[Love quotes of Prince Saint Exupery and roses and foxes] Let's go on a journey of heart to find out what is important in French, English and Japanese !!

 SanteggiperiIs a world-famous French writer. In JapanThe prince of starsHe is very famous and well-known as a writer.

Everyone might have read the prince of the stars when he was a child.
Santeggiperi was a literati and an aviator at the same time, flying around the globe as a pilot and touched many cultures.

There is a very fine, unique world view, and it is San teiguperi that left many words. Not only works but also letters to family and friends can read the world view.

During the war, the enemy's army was a favorite reader of santeggiperi's work, and his influence that he had been so influential that he refused to fight against his troops was well above the times.

Santeggiperi leaves many words and sayings in parts other than work. This time, what is the message put in the name of the modern person? Based on the life and episodes of santeggiperi.

The history and achievements of santeggiperi, who left a large number of names

The name of santeggiperi is Antoine Jean Baptiste Marie Roger de Saint luxry, and is known as the name of Antoine de Saint Teng Perry in Japan.

He worked as a pilot in his career and always hoped to work on the front line without any danger. The life of santeggiperi was always combined with life and death.

First, let's look at the circumstances and achievements of santeggiperi.

Young teiguperi in early childhood

On June 29, 1900, Antoine de Saint temguperi was a member of FranceLyon nobilityBorn in home.

Surrounded by four siblings, Antoine has a happy childhood, but the sudden death of his father, 41 years old, has changed the relationship between Andre Marie Ruth Boise de foncolombe.

Among the five children, especially the mother who loved Antoine, grew into the education of her son to fill the hole of the heart opened by her husband's death. The education received from mother at that time had a great influence on the life of santeggiperi.

Santeggiperi as pilot

Santegjuperi as a literary person is famous in Japan, but he has a completely different life at the beginning.

When I was 21 years old, I joined the flying squad, got a flight license, and then worked for this flight squad for about two years.

However, a flight accident occurs, and the flying squadron becomes a discharge. After that, he started to work as a pilot for postal flight, and he became successful in the flight.

Two legs of writing activities

From this time, he began writing activities, and in 1926 he published his debut aviator and published a book titled the 1929 "South Carolina post".

As for writing, there were many works in the aviation field at first.

In 1931, "Night flightHe published a book called volde de nuit.Feminine AwardsHe won the award. Santeggiperi continues to write his experiences as an aviator.

As a writer, he has attracted much attention, but he does not resign and continues his activities with two feet of writer and pilot.

It can be said that it is a life like santeggiperi that neither dream is given up. After that, he continued the publication of Momoto, and in 1939, he won the Academy Award for the title of human land.

1935Sahara DesertIt was an owner of a rare life force and a strong fortune, for example, it was safe to come back to life safely. The experience at this time is taken into the later "Prince of the stars" (original Le Petit Prince).

Santega giperi, a member of the army flight regiment for military service, always works on the front line as a pilot for civilian aircraft, postal transport, trial flight and reconnaissance flights.

The famous star prince was published in 1943 during the Second World War.

The writing activity as a journalist is not tired and continues writing. Although he was exiled to the United States, he volunteered for the French Liberation Army for his love for his mother country, and in 1943 he joined the reconnaissance squadron and was also in charge of a reconnaissance mission at the convoy.

It may be a surprising fact that he was engaged in the war while publishing such a wonderful book.

Mysterious death

As a writer and a pilot, santega joperi, who lived a life full of sailing, in 1944, on the way to reconnaissance in rouszarp region in France, he stopped with the plane in the sky over the Mediterranean.

However, there is a reconnaissance machine later, and there is a remark of the soldier of the other country (it is introduced as an episode in the latter half), and it is called "mysterious death" as the mystery in the later world.

Perhaps, like the star prince, I went back to the stars of rose flowers somewhere in the universe.

It is generally said that this was the end of santeggiperi and left the world at the age of 44.

In France before the euro introduction, it was a portrait of 50 Franc banknotes in order to praise such a merit.

The airport of Lyon, formerly known as the Lyon satras airport, is located at the airport of Lyon Jupiter, a competent aviator, and is now known as "theLyon Saint teigperi International Airport.

Moreover, although it is not known in Japan, santeggiperi has knowledge as an inventor and a mathematician, and it has various achievements.

List of santeggiperi①~⑰

The text written by santeggiperi, who studied literature in Switzerland and received a lot of painting, has many expressions of the essence of the human being touching the heart's brains.

Let's introduce a lot of the sayings left by santeggiperi. The superhuman man-made view of the world that sticks to our modern mind is a chance to review our life.

