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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Shakespeare's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] The gems of the four generations of tragedy, romance, and life theory

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Known as a playwright and poetShakespeareIs from modern EnglandRomeo and JulietI left a lot of wonderful works including.

He is a person called DanjuFour tragedyIt is known for many masterpieces such as.

Many of Shakespeare's works depict various human patterns and "pursue human well-being in a paradoxical way." For example, by drawing a tragedy, it is expressed that light will come out when the bottom of the soul is broken.

He also talks a lot about ghosts, and it can be said that he has a deep knowledge of spiritual fields. He may have been a psychic in a sense.

In addition, although Shakespeare had many works related to romance, he can learn the theory of romance that is familiar to modern society from his works and quotes.

At the same time, Shakespeare has coined new words, and has many linguistically wonderful masterpieces that have been loved around the world for centuries in various literary and artistic aspects.

This time, let's take a look at some of Shakespeare's quotes, which are masters of language and have left behind numerous dramas and poems, focusing on romance and life guidance.

Shakespeare's background as the backbone of wise sayings

Shakespeare16England of the centuryIn manyDrama, SonnetAnd so on.

20His four major tragedy in his yearly writer life"King rear"Hamlet」「Othello」「MacbethIn addition to that, he has written many masterpieces. What kind of person was Shakespeare, who left a saying in many of his works?  

・・He is born in a wealthy family

Shakespeare is reportedly born on April 26, 1564 and died on the same day as his birthday in 1614.

He was born to his father, a city council member, and a gentleman-class mother. Thanks to his father, who was a so-called civil servant, the family seemed to be wealthy, and Shakespeare allegedly respected his father very much.

His father eventually became the mayor and seems to have been a child of a pretty good family.

However, his father also lost his job due to trouble, and his life became more difficult than before. This painful experience seems to have influenced the tragedy that Shakespeare later created.

・ ・ Until you become a writer

Shakespeare, with its many mysteries, has no clear record of where he was educated. There are no records left and it is a mystery.

He knows that he is 18 and 26AnnMarried. He belonged to a troupe when he was in his twenties, and he seems to have been active as a playwright and actor there.

In any case, Shakespeare will become more and more popular by writing his work in this troupe and playing an active role as an actor. Around this time, he left behind a wide variety of works, not only tragedy but also comedy, and was demonstrating his talent in all fields.

And for a while he's been living locally, but he's going to the theaters in London. He was active not only as a playwright but also as an actor.

Theater was popular in Britain during the Elizabethan era at the time, and his play gradually became famous in London, eventually gaining a patronage and writing plays for the king.

・ ・ From success to his later years

Shakespeare, who had some success as a playwright,Globe seatWe will also establish a new theater called.

His creative activities did not decline in his later years, and it was during this time that he wrote the four major tragedies. By the way, the four major tragedies are Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, and King Leah.

According to one theory, he was thinking about retiring around this time, but it is true that he will write a masterpiece that will remain in his posterity.

He continues to live well, but Shakespeare is disappointed when the Globe Theater catches fire in 1613.His hometown Stratford Return to. And three years later he became ill and died at the age of 52.

He is said to have had an infectious disease, but the cause of his death is unknown, and it remains a mystery whether his illness was the cause or another. His deceased body was buried in the Holy Trinity Church in his hometown of Stratford.

A glimpse of the great genius Shakespeare's love quotes (English & Japanese) born in Britain

 Shakespeare's quotes, with great talent as a playwright, can be learned through his work.

Learn what he thought of people from the quotes in his work.

First of all, from the quote about his love.

"Romeo and Juliet", which depicts a passionate love affair for only one week, is a treasure trove of wise sayings. This work is full of passion and words of love.

Shakespeare's (romance) Quotations ① (English & Japanese) Deep love like the sea

English ・ I want to give you unlimited, deep love like the sea. The feeling of loving you I have is unbroken

I want to give you endless and deep love like Japanese and the sea. The feeling I have of loving you is uninterrupted

Many people often say that the ocean is wide, but the expression that it has a deep love that is not inferior to that of the ocean is16I'm also surprised that Shakespeare was already using it in the century.

Shakespeare also knew that love wouldn't work if he was too passionate. Something like this remains in his quote.

Shakespeare's (romance) quote➁ (English & Japanese) About the appearance of love

English ・ Love is like a shadow. The more you chase, the farther the shadow goes. Came, if you are running around without chasing, you will chase forever.

Japanese / love is like a shadow. The more you chase, the farther away the shadow will be. On the contrary, if you run away without chasing, you will chase forever.

I think you all have some experience. It's easy to chase after someone you like and get hated. There is also the opposite pattern.

In addition, I'm worried if the person I'm chasing doesn't come to see me. But let's recall this Shakespeare quote here.

Shakespeare's (romance) quote ③ (English & Japanese) About calculated love

English ・ Nothing is as low as a calculated love.

