Goethe's walk.

Still being loved by many people around the worldGoetheIs a great poet and writer from Germany.

Faust IIAlthough the works such as those are especially famous, their works and ideas have long been a long history, and they have greatly influenced the literati around the world and Japanese writers who pursue the ideal.

While he died at the age of 83, he published novels, poetry, and plays energetically, and he was a great man to be called a literary gossip, but Goethe was active as a politician as well as a politician, and he left achievements in geology and botany.

What kind of person was Goethe who was a person who created many words based on mystical thought?

Let go to Goethe from the background of Goethe, the episode and the word.

Goethe's profile as background of the word

What kind of life did you send Goethe? Let's look at Goethe's life here.

Since he was a child

Goethe in Germany inFrankfurt am.
Goethe's family grew up with a very wealthy, educated father, and a genealogical mother who served as a lawyer for generations.

She was a child who had been able to manipulate several languages, not only German but also English and French.

When he is 16 years old, he goes to college and learns law. It seems that he had been making poetry since around this time, and he started his creative activity in his teens.

- creative activities

Goethe, who studied law at the University, becomes an attorney, but he gradually falls into literature and lost interest in the contents of his lawyer's work.

Although he was a lawyer, he became a disciple of writing activities in 1774, and in 1774 he published the trouble of young welterel.

In the shadow of this work, there was an experience like Goethe himself's broken heart and friend's suicide. The trouble of the youth welltel becomes a big hit, and Goethe's name is paid attention at a stretch.

The famous Faust has begun writing since this time, and it becomes a big work to write throughout the life.

Thus Goethe became devoted to literary activities, and then continuedEgmont inHe continues to announce works such as "Hermann and drotea".

He deepened friendship from aroundSchillerTogether with the establishment of the classical era of German literature, they supported each other until Syrian died.

Since around 1888, he had known each other, but at first he had antipathy with each other's work, and the relationship was not good.

It is said that it was the chance that the word of the botanical society in 1794 exchanged words in deepening friendship. In the classicism period, the two people are close to each other.

Goethe in late years

In the late years Goethe seemed to have struggled with war. Also, it became a creative activity taking care of kidney disease.

The first part of Faust is completed in 1806 and it is announced to the world. Faust has the second part, and after the second part is completed, Goethe is written from old age.

Goethe's first masterpiece "Faust" was completed in 1831 after 60 years of conception. It was Syrah who recommended to rewrite the written writing again, and Goethe says that Faust was not completed if he had not met Syrah.

Goethe died at 882 in 832 the first year of the first.
Goethe who wrote the work until the death and left the word "more light!" continues to be loved by many people all over the world today.

Goethe language①~⑱ 

Goethe who was active as a literary man leaves many words. Let's look at the facts about life and knowledge about love.

Goethe language

⭐ If you 've never wanted while crying you don t know what life tastes like

⭐ Unless you have eaten bread with tears, the real taste of life is unknown.

I do not want to be able to have regret and painful experience, but I can not realize the importance of life only by living happily. Regrettable and painful experience is important for enriching life.

The point is how to catch it.While eating bread with tears, let's not think that "I am a bad man". There is always one who watches your Figure warm and warm.

While Goethe is writing the work, he is attacked by the disease, pretends to love wife, and has a lot of painful experiences.

Because it understood and understood the meaning of the life in the feeling of regret, it was possible to make the work which remained in the afterlife.

Goethe language➁

⭐ What you can do or dream you can, begin it.

⭐ If you can dream or be able to do it, start now. Beyond is genius, power, and magic.

The success of Goethe has continued to act. He entered the age ofLeipzig UniversityI was forced to leave school because of being attacked by a disease which is considered tuberculosis.

However, Goethe did not give up encouraging her, and after she was treated at homeUniversity of Strauss burgI'm in college.

As a result, a lot of friends and new perspectives at the University of Strassburg have had a positive effect on the work.

If you have something you want to do, you should put it into action, rather than hesituable." I don't know what will happen, but at least it will be a very important experience and learning to me.

The more I think of it, the more I will move the dreamt to action right now.It is a keyword that will be used to cut the times.

Goethe's Proverts

⭐Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

⭐You only need to believe yourself.I'm sure you'll see the way to live.

I often don't know how to live in my life, but I often don't know what to do.Let' s first believe in yourself.

Let me remind you of smiles of parents, friends, acquaintans, teachers, and neighbors who have given love since they were young.

The memory of being loved by someone is a great power to believe in yourself.And I hope that I also want to offer love for others.Then you will gradually see the road, and you will know how to live in the future.

In addition, in the inner part of which you can trust yourself deeply, you need a faith to believe in God like Goethe.

Humans, who are the sons of God, are precious beings, and because they love God, they are able to love and hold the individuality of God given by God.

