[Kenji Miyazawa's quote walk] What is true happiness?

Miyazawa Kenji is a leading poet, a fairy tale writer. (August 27, 1896 Born Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture-September 21, 1933 (1955) Wikipedia)

The Restaurant of Many Orders,Rainy nimemesThere should be anyone like that. It is very famous now, but when he was alive, he was not very rated and almost anonymous.

But after his death, he is Kenji's younger brotherMiyazawa SeikenMr. and poetHeatano heartThere is a hard work of Mr., and his left work will be highly appreciated, and many works will be to the eyes of people.

First of all, I would like to mention the biggest character of Miyazawa Kenji.

Miyazawa Kenji is actually a psychic? was.

Miyazawa Kenji is a writer, but he is well known to be a religious person.

In the case of Kenji, unlike many Hokisa's interpretation, from Huangtu, "" Human "is a child of Buddha," says that it is a small existence for the Nodual Buddha of the Universe, and "Buddha It can be said that you are deriving the thought of love that you have to meet each other as a child.

This seems to be based on the idea of ​​the crystal of Kenji who was studying various religions and mysteries, philosophy, etc.

The biggest characteristic as a believer of Miyazawa Kenji is that the factors that seem to be "sometimes psychic" are seen in various aspects of his works and Kenji's alive is.

For example, even in his poem, he is drawn about the way of interaction with the different world, such as exchanges with his younger and died his sister Toshi.

"The night of the Galaxy Railway" is also someone who says that it is the first visit to the niece, but if you read many other fairy tale works, it may be hit.

Fairy tale works originallyThere are many things drawn by different worlds, but whatever, Kenji fairy tale attraction is "The different world is realistically, it is drawn as if it was seen as if it were almost seen," It is.

For example, works like "Indola's Network", the world of "so oysters", which is used in historical and Buddhist meditation, is realistically spread. It is a trees and buildings in a gem.

So, this time, I would like to introduce you to choose a simple word as much as possible from the Miyazawa Kenji's queue. It would be nice if you could feel the taste of Kenji's enlightenment included in a simple word.

Miyazawa Kenji's quotation, plague track①~⑬

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Apprading 1 Mental Mental

⭐ ⭐ も こと こと, ⭐,

It seems like something that is nothing wrong, but Kenji talks about weight comes out.

Just working well, it will be a Buddhist spirit. It is also said that "Become a chamber" by fitting and working for a moment.

Miyazawa Kenji was often suffering from poor health (for overwork), but he continued to work and work with Tunishi Western run for farmers and those who were not blessed.

In this quotation, there will be concerns about someone who works at all and works, and conversely, it will also include caring for those who do not work in poverty and do not rest. .

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Appointment 2 Taste Happiness

If you get a true happiness, the sorrow so far is just an episode.

If you are happy now, the past will be good memories from becoming happy. No matter how hard it is, if it is finally happy, it will be overwhelmed by the painting path.

Also, if you look at the happiness now, old hardships and sadness will disappear like spring snow.

In addition, this quote also contains the mind of encouragement from the heart to those who are working hard.

Miyazawa Kenji's quotation and saying three things to talk about

⭐ Do you talk about the real thing from the truth and talk about the children?

Miyazawa Kenji who was also a teacher or teacher was a toughly the themselves, as he said he was shura (who was lost and lost).

It will be to discover the heart of a true true (Ma).

Only those who have thoroughly identified things that do not lie themselves, the power to identify the truth of things, and it will eventually lead to the true love for children and students. It appears in the attraction of Kenji fairy tale.

Kenji was very disliked to talk to children with appropriate things.

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Appointment 4 Permanent Effort

⭐ Permanent incompleted This is complete

Even if I think that I have done something and accomplished something, it is not complete. There is still ahead. Some things are still developing.

So why did you express it as "completed"?

One of them will be an artistic point of view of "the change is complete."

Another one thinks that "always finding the completion as humans" is always a human beings who always seek good things without being satisfied with small results.

Miyazawa Kenji was a "person of effort" that is not unusual. It is also an effort to loving many people, not for yourself.

Efforts are called Buddhism, "Senior". "There is a happiness of the venue itself" is a confidentiality as a Buddhist training.

If you give an associated quotation

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 求, already the way.

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Appointment 5 Love to the whole world

⭐ か As long as the whole world is not happy, there is no personal happiness.

Of course, it is not that individuals should not be happy until the whole world is happy.

The circle of personal happiness is large and it is a very important flow that it will be the happiness of the area and leading to happiness to the whole world.

Miyazawa Kenji also studied various religions and studies, in addition to Buddhism, and among them, there was a deep impact on Christian love ideas (this can be interpreted as a Buddhist mercy thought )

If there is no way to work with the world's whole world (love) and action, and the way to Utopia construction, I wanted to express that there is no happiness of individual manuals in a true sense.

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations and Speaking 6 In Search of Human Possibility

⭐ Let's go with us. We have a ticket where we can go up forever.

This ticket is not the possibility of people with people? Humans have Buddha and deity as a child of God and Buddha, and anyone has an infinite possibility.

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Appraisement 7 Thinking

I think I can surely. Because there is no matter how much it is.

"Thinking" towards dreams and ideals is the driving force for major advancement.

Things can be accomplished as long as you think about thinking. Conversely, "Akira" is surely "stop thinking".

Miyazawa Kenji's quotes, excuse 8 actions, is there a love?

⭐ Excellent people often lead to discussions and analytics and will end with it. There is no meaning to move to action.

Excellent people are good at discussion and analysis, but there is no meaning if you do not act.

Miyazawa Kenji also disliked poets, artists and critics who always have a salon. Of course, it is important to exchange opinions and acquisition of information with various people.

