[Ninomiya Sontoku's Quotations Walk] Learn from the passionate source of Japan's reconstruction

regarded as a symbol of diligence or virtueNinomiya SontokuI have left a lot of good advice.

It is important to know your profile since the way you live and the way of life from childhood to death has been influenced by the birth of the name of the word.

This time, the name of Tamadama's name is introduced based on the birth of Sontoku NIKOMIYA.

Ninomiya Sontoku's profile left a famous message.

 Ninomiya Sontoku1787present for the yearOdawara City, Kanagawa PrefectureI was born.

Because his father, Riemon, had inherited the fields from his foster father, he lived a rich life as a farmer.1791In the year, Sontoku NOMIYA5At the age of the house, the smell of the Niouche-gawa River near her house was flooded and the fields were lost, and the fields were lost, and life became poor at once.

1800My mother and brother, after my father died of illness in the year.2I work hard as a large pillar of my family to support people.

But ...1802My mother passed away in the year, my brother.2The man was taken to his mother's house, and he himself was in the house of his grandfather, Manbei.

Takenori worked hard at night at his grandfather's house, and he read, but Manbei hated reading at night.This is because the lamp-light was determined to be a waste of light when reading.

So, Sontoku planted the acragana and used vegetable oil as a lamp oil.And ...1804I spend my time at my grandfather's house until the year.

After lodging in my family's house.1806He succeeded in reconstructing the house where he was banished at the age of 20 and reconstructing the fields, and trying to reconstruct the house.

As a landowner, he worked as a buke hokonin (a servant of a samurai family) while running a farm, and when his relatives and Karo (chief retainer) were in distress, he became known as the name of the aid.

1816I took the first wife of the year,1819Dissolution the year, in the following yearNamihe said, remarried.

He made various achievements until his death at the age of 70 in 1856, and he was loved by the villagers for his serious and honest personality.600It is said that he was involved in the reconstruction of the villages.

Shrines that enshrine Sontokuis located in Odawara, the birthplace of the dough, and the sun in Nikko.

because there's an image that's been a diligent and honest working person,a bronze statue of a figure carrying firewood on the back of a bookis installed in the installation.

Ninomiya Sontoku's Meikyoshū

The Ninomiya Sontoku reconstructed the houses and fields that were lost in the reconstruction of farming villages.Therefore, there are many things about the economy, business, and reconstruction that are left behind.

Let' s take a look at the proverbity of life in the face of a serious and sincere life in the business, the way of life, and the lives of the people.

The name of the Ninomiya Sontoku: On the business
The name of Sontoku Ninomiya

⭐Be delighted and pleased to sell it for pleasure.It is not the only way to enjoy the joy of selling and selling joy.The path of renting, as well as the pleasure and pleasure of borrowing it, is not the only way to be pleased.

After the era of poor children, the Ninomiya Sontoku continued to work hard in spite of the villagers and the officers, regardless of the villagers or officials, even after he established a position that had no difficulty in money and food.

The key to prosperous business is the thought that I not only think of myself but also the other thing.It shows the path of joy, economy, and prosperity in the joy and happiness of others.

The name of Sontoku Ninomiya➁

⭐economy, which forgets moral education, is guilt.A morality that has forgotten the economy is a lie.

In the morality of "business is to kick others out of their own money," the immorality, in the end, will not be able to buy out the public's anthem.

On the other hand, if morality is cooperated, but the economy is not an economic idea, the nation and the individual will fall into the path of destruction.

It is the secret to the success of a moral and economy, and a path to the heart of Great Darkness.

When Sontoku found the corruption of the officer, he reformed the villagers with courage in order not to make the villagers suffer a pain in their own way.It is one of the factors that many people admired in the fact that they took courage in thinking about the people around them, and steadily accumuperate their achievements.

Ninomiya Sontoku no Myoo (3)

⭐you want to be an adult, you must first be doing a little thing.It is a normal person who wants to have a big event as Narian, neglect a small matter, and who is forced to make a course of action.If it is small, it will be a big one.

It is said to be the most famous word in the name of Sontoku Ninomiya.

It is preached that it is extremely important to make a great success by steadily turning a small thing to the point of stacking small things.

If you think you want to make a big success, you know, even if you know it's a reckless thing, it's easy to do things from the beginning.

From the feeling of burning, or by the desire of the rich, the delusions of the match are not so easy to be prepared, so that I cannot be prepared for a long time, and I will fail in my side and fail because of the fact that I have a sweet twin.

If you want to be a big success, you can feel that the little thing right in front of you doesn't matter.

But in order to enter the path of success, it is necessary to steadily carry out small and small successes in the eyes of the eyes.

Then there is a scene where you can become a tipping point somewhere.

It is the road to success to continue with cottoots and their efforts, and gradually to impart their gear with their teeth."Tamehiro SekisaiThe word "sekishodai" is still used by many people in the name of the right of the right.

