[Konosuke Matsushita's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Learn the love and passion for human resource development

Konosuke MatsushitaCurrent Panasonic (formerlyMatsushita Electric WorksHe is a manager and founder who built Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Panasonic is one of the consumer electronics manufacturers representing Japan, and there are many people who have a home appliance made of Panasonic.

It is "person of the effort" when Konosuke Matsushita is shown in the end, and the manager who does the model of the speech as a "father of management" still does not stop after that. There is "love for man" in the base of management of Konosuke Matsushita. I love talents deeply and nurture a lot of people.

He also acted as a political leader as well as a managerMatsushita masatsuneAlso established. Matsushita masatsune school is a private school that teaches politics rather than a general school. There were many politicians who graduated from the masatsune Matsushita school and had a great influence on Japan.

This time, we will introduce the words of our heart to the core of our hearts, based on his personal history and episode.

The background of Konosuke Matsushita as background

God of businessHe was an entrepreneur, inventor, and a writer of the same name as Konosuke Matsushita, who had the same name as the writer. The achievement of Konosuke Matsushita who built a large company called Panasonic in the world in the first generation is a crystal of the effort that is not equal, and is unavoidable.

Here, I will look at the background and achievements of Konosuke Matsushita.

Childhood Konosuke Matsushita

Meiji27Years1894Year11Moon27Konosuke MatsushitaWasa village, Kaishi gun, Wakayama PrefectureHe was born as the third son of his father, masanuki and his mother, munenari.

And it seems that early childhood grew up in the family of eight families of eight brothers. However, the turning point comes soon when Konosuke is 4 years old.

Although he started his business because he failed in the U. s.market price, his father, who had no business experience, failed in business and lost his own house and land.

My father goes to Osaka and goes away from his father. And when Konosuke Matsushita was nine years old, he would go to Osaka to work for a young child and work as a child. However, the various experiences gained there later became the necessary food as a manager.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd

When it has been a few years since the Chosun service in Osaka, railways are being developed in Japan and electricity is indispensable to life. KonosukeI was impressed by the streetcar running in Osaka and I would like to do some electrical work.

Kosuke Matsushita was young, but it seems to have pretended that the time of electricity comes from now on.

When he was sixteen years old in 1884 Osaka light I enter the company called Kansai Electric Power Company (present Kansai Electric Power Company), and the talent is demonstrated. In addition, Konosuke wished to improve his knowledge inKansai School of CommerceI enter the school. However, I cannot suppress the feeling that I want to be independent.

Achievements of Konosuke Matsushita

Kosuke Matsushita, who retired from Osaka at the age of 22, later became a family and friend5We embark on a new business. The business did not take the track easily, and the friend resigned, but Konosuke did not give up.

After that, we developed new products one after another and expanded our business1918Matsushita Electric Appliance works1929At the same time, he changed his name to Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd.

1935YearMatsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.Kounosuke Matsushita, who has incorporated the company as a corporation, works increasingly for research and development. As the material procurement becomes increasingly difficult1941In West Japan1Position.

During World War II, he was involved in the munitions industry, and he was put into trouble after the war.PHPInstituteBy the start of the ethics education by the establishment of the management somehow.

Not only the electricity related industry but also the aircraft, the securities, the record business, etc., and the failure and success were repeated. See also:https://www.panasonic.com/jp/corporate/history/konosuke-matsushita/043.html    

Establishment of Matsushita masatsune juku

It succeeded as a manager, and Matsushita Electric Corporation that it made becomes bigger. In the meantime, Konosuke came to think that society would not be happy without people's happiness, and would actively advocate politics.

A study on the development of politicians in JapanMatsushita masatsune. It is said that he used seven billion yen of his own property, and the strong intention of Konosuke was transmitted.

A lot of talented people are discharged from the masatsune Matsushita juku school, and many politicians still learn at the masatsune Matsushita juku school.

A study of kotanosuke Matsushita

 At the time, despite the harsh bashing, the cooperation and action power of Konosuke Matsushita who made a big contribution to the whole industry in Japan and challenged a new one, hit many hearts.

In his later years, he did various activities in order to contribute to the promotion of science and technology to bring a better life to the stage as well as in Japan.

