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 Ryoma SakamotoLeaded from the Edo Shogunate to a new eraJapaneseNew MeijiIt is an important person. There are many dragon horse fans in modern times.

Sakamoto Ryoma, who had a flexible response, since it had a point of view different from other people. This time, we will introduce the quotes from the life of Sakamoto Ryoma.

At the end of the EdoShihida of Meiji RestorationThe quotes of Ryoma, who played an active part, gives us "courage" to defeat the present situation.

In addition, when you are troubled with life, you will need to reach "warm and powerful mental support" when you want to raise motivation.

It would be nice if you could find hints for your life change through Sakamoto Ryoma's quotes and alive.

Life of Sakamoto Ryoma, who left a number of quotations

Ryoma Sakamoto will walk from the lives in order to know how the life of Ryoma's quotation walks?


Sakamoto Ryoma1835Year11Month15Day,He was born in Kochi Prefecture.His father is a warrior while the lower class and was born in a good family.

It is also about theory that the childhood Ryoma was a naughty, and the school was passing through, and the current school has been quit to his father.

His sisterMaidenIt is very scared than his childhood. He died about 12 years old and his mother dies and from 14 years old to Dojo and encourages swordsmanship.

He seemed to have talented and talented, and at the age of 19 he also went to Edo for a sword training. He seemed to be a person who worked forward and worked forward without giving up.

・・Black shipAfter that of

When a black boat comes to Japan, Ryoma will remain unless Japan will win the world. 27The age of Sakamoto, who became old, will join the Tosa Gold Party.

HoweverIn response to the teaching that something that has no aspirations can come up,RelayTo do.

He is to get out of the clause without approval. In terms of easy understanding, he is a crime that is the same as leaving abroad without a passport.

He had a strong intention that he wanted to change Japan even if it was only.

He aimed at Edo again without having the bill of Saba. Here he plays a disciple of Katsui.

SanityIntroduction to private schools, andNavySakamoto Ryoma, who worked on training, grown to one arm of Katsumi. He was 1864 as a messenger of KatsuiRising SaigoAlso, I am meeting.

Ryoma will do various activities to change Japan while walking throughout Japan. TypicalOceanIt will be.

In 1865, he launched a trading company called "Kamezan Sanchu", which is the first Japan in Nagasaki.

It was realized using the organization in this Kameyama companySatsuma Alliance. Sakamoto RyomaSatsuma and ChoshuI took a close relationship.

At that time, Satsuma Satsuki and Choshu clan were a dog monkey. By holding a relationship, a more robust relationship to the Edo Shogunate is built.

As a captain of the sea support, Satsuma and Choshu 's alliance, or suppressing the undercource of Choshu clan, and has a major impact on the subsequent Japan.

Fushimi TeradaWhen I stayed, Sakamoto Ryoma was attacked by the official of the Fushimi Sakai, and I had a hand of the wound, my wife's wifeDragonis.

Two people made a newlywholium traveling in Japan. This is also the medical treatment of Sakamoto Ryoma.

This is not the performance of Sakamoto Ryoma. He is Sakamoto Ryoma, who considered the development of Takeshima in Hokkaido and Shimane Prefecture. Sakamoto Ryoma was a person with a long time in Japan and the economy.

"Kamezan-Sanchu" launched in Nagasaki is a change in names with "Seacon". As the captain, Sakamoto Ryoma has been appointed.

And Ryoma thinks about eight measures, called the so-called ship eight measures. thisEight measuresThe Edo Shogunate will eventually be an abuse castle.

Grand courseIt can be said that it is Sakamoto Ryoma that supported from the back.

· · Just dead

It is Ryoma that has moved for the future of Japan, but November 15, 1867, finally in KyotoOmi shopIt will be assassinated in the place.

At this time, Ryoma has just been 33 years old, and speaking in the sense he is too young to die.

The assassination does not know more about the details, and in a form of one kind of mystery, various theories are also proposed.

It was a short lifetime, but if there was no Ryoma Sakamoto, there may be no Japan now. It was only an important thing at the end of the Bakumatsu.

Sakamoto Ryoma's famous attraction①~⑱

 Sakamoto Ryoma is one of the person who built the foundation from the Edo Shogunate to modernization. Of course, there are many quotes that we are stuck in our heart as well as quotes that the situation of that time is.

He is very famous when he enters Seibo Takamori.  

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quotations 1

I will look at Saigo for the first time. It does not go as a person, as a dick. Just as a big bell. If you hit a small, it sounds smaller. If you hit a big hit, you will hear it greatly.

This is a word that Sakamoto Ryoma conformed to the Katsumi Shinka after interviewing Saigo.

Sakamoto Ryoma is a person who does not know well when he was meeting as a supple of Saigo. It is a word that is very complimented while I do not know well.

