[English walk of Shrimp of Uchimura (English & Japanese)] Learn to the life that penetrates convictions

 Shrimp of UchimuraIs a rare thinker who has spread Christianity (no church) into Japan and has thoroughly scored non-war argument.He is also the authors of "representative Japanese".This time, I will show you the quotes, with the life of Shiraku Uchimura and episodes.

Namusaku of Shrimaki Uchimura①~⑫

Uchimura Shiro's Quotations 1 Happiness of Teno Teacher

⭐What Is the Best Happiness in Life? It's About Knowing Your Vocation and Putting IT INTO ACTION
What is the best happiness for people life??It is to know your own tortoise and move it to run

It is a word that symbolizes the Yuto village themselves who did not work in Christianity from the beginning, and to walk on life as evangelists on the way.

I feel that I want to do it myself is also a pleasure in hardship. Furthermore, when it feels like the mission from heaven, that is, when it feels like a heavenly position, it will burn the sense of mission that you have to do that work.

Namura Shrine's quote➁Be a joy

⭐if You Make A Voice of Joy, You Become A Joy Person. Voice of IF You Make A Voice of Sorrow, You Become A Sorrow Person.
If you issue a voice of joy, it will be a person of joy, and if you emit a sadness of sadness, it will be a sad person

If you think of positive and put out positive words, the impressions will lead to a great future.

Conversely, if you always think of pessimistic and put out pessimistic words, you can't be a bad thing. It is a quotation about the law of attraction.

Uchimura Shiro's quota 3 1st day

⭐a day is a precious liface.this Must not be Wasted.
⭐ One day is a noble life. This should not be air

One day a day. A firm "time management" is important for the one day to shine and shine.

Also, life is the stack of a day a day. The future of hope will be opened, making it a day a day and shine.

In addition, life turning machines can be visited in one day. Uchimura Shrine is one event (High-hearted incident) We welcomed the big turning point of his life.

It seems like whether it is an unhappy event from others, but for Shira Uchimura, it became a big trigger for playing the subsequent mission.

Uchimura Shiro's Quotations 4

The things that should be left to the future may be money, business and thought, but it is a lifetime that is bravely and high

They of Uchimura thirteen are also the same, but many great people who remain in history were not for their own gain, but for many happiness, they beaned their lives and all their life.

The biggest gift remaining in the future will be the world because of the world, and because of the courage, the height of its own life, the height of its lives, and that life?

The shine of the crystallized spirit leads to the influence of strong impacts that is delayed.

Mimoto Shrine's quote 5 Rely rely on yourself

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐. Don't rely on others.

It is a quotation that shows "importance of independence."

Each independence heart of each person will build a good human relationship, and you can borrow the power of others when you need it really.

This is the same in politics. Japan must be an independent country "protecting your country by yourself" and you have to walk on economically and prosperity.

Namura Shiro's quota 6 Steady

It is not a hurry. I will go slowly without being impatient.

To accomplish important things, it is to put hungry.
Steps steadily, go ahead and move, and the way is open.

Mimoto Shrine's quota 7 love spirit

⭐think of an Employee As a Brother. Treat The Guest AS A Family
⭐ Employer thinks with a brother. Customers are treated as family

In Uchimura Shrine, the spirit of Christian love is full, loving others will be very important in the age when modern human relationships are thin.

Uchimura Shiro's quote 8 Sincereity virtue

⭐ The credibility obtained from sincere is the greatest asset.

Credit and credit for people, the group of trust to people is in the "honesty" of that person.

Sincerity virtue is in the root of the global religion teaching such as Buddhism and Christianity, and honesty is born from certain faiths that respect God and Buddha.

In Uchimura Shrine, even from Japan and overseas, a lot of people were deceived and betrayed, but it was also a life that was loved and helped by a lot of sincerity from its one sincerity.

Mimoto Shrine's quota 9 love of love

⭐go To Places Where You Dislike Others and Do Other People's Remorse
⭐ ⭐ へ ⭐ ⭐ 行, い ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Through the teachings of Christian love, it is a queue that makes Mother Teresa's activities also come to mind.

"Making another person's hammering" means that it was not just because of the common sense of the world, but no matter how the repulsion was, I thought it was really correct, and it is also the life of Shiura Shiichi Shimamura who moved to action It will be.

Namura Shiro's quote 10 love peace

⭐worst Peace Outweight Best War
⭐ Worricious peace also beat the best war

Anti-war theory is a word that is like Uchimura, who loved happiness in peace.

