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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Mother Teresa's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] What is happiness in love and faith?

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Mother TeresaMother Teresa) Is world famousCatholic churchNun, "Missionaries of CharityShe is the founder of the religious order.

"Mother" is the honorific title for her leading nun, and "Teresa" is the nun name after her beloved Therese of Lisieux.

Mother Teresa was originally a teacher who worked as a teacher.She started her activities in a single slumShe was so impressed and influenced by many people.

CalcuttaTeresa's activities for the poor, which began in, are still being spread around the world by nuns without Mother Teresa.

She has won many awards such as her Nobel Peace Prize, and has left many quotes in her lifetime. Tracing Mother Teresa's upbringing, she tells us about her gems.

Mother Teresa's life as the background of her quote

  Mother Teresa was born in 1910. Ottoman EmpireFrom her origin, her real name is Agnesa Gonja Boyaju.

In her honorific title to her leading nun, people called her a mother. Her parents were rare Catholics in their hometown, and her father in particular was a well-known local celebrity. She also had an older sister who was six years older and an older brother who was three years older.

Her family was wealthy, but her parents seemed to be religious and actively giving to the poor.

・ ・ Her career as a nun begins

She is 18 years old Mother Teresa leaves her hometown to join the Loreto Nun in Ireland. She received a basic education here and she went to Darjeeling, India in 1931 as a trainee.

And she is sent to India as a nun at her own consciousness when she is 21 years old. At the age of 21, she became a teacher of geography and history in what is now Kolkata, then known as Calcutta.

Her lessons were full of humor and seemed to be popular with her students. And at this time, her monastic name is Teresa. She went to India for her original17For years she worked on her education as a teacher at St. Mary's Girls' Academy in Calcutta.

・ ・ Receive a message from God

Her career, when she was appointed principal of St. Mary's High School at the young age of 34, can be truly spectacular.

But that's not all, she receives a divine announcement when she is 36 years old. She tells me to work for the poorest.

Her divine announcement will make a big difference in her life afterwards. She retires from her teaching life under the guidance of God, and she begins her service alone in the slums for the poor.

India at that timeGandhiof"Nonviolence / disobedienceAs a result of her activities, she gained independence from England and became free. However, within India, there was constant conflict between religions.➡[Gandhi's Quotations / Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] The spirit of love that shines behind nonviolence! | Good luck 100 times .net

It was the same country due to religious issuesIndia and Pakistan splitThen, a dispute broke out over the territory. In a dire situation with millions of deaths, the lives of poverty-stricken slums did not improve immediately after independence.

Mother Teresa, who began her life in the slums to be guided by her destiny, has left a number of quotes since this time.

She offers free lessons for poor children who can't go to school, and her students are volunteered from St. Mary's Academy.

It wasn't long before she became known as Mother Teresa. At the age of 42, with the help of the Government of India, she took over an abandoned temple and opened a hospice called the House of People Waiting for Death.

Received the Nobel Peace Prize for her activities all over the world

Her activities have been recognized throughout India and she has won various awards.

Her Mother Teresa Her activities, which began with her "alone", have spread around the world over half a century and have influenced many of her lives.

1979She won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 69.

Nobel Prize award ceremony in Oslo, NorwayEven so, Mother Teresa, who appeared in the same white sari and sandals as usual, awarded her the Nobel Peace Prize as "a representative of the poor, who I deserve." She has her quote at this award ceremony.

She said, "I'm not giving to the poor, but the poor are giving me."

Mother Teresa70Since she was over, she has been ill, has heart disease, and has had surgery to install a pacemaker.

Even after she got sick, she continued to serve her energetically for the poor until her death, and she was 87 years old and she slept for a long time.

Mother Teresa Quotations (English & Japanese)

 Mother Teresa's wise saying is characterized by being easy for anyone to understand without using difficult words. That is why it has the power to reach people all over the world and push people.

Mother Teresa Quotations 1 English / Japanese What is life?...

English ・ Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.

Japanese and life are opportunities. Please benefit from it. Life is a dream. Make it happen.
Life is a challenge. Please grant it. Life is a duty. Please complete it.
Life is a game. Enjoy it

English ・ Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Japanese and life are promises. Please do it. Life is sadness. Get over it.
Life is a song. Please sing it. Life is hard. Please accept it.
Life is a tragedy. Please comfort it.

English ・ Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.

Japanese / life is an adventure. Please take the plunge. Life is luck. Please make it.
Life is too precious. Don't break it. Life is to live. Please fight. "

Mother Teresa's simple saying "What is life?" Her quote gives her the power to gently push her back.

It teaches us that the real thrill of life is to grow big by overcoming your own small worries and barriers, and to overcome them while suffering. It's a quote from Mother Teresa that I want to remember when I'm about to lose.

Mother Teresa Quotations 2 English / Japanese Powerful words

English ・ Life is one of chance, grab something from life.

Japanese ・ Life is an opportunity, grab something from life.

Mother Teresa longed for her nun at her own will, fulfilling her dreams and continuing her service to the poor. In order not to waste her life, she always saw life as an opportunity and tried to seize something.