Then, I introduce it from many words left by Konosuke Matsushita.

The name of Konosuke Matsushita

⭐ We believe that our business will always succeed

⭐ I think business will succeed

    If you do business and do hard work and do not succeed, you have to find the problem and solve each one by solving each problem.

    Moreover, make it to the surplus and do the success even if it does business. It is the word of commandment.

    The name of Konosuke Matsushita➁

    ⭐ Generation and development.

    ⭐ Everything is evolving. The development is natural

    "Make things" and "develop further". It is a word of passion for manufacturing, saying, "don't make it, and always make improvements to answer people's needs." It is the same in usual work. A

    A message written by Kosuke Matsushita

    ⭐ It stops.

    ⭐ It fails because it stops at the failure. Success succeeds to success.

    People tend to give up there if they fail. However, Konosuke Matsushita was different.

    The reason why Konosuke was able to show a talent as an inventor and a businessman was not to give up even if it failed many times, and stood up from there, and accumulated the inventive discovery, and went on to succeed to the success.

    It may be said that "rebound is important". I want to be an apprentice.

    The name of Konosuke Matsushita

    ⭐ It's three years on the stone. But do not neglect your wrestlers to master the three years in one year.

    ⭐ It is three years above the stone. But don't neglect your efforts to master three years in a year.

      Time is not infinite. The result is different depending on how much you can do your best in a limited time and how much you spend.

      How do you learn hard and realize it quickly? It is a good idea to understand that Konosuke Matsushita, the inventor who sent many products to the world in a short period of time, was not a common spirit, but also a person of a lot of effort.

      Don't be too familiar with the words of three years. "Time can be created", it would be the best invention.

      I want to learn the necessity of the ingenuity and inventiveness.

      The name of Konosuke Matsushita

      ⭐ If you are inferior to each other?

      ⭐ It is not to be ashamed of comparison with a person. But if I compare myself last year with myself this year, if this year is inferior, it is a shame

      There is no one in the direction of one's own desires, or no consequence. At that time, people tend to be envious of others, and tend to think of falling themselves in comparison with others. I will ruminn my misery and spend a bitter day.

      But you should not think that you are inferior in comparison or competition with others. This is because they do not justify the part of others' efforts in an invisible place.

      Moreover, there is an element that is different from others in the way that goes on, and the thing which oneself should achieve is not only bud now.

      The important thing is not to compare with others, compare with your own past, fight against yourself, battle with your own loneliness. I would like to ask you about my dream and ideals.

      Let's deepen our gratitude to those around us who are watching and pursue our daily life.

      The name of Konosuke Matsushita

      ⭐ No matter how much you regret the past Future. You Just have to do your best right now.

      ⭐ However regrettably, the past doesn't change. No matter how much I worried about the future. Now, do your best.

        Human beings fail. However, even if it regrets what has gone over, the past doesn't change. But the past evaluation can be changed. If it is alive now and live happily, it is changed to the evaluation of the golden color.

        Another important meaning of the past is to learn lessons from past failures. It can be used to the present effort as the wisdom.

        In addition, it is a waste time to fear the fear of coming to the future.

        It is the point to change the future to do the best in this moment now.

        The name of Konosuke Matsushita

        ⭐ Optimism and pessimism. There is a way in pessimism, and a way in optimism.

        ⭐ It is optimistic and sad. There is a path in pessimism, and there is a way in optimism.

        Both optimism and pessimism lose sight of the way. But, for example, in the optimism, you can find the way to use the energy.

        In addition, from the pessimism, you can find the way to be connected to the next step.

        What is important is to find the way to each future and proceed in any way. It is the best way to take the best way to get through the future.

        The name of Konosuke Matsushita

        ⭐ Even if you say it not you give birth to an idea with the birth alone.

        ⭐ Even if you make an idea, it is not born only in the mouth. This is also eager. Even if you sleep or wake up, you are so eager to immerse yourself.

        Konosuke Matsushita, who was full of ideas, was not a big mouse. There is a dream to realize, "Konosuke is just right for this word.

        In order to send the world a large dream and send it to the commodity as a commodity, how much did it put in and accumulation of effort? There is something hard to imagine.

