[Soichiro Honda's Quotations Walk] What is the way of thinking to walk the path to success?

Honda SoichiroHonda is a businessman who founded Honda. It seems that many people refer to the way of life as a big manager who made Honda that is known not only in Japan but also as a worldwide manufacturer.

Honda was a local small repair factory at first, but grew big and became a big company. It goes without saying that the thought and power of Soichiro Honda greatly influence the growth.

What kind of person was Soichiro Honda who made big business? I would like to consider from that name, life, and episode.

List of words and phrases by Soichiro Honda①~⑭

Thoughts and techniques of Honda

⭐ The technology development itself is not so difficult if the thought is steady. Technology is only an end, and thought is a mother body that makes technology.

A good inspiration also falls in the effort that learns well and knees ideas.

Thoughts are distilled as inspiration. And the water of the beautiful fountain appears in this world as a technology.

There is a good idea in the mother of a good product, and it is very important to cultivate thought.

The names of Soichiro Honda➁Importance of teamwork

⭐ It is a good experience to realize the existence of another person who realizes the strength of one's power and lends wisdom and power.

If you don't have eyes and courage to look at yourself, you can't accept your lack.

It is important to look at yourself firmly and grasp the indifference and to increase your business by combining yourself and others.

It is the concept of the teamwork and the organization work of the organization work.

In order to extend

⭐ There is always resistance when extending.

It is time when an interest occurs between a person and another company. Therefore, it hits the wall on the job, it is in the betrayal of the person, and it is painful and painful.

In addition, when it stretches, the person who asks for the current maintenance sometimes reflects in wonder. It is time to change.

However, if it is a really good direction, I think that I have a resistance at the time of extension, and I must think about it.

The relationship between progress and reflection

⭐ Progress is directly proportional to the severity of reflection.

From the severity of reflection, the wisdom of the lesson is born. It is a very important word that reflection leads to development.

The relationship between success and failure

⭐ Success99Supported by% failure1%.

Most of things fail and rest1% finally leads to success.

It is not possible to advance to the failure. It may be one step to success. However, most of the people who gave up trying to work on the way may eventually catch the last 1% failure.

If there is a failure, I think that the lesson that can be learned from there is increased, and raise up again and continue the challenge. So let's try another step.

Soichiro Honda repeatedly repeated many mistakes and found a vital muscle that leads to success from the inside of the company.

First of all

⭐ I would like to try and try to try to do something. The buds of happiness begin to grow from there.

The common term for a successful person is to have an aggressive mental attitude. And it involves the action of "putting your hand".

The person who doesn't succeed in the reverse is bound by oneself by oneself, and it is self limiting.

I don't know what to do. For example, there are some people who are interested in the same thing.

In any case, the person who continues the positive mental attitude is an attractive person. Even if there is a failure and a setback on the way, the road will be cut up greatly before long.

Don't be afraid of failure

⭐ The Japanese seems to be afraid of failure. In fact, man is the least to fear nothing.

A person who does nothing but fear of failure cannot obtain the treasure of experience and the treasure of wisdom with experience.

A challenge spirit is necessary to make a bright life.

The Japanese have a good virtue of harmonizing everything, but on the other hand, it is possible to bury oneself by the opinion of others, and to spend daily life peacefully and become the life without the heat.

It is the word of encouragement of Soichiro Honda called "Japan!

The taste of life

⭐ It is important to always taste sorrow, joy, impression, discouragement.

It is not said that it clarifies the feelings of feelings, but the feeling of anger is felt.The mind of the mind as a human being is raised there.

For example, even if it is "discouraged", watch your heart quietly. However, because it is "taste", there is no exhaustion for oneself, and it is necessary to have a loving feeling that embraces itself.

The person who cannot taste, grief, pleasure, pleasure, impression, gratitude, discouragement, disappointment, etc., is the person who lives in the mind like a mask.

It is not possible to make it to the product making without understanding the subtle of feelings of other people. From the "hidden taste" of this taste, the invention of Honda of the world has also come.

What is the name of Soichiro Honda

⭐ If this is bad, bad people will come. The credit is born by this credit.

There is a word called a friend.

What kind of people gather around oneself is decided by the aura that I am putting out after all. People and things of the wavelength suitable for it are drawn.

A testament to the funeral of Soichiro Honda

⭐ It is not necessary for the management of the car maker to do the car funeral that doesn't cause the traffic jam.

As a result of this word, the funeral ceremony of Soichiro Honda was held at the funeral ceremony without tsuya and funeral.

The meaning of failure

⭐ I think that failure will grow man. I'm really sorry for those without a failure.