Please note that Japanese may introduce a little different from the book and other sources published in Japan because of the translation.

The name of santeggiperi

⭐ On NE Voit bien Qu avec Le Coeur.
⭐ Things do not look well in mind. Nature is invisible.
⭐ It is only with the heart.

Reference★You must look at your heart and not see things well. You can't see what is wrong. )

It is not visible but certainly exists. It is often not worth seeing, such as love, courage, gentleness and compassion.

The essence of things is actually invisible.

Among the stars of the star, the fox is the serif who says to the prince in the farewell scene with the fox who became the first friend.

Let us repeat this word again and again, as the little prince repeated many times. Every word repeats the depth. A

Santeggiperi➁To make time for love

⭐ C 'EST Le Temps que Tu as perdu pour TA rose qui fait TA rose Si importante.

⭐ The rose is important to you only for your time for the rose.

The more you put your hands, the more time you take, the more important it is to you. Love grows to a beautiful flower over time.

A study of santeggiperi

⭐ Etre Homme, c'est PRC.

⭐ Being human is the responsibility. It is to feel that it is building the world when putting one stone.

⭐ Being a human is very committed.

In work and in study, "what is it really useful?" Let's recall this word.

Each pile of you contributes to building the world. Therefore, your conduct is responsible.

A favorite word used in a wedding speech

⭐ Aier, CE n'est PAS se origin der L'un L 'Autre, c'est economder impresdans La mconfme direction.

⭐ Love is not seeing, but seeing the same direction together.

⭐ Love does not happen in gazing at each other, but in look together in the same direction.

It is a beautiful saying that blessed the figure and the future of the lover. If you love not only lovers or spouse but also family, you will be asked to ask for yourself.

However, let's look at the same direction of the future like santeggiperi and live with hands together. It is good to turn your eyes outward and move forward towards the target.

A study of santeggiperi

⭐ Le possible enseignement n 'EST point de te Parler Mais de te conduire.

⭐ True teaching is not to tell you but to lead.

⭐ The real teaching is not to tell you, but to guide.

The guidance in the right direction can be said to have taught "the right thing" for the first time.
In addition, it is not only a one-sided conversation, but also showing the right way is the feeling of thinking from the heart. I would like to think well not to push, but to think about what will become for the other party.

The meaning of life and dream

⭐ FAAS de TA vie UN rretive, et d'un rschve, une Rita.

⭐ Dream your life and make your dream come true

⭐ Dream your life, make your dream a reality

What's your dream Can you answer immediately?

"Dream your life" is a wonderful word like Santa teigperi. If you make the dream itself into a dream and try to realize it, you will surely dream. My life is built by myself.

A study of santeggiperi

⭐ On n'est JAMAIS content.

⭐ I am always dissatisfied with where I am.

⭐ I'm always dislocating where I am.

The present house is dissatisfied, the family is dissatisfied, the spouse is dissatisfied, the work is dissatisfied, the boss is dissatisfied.

The next lawn looks blue. It is too late even if I realize that it was good for me for the first time.

Before you complain about it, look again at what you are blessed with in the present environment, and make sure to appreciate how blessed you are.


    ⭐ Le langage EST source de malentendus.

    ⭐ Language is the origin of misunderstanding.

      The word that should be useful for communication actually becomes a cause of misunderstanding. If you do not try to communicate politely from time to day, you may cause misleading.

      If the word is wonderful, it is the original of Utopia, and it becomes the origin of misunderstanding and collapse if it uses it badly.

      But how sad was human beings without "language"? The word itself is a wonderful invention of God.

      The point is, "control of the word" is important, and I want to do my best effort to become a good trainer.

      A study of santeggiperi

      ⭐ It's not something solution to life.

      ⭐ Life has no solution. There is only one power forward. The solution will come later.

      Even if it worries forever, things do not solve. It is the same as a bicycle, and it positively goes to the solution by acting in front of nature.


      ⭐ True love cycles where you don't want anything else.

      ⭐ Real love begins no longer wanting any return.

        ⭐ If you give yourself, you will receive more than you.

        ⭐ If you give yourself, you will receive more than you gave.

          In the relationship of human being, it tends to ask for return of love, but love begins, and sincere love begins.

          Love is not gib & take, gib & gib.

          As the true return of love, the light of God flows into the heart of God who gave love. When the light of God flows into the heart, you can feel "pure feelings, hot feelings" and taste true happiness.

          The "love of happiness" is the same as the universal religion of Buddhism and Christianity.