        Moreover, as it is said, "there is a good wisdom, a good wisdom is given," it is possible to receive a good inspiration as a result of an earnest effort.

        It is transmitted behind the word that there is a feeling of gratitude for the invisible Buddha. In the continuance of hard work, God, Buddha, and gratitude for people became the good driving force to create the future. Tong Shi

        The name of Konosuke Matsushita

        ⭐ The tactics of not hearing to what people say this seems to reason and make the mind poor.

        ⭐ The attitude that doesn't listen to the person is like asking for oneself and making the mind poor.

        Though my story is good, I don't listen to others. One of these causes will be in "pride". Pride is to be satisfied with a small success.

        It may be called Tengu's heart. If it is in Tengu's heart, the side becomes sweet, and it is not noticed that it is hated by the person around. It will fall down greatly like falling down the slope triggered by a small incident.

        Pride prevents the effort, so it will not grow anymore. In order not to do so, you should strictly conceal your pride, and say "virtue of humility" to your heart.

        And another reason for not listening to others is that I do not listen to others' advice or great ideas because I have no real confidence in myself.

        There is fear of harm to oneself. It is a miserable feeling that reduces oneself by "comparison with others".

        The person who has confidence in himself does not move deeply when hearing others' opinions.

        In order to obtain a certain confidence, it is necessary to accumulate the result of a faint result, and to respect God and Buddha somewhere in the heart.

        If you have faith in God and Buddha, you can feel that you are also loved and hoped by the gods and Buddha.

        In addition, there are some people who know how to know "know" and "understand" in the person who doesn't listen to the person's words.

        It's a type that you can't listen to because you look down on your opponent or don't want to listen to you carefully.

        Because people have different personalities and different viewpoints, they may be able to see a nuanced nuance or a new perspective to what they say, even if they think they know it.

        By creating a careful listening character, it will be a clue to something, or the ability to overlook the "essence" that is not only on the top of things.

        In any case, it is important to listen to humility, and that is the proof of the affluence of the mind.

        Kōnosuke Matsushita's Proof of the Name

        ⭐One's work without the help of others.

        ⭐` My work is not to be done without the help of others.

        Human beings will not live without help, and teamwork will only be able to grow a lot of work.

        If you think that you have made a direct result, look at yourself and look around yourself.Wouldn't it be a good idea to take a copy or take a part of the important part of the copy?

        The people who are really able to do the job are a lot of the discovery of little gratitude.It is the king of success for life to discover something that is blessed in everyday life, and to constantly thank you for life.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐My money, my work, my property. Speaking of my own, it's my own, but this is also what I got from the world. It is a deposit from the world.

        ⭐My money, my job, my own property.It's yours, but it's also a gift from the world too.It is a deposit from the world.

        In Buddhism, there is a word ' ego. 'Soga is the idea that "I am myself".and I feel that what I have in my own hands is what I am.

        I may think that what I earned is my own, but Konosuke Matsushita told me that it wasn't.It is also said to be the deposit from the world.

        because, after all, his work and money may eventually be returned to his own place, but there is a grace of grace in it.In addition, there is a lot of love and unfamiliar efforts attached to the world.

        There is an overflow of belief in God and gratitude to many people in the back of the idea of 'what is now at hand, too,' and the deep faith in God is full of faith in God.

        It is Takamori SAIGO saying, ' This life is entrusted to you from God. 'Since it is in custody, life and money must be treated and raised, and they must be brought up to the rest of the lives of many of them.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐Business is to impress.

        The ⭐"business" is to give a moving impression.

        Business is to sell merchandise and to make profits, but the true nature of business, the ultimate of business, is that the god of business management tells us that it is inspiring people to do so.

        This is a reminding of the thinking of Walt Disney, which founded Disneyland.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐It is important for people to burn. You need firewood to burn. Firewood is a problem. Worries grow.

        It is important to burn to the ⭐people.To burn, firewood is necessary.The firewood is a concern.The headache makes people grow up.

        It is a very interesting expression of admirably sensating.

        It's hard when you're in trouble, but if you can extract your learning from that headache, it will be the driving force behind the growth of human beings.

