[Ichiro's quotation walk] How to raise the most active and motivation

Ichiro is a famous baseball player who has flown from Japan to the world. Although he retired in 2019, he has left behind many records in Japan and the United States.

In addition to being a great player, Ichiro has left behind many words of wisdom that leave a lasting impression on people. Here are some words of wisdom that I recommend to you when you are at a critical point in your life and want to motivate yourself.

Ichiro's Quotes

Ichiro's Quotations1) Professional Things


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )If you cannot produce results, you cannot survive in this world. You need a process to make yourself not as a baseball player, but as a human being.

In the professional world, results are everything, but Ichiro valued the process of getting results.

As a precondition for this, he carefully checks the player's "motive," in other words, "what was the purpose of the effort?

This attitude of emphasizing the cycle of "motive," "process," and "result" is probably the reason why Ichiro was able to keep winning year after year.

Ichiro's quote 2) Realize your dreams


(株式会社 カンゼン「ベースボールチャンネル」サイトより)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )  Dream turns into a goal when you get close to it.

When I read these words, the first thing that comes to mind is Ichiro's strong will to not let his dreams end up being mere fantasies.

It also reminds me of Ichiro as a seeker who never gave up on his dreams and worked hard to make them come true.

Furthermore, I think this word also expresses the necessity of the ability to replace dreams with goals and make a last spurt when the dream is getting closer and more realistic.

Ichiro's quote 3) What are your aspirations?


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )  Even if you are doing the same practice, the results will be completely different depending on how you feel while practicing.

What you want to do is a question of what your "ambition" is.

Aspirations are the driving force that propels anything forward and leads to success.

Ichiro's quote 4) How to practice


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying ) Even if you are doing the same practice, the results will be completely different depending on how you feel while practicing.

It's not enough to just repeat your practice on the surface. You have to think about what you're doing, what you're thinking about, and whether you have any specific ideas or discoveries.

By putting your heart and soul into your practice, you will receive more inspiration, which will lead to better results.

Ichiro's quote 5) The importance of preparation


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )People who haven't prepared well are not qualified to talk about their goals.

For business people as well, it is said that "preparation" and "arrangement" are the keys to success.

Careful preparation means putting one's heart and soul into it, and it is only with this passion that one can stand at the starting point of achieving one's goals.

Ichiro's quote 6) What is your dream?


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )Whether you are the ultimate bottom or the ultimate top, you must follow the path you want to take, no matter what.

This is what he said after the 2003 season.

I appreciate the advice and advice of others, and it is basically important to listen to them.

However, if there is a path that you really want to follow from the bottom of your heart, you should challenge it thoroughly so that you will not regret it later. There is no real failure in challenging life at your own risk.

There are many aspects of life that don't always turn out the way you want them to. Even if it seems like a failure at the time, if you keep challenging yourself, a new path will open up from there.

Ichiro's quote 7) Hold the ceiling high.

If it is surprised, it is still yet. I want to be surprised.


(『夢をかなえるイチロー力―自分に限界をつくらない豊田式メンタル・トレーニング 』豊田 一成著 きこ書房より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )If you're surprised, you're not ready yet. I want to become something that doesn't surprise me.

Being surprised means that you have done something beyond expectations. That's great, but it doesn't make you a professional. The goal is to become an overwhelmingly big deal and be recognized in such a way that no one is surprised.

Ordinary people who don't have high goals get overjoyed when people surprise them, but that's when they start to fall. This quote is also important as a warning against pride.

Ichiro's quote 8: Mental influence


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )The impact of the mental part on the physical body is tremendous.

Mental training has a positive effect on the body. In addition to training his physical body, Ichiro put a great deal of emphasis on his mental training, which is also the basis of his physical training.

Ichiro's Quotes 9) Humble Attitude


(『イチロー選手の言葉に学ぶセルフ・コーチング』庵里直見著・丸善 より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )No matter how many years you play baseball, there is always something to learn.

All of Ichiro's quotes are full of the importance of humility and hard work. Pride is the enemy.

Ichiro's quote 10) The importance of small accumulations



(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )It is very important for us as human beings to feel that we are moving forward little by little.

⭐I believe that accumulating small things is the only way to go to extraordinary places.

Making progress, even if only little by little, means accumulating small success stories.

These small successes deepen our self-belief and true self-confidence, which leads to further motivation.

People are often tempted to achieve success in one fell swoop, but it is important to keep in mind that the road to endless success lies in the accumulation of steady efforts.

Ichiro's quote 11): "What kind of attitude do you have when you don't get results?


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )What kind of self should I be when I don't get results? The attitude of never giving up creates an opportunity to create something.

When the resuIt is a very standard human attitude to lament and panic when there are no results.