Uchimura Shiro's quote 11 Death fish and live fish

⭐Dead Fish ARE Washed Away.But Live Fish SWIM Against The Flow.
⭐ Dead fish is flowed away, but live fish swims against the flow

Even if it seems to be incorrect even if it seems to be incorrect than a large number of people, it is a sparkling way of life, which is a big flowing, even if it is difficult to think that it is really truth is You will.

Namura Shrine's quote 12 Last quotation

⭐ Very Harmonious, but is this okay?
⭐ ⭐ Very harmonious, but this is good

It seems to be a word that does not know the meaning of the first glance, but the Shiro Uchimura is the quotation that the end of his life was left at the end of his life.

In Uchimura Kei, he is a truth and truth without accepting something that "really true truth is" and thinking about what is different, as a residentis, It is a great man who fought for.

It looks very harmony, but it is not only the upper side. Actually, may there be a wrong flow under the water surface?

By the excellent odor of Shiro Uchimura, he was scolded that smell. It can also be said that it condenses the intense life of Shiro Uchimura.

Even if we look forward to doing well, you may feel that something is worried and you will not fall into a trap.

I think that many personal issues have a lot of things to society.

For example.

"The way to hell is paved with good intentions." Before the name of Uchimura Shiro, you also want to be aware of the risk of too kind system.

Life of Shiro Uchimura as a background of quotes

Nudoku Shrine, who left many quotes, his life was a fierce fight as if the quotes represented.

· Touch English from a young age

Uchimura Shiro1861He was born in a warrior family year. He has an opportunity to touch English in their homes,4He began reading his relationship books at the age of age.

· · Bible, encounter with his friends, to Christian Christians

He went to Hima I went to school,12He will go on to Tokyo to Tokyo at the age of Tokyo. His school is a friend in his lifetimeNitobe InazoMiyabe Kanjiof2I met people and fate.

At school with his friends, touch the Old Testament and know the existence of Christianity for the first time.

16When he became old he is HokkaidoSapporo AgricultureI went to school. He will convert to Christianity in spending school life and work in Christian names called Yonathan.

· · Meet the United States to America, dating and disappointment to determine his life

23He will work as a nurse of intellectual disabilities in the United States and San Francisco to America. He laterAmermast universityBeginning,JHSealieI met a pastor called.

In the end of the encounter, Idiomura 13 decides to be a evangelist who spreads Christianity.

· · Probable incident that became a drivers of his life

After returning home he did a teacher, but at his first workplace, I will leave without trust with other teachers.

Next he will be a teacher of the first higher junior high school, but will cause a big incident called a sloppy incident later.

In the case, he was criticized from the country and he was quit his teacher and his wife who supported him23She died of her at age old.

· · Activities as his evangelist,ChurchismSpread of

He has also returned his friend's support and returned from his fighting disease, and after recovering both physically and mentally, we started activities as evangelists.

There was also an American experience, and Christianity taught by Uchimura Tejo was not a conventional thing, not called an athlicism.

At the end1930His family to his family and persistent69I will finish his life.

Episode of Uchimura 13

It is Uchimura Tomo who has been involved with many people, but there was such an episode for touching his partner.

· · Initially, it was a negative, but his friend is forced to convert

Now is famous as a Christian evangelist, but Uchimura Tanko is not trying to get involved from the beginning.

He rather he was negative before involving, and he was rejected even in Sapporo Agricultural School.

However, New Tedo rice collection, Miyabe Kanayo2People signed the documents, and I was forced to convert Shiro Uchimura.

It is a Christian who started with negative emotions, but it is a positive position to be a positive position as it works as a Christian.

· · Everyday life and fine spending in English that decided with his friend

Uchimura Shrine in school life is a friend2He had suggested to talk in English everyday in English.

When he talked in Japanese, he decided to pay a palm as a fine.

When it is the value of now100It is a circle, as a fine, but it may be an amount that can not be ignored given the amount of daily conversation.

He has been trying to pay attention to that it was unreasonable, and there is also a story that he was sending his friend in Japanese and fined.

The spirit of Uchimura Kiro who penetrates the belief

While I was able to get the reality of various hardships, he said he was carefully passed through his conviction that he was right to swear and thinking.

We tend to send life as it is inderred, but from the point of view of justice, the milestone of life may also require a resolute attitude.

When I was not sunny, I wonder if I'm looking for the quota of Shiro Uchimura at the time of the milestone of the life of here.

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