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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

[Natsume Soseki's Quotations Walk] What is the way to break the deadlock in life?

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Natsume SosekiHe is a great writer and great man who is very familiar with Japanese people.

It used to be a portrait of a 1000-yen note, and is his masterpiece.I am a catIs known as a very famous work.

Of Japan's leading writers1He is a person who is often taken up in school classes.

This time, let's get closer to "Natsume Soseki's heart" through the maxims and quotes left by Natsume Soseki, his background, and episodes.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations and Quotations

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ① Commandment to impatience

★Don't rush. However, it is important to move forward like a cow.

If you rush, you will lose things. In Buddhist terms, impatience is "off the middle road", not the path to success.

To move forward steadily without being upset by things like a cow is a path, and that is the golden path to success.

Natsume Soseki's quote➁Have a measure

★You can't benefit from others without exposing your weaknesses.

If you don't have the capacity to show your bad parts, you won't be trusted or accepted by others.

However, if you are depressed by exposing your weaknesses, nothing will happen. To be able to show your weaknesses, you need to be firmly self-established.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ③ Importance of enthusiasm

★I believe it is more alive to speak a mediocre theory with a hot tongue than to say something new with a cold head.

A frosty head does not mean "thinking calmly", but it seems to say the right thing, but it means "cooling" somewhere.

On the contrary, even if it seems to be calm and mundane, it seems that such a way of life, in which each word has enthusiasm, is expressed as "living".

Natsume Soseki's quote ④ What is seriousness?

★Serious means you, a serious game.

It is really serious to tackle everything with the intention of a serious game, and seriousness that only looks good will be fake seriousness.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑤ Concept of Fate

★Destiny is God's thinking. If a human works like a human, he's fine.

Some people not only care whether their destiny is bad or not, but also blame their destiny when there is something wrong with it, but it is good to think about the good or bad of the destiny. It will never be.

Feeling the existence of God in the depths of fate and working hard as a human being as a child of God is the key to improving fate.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑥ Squeeze your power

★Surviving and collapsing are all the result of our own strength.

Behind these words is a heart of encouraging love, asking those who are exhausted to do something to recover.

I'm sure some of you will encourage me when I have a hard time, but in the end, I have to be convinced of my strength and stand up by myself.

Humans have that much power. The obstacles that are blocking you right now exist to the extent that you can overcome them. So it can be cleared. It is a cheering message saying that you should do your best with all your strength.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑦ About switching morals

★Destroying old morals is only allowed when establishing new morals.

It talks about switching from old morals to new morals.

To put it the other way around, it's not just about keeping old morals like a golden rule. When establishing a new morality, the spirit of destroying the old morality is included.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑧ About the relationship between the present and the future

★The seeds you sow now will soon appear in your future.

It's a seed analogy that effort is always good for you in the future. In Buddhist terms, it would apply to the term "causal law."

It is also the law of cause and effect. If you sow good seeds and make an effort, you will get good results.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑨ Commandments to those with horns

★When humans have horns, it is a pain to roll around the world.

A good metaphor is that it is difficult for a human with horns to live, and it is easier to live for a round human.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑩ Science and Technology and the Human Mind

★Human anxiety comes from the development of science. Science that is willing to stop has never allowed us to stop.

It is a science and technology that makes our lives convenient, but on the contrary, the human mind may be neglected compared to the speed of progress.

In modern times, it is becoming a scientific universalism, and it is too biased toward materialism, which hinders the quest for various aspects of the human mind and the important religious spirit, which leads to moral decline.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑪ The richness of child treasure

★If you have children, you can usually be cheerful even in a poor house.

Children are called treasures. Having children is a manifestation of affluence. No matter how difficult the situation, if you have children, it will be brighter and you will be able to overcome it.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑫ About honesty

★Anything that is not honest with oneself can never be honest with others.

Being honest means that there is no lie in your heart. That mentality will manifest itself as sincerity = love for others.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations ⑬ How to see things

★Those who see color do not see shape, those who see shape do not see quality

The importance of not only a one-sided view but also the ability to see things as a whole or to identify the essence of things is explained. The wonderful expression of color → shape → quality is used.

The background of Natsume Soseki as the background of the saying

Natsume Soseki was a famous family in Edo, which is now Tokyo in the Edo period.5He was born as a man.

Although he was born in a famous family, he was born soon after2He was adopted when he was old and changed to the surname Shiobara.

10He grew up in the Shiobara family until he was old, and when his adoptive parents divorced he returned to the Natsume family.

Although he was born as a so-called elite, he seems to have lived a difficult life, such as leaving his parents' home from an early age and divorcing his adoptive parents.

・ ・ Become a teacher after graduating from university

Tokyo Imperial UniversityNatsume Soseki, who enrolled in the school, has excellent grades and is capable of becoming a scholarship student.

After graduating he became a teacher and taught at several schools.

His experience as a teacher in thisBocchanIt is also drawn in the work.

The famous boy also includes his autobiographical elements.

Although he was a teacher, he went to study abroad in England at the request of the government.

After studying abroad, he became a lecturer at his alma mater, Tokyo Imperial University, and teaches in English.

At this point he is still30You can see that it was never early to make his debut as a writer in his generation.

・ ・ Debut as a novelist and his later years

Natsume Soseki quit his teacher and started working as a newspaper writer, partly because his teacher life was exhausting his spirit.

His talent as a writer has blossomed, and his work has been energetically announced and evaluated immediately after his debut.

His servant left a lot of works, including famous works such as cats and boys.

However, his life as a writer was also a struggle with his own body.

He has many physical problems such as suffering from gastric ulcer,44Hematemesis due to gastric ulcer at ageIt is said that he did.

His gastric ulcer recurred and seemed to bother him without a complete cure.

And50At his age, the gastric ulcer recurred while writing his work and he died.

Creating his work may have been a great mental burden.

Episode about Natsume Soseki

The work left by Soseki Natsume is famous, but he is not well known.

Here's an episode that tells you what he was like.

・ ・ I love you has a beautiful moon

When he was teaching English as a teacher, he left behind a Japanese translation of I Love You.

When a student translated it into Japanese that I love you, Soseki Natsume told me that Japanese people wouldn't say that.

The reason he left behind is that the moon is beautiful.

It is a translation with a romance like Natsume Soseki who becomes a writer.

 ・ ・ Large sweet tooth

 Natsume Soseki loved sweets, and he didn't particularly care about Yokan.

Even after he got sick with a stomach ulcer, he seemed to ignore the doctor's instructions and eat sweets.

Since he is a writer, he uses his head, so he may have needed something sweet for sugar supplementation.

Die5He seems to have been banned from sweets for about a year, but he is said to have been hiding and eating.

Natsume Soseki's work, which has a great influence on posterity

After becoming his teacher, Soseki Natsume made his debut as a writer and left many works.

He still has many works that can be read, and he is one of Japan's leading writers.1It is a person.

He has a stubborn and competitive personality, except that he loves sweets.1He also has a face.

He is not very strong50Although he died at the young age, the works and words he left behind are still valid today, and it can be said that his influence on the rest of the world is very strong.