[Ichiro's quotation walk] How to raise the most active and motivation

ChilloIs a famous baseball player who wins the world from Japan.Retirement of active duty in 2019Thanks, I have created a lot of records in Japan and the United States.

It is a great player, and Ichiro leaves many quotes to bite into people's hearts. It is only recommended words when you want to play and motivate life.

Ichiro's famous book

Ichiro's Quotations 1 Professional Things

⭐ ⭐ Do not live in this world without giving out results.

Although the results are all in the professional world, Ichiro emphasizes the process leading to the result.

In addition, as the premise, we are careful of the "motivation" check "What are you working with like thinking".

It is only because I focused on the cycle of creating motivation and process, and results, so Ichiro could continue to win every year.

Ichiro's quote➁Realize a dream

If the dream is approaching, it will change to the goal.

This word will first feel a robust will not just end your dream as a simple dream.

And instead of never giving up on the way, I think that it seems like an employee who has accumulated hard efforts to realize dreams.

Furthermore, if this word comes to a dream come true and feels a reality, it is not a dream to replace with the goal, and the need for the ability to be laste-sparming is not.

Ichiro's quote 3 What is your own aspiration

⭐ Do not forget what yourself wants to do.

What do you want to do, it asks about what your own "aspiration" is.

Shishiso is a driving force that guides some pieces and leads to success.

Ichiro's quote 4 How to practice

⭐ Even if you are doing the same practice, you're doing something different while you are doing anything.

Even if you practice practice only, "What do you do with your thoughts" "What do you do with your thoughts" "Do you not find or discover", etc. It will be sharpened.

By driving the soul in practice, it is also better inspired and it connects to the results.

Ichiro's quote 5 Preparation importance

⭐ ⭐ の の の, ない, ⭐,

It is said that preparation and setup is a game in the success of the business person.

The first thing to make preparation is that souls and hearts are entering that, and that's the first time, it is the first time to clear the goal.

Ichiro's quote 6 What is your dream?

Don't look back to your way.

Other advice and advice are very thankful, and basically it is important to hear.

However, if there is a way you want to proceed from the bottom of your heart, it is to try thoroughly to challenge even if you do not regret it later. I challenge my life under self-responsibility and there is no failure in a true sense.

Life has many aspects and may not be as desired. Even if it happens as if it had failed, the new way will open from there again if you continue the challenge.

Ichiro's Quotations 7 Holding Tenjo

If it is surprised, it is still yet. I want to be surprised.

It means that I did more than expected to be surprised. I'm also happy, but it is not a professional. It becomes an overwhelming big game, and it is a goal of being astonishing from anyone.

People who are not highly targeted by ordinary people are amazing from people, but they will start falling from there. It is an important quotation as a commandment to the patience.

Ichiro's Quotations 8 Mentally Effects

⭐⭐ The impact of mental parts on the body is very large.

Mental part training also affects the body. Ichiro has trained the body and thoroughly emphasizes the mental part training.

Ichiro Mutor is a beautiful crystal that comes out with the results of training mental things.

Ichiro's quote 9 humble attitude

⭐ ⭐ も も も も も も も も も も.

None of the Ichiro's quotations are full of humility and the importance of attitude of effort. The longest is a great enemy.

We also want to study Ichiro and walk the way to life success.

Ichiro's quota 10 Little stack importance

⭐ The feeling of being ahead little by little is very important as humans.

I think that it is only one way to go to the place where you can not get smaller things.

It means that you are going forward little by little to build a small success experience.

A small success experience will deepen self-trust and true confidence, which leads to further motivation up.

If people are, they want to succeed in one of you, but I would like to keep up with steadily stacked efforts to be the way to success for successful success.

Ichiro's quote 11 Attitude when the result is not

⭐ What can you do when the results are not out? A posture that can never give up is a trigger to create something.

When the result is not out, it is an ordinary person to lament and hate.

It will be that you have a stance that you can not give up when the result is not out, and it will be a quiet and silently to practice.

It is a fight with myself. This is an important quote in life in general.

