[Knightingale Mandiffs (English & Japanese)] Touch the beauty of love and devotion to God

FlorenceNightingaleIs a nurse in the United Kingdom,Modern nursing educationAngel of the world famous for the mother ofCrimea Angel)is.

In addition to serving as a person of soldiers in the battlefield, as a person who reformed the medical system at that time, it has been very famous in Japan, and has attracted many people's respect as well as nurses and medical personnel.

This time, about her Knightinghaire, I will introduce her praise, quotes, and more symbolic episodes, based on her life. 

Florence Knightingale Speaking and Mandiffs

Knightingale Quotations 1 Public purpose

⭐ Your Purpose High.

⭐ You will be retrecuring unless you continue to advance. Stop the purpose.

By raising an ideal goal, the continuation of the effort towards its goal begins.

You need "Way" to raise the goal high.

Nightingale quotation➁Important

⭐When Something More Important Than The Life Becomes a Lot, Man and Worry BeCome a Lot.

⭐ If more important things are more important than their own life, humans and your hard work will increase.

If you get a status, honor, property, etc. and live for something that is not really important, we will produce a number of people hard work.

It may cause the onset of the disease without being mentally or well.

Nightingale Quotations 3 The importance of the site

⭐Whatever You Do Do, You Can Only Learn in the Field.

⭐ case to any work, it is only in the field will be able to actually learn.

People can not help people without truly learn in the desk's scope.

You can "learn" in a really sense, as you see and experience experience in the field. It is a resembling word in the middle of a few sights.

Knightingale Quotes 4 organizations

⭐There is Nothing Against Which I Held Out by The Organization WHICH HAS NO PROGRESS.

There is nothing to be lifted in an organization without advancing.

Progress is to "change" in a good direction.

It is a word that does not have a change that can not be brought about to modern business administration such as a dracker.

Nightingale quotes 5 for fear

⭐how Very Little CAN BE DONE Under The Spirit of Fear.

A heart that has a fear of fears can only be small and small.

I can not demonstrate my power while holding a fear, I can not leave a big result.

What to break the fear is "love and courage". You will be able to do a big job by challenging with courage.

Knightingale Quotations 6 Strong Determination

⭐ This year30I am old. Christ is the age of evangelism. It is no longer a child like a child. Waste, love, marriage too. (Nightingale)

Of course, Knightingale knows that love and marriage are not wasteful.

However, she makes her "mission" that she must do himself, she makes nothing and she comes to "standing for a karate".

Nightingale Quotes 7 Women's independence

⭐Be Independent, Woman. Stand on Your Own Feet.

⭐ Women independence. Stand with your feet.

It is a very courage to preach the importance of having an independent mind for the women at that time.

Nightingale Quotes 8 1st Conditions of Hospital

⭐The Very First Requirement in A Hospital Is That IT SHOULD DO THE SICK NO HARM.

The first condition of the hospital is that the patient is not harmful.

"Does the hospital's structure may be harmful to the patient", the eyes of the things correctly the truth of things are correctly seen as a general common sense, and the starting point of the activities and transformation movement of the Nightingale I was.

Nightingale Quotations 9 Economic Thinking

⭐ I Also Depend On Spirit of Member's Service, But That's Also Powerless Without Economic AID.

⭐ but also rely on the spirit of service of members, it is also powerless without economic assistance.

One of the greatness of the Nightingale is where there is both deep love thinking as her nurse and both the viewpoint of this world's management.

She understands that she also understands the importance of money and management, and to realize ideals, it is also important to realistically look ahead.

Knightingale Quoting 10 Animation of Behavior

⭐ i Themselves in Words Waste THEMSELVES IN WORDS; They Ought All to Be Distilled Into Actions Which Bring Results.

I think that the thoughts of the people are wasted by changing to words. They should all change to the action that produces the results.

(Reference Emotional) ⭐ If there is no clear behavior there, I think that it is difficult to communicate fully. (Nightingale)

Of course, the word itself is not bad. That is not only the mouth but also the words of the truth.

If you think that you have put in mind, you should always act. If the thought is pure, you should act with courage and get out of results.

Nightingale quote 11 Angel

⭐ An Angel Is The Person Who Fights for the Person Who Anguishes, Not The Person WHO Scatters a Beautiful Flower.

⭐⭐ Angel is not a person who spillages beautiful flowers, but a person who fights for a distressed person.

Angels do not spread the flowers as if they decorate only the wolves or as if they exist only in a pleasant world.