It teaches us the meaning of trying what is in front of us, rather than simply sticking to the consequences of success or failure. God gives us strong advice that we don't just want success, we want to challenge, we also want to feed our soul from failure.

Mother Teresa Quotations 3 English / Japanese Words of Courage

English ・ You should not be waiting for people to lead me.
You are going to lead the people.

Do not wait for someone to guide you in Japanese. You guide people.

When Mother Teresa was a teacher in Calcutta, one day she received divine revelation and she began to work for the poor.

She was alone at first, and started with a blue sky classroom for children in a slum without a school. Her activities in the slums gradually came to the ears of her ex-students, and her circle of volunteers expanded.

Now that it's on a global scale, there will be no followers of her will. Mother Teresa acted on her own and changed the consciousness of the people around her.

Great men always overcome loneliness and pave the way for themselves, never waiting for someone to guide them. I think that heavenly help comes in as we always move forward with our own consciousness and guide people.

Mother Teresa Quotations 4 English / Japanese Meaning of Living

English ・ I left yesterday. It is not yet come tomorrow.
But to us, only there is today. Come on, let ’s get started.

Japanese ・ I left yesterday. Tomorrow hasn't come yet. We just have today. Let's begin.

Mother Teresa would have had many challenges in her service to the poor. Those who can save and those who cannot...But even if she had a hard time, she would have felt that she had no time to suffer from it. She never forgets her attitude of always facing her and confronting her.

She always teaches us the importance of living in the present. Sometimes it's hard and over time you'll understand what it means. That's why it's important to live as hard as you can now.

Mother Teresa Quotations 5 English / Japanese What is Fate?

English ・ Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words.
Be careful of your words, for your words become your deeds.
Watch out for Japanese and thinking, because it will become a word someday. Watch out for the words, because it will be an action someday.

English ・ Be careful of your deeds, for your deeds become your habits.
Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.

Be careful with your Japanese and behavior, as it will become a habit someday.
Watch out for habits, because one day it will become a personality.
Watch out for your personality, because it will be destined someday.

Among the quotes of Mother Teresa, it is a word that remains in the hearts of many people. Easy-to-understand lessons, such as those taught to children, are also words that pierce everyone.

Also, if you turn it over, tell us that human beings have the power to change even their destiny by consciously accumulating simple ideas with points without thinking about complicated things. I will. In fact, the continuation of casual daily deeds and efforts to speak and act will determine a person's life and destiny.

Mother Teresa's Quotations 6 About Japanese Will

"People are irrational, illogical, and selfish. Love people without worrying. When you do good, you will be told that you did it for selfish purposes.

Do good without worrying about it. When you try to reach your goal, you will meet someone who gets in the way. Do it without worrying about it. Even if you do good deeds, they will probably be forgotten the next day.

Keep doing good without worrying about it. Your honesty and honesty will hurt you. Don't be honest and honest without worrying about it. You will be treated ungratefully by the person you helped.

Keep helping without worrying about it. Keep giving the best of you to the world. Don't worry, keep giving the best. "

Mother Teresa's life does not turn away from one's absurdity, illogicality, or selfish feelings.

I just do my best to do what I can do now. Don't expect good results, always be honest and unaffected by someone else's words.

However, as the saying goes, it is not easy to do what you believe to be right, without worrying about doing good things or being accused of being "selfish" or "hypocrite." Even if it can be done temporarily, it will be necessary to overcome many conflicts to continue for a lifetime.

So how can you accept her words? That is the power of faith. Isn't there the power to believe in the god of love and the power to believe in it?

Mother Teresa Quotations 7 English / Japanese Love

English ・ Rather than a piece of bread, a lot of people I love, hungry for a small smile.

Many people are hungry for love and a small smile, not just a piece of bread in Japanese.

Mother Teresa says she is most unhappy that she is lonely and unsolicited. Even if she thinks only about herself and realizes her dream without thinking about the feelings around her, she feels lonely when there is no one who can share her joy or who is pleased.

The feeling of loneliness cannot be filled with money, no matter how financially rich. People may feel lonely that they are not needed by anyone, or that they want to be loved by someone but not loved. Many are hungry for love and a small smile.

That's why Mother Teresa would have always turned her smile on her face. Mother Teresa explains that what is lacking in this world is love and gratitude, and the expression that expresses that meaning is a smile and a smile directed at someone.

Mother Teresa Quotations 8 English / Japanese Love of Forgiveness

English ・ People are often unreasonable and self-centered. But forgive them anyway.

Japanese and people are often irrational, illogical, and selfish. Still forgive me.

Forgiveness is a great practice of love. It is a wise saying that makes you feel the kindness and great love that wraps around, forgiving people who are not perfect and who make sin.

Mother Teresa Quotations 9 English / Japanese Virtue of Honesty

English ・ If you are honest, people may cheat you.Be honest anyway.

If you are Japanese, honest and sincere, people may fool you. Still be honest and honest.

Living with the motto of honesty and honesty is a way to win your life, even if it seems to be a disadvantage, you will end up receiving the trust and help of many people. Also, being honest and sincere can truly love people. Furthermore, it is a very important virtue that leads to the improvement of the world.

