[Steve Jobs Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] How to create and utilize original ideas

Steve JobsIs a famous businessman in the United States, and also has the face of writer or educator.

AppleOne of the joint establishments of, his name is known worldwide.
He left this world with a 56-year-old or youngerness for illness, but many celebrities have announced comments on his death.

His life he has left a number of quotes and episodes. If you have a sense of steepness or feel interesting in your life, please refer to Steve Jobs' s life and quotes.

Steve Jobs' s saying and famous truth

Steve Jobs's Quotations 1 Success and Failure Difference

⭐ Whether to give up the most differences of success and failure.

It is a very simple content, but I am not saying. Successful and unsuccessful is divided into success or not if the enthusiasm is important than anything to success.

Steve Jobs Quotations➁To hit

Very Marketing Can Not Make It A Hit.

⭐ ⭐ No marketing can hit the bad work.

It is a good idea of ​​soft (content) that it is useless. Marketing and techniques alone do not produce hit products.

After all, good product content is the most important, and if you use different words, it is a product that is rude to consumers.

Steve Jobs Quotes 3 quantities and quality

⭐Quality is more important thaan Quantity. One Home Run Is Much Better Than Two Doubles.

Quality is more important than the amount. One home run is much better than two two-base strike.

It is not a product that is not a compromise there, but it is not a product that is not aware of it, but it is a word that is fit more than the amount, which aims to be a product that can not be done absolutely.

In light of at least their ideal or consumer needs (not only the surface, but also the potential needs in the sense of creating demand), it is necessary to create a convincation There is.

Steve Jobs Quotes 4 Teamwork

⭐be a Yardstick of Quality. Some People Aren't Used to An Environment WHERE Excellence is EXPECTED.

A great feats can be one person. It is accomplished by the team.

Steve Jobs was emphasized that he respected (Respect) the other party while withstanding personality of the personality that is not compatible with yourself.

Management uses themselves well as others. In other words, we always analyze your own strengths and disadvantages and think about what to do with the nature of his subordinates, and give the teamwork the best results in the teamwork.

Steve Jobs's Quotations 5 What is a job

⭐i'm Not Working to do good business.

⭐ ⭐ Do not work to do management well.

The management philosophy for him might simply make money, but not for management and marketing, it was "making the best value".

Steve Jobs Quotes 6 Simple Essies


It is more difficult than being simple to be simple.

Steve Jobs has a Beauty of subtraction, and it was a thorough removal of waste.

"Simple" will lead to the investigation of truths seeking a true religious home or employee.

Steve Jobs Quotes 7 Dangerous Pitfalls

⭐ 思 思 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1 's dangerous pitfalls.

Even if the hit product comes out, it is Steve Jobs that continued to innovate without afraid of risk and not fear of risk.

It also communicts Pavilions and shows that you have hit pavilions and shows every year every year leads to Disneyland's corporate philosophy.

Steve Jobs Quotes 8 Great Artists

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal. (Pablo Picasso)

⭐ Excellent artists imitate. Great artist steals.

The term "steal" here is to see the value. The original material of this word is Picasso.

Steve Jobs are also said to have been a longer skill that can be used to find out the value of existing good things and utilizing commercialization.

Steve Jobs's Quote 9 Innovation

⭐absolutely Can Not Be Imited, Continue The Innovation of Level I Do Not Think Even try to imitate.

⭐ absolutely can not be imitated, continue the innovation of level do not think even try to imitate.

Other companies and other people can not be imitable innovation.

To continue the development of innovative products that do not allow imitation, "quality height" coming out of the result of thinking and pulling out.

Steve Jobs's Quotations 10 Market Research

Was the market research before inventing the phone?

If you think carefully, you can see that "market survey on what has not appeared in the world is meaningless."

However, although it does not exist now, there will be an explore of people's potential needs, such as "funny or convenient if there is such a thing."

Steve Jobs' s quotes 11 to last

⭐i'm Convinced That THE ONLY THING THAT I Loved WHAT I DID. You've. You've. You've.

⭐ I am convinced that only things I really like can continue. Look for what you like. For your job, also to lover.

I like that good to like that, and the opposite, I like a bad side.

