Shakespeare's walk (English & Japanese)

Known as a playwright or poetShakespeareHe is from England todayJuliet andI left many wonderful works including beginning.

It is called the play saint.Four major tragedyIt is known for many masterpieces.

Shakespeare's works depict various human patterns, and there are many things "paradoxical ways of pursuing human happiness". For example, it is expressed that the light spreads when the bottom of the soul is broken by drawing tragedy.

Moreover, there are many stories about ghosts, and it is said that there are deep knowledge in the spiritual field. It might have been a spiritual person in a certain sense.

In addition, Shakespeare has many works related to love, but from his works and his words, he can learn the theory of love that leads to modern society.

At the same time, Shakespeare has created a new language, so he has many wonderful masterpieces in linguistics, and has been loved by various literary and artistic aspects throughout the world.

This time, let's taste the love and the life direction from the word of Shakespeare who is the master of the word, and leave many dramas and poems, and taste a part of it.

Shakespeare's background as the backbone of the word

Shakespeare16Century BritainManyDrama, sonnetEtc.

20Four years of tragedy in writer life"King Lear."Hamlet in」「Othello」「MacbethBesides, he wrote many masterpieces. What kind of person was Shakespeare who left various words in the work?  

・・Be born in a wealthy family

Shakespeare was born on 26 April 1564 and died on the same day as 1614.

I was born between a father who was a city council member and a gentleman mother. Thanks to his father, who was a so-called civil servant, he seemed to be wealthy, and Shakespeare was highly respected by his father.

The father finally became the mayor of the town, and seemed to be a pretty good child.

However, his father also lost his job due to trouble, and his life became severe. This painful experience seems to have influenced the work by Shakespeare later.

Until becoming a writer

The ridiculously Shakespeare has not been documented anywhere. There is no record left and it is wrapped in mystery.

What I know is 26 years old at ageANNMarried. It is said that it belonged to a certain seat in the twenties, and it acted as a dramatist and an actor there.

In any case, Shakespeare becomes a popular person by writing works in this troupe and active as an actor. Around this time, he had not only tragedy but also various works such as comedy, and showed talent in every field.

And for a while Shakespeare is living in the locality, but he goes to London theater. Not only as a dramatist but also as an actor.

In the early Elizabeth period, the play was prosperous, and Shakespeare's play gradually became famous in London, and finally gained patrons and began to write plays for the king.

From success to his later years

Shakespeare's constant success as a playwrightGlobe seatEstablished a new theatre.

It is this time to write the four big tragedy without the decline of the creative activity even in the late years. By the way, the four major tragedy refers to four works of Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, and lear.

It seems to have thought that the retirement is thought about this time, however, it is not good to write a masterpiece that remains in posterity.

Although the life of good life continues, Shakespeare is disappointed in theHometown Stratford . Three years later, he became ill and died at the age of 52.

Although it is said that it was an infectious disease, the cause of death is not understood, and whether it is caused by the disease or another cause is a mystery. His dead body was buried in Homer Trinity Church in his home town Stratford.

The genius of the great genius Shakespeare born in Britain

 Shakespeare's nickname as a playwright can be learned through his works.

Let's learn what Shakespeare had with people in the work.

First of all, from the word of love.

"Romeo and Juliet" that drew passionate love affection for only one week is the Treasury of the word. There are many passionate thoughts and words of love in this work.

Shakespeare's love

⭐ I want to give you unlimited

⭐ I want to give you deep love, not like the sea. The feeling that I love you has never been interrupted

I am surprised that Shakespeare used in the 16th century to express the expression that the sea is wide and many people are good, but compared to the ocean.

Shakespeare knew that even if he was passionate, love did not go well. There is such a thing in his word.

Shakespeare's love➁ About the appearance of love

⭐ Love is like a shadow.

⭐ Love is like a shadow. The more you follow, the more it goes away. On the other hand, it is the one that chases even if it runs away without being chased.

I think you have experience. It is common to chase the favorite partner and hate it. There is also the opposite pattern.

In addition, when the partner who has been chased does not meet easily, it may become worried this time. Is it because of the change of the technique of love? But remember this word of Shakespeare here.

On Shakespeare's love

⭐ Nothing is a low as a circular love.

⭐ There is nothing more humble than the love you calculate.

Even if you try to drop your opponent with your calculations, it is visible and striking. It's not love.

Love is blind (later described). It is a situation that my heart doesn't control. Moreover, the emotion is greatly shaken like the following word.

Shakespeare's love. Love is...

⭐ I miss, and no can have been made.

⭐ Love is made of sigh and tears.

It is a word that left in the song of Shakespeare's "love of love". The state of mind is expressed well.

Shakespeare's love.

⭐ How love is.

⭐ It is like the sky in April that suddenly falls into the cloudy sky when it thinks whether love starts.

In England, where Shakespeare is born, the weather changes as the colours are said to have four seasons in a day.

The British popular preference for the story of the weather is hidden in the appearance of the love of such a British sky. It is the name saying that love is said to be "it is also good".

