[Steve Jobs Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] How to create and utilize original ideas

Steve Jobs is a famous American businessman who is also an author and educator.

He was one of the co-founders of Apple Inc. and his name is well known all over the world.
He passed away at the age of 56 due to illness, and many celebrities commented on his death.

Before his death, he left behind a number of quotes and episodes. If you are feeling stuck or uninteresting in your life, please refer to Steve Jobs' life style and quotes.

Steve Jobs Quotes and Sayings

Steve Jobs quote 1) The difference between success and failure


(スティーブジョブズ 自分を貫く言葉』イースト・プレスより)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying ) The biggest difference between success and failure is whether or not you give up along the way. 

This is a very simple statement, but it says it clearly. Enthusiasm is the most important factor in success, and success or failure depends on whether or not you can sustain your enthusiasm.

Steve Jobs quote 2) How to make it a hit

⭐Every marketing can not make it a hit.


(スティーブ・ジョブズ名語録 人生に革命を起こす96の言葉』PHPより)

The idea that a bad movie is no good is a software (content) oriented way of thinking. Marketing and techniques alone will not produce a hit product.

In the end, the most important thing is the content of a good product, and to use a different word, a bad product is a product that is disrespectful to consumers.

Steve Jobs quote 3) Quantity and Quality

⭐Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles. 


(『スティーブ・ジョブズ 自分を貫く言葉』イースト・プレスより)

These words express our commitment to quality over quantity, aiming to create products that only we can make, rather than compromising on the products of other companies.

At the very least, we need to create products that satisfy us in light of our own ideals or in light of the needs of consumers (not just superficial needs, but potential needs in the sense of creating demand).

Steve Jobs quote 4) Teamwork

⭐Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.


(『スティーブ・ジョブズ 自分を貫く言葉』イースト・プレスより)

Steve Jobs did not shy away from people whose personalities were incompatible with his own, but he respected them and emphasized the need for balance.

Managers use themselves as well as others to their advantage. In other words, they objectively analyze their own strengths and weaknesses and constantly think about how to combine them with the qualities of their subordinates to achieve the best results through teamwork.

Steve Jobs quote 5) What is work?

⭐I'm not working to do good business.


(『スティーブ・ジョブズ 自分を超える365日の言葉』田外孝一著:泰文社より)

For him, the management philosophy was not simply to make money, nor for management or marketing, but to "create the best value.

Steve Jobs quote 6) The essence of simplicity

⭐Simple can be harder than complex.


(『スティーブ・ジョブズ 自分を超える365日の言葉』田外孝一著:泰文社)

Steve Jobs had an aesthetic of subtraction, an obsession with eliminating waste and simplifying.

Simplicity is something that will lead to the search for truth that true religious people and seekers are looking for.

Steve Jobs quote 7) Dangerous pitfalls


(スティーブ・ジョブズ全発言 世界を動かした142の言葉  PHPビジネス新書より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying ) Trying to play it safe is the most dangerous pitfall of all.

Steve Jobs is a man who did not take advantage of a stable situation even after a hit product was released, but continued to innovate without fear of risk.

This is similar to the corporate philosophy of Disneyland, which constantly innovates its hit pavilions and shows year after year. 

Steve Jobs quote 8) Great artists steal.

⭐Good artists copy, great artists steal.(Pablo Picasso)


(スティーブ・ジョブズ全発言 世界を動かした142の言葉  PHPビジネス新書より)

The word "steal" here means to see the value. The original source of this word is Picasso.

It is said that Steve Jobs was skilled at seeing the value of existing good things and applying it to commercialization.

Steve Jobs quote 9) What is innovation?

⭐Absolutely can not be imitated, continue the innovation of level I do not think even try to imitate.


(スティーブ・ジョブズ名語録 人生に革命を起こす96の言葉』PHPより)

There is a need for outstanding innovation that no other company or person can imitate.

In order to continue to develop innovative products that cannot be imitated, the quality of the products must be high, the result of constant thought.

Steve Jobs quote 10) about market research


(スティーブ・ジョブズ全発言 世界を動かした142の言葉  PHPビジネス新書より)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )Did Bell do any market research before he invented the telephone? 

If you think about it, you will realize that it is pointless to conduct market research on something that is not available in the world.

Instead of chasing the market for what is currently in vogue, it is important to search for potential needs that do not currently exist but would be interesting or convenient to have.

Steve Jobs quote 11) How to last

⭐I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers.


(2005年6月12日 スタンフォード大学卒業式でのスピーチ・名言倶楽部より)

It is said that "like is better than like," and vice versa, there are times when you are not good at something but you love it.