        "I hope you can leverage that headache to grow up to be a leverage," which is a loving word full of encouragement and love for young people.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐I don't think I have not. Alone on the edge of the cliff. Only then will a new wind.

        ⭐don't think we've run out of all the measures.He himself is on the edge of the cliff.It is not until that time that the new wind blows.

        The successful, as it seems to be all the way out of the way, will, so to speak, step forward from the back of the water, and begin to walk on the road to success.

        If there is a dream and a dream, which is true in the middle of the world, I will never give up, and I will not give up, and I will have the help of the heavens when I inspirate the feeling and courage of praying from the bottom of my heart.

        A new perspective opens, and the wind is blowing.This is a very powerful word that says, "Be sure."

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐Anyway, think about it. It is to devise. And it is to try. If you fail, try again.

        ⭐Anyway, think about it.It is to be considered.and try to do it.If you fail, you can do it.

        " To think.It is devised.To put it into practice.If you fail, then try again."

        These four words are also specific guidelines for positive, brightness, and constructibility, and are the common rules of successors.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐If you think that everyone is going to you and you and you and you work, you will be ready, and you can do a huge job.

        ⭐If you do your job and think you're better than yourself, you can do it well and you can do a big job.

        People who meet in life are all teachers, and they learn from their individuality and their own strengses.

        The deep love of the treasure mountains is the key to making big business as a manager, and the ability to do a big job.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐Don't force it. Don't sell what your customers like. Sell what is good for your customers.

        ⭐Don't sell it.Don't sell what customers prefer.Sold what you will do for the guests.

        Some of your preferences might not be for you, even for your customers.

        There may also be some of our clients, even in our clients' current thoughts, even in our own.

        It is similar to creating a meal in order to think that a mother will be for the sake of her children.The love of love, in the end, is to gain your appreciation and lead to a thriving business.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐If you are not be, you will be lazy.

        ⭐Lazy, if low, is lazy.

        ⭐I am, young, young, and old to make aspirations. And, where there is a will, the road will be in "be" for both "young" and "old" and "old".

        There is no old age or young man to stand up to ⭐comrades.And there is a point where the old and the young can open the way.

        There are dreams, ideals, and Romans, and the "height of comrade" that comes out of it is the driving force of couragic action, and to continue to work hard and hard.

        When you feel that energy is falling in your day-to-day work, let' s start by trying to solve the accumulated fatigue by changing exercise, sleeping, and eating meals.

        And now we will need to check the "comrade" part of our time.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐Competition is necessary and specified. I want to have have a rich heart that's my mall.

        ⭐Competition is also needed and confrontations are also good.But I want to have an affluent heart that I love.

        Competition and conflict are the elements necessary to grow, but when they go too far they will only become a society in which they are more givingless than they can, and in business, the evils of evil will be crewed up.

        And it's not a customer-oriented, but a focus on defeating the other, and the whole industry is stuck.

        Yukinosuke MATSINOSHITA was not only pursuing the profit of his own company, but also the whole industry and the idea that the country itself would prosper.

        It was the secret to the love of the enemy, the size and richness of the love, and the secret to the development of the company as a world brand.

        Of course, if you have a heart that you love with your enemies, you can also study the skills and personnel of other companies as well.

        Konosuke Matsushita's famous proverb

        ⭐Words and actions that are out of good and are in their own in their own in their own in their own right and right and are that are the heart of the other person.

        ⭐The words and actions that come out of good faith and sincerity are self-respect, and strikes the heart of the other.

        In order to have sincerity and sincerity, there is a question of whether a lie is not a miserable mind, or whether there is any love for the happiness of other people's mind.

        The words and actions that we wish to live in good faith from day to time will be heard in the soul of the other, and will be struck with the heart of the other.

        A great product was born because I had a sincere heart in the feeling of sincerity in my heart.

        Sachinosuke Matsushita's name 21

        ⭐When doing business, the manager must first make a, and act calmly.And on top of that, it's important to gently add.

        ⭐must make a calm judgment and act first.and it is important to attach a feeling of relief to it.

        A cool-headed judgment requires "wisdom.""Courage" and "Heart of the Heart" for action.You may say love, love, and love.