And from there, you can see the real creature.

(Note:⭐most important devil leading to the depravage of a human being is uncomfortable with himself.

There is no faith in overcoming self-hatred, and it becomes a powerful weapon against the devil.)

Goethe's Proof

⭐ If I had not been a stone to a stone by a stone, and a two-part people.

⭐If you don't want to lift a stone on your own, you won't even lift it up.

If you don't feel that you can do anything with your own strength, you will not be able to do it in the end, even if you borrow power from others.

5. Goethe

⭐ And to not know what is going to go anywhere, it is not in any way that you can go far.

⭐I don't know where I'm going, but it's not going to be far away.

What we need to do and what we need to do is to make our lives a success.

You cannot make your life meaningful without knowing where a man lives on the ground and where he is going after he leaves the earth.

Goethe is a mystical thinkman, and he will show a glimpse of the world view of the world that has passed away in the world.

As Andersen mentioned, this world is like a school, and from the perspective of the learning of the soul, you will be able to send a meaningful life.

Goethe's Proof

⭐Humans are on what they love.

⭐human being is shaped by the one he loves.

Your heart and soul are colored by the continuity of your love and behavior.and eventually carved into the deep soul of the soul like a sculpture.

Goethe's Proverts

⭐ A thoughtful person never despises an object.

⭐A thoughtful person is by no means discontempt of enemies.

A thoughtful and wise person is not as wise as he is.To be proud and to underestimate the enemy, the sides are sweeter, and they will call for failure or defeat.

Goethe's Provert

⭐ When using young, young, I grow old, and it's.

⭐If you ask young people, they are old and rich.

If you want to be young, you have to store your knowledge.And it's going to be a challenge for everything.

Knowledge is through experience and wisdom.Neither can it succeed or fail, but it can be stored as a valuable experience in which it can be stored as the light of wisdom.

is the "light" in which wisdom is richly adornating his last years.

Goethe's Proverts

⭐Think about you: you can live by live by dream.

⭐Don't you think you can lose your dream and live up to it.

Let' s try and challenge your dream, your ideals and your comrades at once, and what they are.

And if you think that it has failed, and if you think you can't live with your dreams, you will be very sorry for ever being stuck in a failure.

You should recover at once.Let' s take action to take concrete actions to realize that dream is to realize the dream.

Goethe's Provert

⭐If it is not from the bottom of your heart, it does not sound to the mind of others.

The heart of others will be exposed to the Kotosen of others.To pick up the Koto Line of other people's mind, you need a beautiful sound called "wave", which is deep in your mind.

In short, I need a "true word with no ornament of yours."If they are not the words of true and sincere love, they will not reach the minds of others.

Goethe's Provert

⭐philosophy " is nothing more than an expression of the common sense of common sense.

You can speak in a kind word, a kind of Yamato language, that you really know.

We tend to think that philosophy is difficult to capture, but Goethe's philosophy has only been a very confusing expression of the obvious.

Goethe's Provert

⭐ Why doesn't a bad mouth this?When the others are in the form of the carat and the carat is not the carat.

Why ⭐n't it be such a bad mouth like this?People think of their dignity as they admit that they have done a bit of service in other people's minds.

It is not rare in the modern society that people are jealous of the success of others, but they are also the words of the heart of the modern man.

When others are praised, they tend to feel like they're going to fall down, but they are praised by others, and they don't really fall back on their own.

"Self-established and genuine self-confidence" is needed to ensure that your value is not up and down by comparison with others.

Goethe's Provert

⭐who are not aware of learning from the 3,000-year history of the world will live in the darkness and live the day of their lives.

History is the treasure trove of human wisdom.A man who does not study in the past or history is the same as living in the darkness.

Goethe's Provert

⭐ I can put up with anything in the world, but I cannot put up with up

I can put up with everything in ⭐world, but I can't stand the happy days of the happy days.

Happiness here is the day-to-day life of not having a goal, no dreams, just like floating grass.

The true happiness in the case of Goethe may have been the day when I was going to focus on finishing the work of a great idea.This may be true, but it will be true for our lives.

Goethe's Provert

⭐It can't be said that the person who can't love it is the fault of the person who is the person who is the person who is loving.

⭐A person who cannot love the faults of a loved one cannot be said to be truly in love.
(A person who does not seem to be virtuous of the faults of his beloved is not in love with him.)

If you really love someone, you can hugs you even if you really love someone.You will be able to adhere to the soul of the other person, and to wrap it up.

Goethe's Provert

⭐life is the beginning of all cultures and is at the top.It is the best opportunity for a man of disorder to be a rough man, and to a person who is well educated, to prove his warmth.

Goethe, in 1788.ChristianeHe had a relationship with Vrupius, and in 1789, he was born, but he did not.