However, Kenji never wanted to have a life that does not fulfill the happiness of many people, from the end of their interest.

In the action of Miyazawa Kenji, it contains the concept of "love" that does not work for people.

Miyazawa Kenji's quotation / Move the hearing of nine people

There are only words and words that exude from the experiences of the person to actually move the heart of the ⭐. People do not feel sympathy with knowledge alone.

Moving human mind is essential to behavior and words based on real experiences.

Knowledge must be the premise, but no matter how many knowledge alone, you can not sympathize people.

Making human mind is positive and intelligent approaches, and it is necessary to make a sharp sensitive influence, light of the soul polished from the actual experience.

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Apprading 10 Live in the first cup

⭐ だけ Only what we can live now.

⭐ Only one small current continues.

People can not return in the past, and the future has not come yet, so it will be important to live with all your strength.

In the Buddhist idea, there is a "three" of the past, present and future. "The present is the appearance of the past of the past, and the present thoughts and conducts are also connected to the future."Three generationsThere is a teaching of the "Causal Method" that has penetrated.

Of course this law applies even if you limit it for the current world. So "I can not help but regret the past. It is now stacked and nowadays, and I hope you have a better future than now, now (now) seriously, it is important to live seriously Kenji wanted to say that.

It is a wonderful queue of love of Kenji's love that he wants to encourage people who has been hit by poverty and suffering.

Miyazawa Kenji's quotation · Appendix 11 I think that it comes from deep in my heart

⭐ ⭐ Many are helpless or frauds.

Miyazawa Kenji is a deep knowledge of the mystics and psychology, and the unconsciousness here is the potential.

In other words, it is a fake that comes with the deep side of his mind and it is a fake.

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Appointment 12 What is Honty Happiness? !

⭐⭐ Who is the best happy if you do something really good.

Kenji Miyazawa was a person who practiced love with humble mind aiming at the Utopia world. Kenji's center of "Really good things" is "love, love and love love".

If you wish to be aware of people from people, the mind is a true sense. On the contrary, it is much happiness that loves people and keeps people and to give people love.

Because when I love people, I'm full of joy in my heart, and the holy pleasure is blooming in mind as a happiness flower.

Miyazawa Kenji's Quotations / Appraisement 13 Source of Kenji's Power

From the clouds that also come from the wind, you will come to you and you will come to you.

Kenji Miyazawa was a religious traininger and believed that believed in God and Buddha.

I think Kenji felt that Kenji was not visible in the wind and shining clouds. Since I was able to get energy from God-Buddha, Angel and Bodhis, I would definitely born a suitable fairy tale.

Kenji Miyazawa as a background of quotes

Let's look at the life of Miyazawa Kenji here.

· · Born in Tohoku

Miyazawa Kenji1896He is born as an eldest son in Iwate Prefecture.

His home is in charge of the old clothes shop and the restaurant, and his parents seemed to be susceptible to the family business.

He liked reading and he was readily reading a book when he became an elementary school student. At this time he may have been nurtured as a poet or a writer.

... until he becomes a writer

19When he was old, he will enter agricultural forestry school and learn about agriculture, but then work with Tokyo publishers.

But he has a few years laterSister toshiReceived that it has become ill and starts working on Iwate and starts working as a teacher of agriculture. He is from this time to do creation activities.

· · Establishment of Luo Sakai Association

Kenji Miyazawa who returned to Iwate writes various works while working.

Miyazawa Kenji did his lifetime, creation of poetry and creative of fairy tale, and we were always parallel to other work.

He was a teacher at Agriculture School for a while since he returned to Iwate,30He quit his teacher at the age of ageSakai AssociationMake a thing.

He was working to make agriculture guidance mainly and to make better agricultural products. He wrote a lot of works in the interval of such work and left it.

· · Death too young

He was energetically held by his main business and writing activities, and it was Kenji Miyazawa, which continues hard everyday, but his overwork was stacked and I often got in touch.

And1933Year, he37He will be acute pneumonia at the age of age.

This disease does not cure, he died as it is due to acute pneumonia.37The death of the age is now too young to have a long life of the average life.

However, after the death of Miyazawa Kenji, his left work will be excavated and evaluated highly.

Episode and anecdote that Miyazawa Kenji has left

Finally, let's look at the famous episodes and anecdotes of Kenji Miyazawa.

· Miyazawa Kenji is Vegetarian?

Kenji Miyazawa hated animalism. So he thinks that he is not good to eat meat, and eat only vegetables? Become.

"Amenimo Maketsu" is famous for "AMenimo Maketsu" to see "31 brown rice and a little vegetable with miso on one day".

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Kenji Miyazawa seems to have very much to collect records. His house was a gramophone, and it was possible to put a heat enough to stick to the needle. He also liked mineral collection when he was a child.

Rather, Kenji was looking for a "Ma's world and a real beautiful world" in this way through music, movies and mineral studies.

· · I was single life

Kenji Miyazawa was not a history of marriage and was single life. He was not interested in women, such as he fell in love with hospital nurses at first sight.

He apparently he seemed to be able to live long and he seemed to be able to realize that his friends and their own15He says he is only about the year. He actually died young and died, and it may have avoided marriage by feeling the shortness of his life.

Kenji Miyazawa who continued to explore the happiness of true

Kenji Miyazawa, including teachers, leaving many works while doing various work. In the work, I was explored and obtainedThought,The idea is incorporated by his experience.

When I want to know what happened to the happiness of trueWhen I want to touch the importance of the Utopia world and the truth, I would appreciate your reading the words of Kenji again.Even when I stopped him in his life, Miyazawa Kenji will surely appear before I need it.

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