Ichiro's quote 12 "Win"

I have not done baseball in the sense of winners to win.

The purpose of baseball is to win against the other team, but Ichiro himself, as a deepness, may have focused on training to "win over me".

Ichiro's Famous Saying (13) A Convincing Way of Life

⭐ not want to live with the evaluation of the third party in consideration of this. I want to live a way of life that I am convinced of.

Instead of raising and lowering oneself by the evaluation of others, the attitude like a seeker of truth searching is shown to pursue the road until I am satisfied.

Ichiro's Famous Saying (14) The Idea of the Wall

⭐ walls come only to those who can. Only those who have the potential to be exceeded come. So when there's a wall, I think it's an opportunity.

Because of our efforts, we can see the next wall.

When you're going one step at a time, you're going flat, and you need to move forward silently, but when you come to the next step, you'll see a "wall" that looks like a step difference. At that time, it is a chance to climb and grow at once.

A brief look back at Ichiro's life

If you are Japanese, I think a lot of people know a little about Ichiro. Let's look back at the path Ichiro has walked again here.

・ From born to school days

Ichiro was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1973.I've been playing baseball since I was a kid, and since I was in elementary school, I've been demonstrating my talent as an ace at No.4. I have participated in the national tournament,After graduating from junior high school, I entered the prestigious Aiko Daimeiden.

I have been active here as a regular since I was a freshman. In my sophomore year, I participated in Koshien in the summer, and in the third grade, I participated in the spring selection Koshien, but both of them lost in the first match. We had great talent, but we didn't get much results as a team at Koshien.

・ Entering Japanese professional baseball

I was recognized for my talent.Ichiro named oryx draftedIs. However, the nomination ranking is 4th place, and it is a low ranking considering ichiro now. At that time, it seems that he was not thought to be that much of a player.

Even after I entered the professional team, I had experienced two military life, and it was not a smooth professional life. However, in 1994, the registered name was changed from his real name to Ichiro,ResynthesIt is active rapidly by and records 200 hits.

After that, he was very active every season, and eventually decided to move to the major leagues.

Major League Baseball era

When he moved to the major leagues in 2000, he achieved the record for the most hits as a rookie, and he was as active as he was in Japan. It was a time when he showed his full talent as a baseball player, such as being the best player in the world as a player of the Japan National Team.

In 2009,2,000 major league hitsIchiro's name will be famous in the United States.

However, Ichiro was 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Then, in 2019, Ichiro, who had not been given much opportunity to participate, decided to retire.

The episode left by Ichiro

Take a look at the episode left by Ichiro.

・ Give up the pitcher in the accident?

Ichiro was a pitcher until midway through high school. However, Ichiro was an outfielder when he was a professional, and the accident in high school seems to have influenced the change of position.

He was injured in an accident and his pitching form collapsed, and he had no choice but to give up his pitching path.

・ Was it dried immediately after entering the pro?

He showed his talent for a period of time immediately after 1999, but eventually became a two-armed life. As the reason for being demoted to the 2nd army, the relationship with the manager at the time was often taken up. It is a story that it was dropped by two troops because it did not listen to the director ...

In fact, there is no such thing, and the coach dared to train Ichiro with two troops in order to develop him into a good player. It is rumored that it was dried, so ichiro would have had a wonderful ability to be in one army originally.

・ Do you hate large vegetables?

Ichiro has a strong stoic image, but in fact he hates vegetables and rarely eats them. I don't know how it is now, but it is famous for the story that I ate curry every day when I was a player.

Learn from Ichiro the secrets of being the best here

Ichiro is a great player in baseball history. He was active in international competitions and achieved many achievements not only in Japan but also in major leagues in the United States.

To continue to give dreams, hopes, and "energy" to many people through baseball. That wouldn't be an ordinary thing. The departure from humility, tireless effort and strong mentality have always made Ichiro popular.

Training that sometimes seems too stoic continues to encourage us through achievements, resulting in rich Ichiro's words.

I hope that you will learn ichiro's wisdom engraved in the famous words and use it as a guide for your heart when you come to the best game in your life.

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