        Three of them, "wisdom," "love," and "courage," have been taught to be the mindset of a leader (manager).

        Sachinosuke Matsushita's name 22

        ⭐Personnel issues management.

        ⭐Human resource management is a major factor in management.

        Konosuke Matsushita, who was said to be the god of management, said, "I cherted people and cherted people," adding, " I love people.It is a great enthusiasm for human resource development.Isn't it a good thing to do that? "He said," I was not in the same order as I was."

        I would like to know that human resources are the key to management.

        Yukinosuke MATSITA was a business operator and a hot educator, and at the root of the foundation, there was an overwhelming love of love.

        Now, in this statement, I once again taught me that personnel matters are one of the central axes of the business of the business.The flow of personnel and money will be the most important management of the company.

        Sachinosuke Matsushita's name: 23

        ⭐You can't run run a fool, but you can't run a wise man. It must be managed by public knowledge.

        The management ⭐a foolish person is not a good business, but a wise man cannot run.This means that they should be managed by the wisdom of mankind.

        Although foolish management is no good, but in the dogmatic management of One-Man, the blind spot does not last long, although it appears to be in a temporary way.There is a limit to the individual's ability to do it.The collection of the wisdom of all is important.

        In addition, management needs a variety of customers' needs to meet the needs of various customers, and it is important to gather many wisdom to do so.

        Sachinosuke Matsushita's name is 24.

        ⭐I was lucky to. Failure was I had no power. I started thinking about that, about that.

        ⭐success was due to luck.The failure was that he had no power.I've been thinking so.

        Thankful that I was lucky, I would be grateful for the help of the heavens.The feeling that the heavens and people have made it possible for me to further succeed.

        In addition, when a failure occurs, it is likely to be a feeling of the environment, but the next step is not going to be possible.

        I thought that I had no power, learning what to learn from failure, and when I was challenged to try again, I would be connected to the path of success only.

        Konosuke Matsushita episodes

        Yukinosuke MATSINOSHITA was left with numerous episodes as well as a famous message.Every episode that shows a good character, or an episode that tells you how to think, is all very interesting.

        -Did you have a haircut once a day?

        Yukinosuke MATSINOSHITA was cut in his hair at a time of about a time on the 10th.This is a fairly short frequency, but it doesn't seem to have been just a fancy.

        It is said that if you have a haircut when you have a haircut, you should be more careful with your hair style than you can in a barber shop.

        When asked why, your head was like a sign of a Matsushita, so it was said that it was better not to give a bad impression to people when they were seen.

        Since then, Yukinosuke Matsushita often cuts his hair and takes care to make himself and his company make a good impression.

        Above all, people are big.

        In 1934, Typhoon Muroto directly hit Osaka, and Matsushita Electric ware was greatly damaged.We had just built a new factory, but many factories, including the factory, collapsed.

        Yukinosuke Matsushita, who visited the factory after the typhoon left, said, "If the factory is built again, it's safe for us to do it."

        I can see how Konosuke Matsushita thought of people, and thought that if there were others, there were other people who thought it would be possible to do so.Of course, there will be some saying that I think of the depressed employees.This is an episode where the sizes of kindness and degrees are passed down.

        Kinosuke Matsushita, who loved one and trained to train talent.

        Konosuke Matsushita founded Panasonic, and made it a success.It is one of the manufacturers that sell many home appliances that are essential to our lives, and it is not too much to say that Yukinosuke Matsushita has lived in the present life.

        At the same time, he also made efforts to foster human resources such as the establishment of Matsushita Masatsune juku.The idea of moving the country and the organization was very, very deeply rooted, and raised a lot of people in the way it was thought.Not only managers but also leaders, and many famous managers who were influenced by Konosuke later.

        You can learn a lot from Kohinosuke Matsushita, how the business should be, how it should be managed, how people should grow, and how they should grow.

        Many of the famous words of Koinosuke MATSINOSHITA, even though they have changed in the past, have changed in mind, and only those who want to stay in mind even if they are not industriers.Let' s take a look at the success of Matsushita Konosuke in his daily life and work, as well as in his daily life and in his life, to make it humble and humble, and to be able to help the people.

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