[Natsume Soseki's Quotations Walk] What is the way to break the deadlock in life?

Soseki Natsume is a very familiar text to Japanese people.

He was previously a portrait of a thousand yen bill. His debut "I am a cat"Begin,"Boulochan』『Sanjiro』『WithI wrote a number of famous works such as. He is one of the leading writers represented by Japan, and is a great man with many opportunities to be addressed in school classes.

This time, let's approach "Soseki Natsume's heart" through the remarks, quotes and lively, and episodes of Natsume Soseki.

Natsume Soseki's saying

Natsume Soseki's Quoting 1

Don't get rid of it. However, it is important to go forward, like a cow.

I hurt things when I get rid of things. The impatient is from the feeling that "I want to get the results quickly without making an effort".

Going forward, it is also possible to steadily move steadily without being upset by things. Stacking efforts and walking on the "Great way" is a golden way to success.

Soseki Natsume Soseki➁Have a degree

⭐ ⭐ Do not receive benefits from people without exposing their weaknesses.

If you do not have enough time to show your own part, you will not be trusted from people and can not be accepted. It is also the size of the density.

However, there is no depressed by exposing your weakness. In order to be able to present your weakness, a solid self-establishment is required.

Natsume Soseki's quotation 3 The importance of enthusiasm

⭐ I believe that it is more likely to mention a heated tongue than to make a new thing with a cold head.

It is not to say "calmly thinking of calm" and it seems to be "cool" somewhere.

Conversely, even if it seems to say calm and mediocre, it is enthusiastic with the words and one of the words, and there is a word spirit, such as "living" It became a representation.

Natsume Soseki's Quote 4

⭐ Hane, you're the meaning of a serious game.

"The real serious" is to work with the intention of serious match. The seriousness to be shown or clearing only the field is "serious of fake", and there is no true sincerity there.

The real seriousness is a serious match with myself, and it is a spirit to not send an imitation life.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations 5 Life Concept

⭐ The fate is to think of God. Human beings worked like humans, he is fine.

There are only people who are not good at your destiny or if they are not a little good, and there are people who will be fate.

However, it is not possible to fade the destiny by thinking about the goodness of the fate. I feel the existence of God at the back of the destiny, and I was healthy as a human who is a child as a child of God is a point to improve destiny.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations 6 Shake the Power

Even if you get rid of it, it's also the result of cracking your own.

Behind this word, if you are tired of fatigue, you are full of encouraging love of encouragement, saying that he wants to take full power.

If you have painful, there are some people who comforter, but the end must be confident and you have to stand up by yourself.

Humans have their own power. Now, obstacles that stand out before you exist within a range that can be overcome.

So it can be cleared. It is a cheering message that you can swing up and do their best.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations 7 About Moral Switching

⭐ Destroying old moral is only allowed when building a new morality.

We are preaching about switching from old morality to new morality.

It is a warm-off new, but vice versa, it is not just that only the old morality should be protected by the Faculty of Tamako.

"When you set up a new morality, if you believe there is a truth's light, you can see the word spirit that the old morality is abandoned.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations 8 About the relationship between the present and future

⭐ You are now and eventually appeared as your future.

"Effort is always for the future," is a word that is said to be a species.

Buddhism is true to the word "law of causality". It is also the law of the cause result. If you make a good species and make an effort, it will appear as a good result.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations 9 Axi

⭐ Human is a horny, and it is a loss of bones that rolls around the world.

It is a good metaphor that it is painful to live in a horned human being and it is a painful person.

Humans with horns are, for example, "full of anger". If you are anger for justice justice, if you're angry that yourself is not useful for someone, you will lose the trust of people as you get angry, and the people will be away.

A person with a horns is a person with a strong self-wanting. He thinks about himself and does not think of others' happiness. And just push yourism claims, the corner of "me" will grow on his head.

When you think of happiness of your happiness and others, the world will be full of life and development light.

Natsume Soseki's Quote 10 Science and Technology and Human Heart

Human anxiety comes from the development of science. Science that does not know that it will stop will never forgive us to stop us.

It is a scientific technology that makes our lives convenient, but conversely compared to the speed of its progress, conversely, human mind is becoming increasingly growing.

In modern times, it is becoming a scientificism, it is too biased by the law, and the quest of human mind and the important religious mind are inhibited, and it is also connected to moral breakdown.