But, "really, really favorite things", the person's talent is sleeping, and there is pleasure and can continue. Hit products will start deeply from their work.

Steve Jobs Quoting 12 Concentration

⭐ IT's Only by Saying No THAT YOU CAN Concentrate on the Things THAT ARE REALLY IMPORTANT.

⭐ The only way to concentrate on important things is to say "No".

What does the match take what to take and throw anything.

Besides, "throwing away" is difficult, but those who have discarded the worthless, no value, and those who were able to make sense of "time" meaningfully, the goddess of victory is not smiling Is not it.

Steve Jobs's Quotes 13 Pulling Words

⭐do You Want To Spend The Rest of Your Life Selling Sugared Water, or Do You Want A Chance to Change The World?

⭐ Remaining life also wants to spend selling sugar water, or even a chance to change the world?

When he pulled out the famous Pepsi Kola's manager John Scarre, he is said to have released this word.

Life of Steve Jobs as a background of quotes (easy history to establish Apple company)

The famous terminals used by people in the world were developed by Steve Jobs.

His contribution to developed his innovative and important technologies in 1985 is given to an excellent inventorAmerican National Technology AwardWinner.

Let's look at Steve Jobs' s life.

· · From the boyhood

Steve Jobs was born between Syrian's father and American mother and was successfully adopted immediately.

He seems to have been a very handful child.

He was worried about whether the electricity passed to the hairpin, and he has a hairpin in order to make sure it has an electric response.

· · His youth is also destroyed

In the case of high school students, I participate in summer internship, Steve Jobs fuces a fate encounter.

He will be a joint establishment of Apple laterSteve WozniacI was passionate.

The two articles were interested in long-distance phones and created an original blue box.


Wozniac develops a microcomputer and it laterApple IIt will be called.

However, there was no company that understands at the time of development, and Steve Jobs was troubled with him.

Two people have decided to collect funds and sell Apple I. When I was thinking about how to do this, I suggested the name Apple from Steve Jobs. It is a simple elapsed to establish Apple.

· · Many people are lonely

It seems that many people died of him dead at age 56 due to illness.
His heir was buried in Palo Alto's sediment cemetery.

Mr. Barako Obama, who was the president of the time, expressing a film,Steven SpirbergYaBill GatesMakes such as comments are also commented out.

Famous episodes of Steve Jobs

Even from the episodes that Steve Jobs remained, he does not think that the word "commonly said common sense" does not occur in the sense of wearing the majority without much thinking and wound around It can be heard that it was.

Here are the famous episodes from the remaining episodes.

· · Did you hate your PC? !

Steve Jobs was a hand-famous mobile terminal, but in fact there was a surface that I hate big.

He sells a dog's hoon if he sells a PC, but he probably spoke, but there was a creative idea of ​​them for why they hate it . However, if there is no Steve Jobs, it is a personal computerMacI did not burn.

· · His favorite car has not attached a number plate

It will not be considered in Japan, but Steve Jobs was enjoying the car on the car without a number plate.

This is a new car followed by the law of California, which should have a license plate within half a year.

As with him, he would like to buy a new car every half a year and spend a life that does not wear a license plate on a car. But,

Steve Jobs has also connected new things from such lifestyles and connected to the way to challenge work.

· · Put the finished prototype in water

When developing a famous iPod, the prototype has been completed after a long development period. When the staff showed it to Steve Jobs, he knew the prototype into the water tank.

Thorough thinness seems to have been the theme, he made a more thinner and instructed instruction. He may have been a non-figal behavior, but I think he is an episode that expresses enthusiasm for his work.

Let's look at the eyes of the blank paper again.

If you check Steve Jobs's remarks and his past actions, etc., there may be some people who will stay in mind, with a side of the chance of Jobs.

However, there are many places that do not easily give up or enjoy the feelings of Steve Jobs. From there again, a straight and straight attitude will be transmitted with the eyes that have a look like Jobs.

People who want to give a big result are good to learn Steve Jobs' s spirit and try "Generally referred to as common sense, and try to see with the eyes of the white paper" training.

The past life and work viewing will change greatly, and it will surely see what you did not see.

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