HEREN Keller’s Walk of Name (English & Japanese) What is the source of love and miracle?

Helen Keller, an American social welfare activist, is well known in Japan. Helen Keller lost both her hearing and her sight, but her words have touched the hearts of many people and are still being spoken today.

Let's start with her life story, and then let's take a look at her many words of wisdom while thinking about her life.

Helen Keller's life story (background of quotes)

Helen Keller's birth

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1860, during the American Civil War, to a German-American father and an English mother.

Helen Keller grew so fast as a human being that she learned to speak at the age of six months. However, in 1882, when she was one and a half years old, she developed a mysterious high fever, probably due to meningitis she had contracted as a child.

Although she survived, she became blind and deaf.

Meeting Mrs. Anne Sullivan.

The loss of sight and hearing is a shocking event. The onset of the disease was at a very young age, when he could not even speak yet. She was not able to receive a general education, and her family had a very difficult time.

However, as if by divine arrangement, Helen Keller eventually had a fateful encounter with a woman. Her parents asked Anne Sullivan, who had also received a doctor's recommendation, to tutor her.

At the time, Helen Keller had a very short temper, and Anne Sullivan had a very hard time with her. However, Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller lovingly and patiently, and the two eventually formed a strong bond.

After meeting Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller overcame her disability, learned the joy of learning, and grew into a wonderful human being, undaunted by her handicap.

school age

Helen Keller, who has been able to talk with sign language, has been in blind school, and has been active in studying and political activities, including entering a famous university and joining the Socialist Party.

Helen Keller, who owes Hande, lives strong and works for those who are as disabled and sick and sick as they are.

active as a social welfare activist

In 1921 an organization called the American Blind Relief Society was established, which begins fundraising for blind people.

Helen Keller becomes the iconic entity of this fundraiser, and succeeds in collecting large amounts of fundraising, with its influence also.

With that experience, she contributed to the United States as a social welfare activist and was quoted by the American government as saying:presidential liberty medalHe was awarded the highest medal of the literary people.

deliver love all over the world

Helen Keller does not have Handee, who has lost his sight and hearing, such as acting as a politician, and is also attracted to the world with Anne Sullivan, who continues to work for those suffering from disabilities.

Helen Keller continued to move for many until he finished his life, and her life, which had survived for love, continues to be admired by all over the world at present.

➡Reference. helen's meeting,helen association

A book of life-changing words from Helen Keller①~⓴

Helen Keller, who had lived a life that was in trouble, and let me introduce the words of Helen Keller, who wanted to send them to the world, what kind of words she had left.

Helen Keller, the most beautiful of all.

世界でも最高で美しいものは見えず、触れることさえできません。彼らは感じられなければなりません 心で。

The most wonderful and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen with the eye or touched with the hand, which is what it must feel with the mind.

The world's finest and beautiful, its best, will be "love."
Love and kindness cannot be seen or touched by the eye, and Heart Love is something that feels with the heart.

Helen Keller, two words,


Don't bow your head up, always keep your head high, and stare straight into the world.

I can not see it before looking down, but I can not face the world without looking forward.

To know the nature of yourself or things, you have to work directly without running away.

Helen Keller. Three loves yourself.

あなたの欠点に直面して、それを認めてください。しかし、彼らにあなたを習得させないでください。彼らにあなたに教えさせてください 忍耐、甘さ、洞察力。

It is to face and acknowledge your own shortcomings. But you should not be swung to faults. Let’s learn from the shortcomings of patience, kindness, and eye to look out for people.

But by facing the downside and embracing himself, you can discover the splendor and life direction that we have never seen before, and we can see it in the future.

The way of catching such a disadvantage is much like the idea of Audrey Hepburn, who was a major actress.

Helen Keller, the joy of the four efforts


Remember that the effort to achieve something wonderful is never wasted.

If you continue to make efforts, you will not be able to get the results immediately, and when you want to give up, you will not be able to do anything.

When you can achieve it, when you can not achieve it, you can get various wisdom in the effort.

Sometimes, in the endeavor, ideas are created in different ways, and in many ways, you will feel that effort has become a force to train your feet.

Sometimes I feel happiness in my efforts, and sometimes I feel my eyes warmly watching my parents in my efforts.