In addition, Shakespeare writes in the state that it is unpleasant in the state of love.

Famous words of Shakespeare

⭐ Love is blind.

⭐ Love is blind. So the lovers tend to disappear even though they fail.

The word "love is blind" often heard in modern times was a word that Shakespeare had produced. If you like too much, all bad parts of your opponent will look good.

Shakespeare teaches us that we are not aware of them while we are drowning in love.

Now, Shakespeare seems to be negative to love, but as far as he can enjoy the work of Romeo and Juliet, he may not be able to say so.

In the love, there is a wonderful nature such as the face of the ideal person who sees the partner (person), the pure side to love and the love of the partner, and the aspect of being able to become oneself suitable for the partner and to improve.

Shakespeare had a strong desire to discover true love through love and human happiness by drawing various human patterns.

Shakespeare's life name

Then, I introduced Shakespeare's "the essence of human nature".

The words expressed in Shakespeare's words

⭐ Turing action is eloquent.

⭐ Moving into action is eloquence.

As for the word "hakuhachutte Cho Cho", it is said that the person who is not only able to move to the action by the mouth is the person who has escaped somewhere after all.

Even if he is silent, he is eloquent.

In any country or any age, the prophecy practice is more wonderful than the prophecy.

Shakespeare preaches morals and human stupidity, through the drama and poetry.

A study of Shakespeare's relationship with others

⭐ Money is never good to lend nor good.

⭐ Money is neither good nor borrowing, neither is good. Lending money will not only lose money but also lose friends. If you can borrow money from it, you can't be frugal.

As for "money", there is a time to think long in the life like "love". In the meaning of life, learning through the opposite sex and money seems to be a common term. Here is one of the life prescription that is common even today.

How to create Shakespeare's face

⭐ God's face me one face.

⭐ God gave me one face. Another face is made by oneself.

Sometimes it is born in a beautiful and handsome person. However, the person who behaves just after the evil in the life that had such a face in the later life, is disliked from the person, and there is a suspicious atmosphere in the face itself. You will also have the opposite pattern.

Shakespeare's name tells us that there is a face other than the native face, that is, the face that is seen from the inside of the life drama, and that the appearance and the atmosphere of the person are made the symbol as a symbol.

I want to have responsibility in my face when I age. In the face, there is a fear of what has been carved in life.

The words of Shakespeare

On Shakespeare's poetic identity

⭐ Group, for the human explosives.

⭐ Pride is the greatest enemy of man.

Only pride is the biggest factor to deceive man.

Because it becomes sweeter only by the pride, and the mind and the attitude that strive become lost. It is the road to the success of life to always live without humility.

The words of Shakespeare's commandment

⭐ The violence of the senses even destroys the force as well as feeling

⭐ The severity of the delight destroys itself with the emotion.

If the feeling of anger is too intense, the person will be able to move away and the attitude of making a effort is lost even in any state.

If you can't control your emotions, you can't finish your work silently.

Shakespeare's fear of excuse

⭐ When made a failure, the failure is just standing out one after another.

⭐ If you make an excuse for failure, the failure will only stand out.

I want to make excuses when I fail, but the more I make an excuse, the more I fail. It is a casual word.

Life in Shakespeare

⭐ Life is an unstable voyage.

Life doesn't look like a voyage and doesn't know what happens when.

But there is certainly a destination in life as there is a destination in the voyage. And I hope that every life has a desire to reach a wonderful port.

The difference between fools and witnesses

⭐ A fool suffible to be wise, but a wise man understands to be a fool.

⭐ A fool thinks that he is wise, but a wise man knows that he is foolish.

The fool is so proud of himself as a frog in a well.

In particular, I want to boast about "the knowledge that increases only a little" when I "study a little". Of course, this can be said not only in "knowledge" but also in the course of the art and the whole life.

Socrates emphasizes "knowledge of ignorance". The more we know, the more we can see the essence of the world of vast wisdom. The more clever man is the virtue of humility.

Moreover, the wise man has an eternal ideal, and compared with that far goal, he still finds himself far away (discovering the fool) and accumulates the effort to continue the path.

Big love of Shakespeare

⭐ Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear.

⭐ If love is big, worry is big, and there is little concern, and a little worry grows, and big love will be there.

As much as I love, I worry about my partner, and I will be worried about it. The feelings to the other party swell like love.

However, it is hoped not to bind the opponent as much as you love, but to change into a big love that envelopes your opponent as much as you love.

The words of Shakespeare

⭐ Everything that shines is not gold.

⭐ All is bright.

You must not judge people by appearance or appearance.

Is it really beautiful and beautiful? Can't you see a "Gracious mission" that deceives and deceives people there? It is the word that the power to look at it is necessary.

In order to see the true shine, not the faint glow, it is necessary to have a heart that feels "beautiful brilliance that is not visible". If it is in a modern movie, is it like a CG that a golden powder flows?

It is love, kindness, courage, the idea of ideals, the heart to do for the happiness of others...

Shakespeare's best word

⭐ The best person is the one who has few words.