There is nothing more lowly than Japanese-calculated romance.

Even if you try to drop the opponent with all the calculations, it is visible and computational. It's not a love affair.

What Shakespeare calls "a state of love" is a situation in which one's mind is out of control.

Shakespeare's (love) quote ④ (English & Japanese) Love is ...

English ・ i miss, and no can have already made that a sigh by a tear.

Japanese and love are made up of sighs and tears.

It is a quote left in Shakespeare's comedy "Much Ado About Love". The psychological state of joy and melancholy is well expressed.

Shakespeare's (romance) quote ⑤ What is the beginning of love?

English ・ How love begins. It's like a cloudy April sky that suddenly becomes cloudy.

Japanese: How love begins is like the April sky, which suddenly becomes cloudy when you think it's shining.

In Britain, where Shakespeare was born, the weather changes so much that it is said that there are four seasons in a day.

In such a British sky, the metaphor of love reveals the popularity of Britain, who likes to talk about the weather, and I think it's a saying that love is a terrible thing.

Shakespeare also wrote about the fragile and unhelpful state of love.

Shakespeare's (romance) Quotations ⑥ (English & Japanese) Famous words for "love is ..."

English ・ Love is blind. That's why lovers tend to lose sight of what mistakes they have made.

Japanese and love are blind. So lovers tend to lose sight of what mistakes they have made.

The phrase "love is blind", which is often heard today, was a wise saying by Shakespeare. If you like it too much, you can see all the bad parts of the other party.

Shakespeare tells us that two people in love, even if they make a mistake, are completely unaware while they are drowning in the love.

By the way, Shakespeare seems to be negative about romance, but as long as you taste works such as Romeo and Juliet, you can't say that.

There are wonderful qualities in romance, such as the pure aspect of discovering and loving the other person's strengths, and the aspect of striving to become the person who is suitable for the other person and leading to improvement.

Shakespeare would have strongly wanted to discover true love through romance and human happiness by drawing various human patterns.

Shakespeare's life quotes (English & Japanese) that see through the essence of human beings

He has left a statement in love from various angles, and he has left a wit-like quote of life guidance that sees the essence of human beings other than love.

Shakespeare's Quotations ⑦ (English & Japanese) Words that express behavior

English ・ Taking action is eloquent.

It is eloquent to move to Japanese and action.

As the word "Kuchihaccho Tehaccho" means, a person who is just talking and cannot take any action is a person who is just running away.

The person who can take action in case of emergency even if he is silent is eloquent, and the action tells everything.

In any country, in any era, spoken or silent execution is better than silent execution.

Shakespeare preaches human morals, human stupidity, and shallowness through drama and poetry. The following quotes concretely show how we relate to others regardless of the times.

Shakespeare's Quotations ⑧ (English & Japanese) How to interact with others

English ・ Money is neither good to lend nor good to borrow, neither is good. Lending money not only loses money, but also loses friends. And when you can borrow money, you can't afford to be foolish.

Japanese and money are not good to lend or borrow, neither is good. Lending money not only loses money, but also friends. And when it comes to borrowing money, frugality can't be ridiculous.

I have time to think about "money" for a long time in my life. There is learning through money, and here the life prescription that is still valid today is talked about.

Shakespeare's Quotations ⑨ (English & Japanese) How to create a "face"

English ・ God gave me one face. Another face is something you make yourself.

Japanese, God to me1He gave me one face. Another face is something you make yourself.

In some cases, a beautiful woman or a handsome person is born to envy people. However, those who have such a face and act by thinking about evil in the later life will not only be disliked by others, but also the face itself will eventually have a suspicious atmosphere. There will also be the opposite pattern.

Shakespeare's wise saying tells us that a face other than the natural face, that is, what is born from the inside, changes the person's face, appearance and mood.

After all, having a good face and good looks depends more on how you feel than you are given.

Shakespeare's Quotations / Quotations (English & Japanese) ⑩-21

English Proud, for, the human biggest enemy.

Japanese and pride are humans' greatest enemies.

Pride is the biggest factor in ruining humans. The reason is that pride not only makes your armpits sweeter, but also eliminates your mind and attitude to work hard. Living humbly and without pride is always the way to success in life.

English ・ The violence of the feelings even destroys the force as well as feeling

The intensity of Japanese, emotions and sorrows destroys the emotions as well as the ability.

If emotions are too intense, not only will people leave, but they will lose their willingness to work hard in any situation. If you can't control your emotions, you won't be able to finish your work silently, and you'll lose your true abilities.

English ・ When making a failed excuse, the failure is just standing out one after another.

If you make an excuse for failure in Japanese, the failure will only become more and more noticeable.

When you make a mistake, you want to make an excuse, but the more you make an excuse, the more noticeable the failure becomes.

★Life is an unstable voyage.