The real kindness and beauty of the angel are suffering and giving love.

Such love is a real sense of the act of making beautiful flowers.

Knightingale Quoting 12 How to Capture Chance

⭐ i Never Lose An Opportunity of Urging A Practical Beginning, However Small, for Its Is Wonderful How to OFTEN in Suchters The Mustard-Seed Germinates and Roots Itself.

I do not miss the chance to start things. Even if it is a small beginning, like Mustard's seeds, it is sometimes sprouted and rooted.

"Good luck (chance) goddess only has only her bangs," even if a chance comes, it is superhumeful to be indecisive, and that opportunity is passed.

However, as a premise for changing the opportunity, it can catch the chance as a chance, or it is a match.

To that end, it is important to always be a sensor with a goal or ideal that accomplish something important.

Knightingale Quotes 13 Leaders

Those who elect the people do not only look at trivial surfaces and do not only do their best.

The leader needs a force to distinguish the magnitude (trunk and branch) for each one. And he should not be too captured by that branch leaves.

Also, just disliking yourself, you should not use people and don't use people. This is a master of management that also communicates in the present age.

Knightingale quotes and life as a background

Then, let's look more about what kind of people live and what kind of person.

Childhood of Nightingale

Nightingale parents were British nobles.

His parents3On the way to honeymoon that span the year, italyFlorenceBorn in.

The full name of Nightinghaire is Florence Nightingale, but Florence is said to be derived from Florence.

He was a child who has decided to have decided from a young age, and he can see the strength of Nightingale's intention and the strength of independence from his childhood.

Road to the ringing and nurses from God

Nightingale16When he is an age, he hears a signature that he is useful for God. This is a spiritual calling from God.

And24He decides that he will be a nurse to save people who are suffering from the age of time, and to save people.

Since then he desperately studied nursing and medical studies and enrolled to German schools and started his full-fledged study.

He will eventually go back to the United Kingdom and grow to a wonderful nurse while helping hospitals.

Active in Crimea War

1854Year,Crimea WarWhen I broke out, Knightingale will nursing soldiers at the battlefield.

While she is not recognized by a woman, Nightinghaire will desperately nursing and eventually she will be recognized.

He will be called the battlefield angel from the soldiers, and the image of the Nightingale will be shaped at this time.

Nightingale's late year

Nightingale40He becomes difficult to nursing his body from about age to his body and nursing at the site.

As a result, he published a book or established a nursing school and is active in the world of nursing in different ways.

His teaching has had a major impact on the world.

He is also excellent in statistics etc.1910Year8He continued to dedicate his life to nursing until his died in his month.

Nightingale famous episode

Among the Nightingale episodes, we will introduce something famous and impressive.

She was familiar with nursing but also various things

Her Nightinghaire received various educations of her nobles' parents.

Therefore, not only the knowledge of her nursing, but also the talent, such as statistics, mathematics, philosophy, and other fields.

She manipulated words and multiple languages, and she was a good woman who said that she was a so-called genius.

However, I think that her talent has made her good woman who had a good woman, and that her intention strength and her intention of her will grow her.

She refuses her marriage to become a nurse

She has a Knightingale to a German school, and she is proposed to men who are a British parliament.

She is she refers to a proposal to fulfill her dream that she will be a nurse.

If she got married, she would have been a stable and happy life, but she was an important thing to be a nurse for Knightinghaire.

She preached the importance of the hygiene environment

When she was nursing in the Crimea War, she thought that she caused an infectious disease such as an infection.

She is there and she aims to be how important the hygiene environment in medicine and aims to reform hygiene in the battlefield and medical site.

Her Nightingeal's efforts to change the hygiene environment greatly changed, and the injured soldiers and patient states have become better.

She actually has one side of her popular writer

Her later Nightingale has published a book on her nursing.

Nursing noteThis book of the title was a big hit worldwide as well as UK.

She is a reputation that she aims to be a nurse as well as the housewife who protects the home, and many women are reading and learning this book.

Nightingale that continued to explain her nursing ideal

She left a variety of achievements such as nursing in the Crimea War as her nurse, and the establishment of the nursing school, and medical reform.

She should have been a very difficult thing to leave such a result at her at the time of her at her at home, but I got over with her own talent and effort.

NightingaleBirthday ofInternational nurse's dayIt is said that it is still negotiated as the existence that symbolizes nurses.

The word of her white coat is also derived from Nightingale. The ideal of her now is that you can say her greatest achievement of Nightinghaire.

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