His eyes were the eyes of God and Buddha, and Helen Keller was sure to be grateful for her eyes, looking at him with deep eyes.

Helen Keller, thank God for the name of 5


I am grateful to God for my disability, because it was through this obstacle that I could find myself, work for a lifetime, and God.

There are many people who have been disabled and have found God in the back of the world, and have been able to find their missions, and have been able to express their hearts as a job seeker or faith.

Helen Keller, a miracle of six, occurs

私たちができる限り最善を尽くすとき、私たちは人生、あるいは人生においてどのような奇跡がもたらされたのかを決して知りません 別のもの。

If you try your best, you may have an unthinkable miracle in your life and in the life of others.

Helen Keller, who lived forward without giving up no matter what. Just in her case, she was not just a sloppy living, but a very strong woman in her chances.

To make a miracle, first, in your environment, you do your best by accepting it quietly without simply taking what is in front of you, and then doing your best. Thank God to continue your best efforts. By doing so, the next path will be opened.

If you want to have a sensitive eye to your chances while doing your best, you will be able to turn around in a situation that you do not know. Something that would later feel like it was an unexpected miracle happens.

Helen Keller, 7 Life Success Way

セキュリティは主に迷信です。それは本質的には存在しません。 全経験。危険を避けることは、長期的には完全な暴露よりも安全ではありません。人生は 大胆な冒険、または何もない。

There are many cases where safety is only a thought, and there is no safety in reality, and no children can say that it is safe as anyone else. Life is a dangerous adventure, or it is not, but a choice between it and it.

People don’t know what’s going to happen to them, and they don’t know when they’re going to be in an accident or when they’re going to be in a disaster.

If so, it is not possible to live a wonderful and fulfilled life that is more helpful to others like Helen, who is more confronted with something than a life that does not do anything in his shell.

Helen Keller, who is eight individual polishing methods

キャラクターは、簡単で静かに開発することはできません。試練と苦しみの経験を通してのみ 魂を強化し、ビジョンをクリアし、アンビションにインスパイアされ、成功することができます。

Individuality is not born in peace or quiet, and only through trials and sufferings is the soul trained, insights polished, ambitions inspired, and success.

Experience creates one's personality.

Not only joy, but also painful experiences and sadness can be an opportunity to face yourself, thoroughly, and thoroughly.

And by exploring real self and truly loving itself, it is growing into a personality human being.

I think that the pain and sadness are valuable experiences in creating a wonderful self, and I will stand up once and continue to walk again.

Helen Keller, 9 In the direction of the sun.


I’ve always been looking at the sun, and I’ve never seen a shadow.

Whatever happens like a summer sunflower, living forward opens fate.

Helen Keller's name 10 Tribulation


The world is full of hard work, but it is full of defeat.

No matter how hard it is, life can be good enough to overcome its spicyness, but what is needed is to believe that God is prepared for such power, and to discover it and change it to joy.

Helen Keller, 11 Life Changes


If you think you are such a person, you can only be a human being.

If you decide your limits yourself, you can not be more human than that.

To change yourself or break through your limitations, you need dreams, ideals, and romances.

The right mind, which reminds me of the ideal state, is the right mind, and the right effort is the right effort, and the life is changing.

If you give up on yourself, let's start by making your dreams and ideals feel good once.

Helen Keller, 12 customs recommendation


It is also very difficult at first, and it is easy to continue.

It is hard to do things that are not used to, but if you continue, it will be easy to continue if you make it easy, that is, 'custom'.

Helen Keller's name 13 Tribulations


If this world is only joy, people will never learn courage and patience.

If you are happy, you can not grow up, because there is a hard thing, and when you try to get over it, you learn courage and patience in a real sense, and the soul grows.

Helen Keller, 14 years of life,


Life is either. Would you be courageous or swung to the stick?

This is whether you are courageous and challenged, or you are in a stick without doing anything, or life is either.

It is a name that Helen Keller's cheering for "Challenge with courage" comes out.

Helen Keller, the joy of life


Life is a heartbreaking thing, and the most worrisome thing is when people live for them.

It is the word that expresses the enlightenment (deep happiness) of Helen Keller's love, which is the most witty time to live for a person.

