[Hideki Yukawa's Quotations Walk] The secret to acquiring ideas and blooming abilities

Best of the bestInventor of dynamite NobelIt is the world's prestigious award established in accordance with the will of Japan, and there are several Japanese winners.

Yukawa HidekiHe is also one of the first Japanese recipients.

Hideki Yukawa left the world at the age of 74, leaving many words until then. The person who wants to bloom my idea is, of course, the person who does not have the purpose without the power, and introduces the good idea of Hideki Yukawa. It will be a hint for positive life.

Hideki Yukawa's words and words

 Starting with a mistake

⭐ Don't be afraid of failure in the early stage if you don't want to make a big mistake.

⭐ History of science is a history of failure and stagnation from the back. However, if there was no failure in the early stage, there would be no success or success.

You can learn it from the failure by learning the lesson and changing it to wisdom.

The failure of the early stage becomes a stick of the treasure, and it becomes the foundation of the next step to overcome the difficulty.

So, an active challenge in an early stage is important even if it succeeds or fails.

Hideyuki Yukawa's words and phrases➁The secret of ideas

⭐ The secret of ideas is intent.

The idea with inspiration is not only waiting for nothing but doing nothing.

If you continue to work hard for something you want to accomplish, you will gain concentration, and a good idea will be born.

The idea will come down from the corner of the heavens, not the world.

It is a prerequisite that the idea flashes to think well and pile up the effort.

 Hideki Yukawa's words and phrases

⭐ To live a day is to step by step.

I think that it is one day's life, and the work is carried out thoroughly in the frame of the day, and the daily step is put, and it becomes a significant result gradually.

To cherish a day will also lead to gratitude to the gods and Buddha who has given us a day and thanks to the familiar people who support the day.

 The value of the discovery of truth

⭐ Truth is always minority.

The discoveries of truth are different from general common sense, and they are few to be understood by the surroundings.

It is a solitary thing, and to overcome the solitude is to win the invention as a form and to change the time.

Hideki Yukawa was able to fight against such loneliness and win the great invention.

 Hideki Yukawa's words and Sayings

⭐ I'll do that today, and tomorrow is like this, and if I distract too much, nothing will become of course.

There are some cases in which the work and the life can be punctured in the thing that wants to be done, too, and the "excessive desire" can be concealed that it wants to be able to put out some result early, and to be praised for the result of various fields and to be praised.

In order to promote work, it is necessary to improve the planning, concentration and capacity of the whole.

Even if there is a job that progresses in the simultaneous progress, it is an important point that they combine and combine with big results.

The significance of originality in the words of Hideki Yukawa

⭐ However, it is a boring way of life to follow the fashion.

It is a boring way of life that is only imitating after the epidemic such as overseas. Because it is a life without the subjectivity.

Creative and creative ways of life are interesting. Rather than simply follow the fashion, fashion will arrange it. Or, the way of life that creates the fashion is interesting.

In order to create originality, you will be able to acquire a variety of knowledge and support various perspectives.

 Hideki Yukawa's words and Sayings

⭐ Today's truth may be denied tomorrow. That's why we need to look back after we walked to yesterday to find the way to go tomorrow.

Hideki Yukawa said: "we need to look back again.

Looking back is an act of objectively verifying past thoughts and actions, and getting the gold from the lesson.

The treasure thus obtained will be the light to look for the path to proceed tomorrow.

 The pleasure of discovery of the truth and the expression of Hideki Yukawa's truth

⭐ The meson discovery is like finding a star in a large universe.

⭐ Scientific research is also based on human intellectual curiosity, the same as art and other cultural activities.

Hideki Yukawa has won the Nobel Prize by the paper on the meson, but even the prize was only a small event compared to the joy of exploring the vast universe and the joy of intellectual curiosity.

The word "joy of discovery of truth" as a seeker and a seeker is a word that has been separated only a little.

 On the essence of theoretical physics

⭐ The theory of theoretical physics is simply a study that seeks to find what lies in the root of this world where we live. It is originally close to philosophy.

It is said that the ultimate in the world of theoretical physics requires entry into an invisible world, and it approaches it to Philosophy and religion.

It seems that there was a religious heart in Newton and a global scientist, and grasped the existence of an invisible world.

 Hideki Yukawa's words and phrases

⭐ I don't know if I try to use my ability.

It is an interesting expression.

Love your abilities and polish them carefully. It explains the importance of truly loving yourself and developing your abilities.

