[Yoshida Shoin]: I'm worried about Japan, I study the spirit of great love and solemniality.

 Yoshida ShōinHe was a Japanese thinker.Samurai who worked hard to overthrow the shogunateBut it does.

The name of Matsuin YOSHIDA will always come out when he receives lessons in Japanese history and checks for the creative works in history.

It was a spiritual leader in the Meiji Restoration.Matsushita JukuI trained a lot of young and talented people who opened a private school in the Meiji era and played an important role in the Meiji Restoration.

The later world has had a strong impact on the strength of its spirituality.In a sense, it's like a Japanese spiritual pillar.

In addition, there are a lot of hints and tips left behind by Shoin YOSHIDA to bring "power of execution," which is necessary even in the present age.

If you want to survive the current period in which various things fluctuate wildly, and want to do everything for the sake of the world, why don't you look at the words of Yoshida Shoin?

A collection of Kyogen and Myogen-shu in Shoin YOSHIDA

Yoshida, Shoin no Meikoto: Be a Dream

⭐No ideal for people without dreams, no plan for those without ideal, no successful non-planned, without success with those who are without them.Therefore, those who have no dreams have succeeded.

It was Shoin YOSHIDA, who influenced many young people aiming to overthrow the Shogunate.Those who penetrate the whole of this word will be the strength of "Comrade" coming out of dreams and ideals.

Yoshida Shōin no Meikoto➁Let me out of my own mind.

⭐If you leave your own heart, you can go and step back, and you have no choice but to leave.

When I leave my private heart, I can see the way that I should go.It is also a short-term path and 'the way to move' that leads to the path leading to the near-term.

If you have a private mind, you can step down, leave, or the destination of your own, will be the wrong way of life.

"Do you have a private heart?"Do you really want to change the world and create a society of happiness?It is a serious match to the question.

Yoshida Shōin no Meikoto 3: Do you have a belief?

⭐general, public harbors (villainings and praise) are unreliable.

Don't you impersonating yourself in your own mind?It is important to have a firm belief that you will achieve Makoto's true self-interest.

` ` ` If there is myself in the evil and admiration of the world, then ` ` the ` the ` ` will be half-end. ` `

This is the name of Shoin YOSHIDA, and the value of human beings

⭐human beings have been born with a sum of money.There is no change in the pure gold of the saints as well as our net.

In Buddhism, people are all present in the nature and the nature of Buddha as their children.It depends on the effort of whether to make the most of this French brightness shine or shine.

In fact, there are some kinds of talents that are in fact a person who has been passive in not having anything to do with them.It has a variety of flowers and a wide open merit.

It is the name of a bead as an educator who loved to love and bloom the character of a person's Buddha, and to have his talent open.

Yoshida-Matsuin no Meikoto

⭐Those who are not able to take away are comrades.It is the work that does not perish.

Comrades from dreams and high ideals are born.and the influence of the high comrade will not perish to the afterlife.

The enthusiasm coming from the comrade cannot be taken from outside.In the reverse,
" The enemy is not out there.What is your comrade?It is a hot message that says, 'You ask me,' and that you can ask yourself.

Yoshida Shoin no Meikoto: Shisei is a policy

⭐are still no other people who are forced to move in good faith.

If you act in good faith, you can accomplish anything, and things don't work, it's a saying that "Shicheng" is not enough yet.

If the word "Shisei" is the guiding principle of life, it can touch the soul of Shoin YOSHIDA, and it will be able to do a big job.

Yoshida Shoin no Meikoto 7: On the side of 'Toki' (Time)

⭐The things that are difficult and difficult are things that are easy to lose, and which are easy to lose.It is not a good thing to open a pilot or to open a person, but it is a crime of a person who is sitting in a sitting and losing a person's life.

It would be a difficult situation, so I could lose my chances because I was stuck in a less advanced state.Only when you have a bold challenge at any time, you will be able to make a good "time" or opportunity.

And then, in a very active way, without escaping, more and more will be opened.

Yoshida-Matsuin no Meikyogen: Rechanging the mistakes of the

⭐It is not a fault, it's an important thing to make up for mistakes.

If there is a mistake in the challenge of something, it does not always matter to itself.People with a lot of challenging spirit can also make mistakes.

The important thing is,In order not to repeat the same mistake, we are trying to change the problem, and to change lessons from that mistake, and change it to wisdom.

Yoshida Shoin no Meikoto: Khiri of the Relationship between Morosita

⭐don't want to be a man's teacher.Don't you think that you should be a teacher and a teacher.

Although Shoin YOSHIDA had a pupil of a sharpness, he left a name in history, but he seemed to have disliked the relationship of master and disciple like that of the general public.

What we wanted was a little brother-like relationship, like "with a comrade and a relationship between a soul and a soul."

Yoshida Shoin no Meikyogen: Take the habit of reading

⭐Reading today is a true learning.

Now, in this era, unlike in the past, we have video sites,SNSYou can also check for new information in some news.

However, the amount of information and the quality of information in books (books) is not available.Let' s have the habit of reading and learning to study.

Yoshida Shoin: Why do people learn how to learn?

⭐Learning is a study of how to live in humans.

Why do people need to learn, Zubari, the answer to that question?

Yoshida Shoin no Meikyosatanyoyo

⭐If you don't make up your mind, you can't interfere with it.Remember, if you try to think of something important, you can do it first.

"I don't think it's a real decision or a decision," he said.If you really have to do it, you should be able to go ahead.

Yoshida Shoin no Meikoto: The Comrade Is Real

⭐If you set it up, you'll be fine.

You will be willing to do it if you have a comrade, and things will move in the direction in which the comrade will come true.