Life is like a voyage, blind and uncertain when and what will happen. However, the voyage has a destination, and I think it is a wish that life wants to reach a wonderful port.

English ・ A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Japanese ・ Fools think that they are wise, but wise men know that they are foolish.

Fools think of themselves as wise, and wise ones know that they are stupid. The more wise you are, the more virtues of humility you have and the more you can walk towards your eternal ideals.

English ・ Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear; Where little fears grow great, great love grows there.

If you have a lot of Japanese and love, you will have a lot of worries, and you will be worried about small things.

The more I love you, the more I worry about the other person, and the more I care about the little things. The more you love, the more emotions you have toward the other person, but I think it is hoped that it will turn into a big love that surrounds the other person.

English ・ Everything that shines is not gold.

Japanese ・ Everything that shines is not in money.

Gold is not the only thing that shines in this world. There are many things that are invisible but certainly exist, such as love, kindness, courage, and feelings for ideals, and things that shine, including the hearts of people. Doing things for the happiness of others ...

English ・ The best person is the one who has few words.

The best person is Japanese and has few words.

People who are always verbose and frivolous often have no idea. A low-spoken but pondering type of person who is "thinking but active" has the potential to be a good leader.

English ・ Jealousy is there a monster that grow on their own are born on their own.

Japanese and jealousy are monsters that are born and raised by themselves.

Jealousy is born and raised from the self-love of being miserable.

If you carve into your heart to reflect on your unloved misfortune, it will eventually grow like a monster, and that monster will dominate your heart.

Overcoming this jealousy is important if you want to succeed, not just in love, but in life in general.

English ・ Love moderately. A long-lasting love is that kind of love

Japanese, love me moderately. A long-lasting love is that kind of love.

To love moderately does not mean to love loosely.

I love you sincerely and seriously, but if you become too delicate in each of the words and actions of the other person, for example, even one facial expression of the other person may cause disturbing speculation, misunderstand the other person, or the true intention of the other person. You may make a mistake.

In any case, the subtleties of the mind become too delicate, and the control of emotions becomes ineffective, and as a result, love is unexpectedly catastrophic and ends in a short life by throwing messy words that are not in the mind. It will be.

★When a man swears, a woman betrays.

It can also be read that if a man makes an oath only on the upper side, a woman will sharply detect it and run away.

English ・ When a man whispers love, he looks like April. But once you get married, it's December.

Japanese / man whispers love like April, but once he gets married, it's December.

The ironic word is that most men are as warm as spring until they are tied to a woman, but when they get married they get cold as winter. Shakespeare might have been like April when he got married ...

English ・ If you do nothing, nothing happens.

Japanese ・ If you do nothing, nothing happens.

If you don't act, nothing happens, and just waiting is a waste of time.

Shakespeare's famous episodes and anecdotes

Shakespeare has many episodes and anecdotes.

You can see what he really is, which you cannot tell just by looking at his work. Let me introduce some of the episodes.

・ ・ A person with many mysteries

Shakespeare is said to have been born in 1564, but his birthday is unknown.

He was baptized in church on April 26th, and there is a theory that he was born on April 23rd because it is common for him to be baptized three days after birth.

But I don't know if this is correct, nor why he became a playwright.

He had no record of about seven years since he was 18 years old, and he had become a playwright before he knew it.

It is a very rare example that the essential part of him remains a mystery as to how he became a writer.

・ ・ A shotgun marriage with his wife?

Shakespeare married an older woman named Anne Hathaway.

The episode itself is quite normal, but Anne Hathaway allegedly she was pregnant before her marriage.

It's a so-called shotgun marriage.

It's not unusual now, but it's a very unusual way of tying in terms of values ​​at the time.

・ ・ Are you just a fashion writer at that time?

It is said that he is a fine person who left excellent works in modern times, but the evaluation at that time seems to be different.

There is no doubt that it was popular, but it seems that his work was not often appreciated just because of the boom.

After his death, his work has been re-evaluated.

Therefore, Shakespeare himself might have realized that his work was popular and popular, but it seems that he had little experience of being highly evaluated by the world, especially great people and critics.

As is often the case with artists, it was the case that they were re-evaluated after his death.

Shakespeare's quote to understand the essence of human beings

Here are some of the quotes left by Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is a very famous playwright, but he is a mysterious person with many mysterious parts in his life. This is also his scenario and may be one of the attractions.

Many masterpieces about romance, including his four tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, are still performed all over the world. It has become a number of movies and its influence is immeasurable.

In a nutshell, the essence of Shakespeare's work is "to understand the essence of human beings."

Finally, I would like to introduce a quote that makes us think about what kind of end human beings should have to end his life.

"If you get older, you want to carve wrinkles on your face with a smile."

Why don't you take this opportunity to taste Shakespeare's work and find many "Quotations" that were not introduced this time.