The name of the Ninomiya Sontoku: On the way of life
The Proof of the Ninomiya Sontoku 4

There are many advantages and disadvantages for the people of ⭐, and there is no way to do it.You should not be a friend to your friend's advantage as a friend, where you are inferior to you.He abandoned his disadvantage and made his friends a friend.

I was a great educator and a great educator in the Meiji Restoration.Yoshida ShōinThe following is a good word for the family.

When an old man who had been working during the cultivation of the village continued to be on the ground every day to take the work that villagers disliked, the second prince, Sontoku, gave not only ordinary wages, but also consolation money.

As he was old, he did not have so much power, but he focused on the merits of the old man's "spirit of service, not just for money, but for the people, and the spirit of the service for the purpose of the work."

Everyone has a shortpoint.But it is important not to look at bad points, but to look at the other side of the other side.

The relationship between human beings is improved because we believe that we have been allowed to do so by engaging in a better relationship with the merits.

The name of the Ninomiya Sontoku:

⭐If you try to ⭐the water away to yourself, you will run away, but if you try to give it to you, you'll come back to your own.That's why we have to give it to people.

The Ninomiya Sontoku built up a sufficient status, but it was not surrounded by his own property, but always offered money and labor for the people.

As a result, he was loved by many people and loved by many people, and was also loved by the people of the later generations.

If he was a man of his own thought, he would not have been loved.

I live in a way that gives love to many people.We act on the other side of the enemy.Desserts of love are preached.and this is a saying that it is the path to the success of the truth.

The Proof of the Ninomiya Sontoku 6

⭐It is the first time in good faith that we can change the ravity of the world.The art is useless.

Even today, the most important thing is to live a good life, but it is important to live in a sincere and faithful way to others, rather than to wear it in the short term only in the short term.

It is said that there is soft and dazzling waves (aura) that are not of any kind to those who live in a sincere manner, and it is said that Onigami gradually avoids it.

And people who live in good faith can have the blessing of the sky and help from others.

And those who live in good faith have learned a lesson from the calamity, and try to give them a hint for the next success.And honesty is the secret to changing the ravity of the world.

Ninomiya Sontoku's name: On life
The Proof of the Ninomiya Sontoku 7

⭐It is inevitable that more than one person is born as a person.It is a long, insignificant difference, for example, a candle, a small and medium size.If you live one day, if you live one day, you will be able to live a day if you are born to die.

A man is always dead.So, why are people living in this world and living hard?

In order to answer this question, you need to unlink Buddhism's "The Thought of a Transfresh-through-the-Link."

It is, as it were, a school, that human beings are going through this world and the afterlife.This is the idea that it is the place for the learning of the soul.

be a world-famous fairytale writerAndersen"People are travelers of life," and "this world is like a school."

People are afraid of death, and they are always obsessed with the long life of death.In a materialistic way of thinking, "this world is everything" must always be frightened by the fear of death.If you think too much for a long life, you lose sight of the purpose and mission of your life.

The purpose of life is the study of the soul, and its mission is to create a great world in which people can help and help people.

If that is the case, I would like to express my gratitude for the day given by the day, and to make sincere efforts to be able to live well as a person.

You must be determined to die, and you will think that death is the graduation of the school of the world.Thank you for the day I've been given, and let me shone my life with my thoughts of my whole life.

The Nimiya Sontoku's Meikyoku

⭐Okina Iwakusuku Taido no Taido is the only place in the world, and it is the name of the entrance which should be in the same path as a god, a good Buddha, and a good Buddha.

There are a lot of religions and teachings, but each of these disciplinings leads to the same path leading to the same path.

In the philosophy of Sontoku Ninomiya, he was active during the construction of the Great Buddha in Nara.GyōkiI think there's a similar idea.

The Great Buddha of NaraIt is said to have been Birushanabutsu, and it is said that the Buddha of Birdharma is a Buddhist image of Buddha.Buddha's legal body is the true form of Buddha, and it is also the existence of the earth and the universe.

Ninomiya Sontoku's Meikyoku

⭐if I realized that I had done something wrong, I had to change it, but I had to change it.In the world, things are not to be done unless it is done by execution.

We are teaching us the path leading to development through reflection.

I just thought I had to do something bad, but I have to do it in a bad way.What is the execution of the issue?

One is that if you think you have done something wrong, you will apologize to others by means of words.If you don't apologize directly, first of all, let' s make an apology.

One of the things that is done to execute is to find a lesson from the things that have done wrong.The wisdom of the lesson will lead to the next development.

Either way, if you do bad things, you will have to reflect on them and move them to your actions, so that you can do many things like Sontoku Ninomiya.

There are a lot of people who don't do bad things, but are complaining about it and don't act to solve it.

Let' s take a look at how we can resolve the situation we don't want to change forever, but how can we resolve it?

Wonderful life in the spirit of the virtues!

 The famous words of Sontoku Ninomiya, who are serious and diligent, are the only words that resonate with the mind of many people.

There are a number of lessons, including not only their own interests, but also others, looking at the good places, and having small stacking matters.

It is a wonderful life without regret, with every day of the heart of compassion.

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