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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Learn from a life that sticks to your beliefs

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

(Text)Kanzo UchimuraHe is one of the representatives and great men who spread Christianity (non-churchism) to Japan, but few people have a deep understanding of what they thought and acted.

Let's take a look at the quotes he left behind, including episodes of what kind of person Kanzo Uchimura was, his life, and unexpected aspects.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations (English & Japanese)

Quotations of Kanzo Uchimura ① English / Japanese Happiness of vocation

⭐ English: What is the best happiness in life? It's about knowing your vocation and putting it into action

⭐ Japanese: What is the greatest happiness in life??It is to know your vocation and put it into practice.

It can be said to be a symbol of Kanzo Uchimura himself, who has not been involved in Christianity from the beginning and has finally lived his life as an evangelist.

Even in modern times, the work that you want to do yourself is not only painful but also fun. Furthermore, when you feel that it is a work as a mission given from heaven, that is, a vocation, you will be delighted from the depths of your heart. Everyone can understand it as a word first.

Quotations of Kanzo Uchimura➁English / Japanese Become a joyful person

⭐ English: If you make a voice of joy, you become a joy person. Voice of If you make a voice of sorrow, you become a sorrow person.

⭐ Japanese: If you make a voice of joy, you become a person of joy, and if you make a voice of sadness, you become a person of sadness.

If you think about positive things and put out positive words, you will be attracted to that idea by a wonderful future. On the contrary, if you always think pessimistically and say pessimistic words, bad things will be attracted. A quote about the law of attraction.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ③ English / Japanese for a lifetime

⭐ English: A day is a precious lifetime. This must not be wasted.

⭐ Japanese: A day is a precious life. This should not be wasted

Life is made up of day-to-day accumulation. By valuing each day and making them shine, the future of hope will open up.

Also, a turning point in your life can come in a day. Uchimura Kanzo is an event (Disrespectful case) Has marked a major turning point in his life.

From the perspective of others, it may seem like an unfortunate event, but for Kanzo Uchimura, it was a great opportunity to fulfill his mission.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ④ What is the greatest relic to posterity?

⭐ There are money, businesses, and ideas to leave for posterity, but the greatest relic that anyone can do is a brave and noble life.

Like Kanzo Uchimura himself, many of the great men in history lived their lives, betting their lives not for their own gain but for the well-being of many.

Perhaps the greatest gift that will remain in posterity is the noble spirit of courageously giving up one's life for the sake of the world, for the sake of the people, and for the nation of the world.

The brilliance of the crystallized spirit will have a great impact on the late youth.

Quotations of Kanzo Uchimura ⑤ English / Japanese Rely on yourself

⭐ English: Rely on yourself. Don't rely on others

⭐ Japanese: Rely on yourself. Don't rely on others.

Sometimes it is necessary to get the help of others, but for most of your life you have to walk on your own.

It is a saying that comes from the way of life of Kanzo Uchimura itself, but it is an important attitude to lead a truly successful life.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ⑥ Steadily proceed

⭐ Don't hurry. Go slowly without rushing anything.

The saying goes, hurry up, but things have to go slowly without being impatient. To get things done, you need to be angry and move forward step by step.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ⑦ English / Japanese Spirit of Love

⭐ English: Think of an employee as a brother. Treat the guest as a family

⭐ Japanese: Think of your employer as a brother. Treat guests as a family

Kanzo Uchimura is full of the spirit of Christian love, but loving others from the bottom of his heart is a very important teaching even in times when human relationships are weak today.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ⑧ The Virtue of Honesty

⭐ Credit gained from sincerity is the greatest asset.

The basis of trust in money and trust in a person is the person's "honesty." The virtues of honesty are at the root of the teachings of world religions such as Christianity and Buddhism. Sincerity is born from a certain faith that respects God and Buddha.

It is a word like Kanzo Uchimura who was loved and helped by many people because of his sincerity, while his life was betrayed by being ridiculed both domestically and overseas.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ⑨ English / Japanese demonstrating love

⭐ English: Go to places where you dislike others and do other people's remorse

⭐ Japanese: Go to places where you don't like other people to go and do what others hate

It is a saying that is familiar with the teachings of Christian love and reminds us of Mother Teresa's activities.

In the dislike of others, instead of simply following the common sense of the world, you can discover the courage of Kanzo Uchimura's life by saying what he thought was really correct no matter how much he repelled.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ⑩ English / Japanese I love peace

⭐ English: Worst peace outweighs best war

⭐ Japanese: The worst peace is better than the best war

It is a word like Kanzo Uchimura who advocated anti-war theory and loved happiness in peace.

Quotations of Kanzo Uchimura ⑪ English / Japanese dead fish and live fish

⭐ English: Dead fish are washed away. But live fish swim against the flow.

⭐ Japanese: Dead fish are swept away, but live fish swim against the flow

Uchimura Kanzo's life itself is that even if it seems to be incorrect, it flows backwards even if it is hard to think that it is really true, rather than a life that is swept away by a large number of people. It has been revealed.

