirties is cheating, and love in the forties is platonic. It can be said that Goethe's life is well represented.

Goethe's Quotations: About Knowledge

・ English: You can say that you know only if you know a little.The more you know, the more suspicion will arise.

Japanese: It can be said that a person knows only when he / she knows little. The more you know, the more suspicious it becomes.

Goethe is known as a literary master, but he has also been successful in natural science research. He could have achieved results because he was interested in everything and tried to explore and know deeply.

The more you know, the more mysterious points will come out, so "knowing" is very deep. Those who say that they know easily are considered to be inquisitive.

・ English: Excessive that it and will know right now all. Snow is coming into view if Tokere.

Japanese: It is impossible to know everything right now. You can see it when the snow melts.

It's hard to understand the essence, so you can't know everything right away. However, it can be seen by surely incorporating knowledge so that the snow can be thawed.

・ English: Treat anything that seems impossible as if it were possible.

Japanese: Even if it seems impossible, treat it as if it were possible.

There are many things that I can't do or feel impossible, but if I give up, my dreams won't come true. Acting as if it were possible gives you confidence. The more confident you are, the easier it is to come up with ideas.   

Goethe episode

Goethe has several episodes left.

The episodes will help you to understand what kind of person he was usually.

・ ・ He was also a scientist

Goethe was a very talented person, and he was active not only as a writer but also as a scientist.

He seems to have been particularly interested in plants and minerals, and he has published treatises on these themes.

He needs a great deal of knowledge to be able to publish a treatise, so it turns out that he was really knowledgeable.

・ ・ Is Napoleon a big fan of Goethe?

Napoleon seems to have liked Goethe's work very much.

He had actually met Goethe, and Napoleon was very happy at that time.

At the same time, he is said to have surprised Goethe by making so-called bad things about Goethe's work.

It was Goethe's work that influenced even the world-famous Napoleon.

・ ・ To the top of a country

When Goethe lived in Germany, it was like a crowd of countries.

One of them, the Principality of Saxony Weimar, holds the position of Chancellor.

The Chancellor is like the Prime Minister in Japan, and he was a writer and the top of the country.

He is a talented Goethe-like episode who was also good at politics.

He got acquainted with a person who was a monarch of the country and was invited to become a politician, but from there he was promoted to the Chancellor, so he must have had a wonderful talent.

Goethe was actually a mysterious thinker

Goethe, who has had a lot of experience, cites what he has learned in his life. Since it is a word that was born through a wealth of study and various experiences, it will deeply resonate with us today.

Goethe was a literary master, a politician, and a good scientist. He has also produced numerous novels and travelogues and was active as a natural scientist. Few people in history have been successful in such a wide range of fields.

And another characteristic of Goethe is that he was a mysterious thinker. Perhaps I was actually watching the world of the world that passed away. He is the state of heaven and hell in the world, magicalchemyUp to, it is really depicted in "First" etc. in detail with Ali Ali.

Goethe's real appeal may actually be that he has made a bagbone of the world view of the world such as the spirit world.

It might have been necessary to complete goethe work to explore the philosophy such as "Meaning of life" against the background of mysterious thought, and to demonstrate power through the work of scholars and politicians in this world.

In short, there might have been a secret of success to continue to influence future generations well, and to build a large mountain range by searching for the truth based on mystic thought, thinking about the meaning of life, and immediately acting on what interested and interested.

Goethe's words will be helpful when you wonder how to succeed and what human beings should be. I want to keep goethe's sayings in mind in order to live a rich life.