[Katsu Kaishu's quote walk] How to make a life strategy that leads to success

 Kaishu KatsuAs a matter of fact, it is well known for having accomplished the bloodless surrender of Edo Castle by one of the core figures of the patriots of the Meiji Restoration, which was active at the end of the Edo period.

I'm learning from a history class, but here, in addition to the words and proverts left by Kaishu KATSU, as well as his life and interesting episodes,Kaishu KatsuLet' s learn what it was like to be.

Katsu no Koushū no Kyogen and Meikushu

The Nomoto of the Kaishu KATSU: (1) The virtue of stupidity

The person who accomplish the ⭐must be foolish.The cleveroff doesn't go well.

The cleverness is not going to work because you have a talent, and you have a feeling of being able to see the essence of things, or if you fail to find out the essence of things, you might be able to fall into your side, and then fall from there.

In order to accomplish things, it is possible for them to make steady efforts with a straight and steady effort, and to continue their actions by accumying their wisdom.

Scene of Kaishu KATSU➁When you are a female.

⭐There is no hurry.I think it's the first time to go to bed and wait.

There is a saying that the bulletin can wait and wait, but Kaishu KATSU has lived a long time in the world of female.But in the meantime, I was prepared to play an active role in the next generation.

It is a great amount of time to wait for "time of time" to see if there is a preeminence, and "store at that time".which is one of the Acts of Army of the Sea of Japan.

Scene of Kaishu KATSU (3): Life Strategy

⭐You must have a long life to do a big thing.

It is one of the lives of the fireworks and the splendid scattering of short-lived lives.But in order to achieve a great deal, it is necessary to take a whole life to do it.

However, there is a saying, "Even if you have a long lifespan, you don't do anything."The point is, "Life requires an ideal, a life strategy to realize it."

The famous proverb of Kaishu KATSU-About the enemy

⭐The more the enemy is, the more interesting it is.

I had taught me how to overcome difficult situations and how to have a mental attitude.
I can feel the old hand arm of Kaishu KATSU and his strong and strong mental power.

The name of Kaishu KATSU, the condition of a politician

⭐is no secret to the politician.Just four letters of "sincerity, sincerity," and "sincerity."

The essence of a politician is Zuhari, and it is a famous word that represents the wisdom of Kaishu KATSU in four ripened words.

The name of Kaishu KATSU, the way of deciding his own value

⭐My value is to be determined by yourself.You can't just kill yourself in poverty, but you can kill yourself.

He is a kingdom that is not disturbed by anyone, and he is the master of the kingdom himself.and therefore it is the only thing that determines the value of itself.

If you don't kill yourself, you will be desperate to hurt yourself, even if you don't want to go to suicide.

Of course, you can't kill yourself.for it is only the grief of the people around him, and his suffering after his death.It is also referred to as a strapped spirit.Human beings have been born in the world of souls for their souls.

"You are a man of no value at all," he said, "you must not hurt yourself."

It is not Icole's 'worthless man' that is hard and poor.Some people are happy and rich, but others are poor.In addition, there are more and more poor people in the world than I am."A man who is rich or poor, and who is" trying to give love for others, " is a wonderful person.

When the situation is not good, the sulleny man tries to die of his own value, "because of the people and the environment."And the bearish is going in the direction of "disparing your own value and hurting the pain."But neither of them is observing the kingdom of his own mind.

The famous proverb of the Kaishu KATSU, about the spare time

⭐people cannot afford to be very much, unless they can afford to afford it.

If you can't afford it, you will feel scorched.When the scorching comes out, the details do not reach the details, and the important 'judgments' are often too different to get things done.

Also, if there is no room for "leeway," it will be cut from "evil" and "cut back" in the form of judo, which is a result of the opportunity.

In order to have mental leeway, time management is firmly maintained.It is also important to strive to expand the scope of the field of view and to create a large organ.

On the Criticism of the Prophecy of Kaishu KATSU

⭐is to be done by yourself.Criticism is for others.I don't know what to do.

We cannot reform the world in fear of other people's criticisms, and depend on other people's criticism.

If you have a feeling of responsibility for your own conduct, and the cause of the cause is in the bagbone, you have to be firm and firm with any criticism or middle scar.

The famous proverb of Kaishu KATSU is the importance of doing the best of his actions.

⭐don't know what to do, but I don't want to worry about it."You can only do something like this.

First of all, you'll be asked if you're doing what you want to do.If you really do what you do, you can wait for a moment to be full.

Even if you ask yourself to agree to what you have done, and if that happens to be a temporary rest, nothing will be solved.

If you do not waste your time, but you do what you do, you should go on and do what you should keep doing, and you should work on the next important task.

The name of Kaishu KATSU, the Evaluation of the Age and the Evaluation of People

The replacement of the ⭐strange, and the price of the person is different from the one.

When the age of the day changes dramatically, the assessment of individuals is also changed to Galali.

It is a good word for the patriots of the end of the Edo period, but in modern society it can be experienced in social changes as well as in the decline of the company and other people.

How to spend the time when Kaishu KATSU doesn't work well.

In the life of ⭐there is a time of flame and ashes, and when the ashes are, what do they don't do well?It is the best thing to do in such a case.However, only a small person can make a mistake by failing something.