          The name of santeggiperi

          ⭐ Man is thought substantiality and isn't experienced happiness.

          ⭐ Man is asking for substantiality, and not seeking happiness.

            Happiness here means the meaning of happiness without content.

            Happiness in the real sense arises in a fulfilling day.

            It is born not only for oneself but also for the good every day.

            The idea of santeggiperi

            ⭐ An unplanned goal is just a wish.

            ⭐ An unplanned goal is nothing but a wish.

              An unplanned goal is nothing but a dream.

              Is there a "Shi" or "ideal" at that time? Let's check the will and process to "implement and implement".

              On the history of the earth

              ⭐ You don't belong to the earth from your ancestors

              ⭐ The earth is borrowed from the children not inherited from their ancestors.

                There is faith in God in the depths of this child of santeggiperi.

                Also, santega giperi and "Prince of the star" are alien? Because there is a place like that, there may be a message that "there are some who inherit culture from the aliens".

                The name of santeggiperi

                ⭐ Love is endless.

                ⭐ True love is infinite. The more you give, the bigger you become.

                The true love is infinite, and it is greater than giving it to the other.

                This bag bone will have faith in God of love that God is the existence of infinite love.

                The meaning of the future

                ⭐ As for the future, your task is not foresee it, but to enable it

                ⭐ The future is not what you want to know but what you can do for yourself.

                There is an idea that "the future can be created by oneself", which can change the fate of the future according to one's own efforts.


                ⭐ What qualia man is to take a step.

                ⭐ Salvation is to step by step. Now another step. And repeat this same step.

                Another step, with hot passion and courage, will open the way. Hot encouragement.


                ⭐ Let your dream eat your life.

                ⭐ Dream your life than dream your life.

                  Many people give up their childhood dreams, but never give up if they are beautiful dreams that make them useful.

                  It is the message of dedicating life to realize the beautiful dream.

                  Episodes symbolizing santega Perry

                  HereSan Jose de PerryI introduce some famous episodes.

                  Longing for the sky

                  Saint teigperi, who was born in a noble family in France, lived a wealthy life.

                  I loved nature from childhood, especially longing for the sky. I volunteered to join the flying squad and pilot.

                  It can be said that it has been active as a pilot in this flight squad for two years until it took the accident, and it took the accident, and fulfilled the dream young.

                  The longing for the sky seemed to be considerable, and I chose the pilot of the postal flight and the pilot's pilot after the removal.

                  The pilot at that time is now a dangerous job. But I feel that I love the sky very muchSun TEG PerryDid you choose the pilot pilot?

                  ・・Why do you wear two legged sandals?

                  So here, let's think why Santa logger was able to do both the work of the sky and the fairy tale writer.

                  There might be a hint to understand santega Perry.

                  "Sky work and fairy tale writer"It seems to be far away. But, for example, if you look at the word "Romance", you can see the common term. What is the word "mystique"?

                  Night flight as a pilot of San teggiperry leads to the mysterious universe beyond the sky.

                  There are many "mysterious" stories in the fairy tale such as "Prince of the stars". It seems that the mysticism has become the keyword that fascinated children and adults all over the world.

                  In addition, in the world of santeggiperi, in fact, as "the invisible" is emphasized, in fact, he might have experienced and experienced "encounter with the different world" and encounter with the UFO.

                  It appears in the expression "empty work and the fairy tale writer", but life of Santa tigerperi is a very mysterious life. 

                  - the result of which fans deprive him of his life?

                  Santeggiperi was said to have died away during the reconnaissance flight.

                  As mentioned above, he did not know the details, but in 2004 he found a reconnaissance machine that he was riding.

                  And in 2008, a German German pilot announced that he had shot down his plane.

                  The pilot was a fan of santeggiperi's work, and if it was true, it would be a sad and dramatic ending.

                  However, it is not possible to take care of the beautiful thing and the truth.

                  Thank you for the goodwill of love that gently supports gently when depressed!

                  Santeggiperi was active as an airplane pilot, while he also contributed to the writing of novels.

                  He also excelled in the famous star prince in Japan, and he had an outstanding career and a great talent as a writer. And, it is splendidly fulfilled in the form of pursuing two dreams and merging both.

                  Many of the powerful words that feel the strength of the gentleness and the will in our strength shake our hearts to live in the 21st century.

                  And the words of santeggiperi who leaned to each person's mind reminds us of what is really important, though we forgot. AndTell me what is true love and what human happiness is.

                  When we want support for life, think of turning, let us read the words of santeggiperi, the prince of stars, who preaches the truth of life, wrapped in the kindness of love.

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