People who have the attitude of never giving up when they don't get results are those who practice quietly and silently by themselves.

It is a battle with yourself. This is a quote that is also important in life in general. 

Ichiro's quote12) On "winning



⭐(Outline of this wise saying )I don't play baseball with the value of winning against people.

The goal of baseball is to beat the other team, but Ichiro's main focus was to train himself to "beat himself" as the most important essence of the game.

Ichiro's Quotes ⑬ A Convincing Way of Life


(『イチロー選手の言葉に学ぶセルフ・コーチング』庵里直見著・丸善 より)

(Outline of this wise saying )I don't want to live my life with a third party's evaluation in mind. I want to live a life that I am satisfied with.

Ichiro's words show that he is a seeker of truth who pursues his own path until he is satisfied with it, rather than raising or lowering himself based on others' evaluations.

Ichiro's quote 14) The idea of a wall


(『夢をつかむイチロー 262のメッセージ 』編集委員会 (著)ぴあ出版より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )A wall only comes to those who can overcome it. It only comes to those who have the potential to overcome it. So when there is a wall, I think of it as an opportunity.

As you continue to work hard, you will see the next "wall.

When you are taking one step at a time, you are moving on a flat surface and you need to move forward silently, but when you come to the next step, you will see a "wall" that appears to be on another level. That's when you have the chance to climb and grow all at once.

A brief look back at Ichiro's life

If you are Japanese, I think a lot of people know a little about Ichiro. Let's look back at the path Ichiro has walked again here.

・ From born to school days

Ichiro was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1973. He has been playing baseball since he was a child, and has shown his talent as an ace and number 4 since he was in elementary school. After graduating from junior high school, he entered the prestigious  愛工大名電.

He's been a regular since his freshman year.In his second year, he participated in the Summer Koshien Tournament, and in his third year, he participated in the Spring Koshien Tournament, but lost in the first round in both cases. He had great talent, but the team did not do well in the Koshien.

・ He joined the Japanese professional baseball team.

Ichiro's talent was recognized and he was drafted by Orix. However, he was drafted 4th, which was a low ranking considering the current Ichiro. At the time, he was not considered to be that great of a player.

Even after entering the professional game, he spent some time in the second team, and his professional life was not smooth at all. However, in 1994, he changed his registered name from his real name to Ichiro, and with the help of his pendulum batting technique, he rapidly became active and recorded 200 hits.

After that, he was very successful every season and eventually decided to move to the major leagues.

Major League Baseball Era

When he moved to Major League Baseball in 2000, he was just as active as he was in Japan, setting the record for most hits as a rookie. As a member of the Japanese national team, he also won the world's No. 1 baseball championship, a period in which he fully demonstrated his talent as a baseball player.

In 2009, Ichiro achieved a total of 2,000 hits in Major League Baseball, and his name became famous in the United States as well.

However, Ichiro could not overcome the decline and just before his retirement, he could not see the ball as well as before. So, in 2019, Ichiro decided to retire, as he was no longer blessed with many opportunities to play.

The episode left by Ichiro

Take a look at the episode left by Ichiro.

・ Give up the pitcher in the accident?

Ichiro was a pitcher until midway through high school. However, Ichiro was an outfielder when he was a professional, and the accident in high school seems to have influenced the change of position.

He was injured in an accident and his pitching form collapsed, and he had no choice but to give up his pitching path.

・ Was it dried immediately after entering the pro?

He showed his talent for a period of time immediately after 1999, but eventually became a two-armed life. As the reason for being demoted to the 2nd army, the relationship with the manager at the time was often taken up. It is a story that it was dropped by two troops because it did not listen to the director ...

In fact, there is no such thing, and the coach dared to train Ichiro with two troops in order to develop him into a good player. It is rumored that it was dried, so ichiro would have had a wonderful ability to be in one army originally.

・ Do you hate large vegetables?

Ichiro has a strong stoic image, but in fact he hates vegetables and rarely eats them. I don't know how it is now, but it is famous for the story that I ate curry every day when I was a player.

Let's learn from Ichiro the secret to success at the critical moment.

Ichiro is one of the most famous players in baseball history. He has played in international tournaments and achieved many great feats not only in Japan but also in the U.S. Major League Baseball.

Through baseball, he continues to give dreams, hopes, and "energy" to many people. It is not an easy thing to do. He always starts with "humility," tireless efforts, and strong spirit have made Ichiro popular.

Ichiro's training, which may seem too stoic, has become a rich source of wisdom through his achievements. And he continues to encourage us.

I hope that you will learn from Ichiro's wisdom, which is engraved in his words of wisdom, and use it as a guideline for your mind as you go through life and face your most critical moments. 

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