Your abilities are god-given, and your gratitude to Him will be a prerequisite.

Hideki Yukawa's Famous Sayings and Sayings (11) Lessons for Students

⭐ you all get excellent grades, but study for yourself.

Hideki Yukawa is also a university professor and one of the messages left by the students. Although it is humorous, the essence of study is pierced with zubari, and it is dokim.

Hideki Yukawa's Famous Sayings and Sayings (12) Wish for Peace

⭐ peace in the sky to the earth.

Hideki Yukawa prayed for peace with scientific development for Japan and other countries. I would like to engrave that simple and heavy saying in my heart.

The Background of Hideki Yukawa's Life as a Background of Famous Sayings

Hideki Yukawatheoretical physicsprofessor emeritus of Kyoto University and Osaka University, and was also an honorary citizen of Kyoto City.

Here, let's take a quick look at Hideki Yukawa's history.

Birth and boy's life

Born on January 23, 1907 in Bei-cho, Azabu-ku, Tokyo, which is now Roppongi.

However, Hideki Yukawa spends most of his life in Kyoto, and is often introduced as a native of Kyoto.

Kyoto Municipal Kyogoto Elementary Schoolenter kyoto dai-first junior high school.

It seems that there was a nickname of Ivan-chan because it was a position that was not very noticeable at school, and all the troublesome things were cleared up with a single word of "do not say(do not say)".

・ Become yukawa family name by marriage

In 1929, he graduated from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto Imperial University, and became a laboratory of Kazuro Tamaki of the university.

After that, he served as a university lecturer and professor, and became a lecturer at Osaka Imperial University. AndSumi Yukawamarried a woman and adopted the son-in-law of her house. My last name until I got married was Ogawa.

・・EinsteinEncounters with

In 1934Meiko Theory Conceptthe following year.Interaction of elementary particlesI will publish a paper on

Although it was not highly evaluated at the time, Hideki Yukawa was invited to the Solvay Conference in 1939.

After that, I came to the U.S. and interacted with Einstein, and my evaluation of Hideki Yukawa gradually increased.

・ Won the Nobel Prize in Physics for the first time in Japan

In 1947, a British physicistCecil Powellmesothes were discovered. Two years later, in 1949, Hideki Yukawa was the first Japanese recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Japan was in the post-war period, but it is said that the historical achievements of the Japanese people encouraged the Japanese people at that time.

Famous episodes of Hideki Yukawa

Here are some famous episodes about Hideki Yukawa, who greatly encouraged postwar Japan. You're going to understand an unexpected aspect.

I had a teppany plate joke.

Hideki Yukawa was particular about elementary particles.

In the first place, the elementary particles themselves were so small that many people expressed them with dots when drawing on the blackboard.

However, Hideki Yukawa thought that it should be expressed in circles rather than dots, and he seemed to joke to students that expressing elementary particles with dots was "useless with ten (dots)".

The students seemed to be caring and laughing, even if the laughter was different from person to person.

・ Actually, the Nobel Peace Prize! ?

Hideki Yukawa, known as the first Japanese Nobel Laureate, may have had the chance to win the double crown.

His name was recommended as a candidate for the 1966 Nobel Peace Prize in a list of candidates published by the Nobel Foundation.

Hideki Yukawa was not only a scholar, but also campaigned for world peace.
There is an episode of Einstein who was unable to prevent the atomic bombing of Japan and shed tears, but Hideki Yukawa seems to have been influenced by that.

・ What are your evaluations from your teachers?

In fact, Hideki Yukawa's lecture was not very popular, and his voice seemed to be small.
The content was also quite esoteric, and it seems that it was not recognized from the beginning.

Still, from the jokes mentioned above, it can be said that hideki Yukawa was working hard.

The students laughed as if they cared, because hideki Yukawa was respected.

Let's continue on our own path in the hope of people's happiness.

Even Hideki Yukawa, who was the first Japanese to achieve a historic achievement, was not recognized from the beginning.

People who have a lot of ideas but are depressed because they are not recognized by others, on the contrary, say, "There is not enough study and research. We don't have enough ideas."

Also, if you are not motivated,Perusing Hideki Yukawa's famous sayings,Let's take "some small step first" right now. That step is important. Start with what you want to do. And let's look for our own way.

If you build up wisdom and move forward with courage, there will surely be a wonderful future that will be useful to many people.

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