[Mr. King's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] Enjoy the spirit of "I have a dream"

 Rev. Kingof the United States of AmericaProtestant BaptistI'm a pastor.as a clergyman,African American Civil Rights MovementHe is also known as a leader in the world.

The Rev. King's activityNonviolentI have left a number of words and episodes.

Rev. KingThere are many words left behind by the importance of acting with conviction and a hint that is necessary to live a positive life in the life of a person.

The clergyman, in fact, will follow the words, the provers, the standing, the episodes, and the episodes.

Rev. Martin Luther King: A Collection of Proverts

Rev. King's Name: The Victory of Love

⭐ Love is the only force capable of the enemy.

⭐Love alone is the only power that can transform the enemy to a friend.

⭐ Darkness cannot be out of the darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can love.

⭐darkness cannot be driven away in the darkness.Only light makes it possible.Hate cannot be discharged with hatred.Love alone makes it possible.

Love for God, love for people, love, is the greatest power in this world.

The greatness of the power of love is the teaching of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of Christian missionaries, Rev. Martin Luther King, are strongly spoken.

The root of the light is in God, and love is also an alias for light.The darkness cannot exist only in the darkness, and the power of light and the power of love are the only power to drive away the darkness.

Also, if hatred is hatred, hatred is only amplified, and there is no relief there.

A hatred is to bring in love with love.By doing so, the ice-like hatred had to be melted.

The Rev. Martin Luther King➁Silent Crime

⭐The Compilation is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the Silence over the good people.

The biggest tragedy of ⭐is the silence of good people, not the tyranny of the evil and cruelty.

⭐Our lives begin to end the day we are in a silent about things that are matter.

⭐When it comes to silence that the problem is in question, our lives begin to end.

Human beings have self-appetite for their own adorable self-appetite.Some of them may be forgiven.

However, it is the greatest tragedy of human beings to remain silent, even if they have a good mind to think about racism and overcoming vilerless, and in the mind of their good heart.

If the heart of love is there, I will have to abort the silence with courage.It is the name of the Tamama, which is expressed in a strong, strong language that life begins to the end of the day.

Rev. Martin Luther King: The leader's mindset

⭐A-aci leader is not a searcher for integration but a molder of consensus.

⭐A true leader is not a person who searches for an agreement, but a person who is the formation of an agreement.

In order to form an agreement, we need to have the kind of enthusiasm and persuasive power that burns.

Martin Luther King, leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement
It's a kind of a weight in the sense of pianing your love.

Martin Luther King's Proof of Dreams Realization

⭐ I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they are not be or the color of their skin, but by by the content of the content of the content of the content of the content of the day.

⭐I have a dream.It's my day, it's me.4It is a dream to live in a country where young children are evaluated not by the color of the skin, but by the character itself.

⭐ still have a word of today of today and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, and I still have a dream.

⭐We are still waiting for today and tomorrow.Even so, I have a dream.

This is the most famous speech of Rev. King.

It was the self-realization of the love of Martin Luther King, who made efforts to paint dreams and ideals and visions, and make efforts to make it realisn.

The Reverend King's name takes the first step

⭐ Take the first step in. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

⭐climb up the first step without any doubt.You don't have to see all the steps.At any rate, we take the first step.

I don't believe in God, or I don't believe in God.
There is a "hot faith in God" in the buggborn of this famous name.
The first step is to take a step by belitaking the gods.From there we can open the road.

Rev. Martin Luther King: How to Coordinate Action

⭐When you are right: You cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too long.

⭐You should not be too radical when you are right.You shouldn't be too conservative when you're wrong.

Even if it is true, too much emphasis on it may be too radical to become too radical to become excessive and excessive deeds of reason.

Even if it is true, the thoughts of the attack may be engraved in the other's mind if they are unilaterally attacking the other party.

Even if it was a bad thing, it would also be necessary to reflect on the part that caused damage to the opponent through strong speech and behavior.

On the other hand, if you are wrong, you have to reflect on it.However, too far too far it is too much to hurt yourself and be too humble to be too self-humble.You can tell me that you shouldn't be a scrut thing.

The Reverend King's prophecy, justice is realized.

⭐The time is always right to do what is right.

⭐It is not necessary to see the right time when you do the right thing.

You must be firm on what you believe to be correct.

If the word "look at times" is used as the meaning of the word "reading time," it would be right.Time must be read.

However, if there is a 'lost or uneasy mind' in the phrase 'to see the way around,' the shades should not be seen in the same period.We have to fight, we must fight.missing.

Rev. Martin Luther King: The Susptor

⭐still have a word of today of today and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, and I still have a dream.

⭐We are still waiting for today and tomorrow.Even so, I have a dream.