Failure is an essential element for success. Get a lesson there by failing and a hint for success is born.

They also know people's sorrow and suffering. There may be real needs. It will grow as a good personality.

If you want to succeed in life or business, let's make the heart of the heart of the failure to rise from the failure and pile up the effort.

An effort to make strong efforts

⭐ There is not really strong man in the history of mankind. It is only human beings who are blinded by weakness and people who are trying to become strong.

Although it wants to break down the present situation somehow, it doesn't have energy to break through it.

It is a word of encouragement from the heart of Soichiro Honda to the person who thinks such a weak person unpleasantly.

The manager does not overlook "man who is trying to become strong".

The act of Disclaimer

⭐ But it's the most clever way to throw away. I can't wait to spare the guy who is sorry for throwing away.

People feel resistance to abandoning. It is likely to be visible to the eye, and the desire for the honor and the desire of the place in the heart are also.

"What shall I abandon?" In fact, there is a key for future development.

On the development of Japan

⭐ It's sometimes painful. I may sleep at night. I might be able to fall in the inferiority feeling that I cannot be broken by the wall. I myself repeated that.

It is the word of love of Soichiro Honda who is interested in not only the people of the same age who lived together but also for the younger people who come back to the road to try and work and to do the effort for the development of Japan.

The background of Soichiro Honda

How did Honda Ichiro establish Honda and lead to success?

Let's chase the fact from the life of Soichiro Honda.

From birth to independence

Honda Soichiro1906I was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in the year.My father is a blacksmith, and he is said to have been a dexterous boy since he was small.

I loved the machine, and I liked the car15I start working at a car repair factory in Tokyo at the age of two.

6Soichiro Honda, who worked for the factory in1928InArt commerce Hamamatsu branchOpen.

Although it is a branch, it is an independent form, and it operates and operates a repair factory by my power from here.

Until Honda is born

It is a repair factory at the beginning, but excellent technology gradually becomes a reputation.

Not only repair but also car remodeling, Soichiro Honda will soon start to research and develop goods.

It is said that Honda's foundation was made now.

After that, the repair factory left the subordinate to Soichiro HondaTokai Seiki heavy industryBecome the president of the company.

Immediately after World War II, it serves as a munition factory.

After the end of the war, he sold Tokai Seiki heavy industries to establish Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

The automobile engine is manufactured for the first time, and the development of the motorcycle, and the development of the automobile are advanced.

1960InHonda R & D Co., Ltd.It also began to develop automobile development in earnestFormula oneWork until car development.

Honda is now known as a worldwide manufacturer and creates a company representing Japan.

Originally, it was a start from a small repair factory, but a strong mind, a heart that did not give up, and a strong intention of fear of failure led to great success.

Episode of Soichiro Honda

Finally, I introduce some famous episodes of Soichiro Honda.

It is a high "Shi". The first dream in the world is spoken from the beginning.

The figure of the small town factory is riding on the "Mikan box" made of the empty box tree, raising the inspiration, and saying "it is always the best in the world" is famous.

The workers who were listening to it seemed to have been smiling at first. However, having experienced the fact that it became "the best Honda in the world" afterwards became very valuable learning in their souls.

Love for wife


It is said that it was the start of the motorcycle development that the wife felt that it became more comfortable if the engine was seen with the bicycle to see the figure that the wife went shopping by bicycle immediately after the end of the war.

It is understood that it was a tenderness to wife and a flexible idea.

... did you buy the Ramen on the stall?

Soichiro Honda often worked until midnight.

It is said that the sound of charamera heard from the stand of the ramen shop which runs near is noisy.

It is an exciting and interesting episode that the stall that sold out was not able to pour charmel and restarted work.

- awarded medal for work wear?

At the time of attending the first order of the order of the sacred treasure, Soichiro Honda tried to attend the work clothes of tunagi.

It is because of the idea that the attire of the engineer is a white willow, but it is quite shocking to get out of the tree in front of the emperor.

After all, it is stopped by the employee in the circumference, and the resignation is given, and the sincerity of Soichiro Honda can be seen.

A big love as a manager

Because Soichiro Honda liked mechanical twists, he started to repair his car, and eventually advanced to the production of engines, bikes and automobiles.

It should have been a lot of trouble and failure, but it continues to challenge without giving up with the positive direction, and it succeeds greatly.

Soichiro Honda, who is known as a manager, seems to have pride in being an engineer. He was influenced by his father or artisan.

There is a high degree of love that comes from big love and love. It was not only the machine but also the person who loved the person, and loved the possibility of the person.

There are many words that can be thought in modern society, and it might be a reference of many people.

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