Katsumi, who heard this, "Sakamoto Ryoma has the power to identify."

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quotations➁

⭐ Japan once again, wash and the same

It is the word written on the letter sent to his daughter sister "Maiden". A word that has decided to remove the original Japan. The example of "washing" is used in the sense that the Edo Shogunate pus flows beautifully.

Sakamoto Ryoma was a person who was universal people who are interested in foreign countries. Therefore, he criticized the closed Japan. He also answered the officials who prioritize his desire to his own greed, and in this case, Japan remembered a sense of crisis when Japan declined.

A strong determination will come back to create a new Japan.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quoting 3

⭐ ⭐ ち 思 思 して して して ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ どう ⭐ が ⭐ が ⭐ ⭐ がIf you sleep, it's really confident

Ryotaro by ShibaIt is a quotation that is written in "Ryoma."

Are you tired of work and study every day? If fatigue is fit, every thinking ability will be reduced. I can not think about the wonderful thing that should be originally worthy of tiredness.

There is an important point of sleep. I'm making spiritual energy replenishment during good sleep. Sakamoto Ryoma was expressing as "natural and" so he was able to play his soul in the heaven world while being sleeping, and had a hot energy sufficiently.

It is also different from sleep, but it is said that the stress management is doing stress management as well as a large success. It will be necessary to keep your sleep quality, and wear your own stress relief method, but you will need to do a big job.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quote 4

Because I was born as a person, I should have a big dream like the Pacific Ocean

This is also the word from Shiba Ryotaro "Ryoma Hot". Only people on earth, only humans have a dream and transfer it to run it.

Do you not have a big dream as Sakamoto Ryoma says? Now, even if the dream is shining for people for people for the Tenka state, the cooperation of other people will come out, and the dream moves in the direction to fulfill the dream Thank you.

Let's bring a big dream that shakes the mind of people. Believe in various possibilities and challenge.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quoting 5

⭐ ⭐ 志 志 志 志 志 ず し 日 日 大 大 ⭐ 実 実 大 実 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

There are things that communicate with the quote earlier, but I say that I'm sending everyday life.

So how can I do it?

That means that there is a dream, ideal or romance. Let's think about the high ideal that leads to more happiness.

Life is finite. If you spend everyday life, your life to regret it will be unwanted.

While having a great dream and a high aspiration, confidence will be created by making efforts to accomplish a small goal. It connects to the realization of a big goal and dream.  

Sakamoto Ryoma's quotation 6

⭐ 変 変 変 変 変 変 自分

Depending on the time and circumstances, we are preaching flexible response.

There are many people who are confusing in a busy daily environment. It is important to have a flexible mind from a daily basis for such a case.

Then, it is possible to cure it to be calm for problems that can occur in the future. To feed flexible minds, we need a wide range of knowledge and experience, and true confidence to itself.  

Sakamoto Ryoma's quote 7

⭐ I will not argue, no matter how to live in the discussion, the way of life is not changed

In society, arguments are not necessarily unnecessary. What Sakamoto Ryoma wants to say is that "the way of life is no longer changing even if it is done unilaterally by discussion."

Sakamoto Ryoma wins the discussion of saying, "I'm going to use the overhead technique or intimacy, and I just do the other party." Or, "Even if you are correct, the waves of the words incised there will stick the other party".

It is different from such discussion and "persuasion". If you persuasion, you can convince the other party from your heart.

If you put your opponent one-way in the discussion, you will remain in the opponent's mind. As a result, the other party's concept and how to live can not be changed from the root.

Sakamoto Ryoma was a place where people's opinions were quite awakened, and they thought that they thought "good" and thought "good". Therefore, he had no definition of "one-way discussion to discuss".

Any person accepts and gradually depreciate. That is one of the popular secrets of Ryoma.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quote 8

If you don't want money, it will look at the person's bowl. If you have a great business that will be surprised to the public people, you will get money and gather with nature

Sakamoto Ryoma has a big aspiration and increases the performance. Money also gathered with nature. Even if it jumps only to the income of your eyes, people will also leave the money if it does not accompanate humanity.

Before that, it is to build an effort to create a great dream, polish yourself, and create a good performance that can be left later.

Especially the rich of the tricks is a sharp feeling of people's spirit. Feel a big romance in the back, and Daikoku Heaven is sensitive.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quotations 9

If you persuade the other party, don't use intense words. After all, things can not be fulfilled just by being hazy.

Trusting words alone can not win, and things are not good enough to be hazy.

Sakamoto Ryoma well knows that they were familiar with human mind.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quoting 10

If you're a thing, you have to store Tomi and Yu and Hitoshi.

"Si, Nito, Yu" is the condition of the leader in modernly. Tomo and deep knowledge, Hito is a heart of love, mercy, and courage to be brave.