"Comrade" is an important keyword, and its purity and reverence are in question.I would like to learn a little bit about the members of the Meiji Restoration who had risted their lives for the sake of the nation state.

Yoshida-Matsuin no Meikoto: A Consections of the Constant's Constant


I don't think that the word "madness" is not negative, but "don't be caught in common sense or stereoset."

Ryoma SAKAMOTO was also said to be ' the most idiot in Japan. 'A group of foolishmen who left their minds to see the truth achieved the Meiji Restoration.

Yoshida, Shoin no Myohitoshitoyoshka

⭐the world, there are people who live in their bodies but die.In contrast, some people still have souls when their bodies perish.There is no way to live if the mind is dead.If there is a soul remaining, it also means that the body will be destroyed.

There is a spirit of Shoin YOSHIDA, who was ordered to overthrow the Shogunate, and his unyielding spirit.

The spirit of the Meiji Restoration patriots, including Shoin YOSHIDA, is still alive today, and it is considered that he is speaking to the modern world phase as well as eloquy to the world.

Yoshida Shōin no Meikoto

Yamato-damashii (literally, a soul of Yamato), which is compelling, knowing that it will become

I know that this will happen, but if I am worried about the future of Japan, I don't have to do it without doing it.They say, "That's a good deal."

This is a good message that shows the heart of Shoin YOSHIDA.

The birth of Shoin YOSHIDA as the background of the name of the family name

After the Meiji Restoration, there were multiple government-centered members of the school after the Meiji Restoration, which was opened by Shoin YOSHIDA.

Shoin was the biggest actor in the Meiji Restoration, and it appears that the samurai of the end of Edo period were like God.

There was a vague image in this corner, and what was Shoin YOSHIDA on the screen?Let us briefly introduce the episodes of the pine tree and the episodes of the pine tree to know the other end of the story.

-Shoin YOSHIDA in his childhood

Yoshida Shoin was born in the first year of the Tenpo era in Hagi, Nagato Province.

5At the age of his age, he was a temporary adopted son of Daisuke YOSHIDA, the uncle of Yasuyoshi YOSHIDA, and succeeded to the Yoshida family.

Since then, Shoin YOSHIDA, who was still a child, was educated by Sparta and was impregnable with his studies.

It has a foreign philosophy.

became an adult and worked vigorouslyYoshida ShōinThey were touched by Western developed civilization.

I am determined to study abroad, but I have not been able to do so because of the war.From that time forward, I will have more and more ideas for foreign countries (I think about foreign countries).

Perry's plan to ride on the Black Ships

1854 (Ansei)Perryand I will come back.Shoin YOSHIDA, who was sneakly into one of the Black Ships, attempted to sail, and acted as a trick.

" I want the fleet to ship when the fleet is sailing.and all over the world."
However, the ship was refused, and Shoin YOSHIDA was imprisoned (released the following year).

I will open the school in Matsushita Village.

Ansei4He took over the name of Matsushita Village, which was presided over by his uncle, in the year, and he opened Matsushita village school on the site of the Sugie family, and raised his disciples.

Yoshida Shoin did not teach them unilaterally, but they exchanged views with his disciples, and also had events such as mountaineering and swimming.

His private academy is said to be a living sciences, and he also studied at Matsushita Village, Hirobumi ITO, the first prime minister.1It was human.

There are others.Aritomo YamagatayaYamada AkiyoshiTakasugi ShinsakuHe was a pupil of a person who appeared in Japanese history textbooks, including the one in Japanese history textbooks.

Ansei Purge

In 1858, without the permission of the Imperial Court, the bakufu concluded the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States and Japan.In response to this,Sonno JoiYoshida Shoin is furious.

The following year, the bakufu oppressed the main opposition of the anti-bakufu ideology.(Ansei Purge).Shoin himself confessed that he had planned to assassinate Lao-ju (in fact, he did not actually do so).

and thereforeThe Matsuin is decapitatored.He was executed on October 27, 1859, and he closed his lifelong curtain at the young age of 30.

Famous episode of Shoin YOSHIDA

Famous and impressive stories from the number of episodes of Shoin YOSHIDA are introduced.

What kind of episode do he have to leave for the Bakufu for the purpose of the Bakufu?

・・PerryYou were allowed to do this.

Perry is a famous person who appears in a history textbook, and is now in a country of isolation.

In fact, Shoin YOSHIDA boarded the fleet, and begging Perry to be smugged to the ship.

Although the U.S. side rejected it, Perry seems to be surprised by the height and politness of his knowledge of the knowledge of Shoin YOSHIDA.

The Americans are said to have offered a generous disposition when they handed him over to the bakufu.

-I was a memo.

Shoin YOSHIDA left many Kyogen and famous words, and books that were compiled and published are also available.

In fact, Shoin YOSHIDA is said to have been a memo, and he seems to have had a habit of writing down anything.

There is an episode that he wrote a letter to his friend and wrote it in a copy.

In the fire, I carried out my luggage more than I did.

When I stayed at a house, I was studying in a house, and then the house was on fire.

However, Matsuin YOSHIDA helped to carry out the luggage of the landlord, and did not bring his baggage to him.

The main reason for this was that there were many things that were important to the family, but they had nothing to do with it compared to that.

A tall comrade, resolutely open the way.

From the episode of having a dream in an overseas country and getting into the American fleet, there is a great thing about the power of execution of Matsuin YOSHIDA.

At that time, the Shoin's words and actions and thoughts were radical and dangerous and dangerous, but he had a great influence on Japan thereafter.

You can't change anything without thinking about your own interests, or as a politician or leader of a Japanese-based glacier.

It is very important for me to be resolute to the path of the nation, without having to worry about the voice or the evaluation of the people around the world, if there is a high comrade that will be the same for the country.

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