But when French soldiers invaded Goethe's house in 1806, Christiaane and other soldiers were finally able to save Goethe from the beginning of the house.

Is it the best opportunity for women to prove their warmth to women who have been given their own life?But why did he not enter the family from the beginning?And surely Goethe's own thoughts are working.His wife, Christiane, died in 1816.

Goethe's Provert

The love ⭐the twenties is an illusion.Love in his thirties is uncheerless.A man has reached his 40s and is the first to know true platonic love.

At the beginning, Goethe was 39 years old when she was married to the last wife.Before that, I fell in love with a variety of women, but none of them worked well.

When I was in my 20s, I came to like a friend's fiance, a friend of mine,CharlotteI came up with the idea of suicidance when the wedding ceremony approached.

In the second half of my twenties, I was seven years older than I was,Charlotte von SteinI'm in love with you.The relationship between her husband and her husband has been cold, and Charlotte continued his relationship with Goethe for 12 years.

Goethe went on a trip to Italy, which led him to meet Christiane. The love of the twenties, the love of the thirties, the love of the thirties, the love of the forties, the platonic, is the word that Goethe's life would have been a good thing.

Goethe no Naming

⭐You can say that that you know only if you know you know-The more you know, the more will will be.

You can say ⭐know only a little bit if you know a little.As I have known, there is more and more suspicion.

Goethe is known as a literate man, but has produced achievements in the study of natural sciences.It was only because I was interested in everything, and I tried to find out and try to find it deep in my quest for success.

The more you know, the more mysterious things come out, so it's a very deep thing to know.People who say they are easy to know are shallow, so they are more prone to be proud of.

Goethe's Provert

⭐Excessive that that it and will know right now all. Snow is coming into view if Tokere.

⭐It is impossible to know all of the things right now.When the snow melting,

Knowing everything is included in the understanding of the essence.

You must not hurry if you have a store of knowledge.If you burn it, you will lose sight of the essence.It is seen as a way of melting the knowledge in order to melt the snow.but let' s continue with the effort to save the knowledge and change to wisdom through experience.

Goethe's Provert

⭐Treat anything like that if it's like if it is possible.

⭐Even though it seems impossible, it should be treated as if it was possible.

There are many things that I can't do, and I feel it's impossible, but I have to give up, and I don't have a dream.

as if possible, the confidence is coming out.When you are confident, you can also come up with ideas.

It also links to "being able to see a vision of the future".Let' s begin with a training and effort to draw up the "vision of the future" for the future.Then the reality is attracted to it, and the dream come true.

 Goethe episodes

So Goethe will show you some episodes.

I was a scientist.

Goethe was a very talented person, and as a scientist as well as a writer, he was a very talented writer.
I have been particularly interested in plants and minerals, and I have published papers on these topics.
I know that I have a lot of knowledge to be able to publish a paper, so I can see that I was very knowledgeable.

-Napoleon was a big fan of Goethe's?

Napoleon seems to have liked Goethe's work very much.
In fact, I met with Goethe, and then Napoleon was very pleased at the time.

At the same time, it is said that he surprised Goethe by making a so-called "damper" about Goethe's work.
Goethe's work influenced Napoleon, which is famous globally.

... at the top of the country.

Germany, when Goethe was living, was in a state of disorder in several countries.One of them, in the Duchy of Saxenwamar, Goethe has a position of prime minister.

The prime minister was like the prime minister in Japan, and he was the best writer in the country as well as a writer.
This episode is apparently a gifted gatehite episode of politics.

I was invited to a politician who was a prince of a country, and I was invited to the prime minister, and that was great.

Goethe, who was actually a mystic.

Goethe, who has had a lot of experience, has left what he has learned in life as a good word.It sounds deep into our minds, because it is a language that has been born through a wide variety of studies and in reality.

Goethe was a writer, a statesman and a great scientist.He also produced many novels and travel books, and he also worked as a natural scientist. There are not many people in history who have achieved success in such a wide area.

and the other characteristic of Goethe was that he was a mystical thinker.

Perhaps he had actually seen the world of the world that had passed away.the heaven of the world, the way hell, and the magic of magicalchemyIt has been described in "First" and so on in detail in detail and in detail.

Goethe's true charm is that he has made a bagbone of the world view of the world of the spiritual world.

It was necessary to explore philosophy such as "the meaning of life" based on mystical ideas, and to exert power through the work of scholars and politicians in this world, and to complete the work of Goethe.

Isn't it possible that, based on the thought of mystical thoughts, and to move to action as soon as I was interested and interested in the meaning of life, I would have had a good influence on posterity and the secret to the success of building a great mountain range.

The words of Goethe will be helpful when you get lost, what to do to succeed, what to do with human beings.In order to live a rich life, I would like to keep the name of Goethe in my life as a fairy.

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