Natsume Soseki's quotation 11 Richness

If you have a child, you will be a poorly poor home.

Children say a treasure. It is one of the richness that there is a child.

From this quote, the loving of Soseki Soseki is transmitted to the poor and suffering familiar families. But this is not just encouragement, but it is also a truth word.

If you find the joy of having children in any hot situation, the family will be bright and the hardship will be overcome.

Natsume Soseki's Quotations 12.

⭐ ない 決 決 決 決 決 決 決 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ない ⭐ 他 ⭐

It is that it is sincerely that there is no lie in your heart. The mentality will appear in sincerity to others = love.

Natsume Soseki's Quote 13 Things to View

Those who sees the color do not look at the shape, and what to see the shape

Not only one-sided perspective views, but the power to see things overall, or the importance of identifying the essence of things is prolonged.

A nice expression of color → shape → quality is used.

Life of Soseki Soseki as a background of quotes

· · Hey time

Soseki Natsume was born as a family of 5 men in Edo period, the Edo, which is Tokyo.
Although he was born in the master, he is born and it is brought to adoption immediately and has changed to the last name Shrewbara.

He raised at Shiobara and his nutritional mother returned to the summer home when he was 10 years old.
He seems to be a so-called elite, but it seems that he had a big life, such as his home from childhood and his father divorced.

· After graduating from university, teachers

Tokyo Imperial UniversitySoseki Natsume who entered in the end is excellent and the ability to be excellent and will be a special student.

He graduated he became a teacher and teached at several schools. His experience of his teacher age isBoulochanIt is also drawn by the work. The famous Both-chan also includes Soseki Natsume Soseki's autobiographic elements.

Soseki Natsume who was a teacher, but there is a request for the country and I will go to study abroad. After his study abroad, he is a lecturer at Tokyo Imperial University, and teaches in English.

At this point, Soseki Natsume is 30s, and I can see that I never had to debut as his writer.

· · Debut as his novelist and his late years

Sose of His Mental in his teacher life, Soseki Natsume quit his teacher and starts activities as a writer exclusively for newspaper.

Flowering his talent as his writer, and he will be released and evaluated his work immediately after his debut.

His senior left a lot of works, including famous works, such as a cat and boy.

But his artist life was also a fight against my body. He has many troubles, such as troubled with gastric ulcers,When he was 44, he is a large amount of vestination due to gastric ulcerIt is said that I did. Here, I have stated in the episode but I have a spiritual experience.

His gastric ulcer repeated recurrence and he seemed to be bothered by him without hesitation. And at the age of 50, a gastric ulcer also recurves while writing his work and died as it is.

Episode about Soseki Natsume

Here we will introduce the pisode of Soseki Natsume.

.. Soseki Natsume was a psychic? !

Soseki Natsume has descriptions such as having a ghost experience in the UK study abroad period, but it may be a "psychic" that can see something that can not be seen in his eyes.

It is also famous, but it is an event at the sickness of his stay, Izu's "Shuzenji"). He says that he is a departure of the departure and he has stated a special experience.

Furthermore, if you think about, human observation seen from the viewpoint of cats, such as "Cat," may not be imagined simply.

Anyway, Soseki Natsume has had a unique spiritual eye. It is expressed everywhere in the work.

· · · · Love You are beautiful moon

When he taught me English as a teacher, he is the word left as a Japanese translation of I Love You.

When the student translated "I Love You" "I love you", Soseki Natsume taught that Japanese people did not say that Japanese.

So the translation he left is the word "the moon is beautiful." It is a translation that is a romance that seems to be a writer Soseki.

 · · Large sweet party

Soseki Natsume loves sweet things, and it seems that there was no eyes in particular. He seems to have eaten sweet things and eating sweets because he was disrupted with a gastric ulcer.

He is a job that he used his head, so he may have been indispensable to sugar supply.

It seems that sweet things have been banned from the previous five years ago, but it is still said to have eaten and eat.

Impact on future generations Soseki Soseki works

Soseki Natsume became his teacher and debuted as his writer and left a lot of works.
He is still reading the works that are still read, and he was one of the writers representing Japan, also in that they wrote his heart's microplasty wonderfully.

He has a personality that he does not lose and hate, and he also has other ways that he loves sweet ones. He was not very strong in body, and he left this world at a young age of 50.

His remaining works and quotations have continued to give a guideline for modern people. It can be said that the impact of him left after him is extremely large.

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