The famous phrase, "I have a dream," is a strong, hot word that has raised confidence that "I can see the future where the dream has come true."

From the viewpoint of justice, dreams must be realized.That's why we can overcome the difficulties we can see today, even today, from the "dream of the future."

So, why not so much so sure?
That is the power of faith.We are the sons of God, and God is the power to believe in God's desire to be in the world of love and justice.

The Rev. Martin Luther King's Proactive Proactive Life

⭐ If you can't fly, run

⭐If you can't fly, you can run.

There is a continuation of this name.

"If you can't run, you can walk. If you can't walk, you can swim."
This is a strong and positive spirit for actively moving forward.

Martin Luther King: The Living of the Living

⭐There is no point in living, you can't find the goal, you want to charge, even if you throw your life away.

⭐If you cannot find the goal that you want to achieve even if you give your life, you don't have a living meaning.

The goal that we hope to achieve is the hope of God.
It is vital for God to be revered to God, and to believe in God's meaning.

Martin Luther King of the Rev. King's dream

⭐When a person dies, the effect of that person does not die.

⭐a person dies, the person's influence does not die.A man dies, but his influence does not die.

⭐ I Have a Dream

When I speak Japanese, I mean, "I have a dream," but the Reverend King made a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial and became famous for his "godfather."

Following the death of Martin Luther King, many African-American children were able to use the Martin Luther King's Day holiday.

the birth of Martin Luther as the background of the proverb

1929Year in Atlanta, Georgia.He was the son of King King, who was the son of Michael Luther King, a Baptist minister.

He had the same name as his father, but he later changed his father's name to Martin, and he changed his name.

The name of Martin Luther King is Martin Luther King, Jr.

He was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, and after going to college, he made a choice to go on the same path as his father.

And by the way, Martin Luther King is a flying15I was a college student at the age.

Now let' s take a closer look at how the Reverend King was fighting against discrimination.

"It's the first discrimination against me in my childhood."

One day, a white boy who lived in a neighbor's house declared that he would never play with the black man again.

The Reverend King, who is going to fight against discrimination,6I experienced the first discrimination in my life at the age of my age.

suffering from racism

President LincolnIt was by.slave liberationIt was declared, however, that discrimination against African-Americans was not completely eliminated.

There were even laws restricting the use of black people in public facilities.

・・Montgomery bus boycott

1954In a case where a black person is arrested without giving up a bus seat in the year, Martin Luther King is planning a Montgomery bus boycott incident.

Afterwards, the court issued a ruling against the tolerance of racial discrimination, and it succeeded in the protest.

-Thornfully, nonviolent.

As he was a clergyman of himself, Martin Luther King, who abandoned his resistance, was a nonviolent person.

It is said that this is not just a weak posture, but because it was intended to show the lies of the rulers to be hackled all over the world.

・・I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King and his colleagues in Washington D.C. declared the slave release of Lincoln100I planned a big rally to commemorate the year.

And ...I Have a DreamA famous speech, including the above, was presented, and the simple content of the repeal of racism was appreciated.

a famous episode of Reverend King

There are several famous episodes of Martin Luther King, who was active in trying to save African-Americans from discrimination.

I will introduce you to something that is impressive.

I had a dream. The line was Adrib.

I Have a DreamThe episodes of my dreams, which I have dreamed of, would not be avoided in talking to the Reverend King.

In fact, it is said that the text was prepared for the speech, not the script, but in an adrib.

-The famous speech was in a difficult situation.

the acoustic lumber is destroyed by some person and can be said to be a pronoun for Martin Luther KingI Have a DreamThe speech, including her, seemed to have been in a difficult situation.

An African-American singer, a gospel queen, was in the audience.Maheria Jacksonto the other.

At the funeral of the Reverend King, she devoted her condolences to the singing of her singing.

I liked the music appreciation.

The Reverend King, who was before the birth,Ben Branchand a friend of a musician named him.

Martin Luther King was assassinated39He died at the age of his age, but his last words were meant for Ben.

It seemed that he wanted Ben to play at his funeral.

the Rev. King, who will continue to give love and courage.

As he said, Reverend King was a man who, in order to realize justice, did not like silence or stop, and he was a man who had always been able to move forward with a forward position.

Unfortunately, even after the death of Martin Luther King, some people are discriminated against, and some are hurt by the unfair treatment of this star.

But if there are no zeal actions of Martin Luther King's life, it is more likely that the earth will be worse in the face of discrimination than it is now.

I continue to give the courage and dream of living across the world beyond the color of my skin, beyond the order of the Rev. King.

For the realization of justice, or in order to make life as positive and brighter, we recommend that you take the strong maxistment of the Reverend King to the right of the right.

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