Mother Teresa Quotations 10 English / Japanese Hunger for love

English ・ There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

Japanese ・ In this world, hunger for love and gratitude is greater than hunger for food.

There is a great lack of love and gratitude for someone in the world. To put it the other way around, love and gratitude are the sacred powers that make the world a utopia.

Mother Teresa Quotations 11 English / Japanese Peace

English ・ Peace begins with a smile.

Japanese and peace begin with a smile.

A smile is the basis of the practice of love. A smile has power (aura). It affects you and your surroundings and spreads throughout the world.

Mother Teresa Quotations 12 English / Japanese Seeing the Sun

English ・ Look at the sun. Then the shadows disappear.
Look at the Japanese and the sun. Then the shadow will disappear.

By paying attention to the truth that always shines, you will not hesitate.

Mother Teresa Quotations 13 English / Japanese Value of Words

English Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Japanese ・ Easy words are short and may be easy to say. But the sound is truly eternal.

Gentle and compassionate words and words that encourage people are the light of love itself. Even casual and gentle words can have a long impact on a person's life.

Mother Teresa Quotations 14 English / Japanese Award-winning words

English ・ How many breads can I buy with this money?

Japanese ・ How many breads can I buy with this money?

This word comes from Mother Teresa's Nobel Peace Prize.

Mother Teresa Quotations 15 Japanese Reflection and Love

The whole world will be clean if each of us just cleans the front of our door.

If each of us cleans our hearts every day, takes conscious actions, and becomes a person who practices love, it will be a light that will change the world.

Mother Teresa Quotations 16 English / Japanese Smile Benefits

English ・ Let's always meet each other with a smile. A smile is the beginning of love.

Japanese ・ Let's always meet each other with a smile. A smile is the beginning of love.

A smile is called "face treatment" in Buddhism. Giving a smile is the beginning of love.

Mother Teresa's Quotations 17 English / Japanese The opposite of love

English ・ Opposition to love is indifference, not hate.

The opposite of Japanese and love is not hatred but indifference.

Love is an interest in people and a manifestation of the feeling of being "good for others." Being treated indifferently and ignored by others is the most painful thing for everyone.

Mother Teresa Quotations 18 English / Japanese Words and Love

English Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

There are some heartfelt words in Japanese, even if they are short and easy to say. Such words will continue to shine in my heart forever.

The light of love shines in the heartfelt words. Even if it is short and easy to say, for example, even if it is the same word such as "I love you", the influence and brilliance in the other person's heart will change depending on how you put your heart (love). I will go.

Mother Teresa Quotations 19 English / Japanese With great love

English·We can do no great things, only small things with great love.

Japanese ・ We cannot be big. Just do small things with great love.

Small things will be more familiar and practical. The accumulation of small salvation and practice with great love will eventually become a great river of love.

Mother Teresa Quotations 20 English / Japanese The Power of Love and the World

English ・ It shoud not be gun or bullet but love who is allowed to dominate the world.

Japanese ・ Guns and shells should not dominate the world. It is love that can rule the world.

It is a saying that strongly emphasizes the truth that it is the power of love that makes the world peaceful.

Mother Teresa's famous episode

Here are some of the most famous episodes about Mother Teresa that have led many people.

You may find out more about what she was like.

・ ・ Decline the prize

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, she declined her prize of $ 192,000, which was to be used for the poor in Calcutta.

The saying, how many breads can you buy with this money, is at this time.

Perhaps she prioritized those who were truly hungry, rather than her own honor and interests.

・ ・ Decline until the dinner party

A banquet was scheduled to be held after the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.

Knowing that, she asked her to spend the money for her supper for the people of Calcutta.

This episode may also be featured in combination with her declined bounty mentioned above.

・ ・ Being merciful since I was a child

Mother Teresa seems to have hardly remembered her childhood.

She is said to have been wise since she was a child and she wanted to work as a nun in India when she was 12 years old.

In fact, she will make a name for her history as a Catholic nun and as a saint.

Did she know how to make money?

At one point Mother Teresa was from the PopeLincoln ContinentalReceive donations from.

Lincoln Continental is a passenger car manufactured by an American car manufacturer.

But she didn't use the car, of course, and she didn't sell it again.

She held a lottery and she managed to get Lincoln Continental as a first-class prize to fund her activities many times the price of a luxury car.

The light of her love for Mother Teresa continues to shine!

Her name for Mother Teresa, who left her numerous quotes and had a great influence on her younger nuns, is now well known around the world.

Even if you don't know the details, she heard about her name in the media and books, and the fact that there was a saint of her love called Mother Teresa, the very existence itself encouraged many people. Will continue to be.

Also, her Mother Teresa quote is simple enough for anyone to understand.

Simple, but with the light of her soul salvation, her message will never be forgotten and will empower many with her love and courage.

Indians seem to have lamented her death as a national loss. However, Mother Teresa's light is still shining brightly.

For those who suffer from poverty, and for those who are poor in heart, the source of someone's devoted and loving activities will be the light of the great Mother Teresa's love. ..