Sakamoto Ryoma's quote 11

It's not a mistake in the world.

Even if it seems to have failed, you can take out lessons from there and make the following utilization.

The meaning of life is in the "learning of the soul". In that sense, it will be the secret to live a meaningful life that challenges and actively tries.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quotation 12

It is a true job that breaks the established concept of the world.

It is a established concept in the world, and generally "common sense" is not true, and there are many things that are not true.

Take a look at the blank paper once again, think about what true correct and make a new common sense.

Alternatively, it is also a politician's job.

For example, Lincoln's work that changed slavery was also a job to break the established concept.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quote 13

⭐ Human, I will open up the world by my favorite way.

Mr. Ryoma's favorite way is a way like the Shishi of Meiji Restoration, which has a fantasy, which has a fantasy "unbelievable" for the Tenno state, without considering only your own profit.

Once, I think that Sakamoto Ryoma thinks that Sakamoto Ryoma does not hopes quietly, and think about something about your real favorite road.

Sakamoto Ryoma's quotation 14

⭐ ⭐ 間 間 間 間 間 間 間 間 間 間 間.

Sakamoto Ryoma wasn't the time to be discouraged.

When it doesn't work, you will get lessons from there and think about the next hand, and you will open the way to success.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quotations 15

⭐ ⭐, I do not see it.

There are only a look at the interview. I'm saying the importance of seeing, but what is involved in the view is "Action power".

Act, look at your own eyes, feel with your own mind, think in mind and move again. Just thinking from a person and thinking of it, it is often shifted from the truth.

Sakamoto Ryoma's Quotes 16

Do not have a poison. If the other party will be a beggar or a beggar, I will receive a person who should be taught.

Sakamoto Ryoma was looking at people equally in a really sense. Rather, he loved each person's personality for each.

Regardless of the partner's position, it is a quote that symbolizes Ryoma that should be actively taught from the excellent part of the person.

Sakamoto Ryoma's quotation 17

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ べ
⭐ I will steadily build things one by one. Do not fit in reality.

Ideally, it will have "aspirations".
However, even if you have a high ideal, it will not just end in the fancy.

The high ideal is to realize, and the way of realization is steadily advanced. Bet your life and build hard hard work.

Even if you have an ideal, it is difficult in this world to "realize the ideal". Because, there is an element of "time" in there.

When you have a slope, "Patience with time with time" is a match.

Sakamoto Ryoma's quote 18

There is no way in the world of ⭐. There are one hundred and thousands of roads.

Holding a wide range of views, to make a big dream come true,Discard the stiff-solid idea.

It is important to fight with new ideas, considering various possibilities.

Also, when I'm stuck in my life, I think about this quote, and I think that what new road will be indicated if Ryoma Sakamoto is sitting in front of you.

Sakamoto Ryoma's famous episode

We will also introduce the episode of Ryoma Sakamoto. Ryoma has accomplished great things, but there are plenty of famous episodes.

・ My sister is the mother's substitute

Ryoma lost her mother early, and her older sister, Otome, raised Ryoma instead of her mother.

It seems to have been very Spartan, and it is said that it was a maiden who changed the character of Ryoma, who had been naughty and youngest until then.

Ryoma seems to have respected the maiden, and sends a lot of letters.

・ Was Katsu Kaishu initially an enemy?

Speaking of Ryoma Sakamoto and Katsu Kaishu, I think that the image of each other with the same ideals is strong.

However, at first, there is a theory that Ryoma Sakamoto went to see Katsu Kaishu to slash, that is, to assassinate him.

However, it was persuaded by Katsu Kaishu, and it resonated with the idea and it became an apprentice. This story is written in the book left by Katsu Kaishu, and it can be said that it is a real story.

It is an anecdote that is like Ryoma Sakamoto who listens to people's stories well and flexibly accepts opinions without prejudice.

・ I honeymooned for the first time in Japan

Ryoma had a wife named Ryoma. In fact, it is said that this trip with the dragon is the first honeymoon in Japan.

At that time, Ryoma was attacked by hostile forces at Teradaya and injured both hands. I went to Kagoshima because of that treatment, but it seems that I had a good time with the dragon.

This created the form of a honeymoon, and it still remains an event for newlyweds to travel.

It is a story like Ryoma of the wife's thought.

Ryoma who threw his life for the nation

Ryoma Sakamoto is active in the establishment of kaientai and negotiations between the Satsuma-cho alliance in order to make Japan a country that is second to the world.

It can be said that ryoma is the source of Japan today.

And I think that the reason why there are still many fans is that there are many parts that sympathize with Ryoma's "will" and "action" that care about his surroundings and throw his life for the nation.

In addition, the character of everyone treating and listening equally is attractive and affects many people.

Imitate the way of life like Ryoma, and fly even bigger humanly.

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