Uchimura Kanzo's Quotations ⑫ English / Japanese Last Quotations

⭐ English: Very harmonious, but is this okay?

⭐ Japanese: Very harmonious, is this okay?

At first glance, it may seem like a strange word, but it is a quote that Kanzo Uchimura left at the end of his life.

Throughout his life, Kanzo Uchimura pursued "what is really true" like an investigator, refused to accept what he thought was different, and took courageous action. A great man who fought for the truth.

It looks very harmonious, but isn't this just the top side? In fact, there may be a wrong river flow under the surface of the water. Uchimura Kanzo's excellent sense of smell would have made him sniff out. It can be said to be a condensed word of his fierce life.

Even if we seem to be doing well in general, we may feel something we are worried about and not disappointed. I think it's more about society in general than about personal issues.

For example, apart from urgent cases, it is nice to have an administration that only scatters money, but the question remains whether it really benefits the national finances. The road to hell is also said to be paved in good faith. I also want to be aware of the dangers of a system that is too kind.

The background of Kanzo Uchimura as the background of the saying

Kanzo Uchimura, who left many wise sayings, the life he followed was a fierce battle as if the wise sayings represented.

・ ・ Being exposed to English from an early age

Uchimura Kanzo1861He was born into a samurai family that year. He has a chance to come into contact with English because of his family4He started reading his related books at the young age.

Bible, meeting his friends, becoming a Christian Christian

After he went to Arima private school12He goes to Tokyo School of Foreign Languages ​​at the age of. Become a friend in his life at schoolNitobe InazoKingo Miyabeof2I had a fateful encounter with a person.

At school with his friends, he came into contact with the Old Testament and learned about Christianity for the first time.

16When he was old, he was in HokkaidoSapporo Agricultural CollegeI went on to school.

During his school life he converted to Christianity and worked under the Christian name Jonathan.

・ ・ Traveling to the United States, encounters and disappointments that determine his life

23He moved to the United States at the age of and worked as a nurse at a college for children with intellectual disabilities in San Francisco. laterAmherst CollegeTransferred toJH・ SealyI met a pastor called.

The encounter led him to become a Christian evangelist.

・ ・ A disrespectful case that was a major turning point in his life

After returning to Japan, I was a teacher, but in my first workplace I left without being able to build trust with other teachers.

Next, I will be a teacher at the first higher junior high school, but later I will have a major incident called an irreverent incident.

The incident criticized him from all over the country, forced him to quit as a teacher, and his wife who supported him23I will pass away at the young age of 10 years old.

Activities as evangelists,ChurchlessnessPopularization of

With the support of my friends, I returned from a life of fighting illness, and after recovering both mentally and physically, I began my career as an evangelist.

There was also american experience, and the Christianity he taught was called churchlessness, not conventional.

The last is1930He was taken care of by his family in 2008 and slept,69I will finish my life at the age of 18.

Kanzo Uchimura Episodes

He has been involved with many people, but there were also episodes like this in contact with the people involved.

・ Initially it was a denialist, but it was forcibly converted due to a friend

He is now famous as a Christian evangelist, but he has not served from the beginning.

Rather, it was negative before I was involved, and sapporo agricultural school refused to accept persistent solicitation.

However, Inazo Shintobe and Shingo Miyabe2It was when a person signed the document that he was forced to convert.

Christianity started with negative emotions, but as I worked as a Christian, I was in a positive position.

・ Daily life and fines spent in English decided with friends

Kanzo Uchimura is a friend in school life.2There was a time when I suggested that I talk to people in English on a daily basis.

When I spoke in Japanese, I decided to pay five fines.

In the value of the past, five100It is yen, and although it is a small amount of fine, it may be an amount that can not be ignored considering the amount of conversation on a daily basis.

There was also a story that he had taken a fine by inducing a friend to speak in Japanese because he had paid unreasonablely.

・ Is there a divorce from your wife as a trigger for your wife to come to the United States?

Kanzo Uchimura first married his wife, called Take Asada.

However, the marriage will break down in six months and it will be divorced.

The cause was said to be the affair of his wife, Take, and Kanzo had called her a wolf wearing sheep's skin in the wake of an affair.

On the other hand, Kanzo forced his own idea, and there is a theory that kanzo has no say that she can not endure because she lived in a narrow house.

Kanzo was mentally shocked, but at that time a friend suggested that he come to the United States and went to the United States.

The Spirit of Kanzo Uchimura Who Carried Out His Beliefs

Kanzo Uchimura carried out his beliefs while being thrust into various hardships and realities. His words and sayings were also the result of his oath to heaven and his beliefs that he thought were right.

We are more likely to live our lives with indecisity. But at milestones in life, you may also need to be resolute. In such a case, why don't you try to take the famous saying of Kanzo Uchimura?