When they don't work, they behave as if they are a little heart, and they fail.

It is extremely important to learn how to win and study hard and diligence in order to learn how to win and learn how to prepare for the future when you do not do anything.

How to succeed in the famous words of Kaishu KATSU

⭐If you don't succeed, you must continue to work until it's successful, and you shouldn't be able to leave your guard down.People in the world usually lose their roots and feel tired from the success of their business, so they can't do great things.

"Comrade" is important in order for the deep-roost to remain serious.There is a good 'careful', and the 'elaborate' of it is pulling up the delication (effort).

The road to success is going to be opened in the midst of the strong and unburnled and unburnable process of the people.

On the Section of the Suspishable Proof of the Boat

⭐Whatever you need, you must boldly take it.It is difficult, however, to be easy, but without thinking of such a thing, to cross into the so-called Muga no Sakai line.

If you have a big dream or a romanman, then you will only be willing to go ahead with your courage.

I won't do it if I do n'tIt is the lowest level of amateur and the lowest level in the world, and it is the way to the "professional" if you want to do something about it.

It is because of the strong love of love that says, "I want to be useful for people for the sake of the world," and I will put it in my own mind.I have the courage to come out of my life.with valorDon't turn it down, and you won't open a new future.

The background of the name of the boat is the birth of Kaishu KATSU.

I will look after the life of Kaishu KATSU's life.

Until I became an important person in the Bakufu.

Kaishu KATSU1823year3Month12I'm born in Edo.

He was born as a son of hatamoto, but his family was poor and he had a hard time living by borrowing himself from the boat himself.

Even so, Kaishu KATSU is not going to rot, and he grows up while learning about swordplay and learning Dutch studies.

And then in JapanThe Black Ships ArriveIn this way, the bakufu recruited measures to compete with Kurofune.

At this time, a letter of opinion was drawn up, and it was triggered by the attention of the opinion.Nagasaki Naval Training Centerwill be one of the first years of life.

In this lesson, I started to actively play an active role as a key person of the Bakufu as well as Kanenmaru.

The role of the Edo-jo Castle in the bloodless surrender.

At the time of the Meiji Restoration, Kaishu KATSU accomplished a great thing.

That is the bloody surrender of Edo-jo Castle.

at the time was a struggle between the Shogunate and the new government forces, but the new government forcesSaigō TakamoriBy holding a meeting, the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) ended up in a peaceful manner that did not use force.

If there was no bloodless surrender of Edo-jo Castle, a large battle in Edo would have led to a large number of people dying.

・・Taisei HokanAfter

After the Taisei Hokan (transfer of power back to the Emperor), he supported the new government and encouraged the establishment of a new foundation of Japan.

He was the last general in the Edo bakufu in his later yearsTokugawa YoshinobuHe adopted the child of his adopted son, and also acted as a glimpsem of loyalty to the Edo bakufu.

So,77I passed away at the age of my age.

It was Kaishu KATSU who was able to learn from the poor and have a strong spiritual power, and to take advantage of what he learned.

He was recognized as an important person of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and eventually achieved great achievement of the bloodless surrender of Edo-jo Castle.

The armour is a symbol of the people of Kaishu KATSU who did not create an opportunity to minimize damage in a peaceful manner and to intervene in the foreign countries simultaneously.

Only when I had the feeling that I could not give up without giving up, I was able to achieve this great achievement.

the surprising episode of the Kaishu KATSU

It is a bloodless surrender of Edo-jo Castle by boat, but there is another interesting episode.

-Actually, the boat's a bad man?

Kaishu KATSU is the first Japanese to cross the Pacific Ocean.

Hamin MaruI took it, and went to America, and it was said that the drunken man had almost reached the room until his arrival.

It's a very, very, very viable image, but he didn' t seem to have won the seasick like that.

... Kenjutsu, great skill.

He learned swordplay since he was a child.Jikishin-ryu swordplayThe license of the school is obtained from the license of the school.

I have a remarkable skill in my arms.He was shot by the assassin for his whole life, but he was told that he had a small amount of time and twisted in his hand, all the time.

I think Kenjutsu has become one of the people who have a strong spirit of mind.

-I don't like a big dog.

He had been bitten by a dog when he was a child, and since then he has been very disgainted by dogs.

It's a very unpleasant person who doesn't care about the details, but it seems that he was afraid of dogs even at the boats.Everyone is bitter at all, isn't it?

Let' s learn the spirits of Kaishu KATSU, the spiritual and the foreseforth power!

Kaishu KATSU was a person who lived in the end of the Edo period, and acted with a broad view while being a key person of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).

At times, some people thought that the idea of leaving Kaishu KATSU was a flying thing, and that the air was unreadable.But that's ...Kaishu KATSUThis is because we had a foreseeeed Ming.

People who are watching the situation don't understand it."Sakimi no myo," which was supported by wisdom.isHe accomplished the great work of surrender of Edo-jo Castle without bloodshed.

After that, he worked as a key person in the new government, and he worked hard to make Japan a strong country that did not lose overseas.

It can be said that the great transparent comrades, the foreseance, and the strong spirit of spirit that they do for the nation-state have become the power to transform themselves into a new era.

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