⭐ He is the best of the few.

Of course, even if it is silent, it is troublesome, and the person who is always talented and flattened is often not thought of thinking.

It is a type of the calm and mediation though there are few words, but the person who thinks well, but has the character that becomes an excellent leader is a good leader.

Shakespeare's name is jealous 

⭐ Jealousy is there a monster that goes on their own are born on their own.

⭐ Jealousy is a creature that grows up and grows by oneself.

Jealousy is born from the self love that oneself is misery.

Human beings tend to decide their values relative to others. I feel like I fall down when my partner is praised. That feeling is a manifestation of the feeling that I am not loved.

And when it is struck into the heart to rumink one's unhappiness that it is not loved, it becomes like a ghost at last, and the ghost becomes the control of one's heart.

So how can we overcome our jealousy?

It is "the heart of blessing". The important point of blessing is to convey a blessing. This is an effort and an important practice item in religion.

Moreover, in order to overcome jealousy, it is necessary to "further resolve the effort". Because the reason why jealousy is born is that I am interested in the field. My ideal image is there.

People often see only the superficial thing of a person, and often do not evaluate "the part of the effort which the partner is under the surface of the water". Therefore, it is important to make sure that it is hard to enforce itself in the field rather than amplifying envy.

It is essential to Overcome Jealousy if you really want to succeed in life, not in love.

The name of Shakespeare

⭐ Love moderately

⭐ Love in moderation. Lasting love is such love.

It is not to love love in love.

Even if it is too sensitive to each one of the words and actions of a partner, it is sometimes, if it is too sensitive to one person's words or actions, misunderstanding the other person's face, and misunderstanding the other person's misconception.

The subtle mind of the mind becomes too delicate, and the control of the emotion becomes effective, and as a result, it is thrown to the other party with the confused word not in the mind, and love ends with the unexpected catastrophe, and it ends in short life.

The name of Shakespeare

⭐ When the man swears, the woman betrays.

If a man swears only the upper side, it can read that the woman sharply notices it and escapes.

The words of Shakespeare

⭐ When a man whispers love, he looks like April.

⭐ Man is like April when he whispers love, but he gets married in December.

Most men are warm like spring until they are tied up with women, but it is a cynical word that gets cold as winter. Shakespeare might have been like April even if he married.

Full screenshot - Shakespeare's name 22 demo

⭐ If you do nothing.

⭐ Nothing happens, nothing happens.

If you don't act, nothing will happen, and you'll be wasted.

Famous episodes of Shakespeare

There are many episodes and anecdotes in Shakespeare. Let's introduce some of the episodes.

Was Shakespeare a ghost? !

It is a Shakespeare work that is refined by the words which is flying to the wit, and the greatest feature is that there is a lot of "ghost talk" beginning of the tragedy of the fourth.

However, it is not the mere appearance of the ghost, and it is the point that it is finely drawn, "why does the spirit appear?" and "how to do it to prevent the spirit from coming out".

It is expressed even if it becomes a ghost of the world without this world. In that sense, there is reason, and it can be said that it is one proof that there is the world that left this world.

In Shakespeare, there are also the reality and the conversation of the appearance of the ghost, too, and there is something that cannot be said in the mere head. There might be "accumulation of the ghost experience of shark spear" behind it.

A mysterious person

Shakespeare is said to have been born in 1564, but he doesn't know his birthday.

There is a theory that April 23rd was born on April 26 because it was common to receive baptism at the church on April 26, and it is common to receive baptism on the third day after birth.

But I don't know why this is right, and I don't know why I became a dramatist. There was not a record of about seven years from about 18 years old, and it became a dramatist.

It is a very unusual example that the main part is a mystery.

Married with wife?

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, an old woman.

Although this episode itself is normal, Anne Hathaway is said to have been pregnant before marriage. It is so-called marriage.

It is not particularly unusual now, but it is a very rare way of speaking in the sense of value at that time.

At that time

It is said that the evaluation at that time is different though it is regarded as a splendid person who left an excellent work in the present age.

It is not true that the work was highly valued only by the boom.

After Shakespeare's death, the work has been evaluated again.

Therefore, Shakespeare himself had a feeling that his work was popular and popular, but there were almost no experience in the world, especially from great people and critics.

It is a common story in artists, but it was a reappraisal after death.

Understanding the essence of man

Here are some of shakespeare's most famous sayings.

Shakespeare is a very famous playwright, but he is a mysterious person whose life is shrouded in mystery. This is another Shakespeare scenario, and it may be one of the attractions.

Including the four great tragedies, romeo and Juliet and many other masterpieces related to love are still performed all over the world. It has been a number of films and its influence is immeasurable.

In a word, the essence of Shakespeare's work is "understand the essence of human beings".

Finally, I would like to introduce a famous saying that makes us think about what kind of end we should send and end our lives.

Shakespeare's Saying 23

⭐ you get older, you want to engrave wrinkles made of smiles on your face.

Why don't you take this time to taste Shakespeare's works and find many "sayings" that were not introduced this time?

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