However, when you really, really like something, your talent lies dormant. That's where the joy lies, and that's where you can continue. A hit product starts with a deep love for one's work.

He also left the following similar words of wisdom.

⭐Sometimes life’ s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’ t lose faith. I’ m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. 1

⭐人生があなたの頭を レンガ で 叩く こと も ある だろ う。 しかし、 信念 を 失わ ない で ほしい。 私 を 前進 さ せ 続け た 唯一 の こと は、 自分 の 仕事 が 大好き で あっ た こと だ と、 私 は 確信 し て いる。

(『続・道をひらく英語の名言50』中村 友彦著より)

Steve Jobs quote 12)How to focus

⭐何 かに絞り込むということは、イエスではなくノーと言うことだ。

(スティーブ・ジョブズ名語録 人生に革命を起こす96の言葉』PHPより)

⭐(Outline of this wise saying )Narrowing it down to something means saying no, not yes.

One of the royal roads to success, though it may seem surprising, is what to throw away. 

It is difficult to discard, but I believe that the goddess of victory smiles upon those who discard worthless things, worthless time, and those who are able to make meaningful use of their time.

The same kind of quote is for your reference.

It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.
( 2004年10月12日 BusinessWeekでのコメント・名言倶楽部より)

Steve Jobs' Quotes 13)Invitations to Headhunters

⭐Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?


(スティーブ・ジョブズ名語録 人生に革命を起こす96の言葉』PHPより)

It is said that he unleashed these words when he pulled out the famous Pepsi-Cola executive John Scully.

Steve Jobs' background as a background for his quotes (a brief history of how he founded Apple Inc.)

The famous device used by the world was developed by Steve Jobs.

In 1985, he received the U.S. National Medal of Technology for outstanding inventorship for his contributions to the development of innovative and important technologies.

Let's take a look at Steve Jobs' life story.

· · until boyhood.

Steve Jobs was born to a Syrian father and an American mother, and was adopted soon after.

As a child, he was a very laborious child.

He was so curious about whether or not hairpins could conduct electricity that he once plugged a hairpin into an electrical outlet to test it and got an electric shock.

· · He was a maverick even as a young man.

As a high school student, Steve Jobs participated in a summer internship program and had a fateful encounter.

He hit it off with Steve Wozniak, who would later become the co-founder of Apple.

The two became interested in free long distance telephony after an article sparked their interest and they created the original Blue Box.

Apple Inc. is established.

Wozniak developed a microcomputer. It would later be called the "Apple I".

However, no company understood the revolutionary development, and Steve Jobs was troubled along with him.

The two decided to raise funds and market the "Apple I". When they thought about what to name the company, Steve Jobs suggested the name "Apple". This is the story of how Apple Inc. was founded. 

· · Many people regretted his death.

Many people were saddened by his death at the age of 56 due to illness.
His remains were buried in a non-denominational cemetery in Palo Alto.

Barack Obama, the president at the time, expressed his condolences, and other big names such as Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates also commented.

Famous Episodes of Steve Jobs

The episodes that Steve Jobs left behind show that he was a man who did not understand the term "common sense," which means to follow the majority without much thought or to be wrapped up in something long.

Here are some of the most famous episodes from his life.

· · He hated computers!

Although Steve Jobs created the famous mobile devices, he was actually a big PC hater.

He once said that he would rather sell dog poop than sell PCs, but I guess he had his own original ideas about why he hated them. But without Steve Jobs, the personal computer, the Mac, would not have been born.

· · His car did not have a license plate.

His car did not have a license plate.
This is unthinkable in Japan, but Steve Jobs enjoyed driving his beloved car without license plates.

This was in accordance with California law, which states that a new car should have a license plate within six months.

Like him, some people would have bought a new car every six months and spent their time without license plates on their cars. However.

 Steve Jobs always found something In this kind of new lifestyle, which led him to challenge himself in his work.

· · Putting the finished prototype in water

During the development of the famous iPod, a prototype was completed after a long development period. When the staff showed it to Steve Jobs, he threw the prototype into a water tank.

The theme of the prototype was to be extremely thin, and he ordered it to be even thinner. It may have been a clumsy and extreme action, but I think it was an episode that expressed his enthusiasm for his work.

Let's take another look at common sense with a blank eye.

If you check out what Steve Jobs has said and done in the past, you may find that Jobs has an eccentric side to him, and that may stick with some people.

However, many of Steve Jobs' quotes emphasize the importance of not giving up easily and having fun. It also conveys Jobs' visionary eyes and straightforward attitude.

People who want to achieve great results should learn from the spirit of Steve Jobs, and also try training themselves to "look at what is generally considered common sense with a blank eye.

It will change the way you look at life and work, and you will see things that you have never seen before.

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