Helen Keller, the biggest shortcoming of science

科学はほとんどの悪の治療法を見つけたかもしれません。しかし、それは彼らの最悪の治療法を見つけていない すべて - 人間の無関心。

Science may have found a solution to most harmful evils, but it does not find any remedies for the worst, that is, there is no way to deal with human indifference.

Science solves most of the problems, but it does not solve the problem of human indifference.

Indifference is the opposite word of love.

Helen Keller, 17 The Essence of Joy


Joy is a sacred flame that continues to shine intellect and aim for purpose.

Its driving force is "joy", which can continue its efforts towards purpose and polish intelligence.

This holy flame continues to burn quietly and forcefully when it became united with God's pleasure.

Helen Keller, 18.But the most pathetic person in the world


As the world's most pathetic, the eyes are those who are invisible but have no vision.

The visions you say here are not just goals, but visions for working with love for many.

Those without such visions are "ones whose mind's eyes are not open to see the light of love", so they are the most pathetic people in the world.

Helen Keller.What is sad about the eyes

目が見えても、もっと残念なことだ 私は見ようとしない。

Being blind is sad, but it is more sad not to try to see the eyes visible.

The obstacle of blindness is sad, but it is so sad that even if you see the eyes, you can see the 'love' that exists there and not touch 'love' with your heart.

Helen Keller, 20, the most interesting life.


Life's most interesting time is when you live for others.

The most interesting thing to live for others, not for yourself, is that you can feel the sense of happiness in your mind and feel the true 'happiness'.

Helen Keller's famous episode

Finally, we introduce a famous episode of Helen Keller.

• The moment I knew the existence of water

It's a very famous episode.

A tutor, Anne Sullivan, puts water flowing from the pump in Helen Keller's hands.

At this time Helen Keller understood that what he was touching now was water, and used his fingers to write the letter Water.

It was also the moment I understood that things had names, and from this time on, Helen Keller wanted to know and remember all things.

• Passing the College of the False

Helen Keller.radcliffe collegeThis university is one of the so-called difficult universities.

It seems that Helen Keller, who is blind and deaf, made considerable effort to enter college.

Now, Harvard University, I can imagine how much it is to enter, and I think it is a feat that has been accomplished because I do not give up.

• On the day of Japan and actress activities?

When the self-titled Relief was made into a film in Hollywood, Helen Keller himself is starring, and she also acted as an actress.

Also,Helen Keller has been visiting Japan three times in life.Therefore, it was well known in Japan and it was noticeable that the Helen Keller boom was happening.

• Helen Keller, who also moved Andrew Carnegie’s mind

(Reference: Words when millionaire Andrew Carnegie offered Helen Keller a life pension benefit.)

I've already had a considerable share, and even a few million dollars are still a legitimate share of those who are in trouble

Helen Keller declined the offer, even though she was grateful.

What is Helen Keller's source of love and strength!

Helen Keller loses his eyesight and hearing at an early age, but he also has a strong support for people around him, and he will learn positively and eventually act for those who suffer.

How strong she had come to have a heart; it was not because she had discovered God in her solitude, and in Anne Sullivan's devoted love, and that the soul touched God's love directly, and loved God from the bottom of her heart.

Its figure affects not only America but the world, and becomes known as the Angel of Light.

and brought the greatest impact on Helen Keller's life,Meeting the mysterious thinker Suedenborg

And in fact, the other person who shocked Helen Keller's life was a mysterious thinker and religious man.sueden borgSo.

It can be said that the expansion of her inner space was because of a deep connection with the mysterious experiences such as astral withdrawal and the Sueedenborg, which had the ability to predict the mysteries.

Sedenborg, who was also a scientist, left a huge amount of data that he had seen the spiritual world when he was alive.

Maybe Helen Keller might have been able to communicate with the spirit of the afterlife alive.It may have been the source of her strength to believe in God and the world of the world.

Helen Keller's name is a soul's food, and it's a life that lives in a powerful life!

Helen Keller has become famous in Japan since he was born, and continued to give love and courage to many people who have disabilities, even though they have disabilities, but there are no obstacles.

The life of Helen Keller, who taught him to live without giving up despite his disability, love God, and even try to make an effort even in this world.

It is such a powerful word that she has lived in a positive way even though the auditory and the human beings have no more than two powers, and she is willing to push her back when she stands up against her difficulties.

The life of Helen Keller, who had lived through to the end, is still attracted to many people and gives me courage.

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